God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 73

The appearance of this top-quality Huang Fei has brought a great shock to the entire Interstellar, and the news on the Star Online is overwhelming.

The hashtag #GUYUNEXCELLENT GLASS BREEDING CHICKEN YUAN# exploded directly on the first hot search, and countless people poured into the live broadcast room of Sote’s public offering, vying to appreciate this superb jadeite!

Even the emerald family has never seen such pure Huang Fei with such pure water and color. This is too rare!

I remember that on the jadeite public plate 20 years ago, someone mistakenly found a piece of 8.2kg ice-seeded yellow jade. Even if the water could not reach the glass seed, it still caused quite a stir at that time.

And this person finally chose the auction.

It was just an ice jadeite, but in the end it sold for the price of an ordinary glass seed, making this person a fortune.

However, ten years later, this piece of ice yellow jade appeared in a large-scale auction in the capital star!

Because in the past ten years, no yellow jade with good color and texture has appeared in the entire empire, so this jade became the finale of this auction, attracting a lot of families to bid.

In the end, the price of this ice-seeded yellow jade more than doubled, making the wool merchant who bought jade from the jade public plate a lot of money!

A piece of ice jadeite, with two price increases, its value is comparable to the high green jadeite of glass.

Maybe in a few decades, the value will climb up again to an incredible price!

And that’s just the ice kind Huang Fei.

No matter the water or the color, it is not as good as the superb glass chicken oil yellow in Baijing’s hands!

It is conceivable that this top-quality jadeite piece solved today will cause a great sensation!

You must know that in the ancient earth of China, the emperors since ancient times have always respected “yellow”, and the dragon robes they wore are also called “yellow robes”, which added a sense of dignity to yellow and made all living beings look down. domineering.

Therefore, this jadeite is also called “Glass Supreme Yellow”.

On behalf of Bai Jing, Gu Yuanchao expressed his intention not to auction, and everyone onlookers expressed their understanding. Anyone who solves this superb Huang Fei will not easily sell it, but…

“Young Master Gu, can we take a second look?”

“Yeah, in most of my life, I have never seen such a beautiful Huang Fei!”

“Young Master Gu, can I take a picture?”

Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao looked at each other and nodded lightly.

The leader of the organizer was overjoyed to see the increasing number of broadcasts, and immediately ordered his subordinates: “Quick, go and send the best jade protective equipment to the calcite area, so that people can take a good look at this superb jade!”

Soon, a small table for display was placed next to the No. 10 calcification machine. This top-quality yellow jade was placed in a transparent glass-like container, allowing people to watch it at close range.

The container looks like glass, but it is actually made of polymer nanomaterials, and it is also coated with transparent protective materials.

What’s more, there is a 3S-level imperial major general guarding by the side, which can be guaranteed.

At the same time, people attracted by the hot search also saw this piece of Huang Fei from the live broadcast room and were immediately satisfied.

Luckily I didn’t miss it! !

The analyst looked at the data of the live broadcast platform in shock, and after a while, he sent the real-time data to the superior.

“Play volume… 30.1%!!”

Even if the leader of the organizer had a certain amount of mental preparation, he couldn’t help screaming when he saw the numbers above, and even his voice changed.

Another record-breaking increase of 6 percentage points from yesterday’s! !

And all this was brought by Gu Yun!

The leader of the organizer was overjoyed, and what made him even more ecstatic was that two minutes later he received the news that he had been promoted two levels in a row.

And now, the Soter public auction is only on the second day!

He instructed the technicians: “Set it on the bidder, and the wool that Gu Yun successfully bids will be automatically exempted from the 3% price in the future.”

3% is the handling fee charged by the organizer, which is the biggest discount he can do within his rights.

Don’t underestimate 3%, if the bidding price of the dark bid A01 is 200 million star coins, then you can get 6 million star coins discount on this piece of wool, which is enough to buy a few more pieces of clear label wool.

What’s more, the Jade Fair has been held for more than 200 years, but the organizer has never seen any discounts, and none of the five major families in the empire have enjoyed it, let alone others.

To date, Bai Jing is the first to enjoy this right.


The second piece of wool that Bai Jing wants to solve is the wool material numbered 4060.

This is a piece of pineapple husk wool, which is flat and oval, about forty kilograms, and the skin is very thin.

The color of the python belt is very light. It extends from the top to the bottom. There are several groups of chaff pine flowers that are difficult to identify at the bottom. The shape of the pine flowers is similar to the white chaff skin, and people with poor eyesight can’t find it at all.

Because the wool skin of the pineapple husk is very thin, most people will use a strong light to illuminate along the husk.

However, they did not see the obvious green from the inside, so they thought that the probability of green inside was very small, or the green was not clear, and the betability was not high.

This piece of wool was not cracked, so it escaped the price gouging, and was bought by Bai Jing for 2.6 million.

He turned the wool over and rubbed the stone along the chaff pine flowers at the bottom, and it didn’t take long for him to rub out two finger-width green.

“Hey, that’s not right, I’ve seen this piece of wool, and it’s obviously not green.”

“You can’t have eyesight.”

“Isn’t Yunshen rubbed green?”

“Really, God!!”

“It’s a hibiscus species, and the color is very bright!”

Bai Jing wiped around the wiper mouth a few times, but this time it revealed a yellow-brown stone wiper surface, and the jadeite wiper surface was only **** wide in the middle.

“What’s happening here?”

“No rubbing??”

“No wonder I can’t get the green light with strong lights, it’s just a little bit of green in total, it’s no wonder I can find it!”

“Let’s see Yunshen continue to dissolve the stone.”

Bai Jing put down the grinding wheel and replaced it with a laser knife to prepare for cutting stones.

Instead of cutting it horizontally, he erected the oval piece of wool and cut it from top to bottom along the part of the window.

The cold blue light flickered, and with a few neat cuts, people finally saw the outline of the jadeite.

It turned out to be in the shape of a long triangle! !

The window to be wiped is the tip of the triangle, and the wiper mouth is naturally small, and the green can not be seen from the surrounding leather shell, because the jadeite is all inside the oval wool!

[Fuck, God, really God! 】

[If it was replaced by someone else, it would have been cut down long ago? 】

[God Yun is not only capable of gambling stones, but also unparalleled in his ability to dissolve stones! ! 】

[Mom asked me why I was kneeling to watch the live broadcast? 】

[Scalp is numb, Yunshen is too strong! 】

In this case, even experienced calcite masters may not be able to solve this jadeite perfectly.

If you wipe the stone, even if you wipe all the husks of the whole wool, you can’t wipe it out, only the point at the tip.

And if you cut a stone, you can’t judge the direction of the jade just by rubbing the mouth with two fingers. I am afraid that if you cut it down, the jade will become two halves!

“God Yun, how did you see it?”

Some people couldn’t hold back their curiosity and dared to ask.

Obviously, more than one person wanted to ask this question. Dozens of pairs of eyes stared at Bai Jing, their eyes flashing with the light of seeking knowledge.

Bai Jing picked up the husk cut from the bottom: “Look, there are a few more compact clusters of chaff pine flowers on it, and they need to be identified carefully.”

His fair and slender fingers handed the leather shell to a young man who was closest to him. The man took it with trembling hands, his mind was full of confusion, and his mind was full of ‘the cloud **** handed it to me personally’, where is it? What pine flowers?

The person next to him couldn’t stand it any longer. He snatched the leather shell from his hand, and began to study with a magnifying glass one by one.

They don’t have the good eyesight of Yunshen, so they can only rely on magnifying glasses.

Bai Jing: “Generally, where there are pine flowers, there will be green, so I judge that this part of the bottom can be green.

But after irradiating it with a strong light, it was found that except for this small piece, no green was revealed in other places.

Then there is a possibility that the skin is green, and there is another possibility that the green is eaten, but it is deeper. ”

“And the python belt of this wool material extends from the top to the bottom, so I speculate that it is the second possibility. The jade inside is straight and deep into the interior, and it can only be cut vertically.”

After Bai Jing finished speaking, everyone around him applauded, and the applause lasted for a long time.

Whether it is from identifying chaff pine flowers, to speculating on the distribution of green, to studying the direction of the python belt, every step is well-founded and fully satisfies people’s curiosity.

This also proves that Yunshen’s control over the rough jadeite has reached its peak! !

How old is he?

Remember that it says 20 years old.

It’s just horrible.

Even a high-level stone gambler had to rely on many years of stone gambling experience and talent to rise, but Gu Yun was so young to have such high attainments in stone gambling.

When he is 25, 30 years old, how will he grow up?

No, it doesn’t take five or ten years. At this rate, I am afraid that within a year, he will be able to reach the top and reach the position that no one can reach!

Bai Jing continued to rub the stone in the eyes of everyone’s respect and admiration.

Due to the prominent edges and corners of this jadeite, it needs to be carefully cleaned, so his speed is not as fast as before, and it takes at least ten minutes to wipe off all the gravel on it.

While Bai Jing was concentrating on dissolving the stone, a middle-aged man suddenly cried out next to him: “Impossible! Impossible! This piece of wool is what Gu Yun likes, and it is absolutely impossible to gamble!!”

“You said that this piece of wool No. 4055 was favored by Yunshen?”

“Hehe, go lie to the ghost.”

The voices of other people also entered their ears one after another.

‘Wool selected by Yunshen? What’s the meaning? ’

The people around Bai Jing looked at each other, and the heart of gossip was burning.

Seeing that Gu Yun was still cleaning the stone for a while, some people went to the calcification machine next to him, trying to figure out what was going on.

The audience in the live broadcast room obviously heard this voice, and their curiosity was aroused one by one, and they all asked the organizer to share some shots for each other.

And Gu Yun’s fans looked indignant, who is this person, and why do you say that this is the wool chosen by Yunshen? !

Their cloud gods won’t bet easily!

Is there any conspiracy against Yunshen? ?

With this idea in mind, they quickly found the shot in the corner.

[Sisters, live broadcast hall 12. 】

【almost there! 】

[I want to see what tricks this person plays. 】

[Slandering Yunshen, courting death! 】

Seeing that the number of broadcasts has risen again, the leader of the organizer will naturally not miss this opportunity, and added a few live **** to the middle-aged man of the No. 12 calcite machine, so that the audience can see it more clearly.

Bai Jing lowered his eyes slightly, No. 4055 wool?

What he is currently unpacking is No. 4060 wool, but unfortunately, those who follow him think he has a fancy for No. 4055 wool.

Well, it’s no wonder he broke down, right?

The young man pursed his lips slightly.

The middle-aged man who had just collapsed and shouted was named Zhu Liang. He was in his fifties and was a wealthy businessman from Jiuhuaxing.

On weekdays, he is slick in dealing with things, and he is the most opportunistic and trying to figure out people’s hearts.

Ten years ago, he came to the Jade Public Market with the idea of ​​making a lot of money. Unfortunately, he encountered Waterloo on the first day and lost several million stars.

Zhu Liang thought about it, he would obviously lose everything on his own, so it’s not enough to rely on other professionals.

So from the next day, he has been keeping a short distance behind those stone gamblers with high gambling rates.

Zhu Liang has been struggling in the business field for so many years. With his means of guessing people’s hearts over the years and judging the micro expressions of these people, he can really guess it.

Moreover, he will not only follow one stone gambler, but analyze the expressions and movements of several stone gamblers who have seen wool, and select the wool that they all like.

In this way, the probability of the bet rising will be greatly increased.

Therefore, Zhu Liang specially selected these wool materials to bid.

As a slick businessman, he has a very thorough understanding of the competitors’ psychology, and most of the time he will auction wool at a weak transaction price.

Even if it can’t be auctioned, the price will be raised, making those stone gamblers and the employers behind them miserable.

But he made a lot of money in the last jadeite market.

Strictly speaking, there are quite a few people like him.

But these people have not violated the rules in the first place, and secondly, the organizers are also condoning them. After the Jadeite public auction, they even flew to various planets and disappeared, so no good solution has been found so far.

The stone gambler who was targeted by him could only admit that he was unlucky.

However, Zhu Liang is not stupid, he only dares to observe in the bright sign area, and dare not offend those big men in the dark sign area.

As for Gu Yun, it is really too tempting.

With such a high betting rate, who doesn’t want to get a piece of the pie?

Anyway, there are thirty or forty people behind Gu Yun, who knows who is who.

Zhu Liang’s long and narrow eyes flashed, staring at Bai Jing non-stop, moving with his gaze, but unfortunately the other party was looking at the wool material too fast, he could only pass the time the other party stayed on the wool material and the degree of concentration. to judge.

He made some statistics, and the other party stopped his gaze on more than 20 pieces of wool.

Among them, there are 6 pieces of time for more than half a minute, 10 pieces of time between 10-30 seconds, and others are under 10 seconds. This speed is simply unmatched.

But in the afternoon, Gu Yun went to the dark marked area. He also gave up observation and focused on the 16 pieces of wool.

In the end, Zhu Liang selected 5 pieces out of 16 pieces of wool, and the most certain one was No. 4055 wool.

It was a half-mountain and half-water rock with a bamboo shoot skin, a circle bigger than a basketball, and weighed about 30 kilograms.

The surface is yellowish-white, the texture is delicate and smooth, and the leather case is thin, and the green penetrating from the inside can be clearly seen when illuminated with a strong light.

There is a long python ribbon in the middle that wraps around the wool, and the surrounding ribbons are compact but not too dense, indicating that the ribbon is relatively complete and the performance is very good.

However, what is less certain is that there is a relatively dense gray ring around the pine flowers of this wool.

If the ringworm-like ringworm is scattered, there is a high probability that it cannot be gambled, because it will be scattered in the entire stone; and if it is concentrated in one place, it needs to be judged in conjunction with the Songhua python, which has a certain degree of gambling.

After his judgment on Gu Yun’s selection of wool materials yesterday, the other party likes to choose wool materials with a good foundation, but with cracks or ringworms on them, and the reserve price is not too high, this piece of 4055 fits perfectly!

In the end, Zhu Liang paid a high price of 8.6 million to take this piece of wool, and grabbed two of the other four, with a total cost of more than 15 million stars.

But it doesn’t matter, he can double it right away, no, it may be five times or ten times! !

Among the three pieces of wool, he saved No. 4055 to the end, so that the surprise can be doubled by going up step by step.

Looking at Gu Yun’s attention, maybe there will be a piece of top-quality jadeite glass inside?

Even if it is not a glass species, high ice species and ice species are very likely.

After all, the other party raised a total of 7 jadeites yesterday, of which 4 were high-grade jadeites above the ice species!

Thinking of this, Zhu Liang’s chest was filled with unprecedented passion, even more excited than when he cheated his opponents when he was doing business!

Hahaha, he’s going to post-

However, what he never imagined was that the first piece of wool material collapsed, and the second piece of wool material also collapsed!

Zhu Liang narrowed his long and narrow eyes and gritted his teeth with hatred: I didn’t expect Gu Yun to be very good at being a pretense at such a young age.

However, no matter how powerful it is, it cannot escape his eyes.

The last piece of 4055 wool will definitely come out of Gao Cui!

Sure enough, after wiping off the thin leather shell from the place where the pine blossoms were scattered in the middle, the transparent and clean texture inside was revealed, as clear as ice, as pure as a spring, and the green like boxwood leaves revealed from the inside.

It is the ice yellow sun green!

Seeing the envious eyes of the people around him, Zhu Liang was very proud.

Not only is it the pride of betting on Jadeite, but he has never failed to figure out the human heart!

This dual pleasure of money and spirit made him quite complacent, and his expression couldn’t help but feel a little pompous, so when he found that the gray ringworm had completely penetrated into the jadeite, he would be particularly broken down——

It’s broken, it’s completely broken, 15 million yuan is worthless, his half-life pride, and his means of guessing people’s hearts are all useless!

A knife in heaven, a knife in hell.

Sometimes getting it and then losing it is far more painful than never getting it.

“Impossible, impossible! This is the wool that Gu Yun likes, it’s what he likes!”

Zhu Liang cried out in collapse.

Yes, yes, it was Gu Yun who chose the wrong wool, not his wrong judgment.

It was the piece of wool that Gu Yun chose that went down the drain, not because he speculated that people’s hearts had gone astray!

For a “successful person” like Zhu Liang, the mental blow is far more serious than breaking down a few pieces of wool.

That is the ability he has acquired after spending most of his life in the business field. It is his trump card. He has always been invincible.

He can’t admit it. If he admits it, it means his failure in the first half of his life. He can’t admit it!

So when people passed by, what they saw was the broken wool on the calcite machine and the middle-aged man with red eyes and a collapsed look.

The live ball flying around him magnified his expression even more.

[Hey, this person’s expression is so terrifying. 】

[It won’t be because the gamble broke the nonsense. 】

[Whether it’s nonsense or not, don’t talk about Yunshen! 】

[Yes, the reputation of the God of Clouds cannot be tarnished! 】

“Hey, why do you say that this piece of wool was chosen by the God of Clouds?” someone asked.

Zhu Liang watched a lot of people come around, and his heart stunned, and he quickly restrained his expression: “It’s nothing, it’s just that Yunshen’s luck is very good, and I want to borrow his luck.”

It was just a momentary collapse that I shouted out, and now I can’t show the handle.

Although he wanted to let everyone know that it was Gu Yun who bet on this piece of wool, not him.

【Face-changing master. 】

【There is definitely something tricky! 】

[Yes, it is recommended that the organizer check the monitoring. 】

【You can’t just forget about it! 】

However, someone among the group of people who came over recognized Zhu Liang: “No! I’ve seen you before, and you were following Yunshen when you were looking at the mark, trying to remember the wool material number he chose!”

This person is also a stone gambler, and he abhors this kind of behavior. Seeing this, he immediately stands up to refute.

[Fuck, shameless! ! 】

[Can this kind of person come to the Soter public auction? ? 】

【If you let him get the number of Yunshen’s wool material, then Yunshen will suffer a big loss! ! 】

[@Host, we must have a statement. 】

[@Host, adjust monitoring! ! 】

[Sisters, I found out that this Zhu Liang has a criminal record. Picture.jpg]

[Zhu Liang, get out of the Soter public offer! 】

Now is the time when the traffic of the live broadcast platform is the highest, and Gu Yun is their ‘top stream’. More than 90% of the traffic on the platform is contributed by him. In two days, his fans have increased by more than ten million, especially I just solved the best Huang Fei! !

For a while, the group was excited, and everyone was fighting for Gu Yun, especially seeing the evil deeds about Zhu Liang found by others, I can’t wait to tear this villain apart!

The heat of the matter quickly fermented, and several tags such as #zhuliang delusional to get the number of Yunshen wool material#, #zhuliangvillain#, #zhuliangget out of sote public disk# and several other tags were all hung on the hot search, causing more people’s attention.

The leader of the organizer also had a gloomy expression after retrieving the surveillance video. Gu Yun is his lucky star!

The amount of playback also depends on him!

It’s just that this kind of behavior that does not violate the rules is difficult to eliminate in the previous Jade Public Market, and the organizer is also acquiesced.

And he has no right to deprive Zhu Liang of his qualifications. After all, all those who come here are rich people with assets of more than 50 million, so it is not easy to offend him.

But the crowd was so excited that he had to be appeased. Just when he was in a daze, the imperial family above actually agreed to his application.

[Reply: Zhu Liang’s qualification to participate in the Sote public auction will be cancelled, and he will be included in the permanent blacklist, which will be executed immediately! 】

! ! !

The leader of the organizer was stunned when he received the news. He never thought that his application would be approved.

You must know that this is the first time that the previous Jadeite public auctions have dealt with this kind of behavior seriously, which is unique.

Gu Yun’s energy is simply too great! !

Even the imperial family of the empire cares so much about him, as expected of the **** of clouds!

The leader of the organizer immediately dispatched staff to rush over.

Zhu Liang saw a group of tall sergeants approaching him, he hurriedly took a few steps back, and his legs fell to the floor.

“What are you doing?!”

“I have an invitation letter from Soter’s public auction!”

Impossible, impossible!

He didn’t get punished so obviously in the last Jade Fair, how could he be like this this time! !

But he obviously lost his bet, he didn’t take any advantage, and he even lost 15 million! !

As a result, Zhu Liang was embarrassedly expelled from the Jie Shi area under the watchful eyes of the public, and was no longer eligible to participate in the jade public auction.

When he was forcibly pulled away by the sergeant, his unbelievable and hoarse expression was made into an emoji package by everyone in the Star Network, and has since become synonymous with ‘little man’.

And his reputation on the star network has also become stinky, and everyone is shouting and beating.

Even the real world excludes him and disdains to be with him.

After this incident, many stone gamblers are also very grateful to Gu Yun. They have been spied on and robbed more or less, but there is nothing they can do.

I believe that after this incident, other people who want to peek and opportunistically will definitely restrain a lot.

And this is all because of Gu Yun!

At this moment, they have no doubt that with Gu Yun, the atmosphere of the stone gambling world will be completely eliminated! !

This is what the high reputation brings, it will protect Bai Jing, even if the secret is revealed and the identity is exposed, this is still his greatest protection.

In the public eye, no one wants to hurt him.

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Zhu Liang: I am scheming.

I am a master of micro-expression recognition.

White King: .

Zhu Liang: Oh, your top-quality jadeite is mine.

Bai Jing: ?

Zhu Liang: What! How could this be? I think that I have been in power for decades, but I was deceived by you little baby.

Fans: Sha Pen.

Zhu Liang: Too bad, I obviously lost.



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