God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 78

The news of the sky-high price of the Sauter public auction was quickly spread on the star network, causing heated discussions among people.

The bid king worth 320 million is higher than the bid kings on the previous jadeite public auctions, setting a new historical record!

Last year, Biao Wang, worth 150 million, solved nearly 300 million ice jadeite. What will happen to Biao Wang this time? Will it rise again?

[Generally, there are not many Biao Wang who gamble down. 】

[That’s right, and I heard from a friend in the public market that this time Biaowang’s performance was super good, and both the left and right wipers wiped out the glass seeds! All major families have bid. 】

[This time, the Biao Wang was won by the Yuan clan, so brave! 】


[Forcing all the aristocratic families, the Yuan clan is really generous! 】

【I can’t wait a bit—】

[Looking forward to Biao Wang Jie Shi! 】

The previous bid kings will be unraveled on the spot, and the big increase will be the best shock and deterrent to the major families, and it is also a good opportunity to become famous in the public.

Didn’t you see that Gu Yun’s fans rose by 30 million in just a few days after the opening of the Soter public market?


There are countless people who seek cooperation with the Gu family, and who want to establish a relationship.

What Gu can do, why can’t he Yuan? !

After seeking the consent of the Yuan family’s owner, the organizer announced in the live broadcast room Biao Wang Jie Shi at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and at the same time released the news that Gu Yun also wanted Jie Shi.

【My God, does the God of Cloud also want to dissolve the stone? 】

[Wow, I’m looking forward to it! ! 】

[Excited, I immediately squatted in the live broadcast room. 】

[Which piece does Yunshen want to solve? 】

[Looking at the notice is A02, what does this number represent? Is there anyone who can explain it clearly, thank you~]

[I’m going, this is the No. 2 mark, second only to the King of Marks! 】

[Sisters, I suddenly have a bold idea——]

After knowing that Gu Yun photographed the A02 wool material, there was a lot of discussion on Xingwang, and the popularity remained high.

Those who guessed that the Biaowang had soared and those who believed that A02 was the real ‘dark horse’ held their own opinions and refused to give in to each other.


As the second young master of the Yuan clan, Yuan Hao is personable, gentle and very sociable, and often attends various receptions and banquets.

At the same time, he is also an excellent mecha warrior, level L7, codenamed [Silver Moon], and has many followers.


In addition, the reason why King Biao is called King Biao is naturally the existence of thousands of choices made by the organizers, and even invited the only two seventh-level stone gamblers in the empire, Du Feng and Rong Xuan, to evaluate.

Du Feng did not accept it on the grounds that the Du family needed to avoid suspicion, but Rong Xuan agreed, and conducted an all-round evaluation with other sixth-level stone gamblers to determine the ownership of the Biao Wang on the Sote public auction.


In this case, even if Bai Jing’s betting rate is high, it can’t shake the impression of King Biao in people’s hearts and the authority of the senior stone gamblers.

Seeing this, the organizer simply made a bet in the official name: Biao Wang, which was photographed by Yuanshi, and A02, which was photographed by Gu Yun, who would have higher profits!

This is the last day of Sauter’s public offering. Whether the traffic can reach a new high depends on how popular it is this afternoon.

The organizers will not miss the only chance left!

It’s 11 am, and it’s two hours before 1 pm.

In the past two hours, the popularity of the topic continued to ferment, and more and more people were betting, but in terms of proportion, the Biao Wang had the greater advantage.

Yuan Hao frowned as he looked at the bets on Star Online: “Father, the organizer really made a good calculus. For the sake of traffic, Gu Yun was used as a gimmick to divide our attention.”


The old man I smiled slightly and narrowed his long and narrow eyes: “It doesn’t matter, the higher the attention, the better, and after the king of the standard rises, all the traffic will be ours!

At that time, once Gu Yun loses his bet, the image he established before will collapse immediately. This is called – the higher you stand, the harder you fall. ”

The old man sighed lightly: “Look, human beings are such easy-to-forget creatures.

They only remember the failure in front of you, but easily forget your past glory! ”

The old man’s expression suddenly became gloomy, and he said bitterly: “Like now, who still remembers the contribution made by our Fifth Research Institute!


They were all killed by the experimental subjects in order to study the spiritual power. Who remembers how many elites my Yuan clan lost because of this! ”

“If it weren’t for the research results of our Yuan family, the Empire would still be half-understood about spiritual power.

But what do we get? !

It was urgently blocked, ordered not to continue the experiment, and even banned our scientific researchers from participating in the core projects of the Empire—”

The old man sneered: “Do you think this can curb the development of the Yuan clan? Joke.


When the research on the most perfect experimental body is completed, the imperial family, the five great families, and the entire empire will belong to my Yuan clan! ! ”

Yuan Hao raised his lips: “Father is wise. The experimental subjects SO1 and S02 are ready and are synchronizing their mental power.”

The old man responded: “Calculate the time and catch them off guard.”

Yuan Hao nodded: “Yes, father, I will arrange it now.”

The old man: “Well, you will be outside to meet you, you don’t have to come back.”

Yuan Hao was startled: “Then you, father?”

The old man smiled lightly: “What are you afraid of, they have no evidence. Even Gu Yuanchao has to weigh up the patriarchs who dare to touch the five great empires.”

Yuan Hao: “…Then you must be careful.”

The old man waved his hand: “Come on.”

At the same time, Gu Yuanchao called his generals: “From now on, start secondary protection, strengthen inspections, and report any abnormalities immediately.”

Several people said in unison: “Yes!”

He looked at the major general with absolute obedience and admiration.

No matter who it is, as long as he has seen the picture of Young Master Gu driving the mecha to kill the alien beast, there is no one who doesn’t admire it and falls to the ground.

Gu Yuanchao’s expression was a bit cold.

In this week, he has brought people to control Yuanshi’s people in the capital star, and found Yuanshi’s laboratory on the top floor.

It’s a pity that the young master of the waste Yuan family was completely unaware of his father’s plans, and the most important experimental subjects disappeared, leaving only some failed samples.

What will they do? Controlling others to catch A Jing?

But Yan Ji hasn’t done anything recently, and even if he makes a move, he can’t match Bai Jing’s mental power.

There is nothing unusual about the actions of the Yuanshi father and son, except that the venue is staying in the hotel, and they have not been to other places.

It seems that if you want to wipe out the Yuan clan, you can only wait for them to act first.

With him around, no one would want to touch a single hair of the boy!

“Gu Yuanchao, I found a good opportunity to earn star coins.”

After the two had lunch, Bai Jing turned on his brain and showed him the bets on Xingwang with great interest.

He still remembers the fact that the other party made 600 million by betting 1 billion in the points battle between him and Ying Wenfeng.

Well, it just opened the door to a new world.

Gu Yuanchao chuckled: “Then Ah Jing is going to bet on himself to win?”

Bai Ding nodded: “Well. However, is it too obvious to do this?

Forget it, I will transfer all the star coins to you, you can bet for me. ”

Gu Yuanchao’s voice had an obvious smile: “No need, count me as a stake.”

As he spoke, he bet 500 million star coins on the side where A02 rose sharply, reversed the book, and the ratio of betting Yuanshi and Gu Yun became 1:1.2.

The betting time this time is only two hours, and the ratio of the two will not be much different when the time expires.

Bai Jing’s beautiful brown eyes sparkled: “Okay. When the final result comes out, I’ll calculate the share based on the capital you invested in.”

Gu Yuanchao smiled and rubbed the top of the boy’s hair: “Well, it’s a deal.”


Near one o’clock in the afternoon, the number of participants in the live broadcast room had reached an extremely terrifying number.

The organizer was overjoyed. Not only did the transaction volume of the Jadeite public auction create an astronomical figure, but the traffic in the live broadcast room was also an insurmountable peak!

calcite area.

The extra calcifiers have been put away, and only five are left, two of which are placed in the center and are specially prepared for Yuanshi and Gu Yun.

The sixth-level stone gambler Zhuo Hang came to the No. 1 calcite machine, and with the help of the handling robot, placed the 320 million star coins on the calcite machine, and fixed it carefully.

The head of the Yuan family sat behind him, squinting at the crowded crowd in front of him, with a somewhat smug expression on his face, as if he had expected the result of the surge.

Because there were too many onlookers on the field, the staff set up a cordon one meter away, and there were imperial sergeants guarding them to prevent accidents.

However, there is a huge holographic screen behind the calcite machine, and people can see the clear calcite scene from the screen without having to squeeze forward.

The Patriarch Lei stood at the forefront, looked at the proud expression of the old man, and sneered: “Oh, the villain is proud.”

There was a trace of unhappiness in Yan Ji’s eyes beside him, which he quickly covered up.

The Du brothers and sisters were also standing near the cordon, looking relaxed, as if they were traveling to Soter Star.

Du Jingya asked her brother Du Xingyu in a low voice, “Who did you bet on?”

Du Xingyu didn’t answer, but instead asked, “What about my sister, who did you bet?”

Du Jingya glanced at the Yuan clan’s patriarch lightly, and sneered: “Ask knowingly.”

Du Xingyu raised his eyebrows: “Then I’m the same as my sister.”

Du Jingya smiled and patted his shoulder: “Good boy, have a good eye.”

At 1 o’clock, Bai Jing came to the No. 2 calcification machine, followed by the Imperial Major General.

He glanced at the Yuan’s Patriarch, the corners of his lips twitched, and he made a “please first” gesture.

The old man’s eyes flickered, he looked at Bai Jing with an uncomfortable look, and said to the sixth-level stone gambler Zhuo Hang, “Let’s start.”

The latter responded and began to observe the wool carefully.

Dozens of live **** flew around him, surrounding him, not letting go of any blind spot, and using the clearest perspective to present Biao Wang’s perfect side.

This year’s Soter public auction is the king of the authentic Denaika leather wool.

The color is similar to the yellow sand bark, but the outer bark is very fine, like the bark of Denika, with obvious lines.

This is the name of the ancient earth, and this name continues in the interstellar.

Denika leather wool is recognized as a kind of wool with better water color. It has high color content and is easy to bet on. More than half of the previous standard kings are from this kind of skin.

This piece of wool is larger than two basketballs side by side. It weighs 72.8 kilograms and has a slightly flat oval shape. It was placed by Zhuo Hang on the calcifier.

There are two gray-white python strips running through its surface, and there are clusters of brightly colored pine flowers around it. The ribbons are complete, which is a very rare good material.

On top of that, the left and right sides of the piece of wool have wiped open windows the size of a baby’s fist.

On the left is the glass apple green, on the right is the glass full green, a rare double-wipe mouth, and they are all glass!

This means that there is a high possibility that this piece of wool is full of jadeite, and all of them are glass types of high green. From this perspective, the total value is definitely more than 400 million!

[Wow, this is the Biao Wang——]

[I saw the window, the double wipes are all glass, amazing! 】

【Is it about to dissolve the stone soon? 】

[It’s really rare, so excited! 】

[Indeed, it only happens once in ten years. 】

[320 million, sigh, these stars are enough for me to squander for several lifetimes! 】

[This is the world of the boss, and the poor such as me can only look up. 】

[I bet on Yuanshi, and the Biaowang will definitely rise! 】

Zhuo Hang’s face was very serious. He looked inch by inch along the python belt and pine flower on the skin, and after watching it for ten minutes, he began to use the abrasive wheel to rub the stone.

He is an experienced senior stone gambler, but it is also the first time that he has personally solved a standard king worth hundreds of millions.

If this kind of glass-type high-green jadeite is scratched a little more, it will cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of star coins. He will never allow himself to make any mistakes!

Adjust the grinding wheel to the minimum gear, Zhuo Hang rubs the stones round by round along the left window, constantly adjusts the angle and strength according to the hand feel, and washes away the gravel and sand on the surface with clean water from time to time, so as not to obstruct the vision.

About 20 minutes later, the rubbing mouth went in about two inches, and the exposed jadeite was still glass apple green with uniform color, which was obviously rubbed up!

[As expected of the king of the standard! 】

[Cough, this is different from what I thought, a little boring. 】

[Are the sisters upstairs used to seeing Yunshen Jieshi? 】

[Haha, me too. 】

【At this speed, how long do you have to wipe it? 】

[If it was Yunshen, it would have been done long ago! 】

【What do you know? This is a standard king worth 320 million, and the same goes for Gu Yunjie! 】

[You don’t understand, right? Yunshenjie Glass Species Imperial Green is also cut directly, right? ! 】

【what? Glass species of imperial green, how is it possible? ! 】

[Oh, you can see for yourself. animation.jpg. 】

Seeing that the other party never appeared again, Gu Yun’s fans snorted in disdain.

In the previous stone-gambling battle, even if the top glass kind of emperor green was wiped off, Yunshen still cut it off with a few cuts. The excitement was still fresh in their memory until now.

Only Yunshen can give them such a shock.

Therefore, they will always support Yunshen!

The rustling sound of the grinding wheel kept coming from the right, and Bai Jing was boredly counting the time, it should be fast.

Sure enough, seven or eight minutes later, the sound of the grinding wheel stopped, and Zhuo Hang blurted out the shouts and the exclamations of the onlookers.

I saw that the clean and clear texture of the glass species was mixed with strips and strands of flocculent white cotton, making the originally transparent texture turbid and full of impurities.

“how so?”

“It’s white cotton!”

“There is too much white cotton, and I’m afraid not much energy can be extracted.”

“Oh, good glass seed, what a pity.”

Yuan’s Patriarch’s expression is not very good, but the white cotton part has only been wiped two centimeters thick, and the bet can still rise. He said to the pale Zhuo Hang: “Continue to wipe.”

Zhuo Hang replied “yes” in a low voice, cut the first half of the intact glass apple green jade with a laser knife, and placed it on the side to weigh: 14.8 kilograms.

The value of this part of jade is only about 60 million, and the highest is not more than 70 million.

His heart became uneasy, 60 million and 320 million, the difference is too much!

I hope this white cotton can disappear soon, otherwise——

[Fuck, it’s white cotton! 】

[Biao Wang is a little dangerous. 】

[No, this is the best wool material carefully selected by the organizer! 】

[Biaowang can’t bet down! 】

[You bet on the Yuan clan, ‘immortals are hard to break an inch of jade’, any situation is possible. 】

[Let’s see, the results will be available soon. 】

In the tense atmosphere, a little cold sweat overflowed on Zhuo Hang’s forehead.

He smeared it casually, and used a strong light to illuminate the cut surface with white cotton. He saw that there was no greenness in the turbid texture, and his heart was instantly cold.

I am afraid that the distribution of white cotton will not be too small.

The grinding wheel directly along the python belt wiped the two-finger-wide window on the side, and then extended it all the way back. After three centimeters, five centimeters, ten centimeters, there was still no sign of green!


If you go in three or four centimeters and still don’t see green, then Biaowang will collapse!

Zhuo Hang’s hand holding the grinding wheel trembled a little. He took a few deep breaths and waited for a minute before continuing to polish the stone.

When the hateful flocculent impurities appeared again on his face, he felt a dizziness in his head——

Collapsed, King Biao collapsed in his hands!

With the last glimmer of hope, Zhuo Hang used a laser knife to cut the wiped part, and the exposed cut surface was all white cotton, and the other half was not green!

At this moment, a gloomy gaze pierced from behind him, Zhuo Hang froze suddenly, and didn’t even dare to look at the expression of the Yuan’s Patriarch, he knew the cruel methods of the other party.

“King Biao… Is it broken?”

“Yuanshi really lost his wife and lost his army, and he didn’t get any fame or fortune.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t bid successfully, otherwise it would be me who would be embarrassed.”

“Oh, what a pity.”

The people around started talking in a low voice, and Patriarch Lei looked at the old man’s ugly face and laughed loudly: “Yuan Song, it seems that the fortune has not reached your Yuan family, and even King Biao can bet.

If you want me to say, you better pack up and prepare to go home, this time the Soter public auction has nothing to do with you. ”

The old man gave him a cold look: “That’s not necessarily, continue to dissolve the stone!”

It’s not far from the time he and Yuan Hao agreed on.

[Damn, King Biao actually broke down! 】

[Fuck, Lao Tzu’s bet——]

[Yuanshi is just like that. 】

There was a sudden scolding on the star network, and Yuanshi naturally became the target of some people’s venting. The reputation Yuanshi wanted was lost in the result of gambling.

After watching the excitement, Bai Jing did not intend to waste time and began to dissolve the stone.

The A02 wool he chose is also authentic Denacapi wool, pear-shaped, about 70 cm long, one big and the other small, between 15-40 cm in width and height, weighing 126.6 kg, which is considered to be among the rough jadeite stones. Overwhelmed.

However, this piece of wool has fissures in the middle and on the left and right sides.

Especially the evil lock in the middle, which is more than ten centimeters long and has radial branches. From the perspective of depth, it must have caused harm to the jade inside.

The experienced calcite master opened the window at the farthest place from the fissure, which was relatively low and only two finger-widths wide.

However, judging from the texture of the window, it is a glassy green!

Overall, this piece of wool is very gambling and elusive.

When the handling robot cooperated with Gu Yuanchao to put the piece of wool on the calcite machine, dozens of live **** all surrounded Bai Jing.

Fans were simply rejoicing, but there were also those who had lost bets in yin and yang.

[God Yun is finally going to dissolve the stone! 】

[Waiting for so long, I’m looking forward to it! 】

[Biaowang has collapsed, and I bet A02 will collapse too. 】

[Yes, look at the fissures on the wool, it is strange that the bet goes up! 】

[I don’t believe it anymore, Gu Yun must have lost his bets! 】

At this time, Bai Jing smiled at the camera, and his fair fingers held the grinding wheel.


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