God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 72

[Wow, I want to see Yunshen! 】

[Why hasn’t Yunshen come yet——]

【Eyes want to wear it, eyes can’t help.jpg】

[I don’t know why, after seeing Yunshen, I can’t get interested in seeing other people’s calcifications. 】

【Upstairs +1】

[Maybe it’s because others are ugly, calcites are slow, and jadeite is not good-looking. 】

[Cough, the sisters upstairs are so sharp. 】

[It’s so boring, it makes me sleepy. 】

The leader of the organizer was walking around the office anxiously, looking at the camera every one or two seconds.

Hiss, why hasn’t Gu Yun come yet?

Looking at the lower and lower playback volume, he could not wait to kneel down for this little ancestor, begging him to come over quickly.

Yes, you must get to know each other tomorrow, and then give a preferential policy?

“Look, the God of Clouds is here—!!”

When Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao came to the Jieshi District, except for those who were in the Jieshi area, everyone else rushed towards them frantically, as if the fans had seen their idols.

However, this is not wrong.

Since last night, most of the people who have seen Baijing Jieshi have become his fans. After all, they have witnessed the birth of pieces of top-quality jadeite from the latter’s hands. This shock is enough to be remembered for a lifetime!

At the same time, under the orders of the organizer’s leaders, the live broadcast **** that were originally next to the other calcite machines came to Bai Jing’s side one after another. It is no exaggeration to say that the stars are Gongyue.

【Come, come, Yunshen is here! 】

【Ah, ah, Cloud God! 】

[It’s not worth waiting for more than an hour. 】

[I’m not sleepy anymore, I’m full of energy! 】

【Inhale the beauty of the prosperous age-】

Bai Jing glanced and found an empty calcifier at the end of the first row.

He came to the No. 10 calcinator and placed three pieces of wool on the stone platform, the first of which was No. 3300 wool.

Since Bai Jing observed this piece of wool once yesterday afternoon, in order not to attract attention, he never took a second look at it.

However, the bright yellow that he glanced at was still fresh in his memory, even if he saw so many pieces of wool, he would not forget it.

At this time, taking out this piece of wool again, Bai Jing couldn’t wait in his heart.

This piece of wool, numbered 3300, is one-third cut from a piece of lying flat wool that weighs more than 400 kilograms and is about 1.2 meters long. It is the last piece numbered 3298-3300.

The handling robot moved the piece of wool weighing more than 100 kilograms to the lithotripter. Gu Yuanchao untied the cufflinks on his wrist and stepped forward to help Bai Jing fix it.

This piece of wool looks like the wool of the new factory. Its skin is very thin, and there is no thick regolith on the surface. It looks a bit like a gray stone.

The black-green pine flowers are covered in groups on the surface of the wool material, the color is not bright, the possibility of high green is not high, and the overall performance is only average.

In particular, the left half of it was obviously cut by someone. There are two A4 paper-sized cut surfaces. There is no green at all, only a gray-white stone layer.

It is enough to show that this knife is cut down.

[This piece of wool has been cut down, and it’s a fart. 】

[It’s just coming upstairs, cover your face quickly. 】

【? ? What’s the meaning? 】

[Meaning, within ten minutes, your face will be swollen. 】

【Are you funny? ill? 】

[No, countdown to face slap, 600 seconds. 】

Immediately afterwards, the barrages suddenly appeared like mushrooms after a rain, which startled the man.

[Countdown to face slap, 599 seconds. 】

[Countdown to face slap, 599 seconds, oh, one step too late. 】

[Countdown to face slap, 598 seconds. 】

[Countdown to face slap, 597 seconds. 】

Looking at the countdown on the screen, the man opened his mouth in shock, suddenly feeling as if he had provoked public anger.

However, this piece of wool has indeed collapsed. Could it be possible to solve any good jade?

He didn’t believe it.

calcite area.

In the eyes of everyone’s burning anticipation, Bai Jing has already begun to dissolve the stone.

After observing the distribution of the pine flowers on the surface of the wool, he began to rub the stones along the denser areas of the pine flowers with a grinding wheel.

Rao is because people believe in Gu Yun’s strength, so they can’t help but wonder.

This kind of wool that has no husk performance and no green incision should be cut directly. Why is the stone suddenly rubbed?

How long does it take to wipe more than 100 kilograms of wool?

However, within half a minute, the gray cortex was wiped away, and a layer of pale yellow crystals was exposed at the palm-sized wipe, which was a fog layer.

This kind of yellow fog is not brown or gray like ordinary yellow fog, but very clean and bright, which is a better fog layer.

“It’s fog, it’s yellow fog!”

“A foggy layer means that there is definitely emerald below!”


“Shit, it wouldn’t be—”

Although yellow fog and red fog do not represent the color of jade, it is possible that the color will penetrate deep into the interior of jade, which means that rare colors such as yellow and red will appear.

However, since these two kinds of fog layers usually contain iron ions and impurities, the general color will be darker, and there are few clean fog layers.

Bai Jing continued to use the abrasive wheel to rub the stone, the fog layer was very thin, it disappeared after rubbing twice, revealing the emerald texture under the fog layer.

After the surface debris was washed away with water, it revealed a transparent ice-like, cold and clear texture, revealing an extremely pure bright yellow from the inside, a bright color like chicken oil, soft and warm, something indescribable. A sense of dignity.

“Oh my God, it’s actually Huang Fei!!

“Absolutely, ice seed, chicken oil yellow!”

“This is the most exquisite color among Huang Fei—”

“No, no, Yunshen can create miracles every time.”

“Another high-grade jadeite!”

Because the color of Huang Fei is a secondary color, it is not naturally formed, and it needs to be infected by the external color, and in the process of infection, iron ions and impurities will inevitably penetrate, accompanied by strong cosmic radiation.

Therefore, the general yellow jade water is very poor, and the color is also dark.

The ice-type yellow Fei is one of the rarest among all the Huang Fei, not to mention the best chicken oil yellow, it is simply superb!

In the continuous discussion of people, the sound of the grinding wheel has never stopped.

After about three or four minutes, the exposed part became clearer and clearer, and the bright yellow color seemed to fall into a clear spring without a trace of impurities, glowing with shallow fluorescence, making it more perfect and brighter.

“Do you think that this piece of Huang Fei looks better?”

“It’s your illusion, chicken butter yellow is already the top color.”

“No, yes, it’s a glass species!!”

“Fuck, transition from ice to glass!”

“This is the real top-quality jade—”

[Ah, ah, I really read it right, the best glass chicken butter yellow! ! 】

[Exquisite Huang Fei, I haven’t seen it for many years! 】

[The God of Cloud has created a miracle again, I love God of Cloud so much! ! 】

[Extreme variety of water, top-quality color, top-quality jadeite! 】

[The countdown to face slap, 215 seconds, is over. 】

[Dude, does your face hurt? ? 】

The young man who said he was cut just now opened his mouth wide and rubbed his eyes several times before he believed this fact.

Damn, the top-quality glass chicken oil yellow jade, he has never seen it since he was born! !

No, let alone glass chicken butter yellow, he has never even seen ice chicken butter yellow!

Hiss, today is really an eye-opener!

[It hurts, it hurts, I kneel down to the **** of clouds. 】

【Cloud God is the strongest! ! 】

[Forget about you, the God of Clouds is the strongest! 】

【Cloud God is the strongest! 】

In the end, 19.7 kilograms of ice seed and glass seed chicken oil yellow jade were released from the wool. The outer layer was about ten kilograms of ice seed, and the inside was free of any impurities. It was as graceful as water and bright as the color of chicken oil. Glass species! !

Everyone present admired this top-quality jadeite, and their eyes showed longing and obsession.

But everyone here knows that regardless of whether Yunshen intends to auction it or not, they will not be able to auction it with their financial resources, because the value of this jadeite has exceeded 250 million! !

And this is only from the perspective of its seed water quality, if it is based on the collection value, it is immeasurable.

Because, there is no second piece of the second best glass chicken oil yellow jadeite in the entire empire for the time being! !


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