God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 8

Before going to Area D, Bai Jing picked out a small piece of wool in Area E and bought it for a thousand star coins.

He had just detected it with his senses, and there was no emerald in this piece of wool. In this way, the two pieces of wool will not be too conspicuous if one piece of wool rises and one piece crosses.

The placement of the D-grade wool area is not much different from that of the E area. The only difference is that the wool is placed in three grades, marked with 1W, 3W, and 5W prices, and the protection is more stringent.

There are also many people in District D, most of them alone or in groups of three or two, but a group of people is very conspicuous. There are about 20 of them. They are surrounded by a young man dressed in luxurious clothes. vast.

Bai Jing glanced at it, then retracted his gaze, and began to carefully observe the wool.

The wool in the D area is obviously much better than the E area, and most of them are fine leather and sand leather.

If there is coarse leather, it also has pine flowers or python belts, etc., each with its own characteristics, and each has a certain degree of gambling. Based on Bai Jing’s current cognition, it is difficult to distinguish the good from the bad.

It seems that gambling on stones is far from being as simple as he imagined.

Even if you have a lot of theoretical knowledge, you are familiar with the performance of all wool materials; but without rich experience in gambling stones, without systematic guidance, or lack of a little luck, you can’t solve jade.

What’s more, Bai Jing’s theoretical knowledge is still in its infancy.

He observed while walking along the stone platform, jotting down a few notes in his notebook from time to time.

After a while, Bai Jing keenly heard noisy discussions not far away. He looked up and found that many people were pointing around a piece of wool, it was the same group of people just now.

Others were attracted by the discussion, and more and more people gathered around the piece of wool.

The young man surrounded by the crowd was about twenty years old, wearing a good-quality silk shirt, handsome features, and the arrogance unique to a rich boy.

At this time, his chin was slightly raised, and he was talking proudly to the people around him.

Bai Jing saw that the young man had a silver badge pinned to his chest, with a pentagram pattern on the outside and the word ‘three’ marked in the center.

In fact, he had seen this kind of badge on the stone gamblers of Gu’s stone gambling shop, but he didn’t care about it at the time. Now it seems that it should be a sign of the stone gambler’s identity.

When the young man’s name was Min Qing, he became a third-level stone gambler at the age of twenty-two, with outstanding qualifications. However, he just lost a stone betting battle, and he was very upset.

Hearing that Young Master Gu came to Proxima Centauri, Min Qingshi, a stone gambler, immediately signed up for the stone gambling battle, and spent a whole day carefully selecting five pieces of wool.


Last night, he was so excited that he didn’t sleep all night. He wanted to show himself well in front of his sweetheart, but he didn’t expect that the wool that was selected by thousands of people would all collapse!

And the one who fought against him was just a trivial second-level stone gambler, but he turned out to be Jade!

Although it was a piece of jadeite with poor water quality, it undoubtedly hit Young Master Min’s self-esteem deeply and made him feel hatred.

How dare he lose face in front of his favorite idol—

When Min Qingshi left the stone gambling shop, his face was gloomy, and he sent someone to quietly stop the second-level stone gambling master in a secluded place, and beat him hard to relieve his anger.

Then he came here to relax, and deliberately chose the ‘D’ area with lower rough stone prices.

Seeing the group of garbage around him who are not even stone gambling apprentices trying their best to praise him because of the silver medal on his chest, his mood finally improved.

If you can get a good jadeite in the ‘D’ area, Gu Shao will think of him with admiration.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on his lips, and he put down his body to explain to everyone: “I said earlier, in addition to the crystal distribution on the surface of gambling stones, the pine flowers and python belts on it, but also the ringworm and the fissure.

Fractures refer to the cracks on the wool material. The big ones are called cracks, and the small ones are called tresses. As the saying goes: ‘I would rather gamble on sex, not bet on tresses, and don’t be afraid of big cracks and small tresses’. “【Note】

“Look at this wool, it looks like it’s doing well, but—”

Min Qingshi pointed at the very small cracks under the wool with his white-gloved fingers, “This fine tuft is hidden deep and spread to the inside. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t detect it at all. It will definitely collapse if you buy it.”

Min Qingshi thinks the wool is dirty and wears white gloves on weekdays. This pair of gloves is the most cutting-edge technology product. The price is one million star coins. It seems that there is nothing to wear, and there is no difference in the feel of direct contact.

“Wow, it’s really a crack. It’s a test of eyesight. You can’t tell it from another person.”

“Yeah, Min Shao is really amazing, he deserves to be a third-level stone gambler!”

“Thanks to Master Min for explaining it to everyone, let us learn another lesson.”

Hearing everyone’s compliments, Min Qingshi couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed.

Humph, his eyesight has been praised by Master Gu Liubai, who is an eighth-level stone gambler. Unfortunately, the most respected stone gambler in the empire never accepts apprentices easily, and he is also a direct descendant of the Gu family. Nothing can be done.

Bai Jing had just joined the crowd and carefully observed the piece of wool while listening to the young man’s explanation.

His exposure to gambling stones was too short, and it was the time when he was eager to absorb knowledge.

The young man really spoke well, and it was obvious that he had received very formal training. However, Bai Jing had a slightly different opinion on the judgment of this piece of wool.

It is true that the other party’s eyesight is excellent, but Bai Jing has the extraordinary eyesight brought by his supernatural ability, and he can see more clearly than the young man.

The bottom of the piece of wool did have a few cracks, but it did not penetrate deep into the interior, but was affected by the cracks and dryness of the wool itself, creating an illusion of depth.

In order to prove his conjecture, Bai Jing probed his perception into the wool material, and sure enough, he felt a super active reaction when he approached the center position, even more active than the ice jadeite that Li Yu opened last time!

‘It is very likely that it is a glass-type jadeite! ’

Bai Jing’s heart moved, and he immediately planned to buy this piece of wool. The jadeite of the glass type is rare, but since he found it, he would never let it go.

There are more than 10,000 stars left in his account, just enough to buy the wool with a price of 10,000.

As it approached noon, there were more and more people in the D area. The new guests saw a group of people gathered here, and they came around curiously.

Bai Jing lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes fluttered like a small fan, and a silhouette was sprinkled behind the lens.

He originally planned to wait for the young people to leave before buying the wool, so as not to attract unnecessary attention, but now it’s too late. If someone else takes the lead—

Before it was too late, Bai Jing avoided the crowd and walked directly to the wool. Guangnao scanned the number marked with ‘D025’, indicating that the payment was complete, and carefully put the wool into the shopping cart.

Naturally, his actions did not hide the eyes of others.

Seeing that this frugally dressed young man with a pair of old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses actually bought the wool material they just discussed, everyone’s eyes became contemptuous, and some were surprised.

“Young man, didn’t you hear that, Young Master Min said that the bottom of the wool fabric is cracked.”

“Cut, I saw him just now. As a novice, I still don’t listen to advice, I deserve to be blocked!”

“Bah, are you crazy to want to make money, dare to buy such a stone?”

“Hey, look at what he’s wearing, this kind of slum people also want to get rich overnight? I’m really laughing to death-”

Bai Jing turned a deaf ear to all the ridicule, and his face was terribly calm.

No matter what these people say, they can’t hurt him, and they are not as powerful as the claws of zombies in the apocalypse.

Today, he has harvested a lot. Two of the three pieces of wool he bought are jadeite, and one of them is a rare glass species.

He planned to untie the other two wools first, and when the crowd dissipated, he would pick one or two pieces of cheap wool and mix and untie the glass seed.

In this way, even if someone saw it, they would only think that he was lucky and would not suspect anything.

Just as Bai Jing was about to leave, an extremely angry voice came from behind him: “Stop!”

Bai Jing didn’t intend to pay attention, but was surrounded by more than 20 young people who followed him, firmly blocking his way.


Min Qingshi looked up and down Bai Jing with very uncomfortable eyes. When he saw the other party’s simple dress and scraps in the shopping cart, contempt flashed in his eyes, and there was also an expression of disgust on his face.

‘Oh, it’s so dirty, it’s from the slums. ’

Min Qingshi basically confirmed the identity of the other party, and spoke more arrogantly: “Just you, put the piece of wool back immediately, or it will be regarded as a challenge to the authority of the third-level stone gambler!”

Bai Jing frowned and said indifferently, “I have already bought this piece of wool.”

Min Qingshi sneered and looked at Bai Jing condescendingly: “So what if you buy it, I’ll let you put it back. Don’t you understand, you slum bastard!”

Bai Jing’s eyes instantly cooled down: “What if I don’t let it go?”

“Then let’s take a bet on whether this wool will go up or down – I’m down.

If I win, you kneel down and apologize to me and go back to your ghetto, I’m sick of seeing you here. ”

“If you win,” Min Qingshi sneered, feeling that it was a fantasy, “Seeing that you are so poor, how about giving you half a million stars?”

As soon as these words came out, the people next to him all burst into laughter, looking at Bai Jing with teasing and contempt.

As citizens of the Empire, they have a natural sense of superiority to the wastes born in the slums. These useless garbage should be wiped out. Living is a waste of resources!

“Five million star coins.” Bai Jing said lightly.

“No problem!” Min Qingshi smiled and brushed the broken hair in front of his forehead, whether it was 500,000 or 5 million star coins, it was useless, he would never lose!

And you can just take this opportunity to become famous, why not do it? If you are fortunate enough to hear it in Gu Shao’s ears, he will treat him differently—

“Let’s go, let’s go to the calcite.”

Min Qing is extremely excited at this moment, even a little impatient, he wants to let everyone know his extraordinary eyesight and stone gambling ability!

Bai Jing didn’t say a word, and followed the other party in the direction of Xie Shi. The twenty or so people followed closely behind, attracting the attention of others in the D area.


A young man and a few friends were touching a piece of wool and couldn’t pay attention. When they saw this wave of people walking by, they couldn’t help but patted one of them on the shoulder: “Brother, what’s the situation?”

“Hey, Young Master Min made a bet with a newcomer who doesn’t know what to do. The bet is quite big. Not everyone wants to see that newcomer kneeling and begging for mercy.”

After he finished speaking, he saw the team distanced himself from him and hurriedly followed.

The young man and his friend looked at each other, wrote down the number of the wool in their hands, and followed.


By the time Bai Jing arrived at the Jieshi District, there were already many people behind him.

There are twenty calcite chambers here.

The first five are VIP areas, only for grade B or above wool calcification, and the calcite masters are also the best; the last five are self-help calcite areas, where gamblers can calcine by themselves.

No. 6-15 in the middle is the ordinary calcifying area. According to the master’s calcifying ability, the calcifying ability is ranked from high to low. The master of No. 6 calcifying room costs 1,000 star coins for one shot, and the lowest room No. 15 only costs 100 star coins. .

Bai Jing directly chose the calcic master in room 15, which was also the cheapest.

He has inquired about the masters who can be hired by the Gu family are very powerful, and there is basically no time to miss.

Min Qingshi laughed out loud when he saw this ‘pu chi’. Before he became a stone gambler, he first learned to solve the stone, and the wool he chose was the most fulfilling.

Even if he chooses Master Shi, he will choose the best room 6 master.

Tsk, the people in the slums are really poor, and they can’t even afford a good teacher.

There were about two or three people in front of room 15, and Bai Jing waited for a while before it was his turn. The people before him should have been blocked and walked out with a look of depression.

Bai Jing took out the wool material numbered ‘D025’ and handed it to Master Xie Shi.

The calcite master in Room 15, surnamed Wang, is also an old master here. He carefully observed the pine flowers on the surface of the wool, the distribution of the python belt, etc., and operated the stone cutter to cut a knife in the direction of the fine strands.

This knife cut off the wool that was **** wide by the leather. As expected, there were white stones inside, and there were many small cracks at the incision.

Bai Jing was not surprised. He felt that the jadeite was close to the middle, and it was still some distance away from where it was now cut.

“There is no sign of green at all, and it is estimated that there is no drama.”

“Yeah, this knife has cut nearly a third of it, and there is nothing!”

“The fine strands are all in, and even if there is jade in it, it will be destroyed.”

Everyone was talking, most of them were not optimistic, but there were also different voices, it was a middle-aged man with more experience in gambling stones: “This is not necessarily, you see that the crack is showing signs of weakening, maybe it will come out with the next knife. green.”

Min Qingshi looked at the middle-aged man displeased, and Xiao Ren, who was next to him, saw Young Master Min’s face, and was overjoyed. This was a good opportunity to express himself.

He hurriedly said loudly: “Young Master Min has already seen this piece of wool, and there are cracks at the bottom that go deep into the interior, but we don’t have the same excellent eyesight as Young Master Min. This little brother obviously didn’t repent when he heard it. I had no choice but to make a bet with him.”

As soon as these words came out, the middle-aged man who just spoke suddenly fell silent.

He is just an amateur, but the other party is a third-level stone gambler. Maybe he is really wrong?

The people who followed along the way also understood, and looked at Min Qingshi with admiration, but turned to Bai Jingshi and shook their heads.

As a newcomer, it is not honest to learn the knowledge of stone gambling, observe the experience of other people in stone selection, but think about opportunism all day long, and even go his own way when a professional stone gambler gives advice, I really do not know good or bad!

After the wool is completely removed, the face will be swollen.

Min Qingshi felt the attention of everyone and the growing reputation, and glanced at Xiao Ren with admiration. The latter was secretly delighted that he might be able to catch up with Young Master Min this time.

The Min family made their fortune by gambling stones. Although they are not as well-known as the famous families in Capital Star, they can also be ranked first in Proxima Centauri. If they can catch up with Min Shao, wouldn’t he want to rise to the top?

Bai Jing’s beautiful brown eyes stared at the wool material intently, not caring what other people said at all. After discussing with Master Xie Shi, he began to cut the second knife.

Master Wang’s technique was quick, steady, accurate, and neat. When the second knife went down, the crack at the incision disappeared, and instead a layer of translucent white mist-like crystals emerged.

He sprinkled some water on the incision and took a look at it with a yellow light. The inside was glowing with a light green color, which was very pleasing.

“This… is it out of fog??” In the silent environment, someone whispered first.

“It’s fog, or white fog!”

“There’s green in the fog, it’s definitely going up—”


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