God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 77

Dark bid A3200, the winning bid price is 18.9 million, the winning bid number is 244, congratulations.

This is Bai Jingtou’s first bid, and he didn’t win.

Although he knew that there was almost no chance of winning the bid at the price he put in, Bai Jing was still a little disappointed when he saw the result displayed on the big screen.

His bid for this ice blue water jadeite was 9.2 million, which was more than double the winning price.

These bidders are crazy!

Bai Jing couldn’t help but get nervous. There are more than 3,000 rough stones, and the winning bid price is still so high.

Judging from this, the two pieces of wool A3680 and A4100 that he was interested in will only need two or three sets, and the price——

Will it be too high?

Bai Jing’s heartbeat suddenly became violent, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, telling himself to calm down, the result could not be changed!

Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, make a decision and don’t regret it.

Even if he did it all over again, he believed he would make the same choice.

Brown eyes stared intently at the numbers on the big screen, the surrounding noise seemed to exist in another world, and every minute and second became extraordinarily long and uneasy.

Auctioneer: “The next group is A3501-A3700, the display time is 90 seconds, please look at the big screen.”

At this moment, Bai Jing held his breath involuntarily, did that piece of ice-seeded Huang Fei hit it?

Concealed bid A3679, the winning bid price is 13.8 million, the winning bid number is 817, congratulations.

Dark bid A3680, the winning bid price is 11.7 million, the winning bid number is 005, congratulations.

The dark bid A3681, the winning bid price is 12 million, and the winning bid number is 362, congratulations.


In a series of numbers, Bai Jing saw the winning bid price displayed by A3680, 11.7 million, won! He’s hit! !

The tense body relaxed at this moment, a bright smile appeared on the face of the young man, and the brown eyes seemed to be full of stars, dazzling and amazingly beautiful.

Anyone can feel the joy from his heart.

[Gu Yuanchao, I won the bid, so happy! 】

Baijing set the message timing to send on the light brain.

He knew that the other party didn’t have time now, but that didn’t stop him from wanting a man to share his joy.


“I voted six times, and I finally won today!”

“Damn, missed!”

“Missed again, fuck!”

There were all kinds of crazy shouts all around, those who won the bid were excited, those who didn’t win the bid were downcast, and some even broke down and cried.

At this time, the rich people present are no different from ordinary people, venting their emotions to the fullest in the auction hall.

After another set, the big screen will display the winning bid price numbered A3901-A4100.

Following the auctioneer’s words, Bai Jing felt that his heartbeat was stronger than ever before, even his eardrums were filled with bulging heartbeats, his breathing was short, and his palms were full of sweat.

There is his most promising A4100 here, but you must win the bid! !

At the moment when the screen was switched, Bai Jing saw the bottom line at a glance:

Dark bid A4100, the winning bid price is 4.99 million, the winning bid number is 005, congratulations.


Bai Jing shouted excitedly, the big stone in his heart finally fell to the ground, and he felt an unprecedented ease.

His voice was drowned out in countless shouts, and the other winning bidders were as excited as he was.


“Why is this group so low?”

“It’s all wool with a layer of black mist, behind the red mist and the yellow mist.”

“Haha, I missed a few pieces, unpack it at night and take a look.”

“I hit one too—”

After Bai Jing waited for his mood to calm down, he left the crowded auction hall.

There was always a smile on the corner of his lips, and his whole body was full of vitality. He quickly checked the wool material for tomorrow’s bid opening along the dark marked area, and he did not look tired at all.

Well, people are in good spirits when they have a happy event, that’s what I’m talking about.


The next time was very tense.

In the dark bid area, 20,000 bids are opened every day. Except for the first day, the following numbers are not arranged according to the base price of wool, but according to the order of storage, and there is a big gap between them.

This is also to prevent most people from focusing on the wool material at the front of the number, resulting in the phenomenon that tens of thousands of wool materials in the back go unnoticed.

20,000 pieces of wool will go through the exciting bidding opening session in the morning. Even if many people look sullen because they didn’t win the bid, they should look at the bid with energy in the afternoon, otherwise they will get nothing tomorrow!

In this tense atmosphere, everyone looked in a hurry, and even the voices of conversation were much lower.

In addition to the semi-bet wool material in the dark bid area, there are many well-performing full betting wool materials, and the reserve price is not much lower than the former.

Bai Jing opened the electronic book, and the number of hundreds of pieces of wool has been densely recorded on it.

In addition, A02 and A4100 have a total of 5 glass species, 8 high ice species, and 15 ice species, half of which are violet, white background blue, bi-color, red jade and other rare colors, and the lowest kind of water is hibiscus species.

However, a third of them were crossed out by him, and these were all unsuccessful bids.

Some auction prices shocked even Bai Jing.

A piece of white salt sand skin wool that is less than 20 kilograms and performs well, the winning price turned out to be 63 million!

At such a high price, it is very likely that it will be gambled.

If it is a glass of high green, or full of jade, you can indeed earn more than 10 million stars.

But he used his perception to probe, and the texture of the jade inside is ice light green, and the size is only half of the whole piece of wool, and the maximum value is 15 million.

The person who bought it is simply at a loss!

What Bai Jing didn’t know was that the opening price on the first day set a new high for the jadeite public auction, causing many people to return empty-handed and get nothing.

Then in the next few days, these people will naturally target the good stuff in the back.

Everyone is interested in the material. If the bidding is to be successful, the bidding price can only be kept high, which is also impossible.

Moreover, most people have a herd mentality. The higher the number on the bid box, the more people will vote in it and try to increase the price.

For those materials that did not perform well, there were not many electronic bids, and others glanced at them, and the contrast was particularly stark.

This situation also allowed Bai Jing to successfully pick up a few pieces of material that did not perform well, but could produce high ice seeds and ice seeds.

As the bid opening in the hidden bid area draws to a close, there is basically nothing left to choose from. Like the open bid area, most of them are stone materials.

And tomorrow will be the last day for the opening of tenders, and the tenders for wools numbered A01-A100 will be opened after the last batch of wools.

These 100 pieces of wool are the best-performing semi-bet wools carefully selected by the organizer from more than 100,000 pieces of wool. Among them, the top-ranked A01 is very likely to be the clear mark + dark mark area of ​​this Sauter public auction. the king of the mark.

At that time, it will be the biggest attraction of this Sauter public auction. Who will be the king of Biao?

Will it continue the trend of the previous Biaowang boom? What will the price be like? !

As well as the financial resources, means and eyesight of each family will be displayed in these 100 pieces of high-quality wool, and even determine the development of the next three to five years to a certain extent.

For example: a certain family not only lost hundreds of millions in the Sauter public auction, but also failed to solve a few high-end jadeites, so it is difficult for his auction house to have good auction items to attract the attention of the public, not to mention the finale. Auction.

As for the senior energy masters they cooperated with, they also needed 6th-level jadeite to extract the energy liquid.

If this situation cannot be alleviated quickly, then the wall will be pushed by everyone, and their competitors will never miss this opportunity!

And since Mr. Gu has Baijing, he will be the biggest winner of this Sauter public auction, and he will make a lot of money!

If this piece of wool can be photographed, it is equivalent to harvesting more than 60 kilograms of glass species Yang Green and more than ten kilograms of the best glass species Imperial Green Jade!

Coupled with 2 pieces of glass in the marked area and 5 pieces of glass in the dark marked area, these are enough to extract hundreds of boxes of high-grade 6 or higher energy liquid, which can at least meet the needs of the auction house and the military for the past two years!

And those rare colors such as violet, green on white, two-color, red jade and other rare colors of high ice or ice jade can be placed in the auction house in batches as the finale lot.

Although it can’t reach the level of top-quality jade, it will not smash the signboard.

As for the top-quality glass chicken oil yellow, as a top-level jade, it can attract many people’s attention just for display. After all, the entire empire cannot find a second top-quality yellow jade!

However, all this will have to wait for the end of the bidding opening tomorrow before the dust settles.


That night, Bai Jing lost sleep for the first time.

In the apocalypse, he raced against the clock to use every bit of time to rest, and after he came to the interstellar era, he continued this habit, and he would fall asleep within 30 seconds of lying in bed.

But now, he has been lying in bed for two hours, still no sleep.

After finally falling asleep, Bai Jing had nightmares.

He dreamed that the auctioneer smiled and said, “Congratulations to the dark bid A02 for becoming the veritable bid king of this Sote public auction, with a winning bid price of 360 million, congratulations!”

360 million? How could it be 360 ​​million! !

Bai Jing sat up from the bed sweating profusely, looked around, and found that he was still in the hotel, so he breathed a sigh of relief, huh, it turned out to be a dream.

If he can change the bid now, I’m afraid he will go to change it overnight!

He didn’t change the price until the last moment when the bid was sealed. Although the number on the bid box increased by more than a dozen, he also restrained his idea of ​​re-bidding.

He believed in Gu Yuanchao’s judgment.

But now, Bai Jing regretted it a little.

If you miss-

Then Gu Yuanchao, you are dead.

When the man came back from the dusty outside the next morning, he was faced with the boy’s indifferent expression.

Gu Yuanchao said with a smile, “Ajing, I’m back.”

Bai Jing glanced at him, but still couldn’t hold back. He lowered his eyes and asked, “Are you…are you injured?”

Gu Yuanchao frowned slightly: “Well, it hurts on the back, it hurts.”

“Gu Yuanchao, are you really hurt?!” Bai Jing exclaimed, and immediately came to him and started to untie his clothes.

The man held his hand and said with a low smile, “I’ll do it myself.”

The imperial major general’s slender fingers unbuttoned the military uniform one by one, and his movements were flexible and rhythmic.

With his movements, his naked chest was exposed inch by inch, and his perfect upper body was gradually revealed.

Healthy wheat-colored skin, well-proportioned body, broad shoulders and narrow waist.

In particular, the eight-pack abdominal muscles below have a clear mechanism, beautiful lines, and contain powerful explosive power, which can be called the best.

“Cough, Ajing, what do you think—” How is my body?

Before he could finish speaking, he was pushed onto the sofa by the young man, turned over and caressed the wound on his back with cool fingers.

It is indeed injured, but it has basically healed under the action of the therapeutic apparatus, and only a long scratch is left, as if it was cut by some kind of sharp tool.

Based on the length and the rate of healing, the injury should have been serious at the time.

Feeling Bai Jing’s silence, Gu Yuan smiled sideways: “It’s okay, it’s just a minor injury.”

The next moment, the other party bowed his head and kissed him.

Major General Empire was stunned for a moment, then turned over and pressed the boy on the sofa for a long time before letting go.

And Bai Jing couldn’t help but feel the bulging muscle lines on his body, um, it felt so good, one couldn’t help but want to touch it a few more times.

As a result, the two almost missed the bid opening time, and Bai Jing’s previous nervousness disappeared.

auction room.

The winning bid price of the thousands of pieces of wool remaining in the dark bid area quickly flashed on the big screen, from a group of 200 to a group of 500.

Most of the auctions were passed in because there were no bids, and the rest were basically bid for the reserve price and intended to be missed.

The guests present began to chat in twos and threes, inquiring about the harvest of the Soter public offer, and no one cared about the serial number and winning price on the screen.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for this part of the remaining wool to be announced.

Next up will be numbers A01-A100, the opening prices for these 100 high-profile wools.

The winning bid number of each piece of wool will be read out by the auctioneer in turn, and the big screen will also be displayed line by line to ensure that everyone can see it clearly.

The auctioneer shook the bell: “Please be quiet, the last set of winning bid numbers of the Sauter public auction will be read below, dark bids A01-A100.”

As soon as these words came out, the entire auction hall became silent, only the sound of rapid breathing was particularly obvious.

“First announced the first bid: the dark bid A01 bid, the winning bid price is 320 million!”

The auctioneer’s voice was a little excited: “This is also the bidder of this Sote public auction, the winning bid number – 012, congratulations!!”

“320 million? So high!”

“More than twice as high as last year’s standard king!!”

“Hey, who is so generous?”

“Look at the number, it is the Yuan clan of the five great families of the empire!”

“Awesome, as expected of a top family!”

“I didn’t expect that Yuanshi won the top spot in this Sauter public auction-”

For a time, everyone’s eyes were focused on the spirited old man in the VIP area.

The young man next to him was wearing a pair of silver glasses. He was gentle and calm, and nodded slightly to the crowd. His every move showed good upbringing, which made people feel like a spring breeze.

“Master Yuan Hao is really elegant and noble in his bones.”

“Apart from Gu Shao, he is the most popular in the star field!”

“Much better than his brother—”

“It seems that the next Yuan’s Patriarch will be him.”

The Patriarch of the Lei family next to him snorted softly. The Yuan family was only ranked at the bottom of the five great families in the empire, but he liked to be in the limelight everywhere to show his strength.

It’s a pity that his bid price is 10 million less than the other party’s. The bid king didn’t get it. He could only see the Yuan family being proud here, which was really disgusting.

A minute later, the auctioneer rang the bell again: “Please be quiet, and then announce the second bid:

Concealed bid No. A02, the winning bid price is 213 million, the winning bid number is 005, congratulations! ! ”

Bai Jing held Gu Yuanchao’s hand and slowly released it. He looked at the man’s deep and gentle eyes, and suddenly hugged him: “Gu Yuanchao, did you hear me, I won the bid!!”

Gu Yuanchao stroked his back lightly, and smiled close to his ear: “Ajing is amazing.”

Bai Jing raised his body, his brown eyes curved into a beautiful arc: “You are amazing.”

It saved more than 100 million star coins all at once.

“005, this, isn’t this Gu Yun?”

“Gu Yun didn’t compete for the Bid King?!”

“No, I saw him bidding for A01.”

“I think A02 will definitely go up!

“The contest between the Yuan clan and the Gu clan, the two top families, is definitely worth watching!”

“I’ll know when I dissolve the stone in the afternoon.”

“Wait and see!”

Yuan’s Patriarch’s face is not very good-looking to the naked eye, Gu Yun, hehe.

He glanced at Yuan Hao next to him, who nodded at him.

The old man’s expression softened a lot, he glanced at the people around him contemptuously, and began to close his eyes.

The main event is in the afternoon.

The auctioneer’s voice continued to sound: “Bid bid A03, the winning bid price is 168 million, the winning bid number – 019, congratulations!!”

A01-A100 wools are basically all divided up by major families, and the winning bids are not less than 60 million stars.

As for whether it can bet up, that’s another story.

The total transaction price of this Sauter public sale is far higher than the previous ones, which also indicates that the competition in the rough jadeite business will be more intense and approaching white-hot.

Bai Jing paid the star coins with an optical brain scanning bidder, and soon a handling robot delivered the piece of wool weighing more than 100 kilograms.

In this jadeite event, Bai Jing took a total of 68 pieces of wool and spent a total of more than 700 million star coins, which is not counting the 20 million offered by the organizer.

Fortunately, there are 600 million star coins that Gu Yuanchao has invested in. Otherwise, the star coins in his Guangnao account alone are more than 100 million.

Among these wool materials, more than a dozen pieces in the Mingbiao area have been released, some of them were auctioned on the spot, and the rest of the glass jadeite was placed in Gu Yuanchao’s space button.

However, for the wool in the dark marked area, because the closing time of the bid is too late every day, the organizer did not arrange a time for calcification.

Dozens of pieces of wool that were not too small were piled together like a hill, and could not be put into the space button at all, so they were brought back to the capital star by Gu’s exclusive spaceship.

As for the more than 100 kilograms of A02 wool, Bai Jing plans to unpack it in the afternoon and take it away directly.

At the same time, it is also for the Gu family to intimidate the major families!

He glanced at the figure of Yuan Shi’s departure, his eyes were cold.

Whether it’s the Soter public auction or after the Soter public auction, you are all finished.

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Gu Shao: Ah Jing, are you satisfied with what you see now?

Bai Jing: Turn over.

Gu Shao: QAQ, don’t you want to look at my abdominal muscles?

Bai Jing: Well, it feels really good.



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