God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 75

After Bai Jing closed his brain, he thought of the A02 wool material in the dark bid area. He is going to bid tomorrow, but how much should he bid?

According to the 60 to 70 kilograms of the glass species Yang Green and the more than ten kilograms of the best glass species of imperial green jadeite, it is roughly estimated that the total value exceeds 500 million star coins!

If you let Bai Jing choose, as long as it does not exceed 350 million stars, or even 400 million, you can try it, and you will definitely make money without losing money.

However, the base price of this piece of wool is 80 million, and there are still three large cracks on it. Others should not pay such a high price——

Maybe it can be auctioned with 250 million.

However, what if someone specialises in betting on cracks and also pays a high price? What if I can’t get it?

Since Bai Jing had preconceived the value of this piece of wool, he felt that it was not safe. What if someone offered a higher price than him?

Well, let’s go and ask Gu Yuanchao.

Bai Jing knocked on the other party’s door.

Gu Yuanchao: “Ajing, come in directly, the door is not closed.”

Bai Jing pushed open the door and entered. The other party should have just taken a shower, and he could see the water droplets flowing down his hair into his chest, looking lazy and sexy.

Gu Yuanchao arranged for a housework robot to pour a glass of milk for the boy, “Ajing, you’ve been tired all day today, why are you still not sleeping?”

Bai Jing picked up the cup and took a sip, the milky fragrance was very pure: “It’s not too difficult. Gu Yuanchao, bidding in the dark bid area is really difficult, so I want to ask you.

Do you still remember the piece of wool in the dark marked area numbered A02? ”

Gu Yuanchao pondered: “Remember, the piece with the cracks on it weighs 126.6 kilograms and has a base price of 80 million. Ajing, do you like this piece of wool?”

Bai Jing’s slender and thick eyelashes blinked gently: “Well. How much do you think our bid amount should be?”

Gu Yuanchao thought for a while: “200 million star coins can definitely be won. To be more conservative, 180 million star coins are enough.”

Bai Jing’s beautiful brown eyes showed surprise: “200 million star coins… is that enough?”

Gu Yuanchao smiled: “Ajing, last year’s hidden bid king was only 150 million, 200 million is already very high.

Don’t look at the 4,000 to 5,000 players in the Sot public auction. In fact, there are not many people who can actually vote this number. ”

“Assuming a person’s assets are 1 billion, first of all, it is impossible for him to bet all his assets on the Sauter public market, the risk is too high.

Calculated at 50%, that is 500 million.

Secondly, there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of wool in the open and dark marked areas, especially in the dark marked area. ”

Gu Yuanchao looked at the young man with a gentle voice: “Then, Ah Jing, how many stars do you think he can get on each mark?”

Bai Jing pondered: “But, is it possible for him to put most of his assets on this piece of wool?”

Gu Yuanchao hooked his lips: “Ajing, there are no more than a new breed of people participating in the Sote public auction: one is for profit, the other is for fame.

If they were to bet on a piece of wool, it would also be A01, not A02.

Because from the perspective of various performances, it is the standard king of this dark marked area. ”

Bai Jing’s eyes gradually brightened: “I understand.”

It was his subconscious acquiescence that A02 would go up and A01 would go down, that’s why he was so nervous, he should think the other way.

Gu Yuanchao gently rubbed the young man’s soft hair: “Don’t worry, those who voted for A02 are just thinking of picking up leaks.

With the help of major families to bid for A01, I want to take this piece of cracked wool at a lower price. ”

He sneered: “Don’t worry, these people are all old foxes in the business field, beyond the scope of risk, not a single star will be issued.”

There was a hint of admiration in Bai Jing’s eyes: “Gu Yuanchao, you are amazing.”

“I grew up in this environment. Some people have hundreds of millions of stars in their pockets, but they still don’t let go of a small profit. However, this is also a very common scene in the negotiation arena.”

Gu Yuanchao approached the young man while talking, his voice was a little low: “Ajing, I solved the problem for you, should you… repay me?”

When Bai Jing returned to his room, the pale lips turned red, with a thin layer of water light, and were slightly swollen.

The man’s kissing skills are getting better and better, but it’s a bit ruthless, like a vicious wolf.

Well, not a bit of the demeanor of an Imperial Major General.

Bai Jing tidied up the slightly scattered collar, lay on the bed, and had a good night’s sleep.


On the third day of Sauter’s public auction, Bai Jing went to the Mingbiao area to check the wool.

Sure enough, after yesterday’s lesson, those prying eyes almost disappeared, which made him feel a lot more relaxed.

However, as the number exceeds 7000, there are basically not many choices for wool materials after that, and most of them are stone materials.

As Bai Jing walked, he quickly glanced along the stone platform next to the new one.

Among the thousands of pieces of wool, there are only a few with pine flowers and pythons, and the skin of the wool has changed from fine or sandy leather to coarse leather.

He used his senses to detect ten of them, and the one with the best texture was the oil-green seed grade, and the rest was a new piece of bean seed.

Bai Jing wrote down a piece of water-turned sand leather shell wool with a base price of 150,000, numbered 7540, which contained 50 to 60 kilograms of blue-green jadeite, which was quite cost-effective.

It just so happens that the extracted energy liquid can be mailed to Xinghai Auction House, and it doesn’t take much time anyway.

In addition, Bai Jing found that black stone with super high energy in the place where the number was relatively low!

He was overjoyed and continued to search, but unfortunately only new pieces were found among the thousands of pieces of wool.

It was still only the size of a new fist, it was pitch black, and the surface was covered with a thick wax shell, smooth and round without edges and corners.

Bai Jing meticulously recorded this new number in the electronic notebook, and he had to take pictures of them!

Taking a look at the reserve price, it was only 30,000 stars.

That’s right, this stone doesn’t show much, no one really cares, he should be able to photograph it with 100,000 star coins.

After reaching the place numbered 10000, Bai Jing glanced back and left the Mingbiao area.

Presumably, after the opening of the wool materials in the brightly marked area numbered 6001-9000 today, except for some of the leaked ones, most people should pour into the dark marked area.

After all, the first bid will be opened in the dark marked area after three days, and the time is still very tight.

The bid opening in the dark bid area will continue for one week, and new 10,000 pieces of wool will be opened every day.

The 20,000-yuan bid opened the next day will be sealed at 10:00 p.m. the day before, and the bid box and wool will not be allowed to continue to bid.

There are new ways to open bids. One is to go to the auction hall, and there will be scrolling subtitles on the big screen.

Starts at 9 am and continues until 12 noon.

The other is that at 12:00 noon, if the bid is won, the corresponding number will be automatically displayed on each person’s bidder, and in the afternoon, you can directly go to the auction hall to extract it according to the winning bid.

Normally, everyone just needs to wait for the results to be sent to the bidder, which is the most convenient.

But in fact, more than 80% of people will go to the auction hall, and that kind of heart-wrenching feeling is unbearable.

This is a bit like when the scores of some large-scale exams are announced, obviously because there are too many logins, they will be squeezed out as soon as they log in, but they will continue to log in and check.

That sense of urgency is hard to bear for one more second.

In this way, opening bids in the morning, bidding in the afternoon, and continuing to open bids in the morning the next day will be extremely exciting every day.

However, the wool materials in the dark bid area numbered A01-A100 will be reserved until the last day to open the bid.

This is the real highlight of the entire Sauter public.

Who can win the bid king from the major families, whether the bid king can rise greatly, and which family will be the biggest winner of this emerald event will all be revealed one by one!

This is also the purpose of the major families to participate in the Sote public auction, for fame, in order to deter other families, and to leave a strong mark on the records of later generations.


After noon, Gu Yuanchao had other things to deal with, and Bai Jing came to the dark marked area alone.

The number on the bid box of A01 has changed from ’17’ to ’23’. It seems that the competition between the major families for the bid king is still quite fierce.

He held a strong light in his right hand and irradiated it inch by inch along the green-covered wiper of the glass. After carefully observing the piece of wool again, he scanned the code on the bid box with a bidder and placed a second bid.

The number on the A01 bid box quickly changed to ’24’.

This is in the eyes of others: Gu Yun, after bidding yesterday, was worried that other people’s bids would exceed him, and was very impatient, so he added another price on the basis of the original, and strived to win the bid king of the Sote public auction. ‘.

Then, Bai Jing walked to the side of A02, briefly glanced at the cracks on it, pretended to be a little hesitant, and also bid.

Comparing to his bid for A01, this time the bid seems to be choosing and picking up omissions.

Bai Jing figured out the price last night – 213 million.

Most of it is just in case, after all, when he was bidding for an open bid, he saw more than millions or tens of millions, plus 100,000 to take away the wool.

At the moment when the electronic bid was cast, Bai Jing’s heart was much more settled.

He believed in Gu Yuanchao.

And his series of actions are also in line with the mentality of most people.

No one would think that what he really liked was the A02, after all, the A01’s performance was so perfect.

The first 100 pieces of wool white scenery in the dark marked area have been seen yesterday, because the windows that were wiped out are all medium and high-grade jadeite, so the price is very high.

The number of pieces of wool he put in yesterday, the number displayed on the tender box has reached more than 50.

Bai Jing didn’t think that the price he filled in could exceed the highest price of the electronic bid sheets in the standard box, and these bid sheets were invalid.

Therefore, he only picked a piece of wool in the dark marked area, and he needed to speed up.

Bai Jing looked at them one by one and found that the number of wool in the dark bidding area was within 500, and the number on the bidding box was not lower than ’30’.

It seems that the wealthy are not rich enough to compete with the Biaowang, and they have set their sights on these wool materials.

It is true that the risk of half betting on wool is much lower than that of full betting, and judging from the rubbing of these wools, the quality of the planting water is good, and it should be carefully selected.

And the master of rubbing the stone is also a master of the masters. Many rubbing mouths are opened at the position where the whole piece of wool is planted with water and has the best color. Great discount.

It’s amazing!

The fact is also true, the calcitonite masters that the organizers are looking for are all masters with more than 50 years of experience.

They may not bet on stones, but after so many years of calcination, after carefully looking at the wool, touching it, and taking a look at it with a strong light, they will know where the green is most likely to be rubbed out.

Moreover, the first 500 pieces of wool in the dark marked area were screened over and over again. Dozens of experienced calcite masters gathered around and discussed for many days before they figured out exactly where to rub the stones, which can best show the out the value of this wool.

After Bai Jing probed a few pieces with his senses, he shook his head in his heart and walked directly to the back. He didn’t stop until the display number was A2000.

It’s still half bet on wool, but the texture of the rubbing mouth has transitioned from the ice species and water species in the front to the middle and low-grade oil green species and fine bean species jade.

Although the planting water is slightly worse, the color is relatively uniform high green, which can be said to be the top grade of the same level, and the value is not inferior to the higher-level waxy seeds, egg white seeds, etc.

Bai Jing observed it and found that in this part of the wool material numbered A2000-A5000, in addition to those with obvious wiping texture, there are many wool materials that have wiped out the fog layer.

The first-class mist layers such as white mist and honey mist will generally continue to be wiped down after being wiped out, because most of the emeralds below are clean, and the value of rubbing is higher.

And like yellow fog, red fog and black fog, because of the great uncertainty, it is generally not wiped away, leaving it to those who like to gamble on fog to bid, but can auction better prices.

What Bai Jing sees now is the wool that has wiped out the yellow fog and red fog, and there is a second-class black fog behind.

Since he had bet on good jadeite in the red fog and yellow fog before, Bai Jing was very interested in gambling on the fog, and there may be a certain probability that he could bet on rare jadeite such as yellow jade and violet.

Obviously, a lot of people think the same way as him.

The base price of these foggy wool materials is not low, and the base price of each is not less than 2 million stars, and the number of electronic bids in the bidding box is not less than the first 100 pieces of wool!

This is also related to the fact that Bai Jing unraveled the yellow jadeite of glass chicken oil under the yellow fog yesterday, so a piece of top-quality jadeite worth hundreds of millions is enough to drive everyone crazy!

In case they can also bet on a piece of Huang Fei under the fog, not for glass seeds, but ice seeds.

The fog of jadeite is thick or thin, and the color is dark or light. It is difficult to judge the color and texture of jadeite according to the fog layer.

However, if the fog layer is generally purer, the jade underneath will also be purer. If there are many impurities on the fog layer, the impurities will also penetrate into the jade under the fog layer, resulting in the overflowing of jade impurities.

Going forward along the stone platform, Bai Jing selected a few pieces of material that wiped out the red mist from it, detected it for a while with his senses, and then retracted it.

Sure enough, there are still very few people who can solve the red jade under the red fog.

Baijing probed more than a dozen pieces in succession, and a new piece appeared red in the back, but they were far away from the bright red, and the water for planting could only reach the waxy species, so I am afraid it would not reach the bidding price.

The same is true for Huang Wu. Even if Huang Fei appears underneath, it is basically mixed with gray, giving people a dirty feeling, and the color is not bright at all.

Among them, the best piece he found was Huang Fei with an ice-like texture.

The color is not bright yellow, but a slightly darker orange-yellow. Fortunately, the jadeite is not small, weighing more than 20 kilograms. According to the rarity of the market, the total price should be more than 80 million.

This is a piece of yellow salt sand skin, one circle bigger than a basketball, weighing 38.9 kilograms. The shape is concave in the middle and the new end is lifted up, a bit like the shape of a gold ingot.

Its epidermis is evenly sanded and the particles are fine, which belongs to the top grade of yellow sand skin.

A gray-white python belt slanted through most of the wool, and the surrounding pine blossoms were intermittent and developed in a jumping manner.

This kind of pine flower is called jumping belt pine flower, which is a kind of belt pine flower. If you have this kind of pine flower, you need to check its continuity with the python belt. If it is continuous, it can be gambled.

However, because there are many gray-brown ringworms around it, although it is not harmful to the rough jadeite, it also hides the continuity of the pine flowers of the jumping belt, making it difficult to distinguish.

Therefore, this wool material has a large uncertainty.

Not only that, the window through which it wiped out the yellow mist was not very large, a small incision about the width of a new finger, and the contrast between the incision next to it was the size of an adult fist.

Bai Jing glanced at the bidding box. Among the wool that had wiped out the yellow mist, there were relatively few people who voted for this piece, but there were more than 20.

He first scanned the code for several other pieces of material that performed well, and filled in the number of 3 million on the bidder as a pretense.

Finally, an electronic bill of 11.7 million star coins was cast next to this piece of wool material numbered A3680.

This price should not be low. After all, the first five hundred pieces of wool are the objects that the noble families are fighting for. As far as the rough jadeite stone that has been wiped out of the yellow mist is concerned, this piece of wool is also one of the inconspicuous ones.

In addition to this piece of wool, Bai Jing also put in a piece of material that can extract ice blue water jade, but the blue water jade inside is about fourteen or five kilograms.

Bai Jing continued to move forward. After the red fog and the yellow fog, the next one was the black fog that everyone was least optimistic about.

Black fog is common fog.

The quality of the black fog also depends on the depth and shade of the fog color, as well as the width and thickness of the fog layer.

Due to the relatively large changes in the black fog, it is not only born in the fog layer between the skin and the jade meat, but also penetrates deep into the jade meat, which is likely to contaminate the foundation. 【Note】

Therefore, most people do not like to bet on black fog.

Bai Jing used his perception to inspect a few pieces of wool with black mist, and sure enough, it was a low-grade jadeite with gray base.

However, not long after he left, his mental power suddenly felt an obvious fluctuation.

Walking in the direction of the wave, Bai Jing came to the wool material numbered A4100.

This is a piece of authentic Laokeng black sand wool, the skin is black like lacquer, the surface is covered with a layer of black wax shell, the leather shell is covered with gray-green pine flowers, and there is a circle of strip-shaped pine flowers in the middle, and the performance is not bad.

Black Usha wool is a real ‘ten bet nine lose’, there is a certain possibility of high green, but this possibility is very small, so it is generally placed in the marked area.

But this piece of wool is different from ordinary black Usha, it is very big. Of course, this big size is relative.

The average black Usha is very small and round, the small one is only the size of a new fist, and the large one is no more than the size of a child’s playing ball, no more than 7 or 8 kilograms at most.

However, this piece of wool is the size of a football and weighs 23.3 kilograms.

Maybe the seller thinks that this piece of wool is very big, and there is no shortage of Songhua pythons, so I plan to wipe the stone to see if I can wipe out the high green.

However, after wiping off the wax shell and sand skin shell, the most bizarre and unpredictable black mist is revealed!

If you continue to wipe it away, the bottom is likely to be gray jade with poor foundation. It is better to place it directly in the dark bid area, and there will always be people bidding.

The base price of this piece of wool is 1.5 million, which is really not low.

Bai Jing glanced at the bid box, and the number displayed on it was ‘8’.

As expected of a dark bid area, there are also people bidding for wool that comes out of the black fog. It seems that Gu Yuanchao said that many people will bid for hundreds of bids, which is not an exaggeration.

Baijing uses strong light to illuminate the mouth of the black mist, and you can see the deep dark green from the inside, the color is very dark, not as bright as the sun green, apple green and other colors.

This color is ‘too rich’ for green jade, it does not meet the strong and yang of ‘positive, strong, yang, and even’, and it is relatively cheap.

As soon as I entered, I felt a very strong active reaction. This feeling is no less than the glass species of imperial green! !

Moreover, what surprised him the most was that all the pieces of wool were actually jadeite, at least seventeen or eighteen kilograms!

Bai Jing’s breathing suddenly became rapid, he didn’t dare to look at this piece of wool again, he took a deep breath as he walked, but there was only one thought in his mind: I must, I must photograph this piece of wool! !

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Gu Shao: When will Ah Jing come to me next time, I’m looking forward to it ><

Bai Jing: It’s not me who takes the cold shower anyway, indifferent.jpg

Gu Shao: QAQ

Small Theater 2:

Bai Jing: Whether it is gambling cracks or gambling fog, I can do it!

I can also confuse the enemy.

[Note]: The introduction about black fog is taken from Baidu.


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