God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 79

Because the Dinaikapi shell is a bit thick, Bai Jing roughly observed the distribution of the fissures, and directly turned the grinding wheel to the maximum, and started rubbing the stone along the window below the ‘head’ of the pear-shaped rough stone.

Seeing Gu Yun’s solution to the stone, the onlookers quickly moved their positions to the right, stood outside the cordon and scrambled to stick their heads out, and some of them could only look at the big screen.

The rustling sound of the grinding wheel sounded, and Zhuo Hang next to him glanced at him and also accelerated.

Even if King Biao was defeated, Zhuo Hang didn’t think he would lose.

The fissures on the A02 are enough to make the jade in this piece of wool shatter, and its value is greatly reduced!

He still has a chance!

As long as the other party collapses more severely, with Gu Yun’s fame, people’s attention will only be on him, and how King Biao is secondary.

Thinking of this, Zhuo Hang suddenly became motivated.

The sound of the grinding wheel rubbing stones came and went, which seemed a bit harsh in the quiet calcite area.

Bai Jing’s movements were fast, and in less than a minute, he turned the two-finger-wide window into a complete wipe the size of an adult’s slap.

Sprinkling some water on it, the bright yang green comes out from the clean glass-like transparent texture, making it more and more emerald green and full of greenery.

【It’s rubbed up! 】

[Wow, Yunshen moves so fast! 】

[Yes, this is the excitement! 】

【Where did this go? But wipe out a big window. 】

[Let’s talk about it after rubbing the first strand, it will collapse soon! 】

[Heh, you’ve betrayed Yuanshi’s embarrassment into anger? 】

[Yo, he’s in a hurry, he’s in a hurry–]

【Incompetent Fury.jpg】

Gu Yun’s fans sneered, hehe, not only will you bet on losing money for a while, but your faces will also be swollen.

However, they were very restrained and did not leave any affirmative words, such as the Yunshen will definitely increase the bet, so as not to be taken advantage of.

just in case……

They will also use their own power to save public opinion. With them around, no one will want to hurt Yunshen!

The rotation of the grinding wheel did not stop, and countless gravel fell, like a fine rain.

Five minutes later, the jadeite has already solved half of the pear-shaped rough ‘head’, which is hemispherical, with a uniform color without a trace of impurities, and the whole body glass is yang green, which is consistent with the performance of the window.

At this time, the grinding wheel also came to the first crack on the rough jadeite.

This is a dreadlock about seven or eight centimeters in length, and it seems to have a certain depth, with obvious rust and mottled color at the opening.

On both sides of the lock, there is an obvious weathering layer with a certain thickness, which is called “skin lock” because it is no different from the outer skin.

This kind of fissure looks scary, but most of them only exist in the epidermis and will not penetrate deep into the jadeite.

For professional stone gamblers, this kind of crack is not terrible, but the terrible crack in the middle of A02.

But for ordinary people, this kind of open-ended dreadlocks are still very intimidating.

As the stone-wiping part got closer to the fissure, many people held their breath, especially those viewers on Star Online.

Gu Yun’s fans were so nervous that they hoped that the fissure would not penetrate deep into the jadeite.

And the people who bet on King Biao had red eyes, and they kept shouting words like ‘Go in quickly’ and ‘collapse’ in their mouths.

Bai Jing’s hand holding the handle of the grinding wheel was still steady, and he quickly wiped off the leather shell near the crack, and then sprinkled some water on it.

The wiped face that has been washed with water is green, and it is still very clean.

Turn on the strong light to shine in, and on the enlarged screen, people can clearly see the pure texture and yang-green color radiating from the inside, the whole body is intact, and there is no crack!

【This is impossible! 】

[How could such a big fissure disappear? 】

[No, the crack must be on the other side! 】

As soon as the person finished speaking, Bai Jing just turned the wool over, wiped off all the leather shells on the side, and illuminated it with a strong light——

[Hahahaha, slap in the face in seconds! 】

[I laughed so hard, I succeeded in harvesting today’s happiness! 】

[God Yun is slapping his face all the time. 】

[Clap clap clap, ah, I’m cool——]

The person who just spoke was never online again, and the barrage stopped for a while. No one dared to make remarks against Gu Yun at this time, otherwise they would definitely be ridiculed to death.

What makes them even more desperate is that Zhuo Hang is still white cotton until now!

The laser knife glowing blue was cut in the last third, and there was no sign of green on the cut surface!

“Alas, King Biao has completely collapsed.”

“This is a loss of more than 100 million.”

“Yuanshi really lost a lot this time-”

Seeing that there were 40 kilograms of flocculent white cotton scraps cut from the stone platform, the face of the Yuan family’s patriarch was very ugly.

This is too far from what he expected, and he didn’t get either fame or fortune.

If that’s the case, he must catch Gu Yun today!

As long as he catches the other party, he will be the master of the entire empire in the future! Everyone must bow down to him!

Compared with the big things that Yuan Shi has to do, the small loss of King Biao’s gambling is nothing.

Thinking of this, the old man’s expression softened a little.

He glanced at Gu Yun, then sat calmly behind Zhuo Hang and began to close his eyes.

Bai Jing felt the gloomy gaze again, and frowned uncomfortably.

What is the opponent’s hole card?

Whether it is Yan Ji or other stone gamblers, they are not their opponents at all in terms of spiritual power; if they send mecha warriors, then they are not the opponents of Gu Yuanchao and the imperial sergeants.

What does Yuanshi rely on?

Bai Jing thought about it, but the movements of his hands did not stop.

The grinding wheel wiped off the surrounding gravel along the leather shell, and soon reached the bad crack in the middle of the pear-shaped rough stone.

The reason why the evil crack is called the evil crack is because it has great harm to the jade.

This kind of fissure usually penetrates from top to bottom and goes straight into the interior of the jade, so it will destroy all the internal jade structure.

When the window that was wiped away was still three or four centimeters away from the evil crack, the exposed glass-type jadeite had already begun to shatter.

The scattered fine tufts cut the jade flesh around it inch by inch, and irradiated it with a strong light, you can see the small cracks and blocky pieces of jade inside, and extend all the way in.

“Hey, the evil crack is indeed the evil crack, the damage is really big.”

“Yeah, it feels like A02 is also very dangerous.”

“It’s a pity that all the glass jadeites are broken.”

In the midst of people’s discussions, Bai Jing held the handle of the laser knife and neatly cut off the green jadeite, which was intact in front of the glass. The displayed weight was 22.4 kilograms.

The value of this part of the jade is about 100 million stars, less than half of the 213 million!

Bai Jing did not choose to continue rubbing the stone, but moved the laser knife back by six or seven centimeters, and a cold blue light flashed, and the ‘head’ of the pear-shaped rough stone was completely cut off.

The exposed cut surface is no longer a small crack, but a very thick large crack scattered outward, indicating that the evil crack has just begun.

Seeing this scene, many people who bet on Gu Yun started to get nervous, I’m afraid…

[Such a big evil crack will definitely collapse! 】

[Haha, maybe the collapse is more ruthless than King Biao. 】

[Yo, Gu Yun is going to bet too—]

[Don’t worry about the Yuanshi, who will kill the deer is still uncertain! 】

Zhuo Hang finally cut off all the white cotton parts of Biaowang, revealing the green cut surface of the glass.

Although less than one-sixth of the whole piece of wool is left, it is full of green glass, second only to the color of imperial green, and it is very valuable!

If there is no accident, the value of this part should be more than 80 million, plus the previous 14.8 kilograms of glass apple green, the total value exceeds 150 million stars.

Of course, this value is a big loss compared to the auction price of 320 million, but compared to the jade that Gu Yun solved at present, it is still 50 million more!

Hahaha, they don’t necessarily lose!

Bai Jing didn’t care what these people thought, his movements were fast, accurate, and ruthless. After a few cuts, the cracks on the cut surface changed from large cracks to many small cracks, and from a large number of cracks to only a few traces. Finally disappeared.

The broken jade part he cut seems to be not small in length, but it is actually just at the junction of the upper and lower ellipsoids of the “pear-shaped rough stone”.

Because the lines are concave inward, it is relatively small in size, and the weight is estimated to be more than 30 kilograms, which is less than one-third of the entire wool.

Bai Jing looked at the rich green cut surface below, and the corners of his lips rose.

Next, is when the good show really begins.

When Bai Jing turned the water-sprinkled cut surface to the front of the people, when he saw the bright, full, emerald green, everyone present widened their eyes, and their eyes were full of disbelief.

“I… I really read it right?”

“Oh my God, yes, it’s the glass king green—”

“Imperial Green? Let me see!”

“Don’t squeeze, it’s the same with watching the big screen.”

Hearing someone shouting out the king green of the glass species, all the crowd rioted.

Many of them do deal with jade all day long, but they have never seen such a high-quality jade, so how can they not be excited!

That is imperial green, the top color in green!

Whether it is yellow sun green, scallion green, parrot green, apple green, sun green, emerald green, even full green can’t compare with it.

It is the most honorable color, so it is named “Emperor”, it is unique! !

Even the old man, who closed his eyes, opened his eyes abruptly and looked at the jadeite in Bai Jing’s hands, his pupils shrank suddenly, the glass is a kind of imperial green!

As the head of the Yuan clan, he has been beautiful for most of his life, and this is the second time he has seen the glass species of emperor green jade with his own eyes. The last time he saw it was more than 30 years ago.

Gu Yun!

In any case, Yuanshi must get him!

Not only for his spiritual power, but also for his stone gambling ability—

And Xingwang even exploded.

[Ah, ah, it’s the glass king green! ! 】

[This is the second time that Yunshen has solved the top-quality jadeite such as Emperor Green! 】

[Such a big slice of noodles has gone up, it has gone up—]

[As expected of the cloud god! 】

[Ouch, I bet Yunshen 100,000 Star Coins, and I can earn twice as much. 】

【How do you feel about betting Yuanshi? 】

how they feel? !

The lost star coins made their heartache bleed, and they simply regretted it!

These people never imagined that Biao Wang, who had been favored by countless high-level stone gamblers, would be defeated, and Gu Yun’s choice of wool with vicious locks turned out to be a top-level jadeite such as glass imperial green! !

With such a large sliced ​​imperial green, even if all the later solutions are scraps, it is a certainty that the bet will rise.

Thinking that he had just sworn that the other party would lose his bet, and then was slapped in the face, it was as ridiculous as a clown jumping on a beam, and he was even despised by others.

So these people went offline one after another and never showed up again.

There was a lot of harmony in the live broadcast room, and everyone was paying attention to the birth of this superb jadeite!

Bai Jing manipulated the grinding wheel to quickly wipe off the surrounding gravel, revealing the outline of the emerald in the shape of a disc.

Because the color band where the glass species of imperial green is located is just the denser part of the python band and the pine flower, and it is also the raised part of the “pear-shaped rough stone”. Although there is only a cross-section of about five centimeters, the weight is definitely not low!

Bai Jing glanced at it, it was more than he had estimated before, at least fourteen or five kilograms.

This part alone exceeded the auction price of 213 million yuan, not to mention that almost all of the back are glass-type Yang-green jadeite!

When the jade in this piece of wool was completely released, everyone was stunned, and their mouths were not closed for a long time.

The ellipsoid jadeite with a diameter of about 30 cm is larger than a basketball. A quarter of the cut surface with cracks is removed, and the rest is almost completely transparent glass seed texture, without a trace of impurities, pure and flawless , shiny and translucent.

The bright, pure and full green of Emperor Green, the bright and extreme color of emerald green, the emerald green is dripping, just right, and truly achieves ‘positive, strong, positive, and even’!

The sun green after that is like the sun shining into the green leaves, and the greenness is revealed from the inside out.

Bai Jing put it on the weighing instrument, and the displayed weight was: 53.6 kg.

In addition to the 22.4 kilograms of jade that was solved before, a full 76 kilograms of glass species of high green jade! !

This has never appeared on the previous jadeite public auctions——

[Fuck, more than 70 kilograms of jadeite! Still glass! ! 】

[There are also more than ten kilograms of the best glass species of imperial green! ! 】

[God, this really shocked me. 】

[This is the standard king of the Soter public market! 】

[Compared with this piece of wool, the King Biao of the Yuan family is a younger brother. 】

[Kneel down to the cloud god. 】

[Gu’s is the biggest winner of the Sauter public auction! 】

All kinds of hot searches came one after another, and the two pieces of high-green jadeite, a glass species weighing a total of 76 kilograms, were crowned the “King of Jadeite”, which caused an uproar on the star network.

Whether it is size, water, or color, this jadeite is worthy of the title of the ‘King of Jadeite’.

Not to mention that it contains more than ten kilograms of the best glass species of imperial green jade, which is a must!

As for Gu Yun, following the miracle of gambling growth rate and the miracle of the best glass breeder chicken oil yellow, there is another miracle of the ‘Jade King’, plus the myth of being promoted to a senior stone gambler within half a year. He is completely enshrined in people’s hearts! !

calcite area.

Everyone looked at the boy with disbelief, Gu Yun once again created a miracle that no one can break!

With the Gu family, the position of the first family in the empire will be unshakable!

Even Gu Yuanchao didn’t expect this piece of wool to bring such a high value, and he was stunned for a moment before he came back to his senses.

“Ajing, you are really… amazing.”

Gu Yuanchao embraced Bai Jing in his arms, feeling agitated.

This piece of jade alone can allow the Gu family to continue to expand in the energy world, and there is no need to worry about the material problem!

Looking at the crowd surging around, the man quickly let go of the boy and quickly collected these two pieces of jadeite worth hundreds of millions into the space.

In order to prevent people from coveting it, it is safest for Bai Jing to put him here.

The old man squinted at Gu Yuanchao’s movements, a trace of greed appeared in his eyes, and his thin fingers kept tapping on the stone platform.

The time should be coming soon, and he can’t wait.

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Fan: How does Ah Wonji feel?

A: Thank you for your invitation. My face was swollen and I lost everything.

Not to mention, we have to move bricks tomorrow.



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