God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 82

The originally dark secret room suddenly lit up after someone entered, and the crystal lamp above illuminated the entire space as bright as day, allowing everyone to clearly see the scene inside.

The smell of disinfectant covered the **** smell in the room, and rows of round glass containers about 2 meters high were neatly placed in the empty space.

There are translucent liquids and experimental subjects of various shapes inside, many of which are highly distorted, and almost no human form can be seen.

It seems that this is the real test base of Yuanshi, and the laboratory on the top floor was just a guise.

Gu Yuanchao instructed one of the officers to look after Yuan Hao, protect Bai Jing behind him, and walk forward along the row of glass containers in the middle.

Another officer released several flight recorders to faithfully record Yuanshi’s criminal evidence.

Bai Jing clenched the energy gun in his hand and maximized his perception.

Many of the experimental subjects here have died, perhaps because they can’t bear the beast’s violent genes, or they can’t bear the pain of mutation in the high degree of cosmic radiation, and their bodies are completely inactive.

Bai Jing’s brown eyes shone with a chilling cold light, Yuan Shi was simply damned! !

Even arresting so many people for experimentation, these are probably only recent test subjects, so I don’t know how many people have been killed over the years!

Going forward, Bai Jing felt a few weak breaths, but unfortunately…

When the weak active reaction completely disappeared, he closed his eyes gently, and his heart was silent – he couldn’t save them.

It’s just, where is the zombie core he felt before?

Looking at the direction should be behind them to the left.

Bai Jing glanced in that direction from the corner of his eye, and just saw the experimental subject in one of the glass containers open his eyes!

With a sound of “crashing”, the glass container was cut by the sharp claws of the zombies, and the liquid inside flowed to the ground.

“Be careful, don’t be bitten or caught by him!”

Bai Jing gave a warning, and raised the energy gun in his hand to the zombies that rushed towards him.

With a “bang”, because the opponent’s speed was too fast, the bullet slanted through its chest and abdomen, revealing a large hole.

But this fourth-level zombie seems to have fused the genes of some alien beasts, and the wound healed quickly. With saliva in its mouth, it came to Bai Jing in an instant!

This human taste is delicious!

Bai Jing rolled on the spot, pulled the trigger, and was sharply dodged by the fourth-level zombies, but he didn’t expect the former to anticipate its movement, and another bullet followed closely and shot into its head.


The air bomb exploded on its head, turning into pieces of flesh and blood scattered on the ground, and a white crystal nucleus rolled down at the same time.

However, what Ling Bai Jing didn’t expect was that the body of the zombie without the head could still move, the sharp nails came straight towards its cheek, and Gu Yuanchao cut off his wrist with an alloy sword.

“Ajing, are you alright?”

“Well, it’s fine.”

Bai Jing just didn’t expect that the zombies would be more difficult to deal with after the fusion of the alien gene, it seems that it must not be taken lightly.

The glass containers shattered one after another, and more than twenty zombies surrounded them from all directions.

Some of these zombies have sharp fangs, some have arms that are twice as long as before, and some have needle-like tails, all of which have varying degrees of mutation.

And when they roared, they would send out sound waves with a mental attack, causing the two officers to kneel on the ground in pain, and blood flowed from their eardrums.

Gu Yuanchao stood in front of Bai Jing not far away, the alloy sword in his hand glowed coldly, he chopped off the head of a zombie with a ‘swish’, and kicked away the zombies that came from behind.

Bai Jing shot the zombie that hit him in the head, and then shot a few more shots. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a zombie biting at the officer who was following them. He immediately turned the gun and pulled the trigger. But it was cunningly dodged!

This zombie has gray bone wings on its back. It flexibly changed its angle in the air and continued to open its disgusting mouth!

That’s too late–

The hatred and remorse in Bai Jing’s heart reached their peak. At that moment, a thin white line of spiritual power suddenly flew out of his body and pierced straight into the back of the zombie’s head!

‘Stop, stop! ’

As if hearing Bai Jing’s instructions, the fourth-level zombie seemed to have been pressed the pause button, maintaining the posture of opening its mouth wide, but could no longer move forward.

mind control!

Bai Jing accidentally learned mind control!

Even if the zombie only has the instinct to attack and eat, he can make the other party restrain the only instinct and stop.

This is nothing short of a miracle!

Under the threat of death, the officer immediately chopped off the head of the zombie with a dagger, and then looked at Bai Jing with gratitude.

The next process is much easier.

Bai Jing stabbed several thin lines of mental power into the back of the zombie’s head, and shot the opponent in the head the moment he stopped, killing all the zombies.

The two officers stood up from the ground covering their heads, looking at Bai Jing with respect and admiration.

This young master Gu Yun’s force is not inferior to the major general, and he even saved them. It’s amazing!

The military has always put strength first, and with the grade of the military wheel, if this young master Yun joins the military, he will definitely get a higher rank than them!

Gu Yuanchao glanced at the boy with worried eyes.

Maybe no one else noticed, but he keenly felt the strong mental fluctuations in Bai Jing.

He took out the mental strength tester without a trace and glanced at it. The number on it really increased again, and the value actually reached 97,000!

There are still 3000, and it is necessary to break through the limit that the human body can bear!

After Yuan Shi left, he had to take him to Fu Yan as soon as possible.

Aware of the man’s nervousness, Bai Jing quietly held his hand, indicating that it was okay.

The zombie crystal cores scattered on the ground were picked up by the sergeants and handed over to Gu Yuanchao.

Looking at the young man’s concerned eyes, he gave all of these crystal cores to the other party.

Bai Jing happily accepted it.

This is something that can improve abilities in the last days, and it is very useful to him.

Several people walked around the secret room, broke the glass container, and saved more than a dozen people with vital signs.

They should have undergone cosmic radiation to induce mental mutation not long ago, and they have not had time to inject alien beast genes or zombie viruses.

The two sergeants laid them flat on the floor one by one, and performed basic treatment with the therapeutic apparatus, which was not life-threatening for the time being.

It’s just that a few of them, like An Ge, started to rise wildly in their mental power. Although they didn’t reach the level of 3S, they were close to the limit of their physical endurance, and they were on the verge of breaking out!

Bai Jing’s face was a little dignified, and the thin white lines of spiritual power were divided into several strands and entered the bodies of several people at the same time, absorbing the spiritual power in their bodies, and at the same time using white jade to adjust.

Gu Yuanchao saw that the values ​​on the boy’s body were getting higher and higher, 97000, 99000… 100000, 102000!

Has exceeded the limit of 10W!

“You take the others away first.” Gu Yuanchao ordered the two officers.


The two officers looked at each other and moved these people into the suspended ladder one after another, and took the half-dead Yuan Hao with him by the way.

Without each other, they cannot enter or leave the secret room.

Bai Jing felt that the mental energy in his body was extremely abundant, and his body was warm. He didn’t have the uncomfortable feeling of rescuing An Ge, perhaps because his mental energy had been upgraded again.

About ten minutes later, the white-to-glowing mental power hiccupped and took it back.

This time I ate a lot, so it needs to be digested well.

A few people lying on the ground slowly opened their eyes, looked at Bai Jing and closed them weakly.

But they clearly knew that the other party saved them.

After the two officers went up, they called a few other people down, moved everyone out of the place, and sent them to the medical center near the military headquarters.

It is believed that with the existing medical conditions, these people will recover quickly.

Bai Jing is looking for zombie viruses in this secret room. Only by eliminating them completely can he feel at ease!

In the end, he found a blue freezer under the innermost console, and genetic identification was also required to open it.

Yuan Hao was brought over again. After some operations, the door of the cabinet was opened, and a gust of cold air rushed toward his face, and lying in the center of the ice cube was a silver box the size of a palm.

Bai Jing opened the box very carefully, and there were several sealed ampoules inside, which contained the protein solution for storing the virus.

This is it!

“Gu Yuanchao, let’s go.”

Bai Jing picked up the silver box, and when entering the suspended vertical ladder, took out the ampoules and smashed them one by one with the energy gun.

With the blasting sound of air bombs, the high temperature completely killed the zombie virus, and the laboratory also ignited a fire.

He believes that this laboratory is strong enough to not be afraid of the erosion of flames, but the things in the laboratory will be gone.

After coming out, Gu Yuanchao grabbed the door handle with his slender fingers and broke it. The handle, which was harder than alloy, was violently broken by 3S’s powerful body.

In the next moment, there was a huge explosion from the ground, presumably the self-destruction mechanism of the secret room started to operate automatically, turning the entire secret room into ruins.

Bai Jing pressed the space button on his chest, and the silver-white and blue mecha rose into the sky, and soon disappeared.


The next day, a video was posted on the official Xingyu account of the military department, which was exactly what Gu Yuanchao and Bai Jing saw in the secret room.

When seeing rows of experimental subjects and zombies with corrupt faces, the cowardly person screamed directly, followed by the anger of leaving.

If these things get out, what about their safety? !

Yuan Shi is just **** it!

As the five great families of the empire, enjoying the supreme power and status, they do such disgusting things in private!

Citizens of the empire were outraged and applied for the death penalty for Yuan Shi.

Due to the extremely bad influence of the matter, after the imperial family discussed with the major families, the judicial organs made the following judgment:

Yuan Song, the head of the Yuan clan, and his sons Yuan Hai and Yuan Hao, were sentenced to death for treason and executed ten days later.

Grade 6 stone gamblers Yan Ji and Song Rui were exiled to the barren star for ten years, permanently depriving them of their right to gamble…

A series of members of the Yuan clan have been punished as they deserved. The Yuan clan, one of the five major families in the empire, will be gone from now on, and all its properties will be returned to the imperial family of the empire.

In addition, the military official issued a statement of thanks:

[Thanks to @Gambler Gu Yun for his outstanding contribution in exposing Yuanshi’s crimes, equivalent to military merit: 50,000 points.

The honorary rank of major is awarded according to rank, and can be reported to the military at any time, hereby notified. 】

As soon as this announcement came out, everyone on the Star Online was shocked.

That is the rank of major. According to the military rank of the empire, it must first go from first-level sergeant, second-level sergeant to fifth-level sergeant, and then be promoted to low-level officer, then to intermediate and senior officers, and then to major.

Here, each rank has a limit on the number of people. Many people will not be promoted to the rank of officer in their entire life, let alone a more senior major!

Gu Yun went from a person without a military rank to the rank of major, which is simply a step to the sky!

And 50,000 military merit, what concept?

It is equivalent to killing 10,000 first-level alien beasts and 2,000 second-level alien beasts. Who else can do this except for a character like Gu Shao?

No matter how strong Gu Yun is, it is impossible for him to obtain so many military exploits in just a few days!

[This number must be fake! 】

[In just three days, 50,000 military exploits? I do not believe. 】

[It must be that Young Master Gu’s military merit was distributed to him, otherwise how could it be possible? 】

[Military merit is earned by soldiers and soldiers who fought **** battles. Even if Gu Yun cracks the Yuanshi’s conspiracy, it cannot be confused with military merit! 】

[Yes, this will chill the soldiers’ hearts! 】

【Why are there Gu Yun everywhere? Really annoying. 】

However, before the remarks fermented, the military immediately released a video.

That is the picture of Bai Jing driving the blue mecha to fight with the fifth-level alien beast, that is, the video of him fighting the giant eagle in order to rescue Du Xingyu.

The characteristics of high-level alien beasts are very obvious. Their foreheads glow with golden light, and their bodies are larger. At the same time, they have the ability to command low-level alien beasts.

This is a compulsory course for every citizen of the Empire, so they can easily distinguish the level of this giant eagle and beast, at least level five.

However, this high-level alien beast had no way to escape when it faced the blue mecha’s laser beam like a net.

Its huge wings were pierced through several holes by lasers, and it emitted a painful neigh that contained a mental attack. Even after the video was processed, everyone watching the video still felt a surge of blood.

But in this case, the blue mecha was not affected at all, his body was like electricity, and he was almost unable to see the movements.

A harsh shriek sounded, and the giant eagle’s wings suddenly broke. It was writhing frantically, but it was bound by something more and more tightly, and finally fell to the ground and suffocated to death.

And at the end of the video, the statistics on the number of alien beasts that Gu Yun killed.

The red seal of the military marshal is stamped below, which is enough to prove its authenticity.

I saw that it said:

[According to statistics, the number of alien beasts killed by Gu Yun is as follows:

Kill the seventh-level zombie alien beast: one,

Kill fifth-level alien beasts: two,

Kill four-level zombie alien beasts: twelve,

Kill three-level alien beasts: one hundred and eighty-three,

Kill second-level alien beasts: three hundred and twenty-five.

Remarks: This data is only incomplete statistics, the rest cannot be tested. 】

After watching the video, everyone was shocked beyond words.

Seventh-level alien beast! ! This is almost the highest-level alien beast the empire has ever seen!

There are also hundreds of second- and third-level alien beasts. God, is this something that humans can do?

Does that incomplete statistic mean that Gu Yun actually killed more than this? !

[Fuck, the God of Clouds is too good! ! 】

[50,000 military exploits! Equivalent to 500 million star coins! 】

【It’s another day to kneel down to the God of Clouds! 】

【What else is there that Yunshen can’t do? ! 】

[Those clamoring just now, you can’t even get a single point of military merit. 】

[I just like to slap my face, cool. 】

【I love Yunshen more and more! 】

Not long after this announcement from the military department, a senior officer also forwarded the news, thanking Yunshen for his life-saving grace.

He was the officer who was rescued by Bai Jing in Yuan’s secret room. After watching the video at this time, his admiration for the savior became stronger than ever.

If Bai Jing came to the military to report, he would definitely apply to be the other party’s subordinate!

Then, Du Xingyu also forwarded the news.

[@Gambler Gu Yun, thank you. If it weren’t for you, I might have been killed by a fifth-level alien beast, thank you very much. 】

There are more than 30 million fans of the little prince of the empire, and they all came to thank Gu Yun. If it weren’t for him, they would almost never see their idol, woohoo.

After that, more and more people expressed their gratitude to Gu Yun and other sergeants, who are aristocratic families and wealthy businessmen who participated in this Sauter public auction.

If it weren’t for Gu Shao and Yunshen, all of them would be destroyed in the Yuan’s conspiracy and torn apart by alien beasts!

The name Gu Yun was once again remembered by the people of the empire.

He is not only a leading stone gambler, but also an excellent mecha warrior. He cracked the Yuan’s conspiracy and saved the lives of countless people in the empire.

He is the hero of the empire!



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