God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 74

In front of the public, Zhu Liang was thrown out of the Sott venue with no dignity like a dead dog, and his reputation was notorious. This incident sounded the alarm for everyone present.

They are all prominent figures on various planets, and I really can’t afford to disgrace this person!

I believe that after Zhu Liang goes back, he will also be abandoned by his own circle, and it will be difficult from now on.

The most important thing is that this is the first time that the organizers of the previous Jade Guild have come forward to punish them severely, which shows their attitude.

Everyone knows that behind the organizer is the imperial family, the real ruler of the entire empire!

They rarely appeared in front of the public, and this time they made a statement for such a trivial matter. It can be seen that they really attached great importance to Gu Yun.

Even the direct descendants of the five great families of the empire have never received such preferential treatment!

Gu Yun was so popular that even the imperial family made an exception for him.

As for those who, like Zhu Liang, had spied on the number of Baijing woolen materials, they wanted to cry but had no tears in their hearts.

Why didn’t they want to stare at Gu Yun? ! !

Is the cloud **** they can see through?

They stared at the whole morning, did various data analysis, and swore to bid. What was the result?

All the wool that has been photographed for a lot of money has collapsed.

They lost tens of millions of star coins in vain, their assets have shrunk by a quarter all of a sudden, and they are still facing the risk of being ruined. Alas, what are they trying to do——

These people can’t wait to turn back time and wake up their greedy self with a slap!

It’s really too bad, it’s better to just pick a few pieces of cheap wool, so as not to lose so much.

Having learned such a painful lesson, they immediately walked away as soon as they saw Gu Yun, and no one dared to stare at the wool material number in his hand again.

The ethos of the entire Sauter public market has also changed, and all kinds of overt and covert actions have been restrained a lot.

On Xingwang, many stone gamblers expressed their gratitude to Gu Yun, adding a lot of prestige to the latter.

The matter has been solved perfectly, and both Gu Yun’s fans and the people who eat melon are very satisfied. In addition, the organizers are very efficient in handling things. After eating the melon, they still have time to cut the camera and look back to the cloud.

Bai Jing has already solved this piece of wool material numbered 4060. The whole is in the shape of a long triangle, with clear edges and corners. It weighs 22.8 kilograms and is not small.

The jadeite that has been washed with water has a delicate and moist texture, as moist as water, as elegant and delicate as a hibiscus flower, full of water color and radiant.

The color of apple green is green and natural, bright but not strong, just like a beautiful girl in her school days, her every move is full of fresh temperament, which complements the texture of hibiscus.

“God Yun, I will pay 15 million!

“16 million star coins!”

“17 million star coins—”

In the end, this hibiscus apple green jadeite was sold at a high price of 18 million yuan. After the top-quality yellow jadeite, it was another medium-to-high-end jadeite worth more than 10 million yuan!

[It has begun, it has begun, will the creator of miracles create new miracles? 】

【Have you forgotten the top-quality Huang Fei just now? 】

[The first miracle has appeared, will the second be far behind? 】

【look forward to! 】

[Will Yunshen break the record he created yesterday? 】

【must be able to. 】

On the first day of Sauter’s public market, Gu Yun broke the highest record left by Master Gu Liubai with a betting rate of 87.5%.

So today, will this record be refreshed again?

You must know that the probability of betting on 7 pieces of 8 pieces of jade has basically reached the limit.

And if you want to exceed this number, either bet 8 out of 9, 9 out of 10, or higher.

Or, it is all betting, and the betting rate reaches 100%! !

There are also requirements for all gambling increases, that is, the amount of wool cannot be less than 5 yuan.

If only one piece of wool material is selected, even if this piece of wool material increases and the betting rate reaches 100%, there is no reference, and there are too many accidental factors.

These two possibilities are not very difficult.

No matter how strong Gu Yun’s stone gambling ability is, I am afraid it will take a certain amount of time and luck to break this record.

Due to the number of discussions on this topic, Star Online directly initiated a vote. The positive side is “can break the record”, the negative side is “can’t break the record”.

There is only one vote per person, and the deadline is 10 minutes later, which is equivalent to the time it takes for Gu Yun to unravel the third piece of wool.

Three in three, it is not difficult for this genius in the stone gambling world.

Of course, if the third piece breaks down, it doesn’t mean anything. Maybe this piece of wool is the only one among all wools, which is also in line with the first possibility.

[I believe that Yunshen can break the record! Cast a positive vote. 】

[Upstairs +1, Yunshen is the strongest! 】

[This probability is really too low, vote for the negative side. 】

[Yes, Yunshen can grow up slowly. 】

[I also vote against, don’t put too much pressure on Yunshen. 】

In just two minutes, millions of people have voted on the star network.

Among them, 37% believe that “can break the record”, and the remaining 63% do not believe that Gu Yun can break the record.

According to the probability analysis, under the condition of sufficient sample size, the final result should be almost the same as this number.

Bai Jing is unraveling the third piece of wool.

This is a rock with an iron sand skin, the sand is like chicken skin, the texture is hard, and the foundation is acceptable.

But perhaps the leather shell was accidentally damaged during excavation, causing a lot of scratches, which made it impossible to see the performance through its shell, and the pine-flower python belt almost disappeared without a trace and could not be identified.

In addition, the outer skin of the sand skin shell is very thick, and the inside cannot be penetrated by strong light, so the uncertainty of this wool is very large, and generally experienced stone gamblers will not choose this type of wool.

This led to Bai Jing taking it for only 1.8 million yuan, which was 1 million less than he expected.

The faint blue light of the laser knife penetrated from the two-finger-thick leather shell into the interior, and the knife turned green.

Sprinkle some water to wash off the powder, you can see the ice-like texture of the cut surface, the colors that emerge from the pure base are bright and strong, with a bit of dark green depth, like spinach-like green, quite a kind of intense color. texture.

“It’s ice spinach green!”

“It went up, it went up—”

“It’s amazing, it’s another high-grade jadeite!”

“Cloud God is too strong!”

Everyone was really amazed. It seemed that no matter what kind of rough stone, in Gu Yun’s hands, he could unravel the priceless jadeite, which was extremely wonderful.

They have also carefully observed and figured out the wool material he selected, and even imitated the other party and photographed a lot of materials with cracks or ringworms, and the foundation is very good, but the probability of betting has not increased.

Later, these people understood that, in the final analysis, whether the gambling increase or not has nothing to do with these characteristics of the rough jadeite, only the person who gambled on the stone.

Only the God of Clouds can have this ability!

Everyone else is wasting their time.

After about eight or nine minutes, the 9.7kg piece of iced spinach green was completely removed. The color was even and bright, the color was thick but not stiff, and it was bright and green.

Glass seeds are rare, so the second-class ice seeds are naturally the object of competition.

“God Yun, I’ll give out 15 million star coins!”

“17 million star coins!”

“I’ll pay 18 million, sell it to me!”

In the end, this piece of ice spinach green jade was obtained by an energy engineer at a high price of 20 million, which made the surrounding wool merchants sigh.

And due to the increase in the third piece of wool, the votes on Star Online were slightly tilted towards the square, but it did not affect the overall situation.

When Bai Jing had just fixed the fourth piece of wool on the calcite machine, the ten-minute countdown for voting ended.

A total of 20 million people participated in the voting this time, and the final ratio is:

The positive side “can break the record” accounted for 39% of the votes, and the negative side “can’t break the record” accounted for 61% of the votes.

The opponent wins by an absolute advantage!

Cloud God is indeed very strong, but breaking the record is not so easy, it takes a long time to hone.

Since Master Gu Liubai broke the previous record 30 years ago, until he lay in the medical cabin two years ago, he never broke his own record again.

Perhaps after a year or two, Yunshen will break the record again when he reaches the peak that no one can touch.

And they will always wait for this day to come.

However, what they never expected was that the miracle would come so quickly! ! Totally beyond their expectations!

The fourth piece of jadeite that Bai Jingjie unearthed is the high ice species Yanglu, which weighs 7.6 kilograms and is worth 23 million stars.

The fifth and last piece of jadeite that Bai Jingjie unearthed was egg-white boxwood green, weighing 15.3 kilograms and worth 14 million star coins.

Five pieces of jadeite, five pieces of betting up, up to now, the betting rate is 100%!

Everyone held their breath, and they haven’t been gambled until now, could it be—

[Hey, so nervous. 】

【Breathe, inhale oxygen.jpg】

[I don’t know how many pieces will be gambled, so exciting! 】

[Don’t dare to look at it, I go to the toilet. 】

However, they did not see Gu Yun take out the sixth piece of wool, but instead stood up——

? ? ? What’s the meaning?

Don’t understand the stone?

When Gu Yuanchao cooperated to put the top-quality glass chicken oil yellow jadeite that has been used for display in the space button for preservation, they came back to their senses. It turned out that the two of them were going back.

[Fuck, 5 yuan! Done! ! 】

[Let me take a swipe, there is a total of 5 wool, and then the bet goes up by 5, right? ? 】

【Ahhhhh, the betting rate is 100%! ! 】

[So, breaking the record? ! ! 】

[The record set just yesterday was broken today? ? ? 】

[Not only broke, but also the highest record, no one can match! ! 】

[So relaxed, I really knelt down, I knelt down——]

[I didn’t expect that one day, I would also become the target of Yunshen’s face, bang bang bang. 】

【I am also QAQ】

[God Yun is so strong that it explodes! 】

Everyone on the star network was stunned.

The 61% of the negative votes were still hanging brightly on Xingwang, but after 20 minutes, Yunshen made a shocking reversal with his powerful strength.

Although their faces hurt a little, they all supported Yunshen and started to forward the news one after another.

#Gu Yun broke the record again#, #Gu Yun 100% gambling increase rate# directly swept the top two hot searches, and there were countless people shocked.

Many people who do not understand the situation are doubting the authenticity of the matter.

100% betting rate? ! how could it be possible? ?

It is said that immortals are hard to break out of an inch of jade, and nine out of ten bets are lost. How can someone bet 100% up? ?

These people watched the recording immediately, then returned silently covering their faces.

It’s really a 100% betting rate! !

Although the amount of wool is only five pieces, it is extremely amazing, no one can achieve such a probability!

Of course, shock is shock, they will not think that Gu Yun can bet 100% even with 9 yuan or 10 yuan of wool.

If that’s the case, it’s really terrifying—

Therefore, this is also Bai Jing’s consideration.

Whether it is a stone betting battle or an emerald public auction, five yuan is the most appropriate value. It can shock everyone and gain popularity and prestige; it will not be too exaggerated and cause everyone’s suspicion.

It also paved the way for his subsequent promotion.

After creating the highest betting increase rate, even if he maintains a betting increase rate of 80% or even more than 90%, others will not be surprised.

In the future, no one will break this record, not even him.


As soon as he returned to the hotel, Bai Jing received the latest data information from Guangnao.

ID: 1053166247

Name: Bai Jing

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Status: Citizen of the Galactic Empire

Gene class: C class

Physical fitness level: A level

Spiritual power level: 3S level

[Skill Title: Level 6 Stone Gambler (Advanced)]

[Accumulated points: 270]

[Betting increase rate: 50.2%]

He was finally promoted to the sixth-level stone gambler! !

At the same time, his name was also updated on the official website of the Stone Gambling Association.

After the only 48 senior stone gamblers in the empire at present, his name was added: Gu Yun.

He is the 49th senior stone gambler in the entire empire!

Gu Yun’s fans were the first to find out about the news. Their idols finally gained their due rank and status, and they successfully entered the ranks of senior stone gambling masters. !

Bai Jing received the little fat man’s news almost immediately, one after another, ‘dididi’ beeping non-stop.

[Jin Mao: Damn, the sixth-level stone gambler! ! Brother Jing, you are too strong! ! 】

[Jin Mao: Brother Jing, you are so awesome today! ! That’s a 100% bet rate! ! 】

[Jin Mao: That piece of top-quality glass chicken oil yellow is absolutely amazing! ! I have never seen such a beautiful Huang Fei, and neither has my father! ! 】

[Jin Mao: Brother Jing, the piece of jade you recommended turned out to be the green melon rind of the ice seed, and made a full 10 million yuan. I rely on it, it’s amazing! ! 】

[Jin Mao: Brother Jing, I love you to death! ! ! ! 】

Looking at the exclamation marks behind each message, Bai Jing smiled helplessly, but he was very happy.

But I don’t know why, there has been no news of An Ge in the past few days, and even Little Fatty can’t get in touch with him.

It’s still early today, and Bai Jing boarded the star network to check the opening time of the dark bids for the Sauter public auction.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I logged in, I was flooded with overwhelming news, and it was all related to him.

Bai Jing remembered that Gu Yunchao seemed to have told him that someone was helping him manage his Xingyu account, so he searched for Gu Yun’s name.

Then he was startled by the number of terrifying fans under his name.

My God, there are more than 60 million! !

This is much more than he imagined.

Not to mention Bai Jing, even Liang Heng, the security minister who manages the account, was stunned by the growth rate of fans in the past two days.

In two days, it has gained nearly 30 million fans! !

This growth rate is not as fast as a rocket! !

Liang Heng almost thought that he was dazzled, otherwise, every time he refreshed, the number changed by hundreds of thousands, just like the fake one.

Moreover, the private messages and comment areas of this account are in a state of explosion every day, and they have asked him to send pictures of jadeite and beautiful photos.

But he wasn’t there.

Alas, Minister Liang had to ask for help from Young Master Gu. Anyway, he took a few chapters of high-definition jadeite pictures, otherwise he felt that he would be eaten by these crazy fans! !

As for Bai Jing, after being surprised, he vaguely remembered that when Lu Yuan, the sixth-level gambling stone master, was broadcasting Xie Shi, the number of fans seemed to be more than 30 million, close to 40 million.

He never thought that his number of fans would be 20 million more than the other party’s! !

Lu Yuan is a senior sixth-level stone gambler, and he has been famous for a long time. He thought it would be good to be equal at most.

Bai Jing really underestimated himself a bit.

When he was still a second-level stone gambler, he bet on top-quality jadeite such as the glass species imperial green, and he never lost in the stone gamble;

After that, his betting rate became higher and higher, and he solved the rare jade such as the water species Fu Lu Shou Sancai;

Later, in the points battle with the sixth-level stone gambler Ying Wenfeng, he defeated his opponent with an absolute advantage, and solved the top-grade glass species Peach Blossom Spring Jade, the auction price is as high as 250 million!

Now, on the first day of the Sauter public market, he bet on two pieces of glass jadeite, 7 out of 8, and the bet increase rate is as high as 87.5%;

The next day, that is, today, I bet on another piece of top-quality Huang Fei, 5 out of 5, and the bet increase rate is as high as 100%! !

In the entire empire, no stone gambler can do this. In the eyes of many people, Gu Yun is already a legend.

Bai Jing looked at the comments under his account, all of which were encouraging words like “Yunshen is the strongest” and “God of Clouds, come on”.

These words made him feel warm in his heart, and at the same time had a stronger motivation to move forward.

Since there are so many people supporting him, he will not let these people down!

Different from Bai Jing’s leisure, Gu Yuanchao looked at the video communication one after another on Guangnao, his face was extremely indifferent.

First, his father, the head of the Gu family, absolutely demanded that the top-quality Huang Fei must be kept and not auctioned!

Then the person in charge of Gu’s auction house asked him when the next auction will be held. They will definitely promote it and invite all the top-ranked families of Capital Star to come to participate.

Then came the marshal of the army, the powerful old man.

The usually dignified imperial marshal asked him with a smile in the communication, when will the level 6 energy fluid be available? Didn’t I just photograph several pieces of glass jade? And said that money is not an issue.

Since the senior generals under his command had used Gu’s advanced energy box, he had no interest in everything else. He reported to the old man every day to apply. The marshal had no choice but to ask him.

Fortunately, the energy box that Bai Jing gave him last time hadn’t been sent to the military. Gu Yuanchao agreed that it would be delivered immediately after the Sote public order. The marshal hung up the video communication with satisfaction.

There are also various people who inquired about Bai Jing’s identity and contact information, all of which were intercepted by Gu’s information center. These top aristocratic families had no choice but to come to reminisce with him and have a relationship, hehe.

The organizer also sent a notice that the 3% handling fee will be waived for the wool materials that have successfully bid.

Gu Yuanchao dropped another incoming video call, feeling a great sense of crisis in his heart.

His A Jing is too dazzling. It seems that the announcement of the relationship between the two should be put on the agenda as soon as possible, otherwise, he is worried that A Jing will be taken away.

No, Ah Jing belongs to him! Only him!

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Gu Family Patriarch: I want top-quality Huang Fei.

The person in charge of the auction house: I want it too. I don’t have to worry about the performance of the whole year.

Military Marshal: Give me the energy fluid.

The major families: Gu Shao, is the Yunshen with you?

Organizer: Discount for Gu Yun!

Gu Shao: Ah Jing, if they can’t find you, they come to me QAQ

I need a comforting kiss ><


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