God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 76

After experiencing the excitement and shock of discovering the best Huang Fei last time, Bai Jing’s mood quickly calmed down.

As he walked forward, he randomly scanned a few coded bids at a price just over the reserve price. In fact, he had been thinking about the price of this piece of wool.

Obviously, there are not many bidders for this piece of black sand wool that has wiped out the black mist. The black fog is the most variable low-level fog layer, and the characteristics of the black sand wool are also the possibility of losing nine out of ten bets. Too high.

Now he needs to determine a number that can exceed the eight electronic bids in the bid box without raising suspicion from the seller.

Since the seller did not choose to put this piece of wool in the marked area, but wiped the window, it shows that he has certain expectations for this piece of wool.

If the bid price is too high, the seller is likely to block the bid!

This is a situation that Bai Jing absolutely does not want to see.

He remembered what Gu Yuanchao said: People who come to Sote’s public auction are not for fame, but for profit.

Those who bet on this piece of wool are obviously here for profit, betting that it may be highly green, but at the same time, they know that this kind of hope is slim, and they will not invest too much.

After all, no one wants to bet on a piece of wool, and the rich will not do business at a loss.

The base price of the A4100 is 1.5 million, which is already high.

Bai Jing looked at the number ‘8’ displayed on the bid box. He was sure that at least half of the bids in it would not exceed 2 million. As for the rest—

In order to better estimate the price, Bai Jing found a piece of sand leather with similar performance to this wool, number A4187.

This piece of wool has also wiped out the black mist layer, the size is similar, and the base price is almost the same.

Bai Jing carefully observed the performance of the leather shell, and illuminated the light from the fog layer, revealing a darker green with a little grayish color. Much better.

However, if it was this piece of wool, he felt that it was a big loss to bid 3 million.

Most of the foundation under the black mist layer is not clean, the transparency is low, and the color is mostly gray, which has no advantages in terms of planting water or color.

For the wool of A4187, Bai Jing speculates that the jadeite in it is at most oil green and gray-green. The jadeite of more than 20 kilograms is worth about 2 million yuan, and there is still a certain gap from 3 million yuan.

The performance of A4100 under strong light illumination is worse than that of A4187, so does it mean that the bidding amount of the former will be lower?

Before that, Bai Jing believed that at least 8 million stars should be invested, and 10.3 million would be better for insurance.

But after analysis, he believes that 5 million stars can win this piece of wool; a more conservative price is no more than 3.5 million.

He finally settled on a price of 4.99 million.

What Bai Jing didn’t know was that the bidding price successfully helped him escape.

As of the night before the opening of the bids, the highest bid price for No. A4100 in the dark bidding area was 4.99 million, and the second highest price was 2.95 million, a difference of more than 2 million.

The seller’s estimated price is 3 million stars.

When he got this price, the middle-aged man was a little surprised.

It is estimated that this rough stone will not exceed 1 million in the bright marked area, so he ruthlessly wiped the skin off and placed it in the dark marked area, hoping to double it.

Unexpectedly, someone pitched a high price of nearly 5 million, which more than tripled and was 60% higher than his estimated price!

Could it be that there was something about this wool that he hadn’t noticed?

Although he knew that this possibility was very unlikely, the shrewd middle-aged man still turned over the photos and videos he had taken before, pondered it with his family all night, and consulted a senior calcite master.

However, the answer he got was to persuade him to accept it as soon as he saw it.

Maybe it’s a wealthy rich man trying to get lucky, or maybe someone made the wrong price.

The seller thought about it, and it is indeed possible.

This situation is very common in previous jadeite public auctions.

Hundreds of thousands of pieces of wool are worth seeing. Especially in the first ten minutes of the bidding deadline, many people are anxious to change the bid, and there are not a few people who set the wrong price.

Some people even pressed an extra 0 on the bidder in a hurry, only to find out when the bid was opened the next day.

15 million was invested into 150 million, and in the end, he could only escape the bid. Not only was the deposit of 1 million star coins deducted, but he was also included in the permanent blacklist by the organizer, and was ridiculed by the surrounding circles.

The middle-aged man quickly calculated the pros and cons in his mind.

The price of the rough stone on the Sote public plate is much higher than that of the outside world. If you miss this time, you may not be able to get such a high price again.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally decided to listen to the persuasion of the people around him and gave up blocking the bid.

If Bai Jing casts two or three million more on the basis of 4.99 million, the result will be completely different.

However, when the stone was dissolved, the middle-aged man was so ruined that his bowels were blue. He frantically chopped up everything in the house, and locked himself in a messy room for three days before he came out.

If he had known that it was Gu Yuntou’s bid, he would have stopped him immediately! !

That is top-quality jade, top-quality jade—!

The auction money will never be spent in several lifetimes!

When Bai Jing returned the same way, he found two more pieces of wool with a better foundation to bid, and then casually used the bidder to place a bid of 4.99 million at No. A4100, then turned and left.

The whole process was quick without the slightest hesitation.

It gave the impression that this bid was cast without thinking, and he didn’t care whether he won the bid or not.

There are a lot of people pouring into the dark marked area now. Although there are no longer deliberately prying eyes, Bai Jing’s actions will inevitably fall into the eyes of those who care, and it is inevitable to follow the trend.

Bai Jing casted more than 30 bids in just two hours in the afternoon, of which he only really liked 4 bids, and he felt like he was hidden in the city.

Even if the opponent was Sherlock Holmes, it would be difficult to guess which ones he voted for in a short period of time.

As he continued to walk forward, Yan Ji, a sixth-level stone gambler, approached him. The silver badge on the opponent’s chest was shining brightly, and he greeted him with a smile: “Gu Yun.”

The vigilance in Bai Jing’s heart reached the extreme. He remembered that Gu Yuanchao said that Ying Wenfeng’s suicide was most likely controlled by the other party!

Bai Jing nodded coldly, and the moment he passed by, he ‘saw’ the thin black lines of spiritual power protruding from Yan Ji’s body, one after another, floating in the air like dancing tentacles, gloomy and cold. And sticky, suddenly hit the back of his head!

Yan Ji wanted to control him—

Just when the black tentacle was about to touch the white scene, a thin line of mental power that was as white as jade suddenly stretched out from his body, split into countless filaments and entangled the opponent, the thickest one turned into a big mouth, opened its mouth to bite One of the black tentacles was swallowed in three or two!

The small white fangs devoured while biting, and swallowed one in two seconds, and then began to devour the second one.

! ! !

Yan Ji stood on the spot as if struck by lightning, trembling all over his body, the feeling of being drained of his mental power made his mind become chaotic, his eyes were stiff, his pupils were constricted, and his eyes looking at Bai Jing were full of fear, like Saw something terrible.

“Yan Ji, what’s wrong with you?”

Patriarch Lei saw that the stone gambler he hired had been facing off against Gu Yun, frowned, and patted him on the shoulder.

Bai Jing withdrew his mental power in a timely manner, and the opponent’s black tentacles quickly retracted into the master’s body, trembling.

Ah, ah, what a terrible monster, it is going to swallow it!

On the other hand, Big Mouth, whose mental power was changing, ‘bah bah bah’ a few times, and seemed to think that the other party’s mental power was too unpalatable.

“I, poof—”

Just as Yan Ji was about to say something, he spit out a mouthful of blood, his face as pale as paper.

Shaking his hands, he took out two black pills from the medicine bottle in his pocket and took them. After a while, he said, “It’s nothing. It may be that it took too much energy to choose wool.”

Patriarch Lei pondered: “Then go back and rest first.”

Yan Ji responded, looking at Bai Jing’s figure walking away, his body trembled slightly.

He didn’t expect that the other party would be able to resist the invasion of his spiritual power, and in turn seriously injured himself!

When no one was paying attention, Yan Ji took out the mental power testing instrument from another pocket. When he saw the value displayed on it, he couldn’t hide his shock: 72,000, super 3S-level mental power!

This, this data is simply unexpected, and the owner must be reported as soon as possible.

When Bai Jing came to the rest area, he also took out the instrument in his hand, and raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw the value above.

26500, it seems that it has indeed changed from S-class to 2S.

In fact, Yan Ji’s value should be around 30,000, but unfortunately, one-tenth of it was eaten by him for a while, and it would take him to fully recover.

Has the other party finally couldn’t wait?

Bai Jing hooked his lips, indicating that his performance in the past two days was really outstanding, so that they couldn’t wait for the end of the Sauter public game, so they couldn’t wait to attack him.

However, this move invisibly exposed their trump card, and also made him understand that mental power can be used in this way.

Moreover, by devouring Yan Ji’s mental power, he seemed to know who the black hand was behind him.

[Bai Jing: Gu Yuanchao, I have a new discovery, and I will talk in detail tonight. 】


In the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel.

The old man looked at the mental data sent by Yan Ji, his slightly cloudy eyes became brighter and brighter, and after a while he suddenly burst out laughing: “Gu Yun, Gu Yun! I didn’t expect him to be the one I was looking for. The perfect test body!”

The young man also smiled and said, “Congratulations, father.

As long as he is caught, I believe that we will soon develop the strongest humanoid weapon in the entire empire. At that time, whether it is the royal family or the other four major families, it will be under our control. ”

The middle-aged man behind the screen also had bright eyes, and said excitedly: “Father, what are we waiting for?! Don’t send someone to arrest him!”

The old man glared at him: “Shut up! How can it be so easy, this matter needs to be planned slowly.

You can just keep the secret room in the capital star, don’t make any trouble, get out. ”

The middle-aged man responded, slandering in his heart.

The guards here are so heavily guarded that flies can’t even come in all the time. He has to stay and inspect it every day. I’m really fed up.

The emerald event once a decade, just missed it!

After hanging up the communication, the old man sighed: “Alas, how could I give birth to such an idiot, who doesn’t look like me at all.”

Young man: “Father, don’t worry, the S01 and S02 subjects only need a week to fully mature, and I have asked them to bring them in secret.”

The old man patted him on the shoulder with a warm expression: “You did a good job, then catch Gu Yun first, and then,”

He narrowed his eyes slightly, his expression gloomy: “Let them experience the most unforgettable public auction scene in history, hahahaha-”

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it was the day before the opening of the dark bid.

Nearly 20,000 pieces of wool material numbered A101-B10000 will be sealed at 10 o’clock that evening.

Starting in the afternoon, the dark marked area was crowded with people, and many people trotted to save time, and frantically began to change the price according to the electronic notebook on the light brain.

The numbers on almost every hidden bid box fluctuated quite a bit, especially the first 500 pieces of wool. There were very few bids below ‘100’, and everyone went crazy!

Everyone is constantly scanning the code, pressing the numbers on the bidder, generating electronic bids one by one, and then rushing to the next place.

Once the bid is changed, other competitors can’t sit still, so more and more people start to change the price. I don’t know how many people lose everything because of impulse.

At this moment, the bid amount seems to really become a series of numbers, and there is no feeling when it is voted out!

Some people used their bodies to block the code on the hidden bid box to prevent others from bidding, lest the other party bid a higher price than themselves, but they were immediately pulled away by the sergeant on the side.

“Damn it, it’s over, I’ve pressed an extra 0, I’m idiot! Ah–!”

A middle-aged man slapped himself with a slap, and fell to the ground, beating and crying bitterly.

He was very optimistic about this piece of wool, but now he can only escape the bid.

And the other dark bids he voted for will also be invalid, and will be included in the organizer’s blacklist from now on, and he will never be able to participate in the Jade public auction again!

The picture of the middle-aged man crying like a bolt of lightning woke everyone on the field. After that, the bidders carefully checked the numbers several times before they dared to press the confirmation button.

The little fat man Jin Mao got Bai Jing’s guidance, and every once in a while, he went to the standard box to glance at it. Several times he almost changed the price, but was stopped by Jin’s father in time.

But in the end, the two raised the price by two million.

In addition to this, Father Jin has put in more than 50 bids, all of which are cracked or foggy wool. Most of them are found at low prices. It is estimated that they can get five or six yuan.

When Bai Jing was walking in front, he saw a wealthy businessman staring at the numbers on the bid box. He placed three bids within two minutes. After hesitating for a while, he was about to bid for the fourth time.

Bai Jing glanced at the other party helplessly, shaking his head and sighing in his heart.

No matter how or how many times these bidding prices are changed, no one will really be at ease.

Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

Even though Bai Jing could see very clearly, his mood was equally disturbed, or in other words, no one could be unaffected by this scorching air.

He looked at the wool that he liked along the number.

A02 is temporarily skipped, and the bid will not be opened until the last day, and the price has been determined, so there is no need to change it.

Next, the A3680’s ice species Huang Fei: the number on the standard box is seven or eight more, but the price he bid is not low, and he is not prepared to increase the price.

A3200’s ice blue water jadeite: there are more than a dozen more bids. At his original price, he should not win the bid, but there is no need to change it, and the profit margin is too low.

When he was about to approach the A4100, Bai Jing deliberately slowed down.

When he saw the number displayed on the bid box a few meters away, his breath suffocated slightly, only to see that the bid number above had changed from ‘9’ to ’14’.

In the last few days, 5 people have already bid!

‘Would you like to make it higher?

Yes, or change it, the previous price was too low. ’

Such an idea immediately popped into Bai Jing’s mind, and his heart was restless.

In fact, looking around, the number of bids added to this piece of wool is the least. This is the so-called ‘care is chaos’.

For the few pieces of wool just now, the reason why Bai Jing was so relaxed was because he had a dispensable mentality.

Even if he doesn’t win the bid, he can use other wool to make up for it, it’s not a must.

But for this piece, Bai Jing must win the bid, otherwise he will leave a great regret!

Do you want to change it? How much do you want to change the order to? !

The handsome young man frowned slightly, and his brown eyes were stained with a hint of hesitation: If it is too high, it is likely that the seller will cut off the bid…

He really wanted to ask Gu Yuanchao, but at this critical moment when the other party was investigating, he could not disturb him.

Well, otherwise adding 2 million star coins, from 4.99 million to 6.99 million, should not be too high.

Bai Jing was about to go back to bid again, when his keen five senses suddenly heard a conversation between two men not far away.

A: “Hey, do you vote for any wool that comes out of the black mist? Obviously not good.”

B: “What do you know? Look at the people around you, all of them are like crazy. The wool that performs a little better. There are seventy or eighty bids in the bid box, and some more. You think you can get it. me?”

A: “That’s true. I’ll also pick up a leak. 2.3 million should be enough, right?”

B: “Almost, I voted for the same amount. It’s not worth it.”

Hearing these words, Bai Jing’s footsteps stopped abruptly, and his mind affected by the surrounding environment also recovered.

He had made assumptions before, and he came to the conclusion at that time: 5 million is absolutely no problem, and conservatively estimated that 3.5 million star coins can also be won.

Bai Jing took one last look at the A4100’s bid box, turned and left.

Phew, in order not to affect his mentality, he should go back to absorb the energy in the black jadeite. He has been too busy recently to have time.

Spiritual power stretched out the branches of Yingbai and wrapped around Bai Jing’s wrist in circles, expressing joy. Yay, it’s delicious again!

The bad thing from last time can make it stronger, but, bah, bah, it’s not delicious at all! Gan!


The next morning, Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao came to the auction hall together.

There was a deep exhaustion in the man’s eyes, which made Bai Jing feel a little distressed.

“Don’t worry, everything is going well.”

Gu Yuanchao gently rubbed the young man’s hair with his big hand, and when everyone was attracted by the opening of the secret bid, he quietly left the auction hall from the back.

No one knew that he had just returned for half an hour.

In the dark marked area, 200 blocks of wool are opened as a group, each group is displayed for 90 seconds, and then the next group is rotated, and every 2,000 blocks will be displayed together again for one minute.

Auctioneer: “The following shows the first group, A101-A300, time 90 seconds, please look at the big screen.”

When the serial number and the winning bid price were announced, bursts of exclamation broke out below.

“My God, the price is so high!”

“45.8 million missed?!”

“Fuck, it’s only 500,000!”

“Hahaha, I got hit!”

“It’s a new high, and this time Sauter’s public market has hit a new high–”

Bai Jing raised his head and glanced at it, it was indeed higher than he imagined.

Dark bid A101, the winning bid price is 57.5 million, and the winning bid number is 115, congratulations.

Dark bid A102, the winning bid price is 56.66 million, the winning bid number is 208, congratulations.

Dark bid A103, the winning bid price is 60.1 million, the winning bid number is 059, congratulations.

The winning bid number in the back represents the number on the bidder. Because the Gu family is the first chaebol of the empire and the head of the five aristocratic families, so the number is second only to the three members of the royal family who see the beginning but not the end. Bai Jing’s bid number is 005. .

As the number of bid openings got higher and higher, Bai Jing became nervous.



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