God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 83

Bai Jing is being examined in the private clinic of star Fu Yan in the capital.

More than ten sets of complex medical equipment were used, and after a full five-hour examination, Fu Yan took the report in his hand and pushed the gold-wire glasses on the bridge of his nose very seriously: “Master Gu, after testing—”

Looking at Major General Imperial’s nervous expression and clenched palms, Fu Yan cleared his throat: “After testing, your A Jing’s body has no problems and is very healthy.”

After receiving the stare of his friend Sen Leng, he smiled and added: “And health in every sense.

His mental power value has completely exceeded the limit of normal people, as long as he wants to, no one can hurt him. ”

Fu Yan gave a “tsk”, “You two, one is the limit of human genetic level, and the other is the limit of spiritual power. It really is a good match.”

Gu Yuanchao’s expression softened: “Thank you.”

Fu Yan coughed: “…”

I was caught off guard by a bite of dog food.

After leaving the private clinic, Gu Yuanchao thought of Bai Jing helping An Ge and others to sort out their mental strength, and hesitantly said, “A Jing, can you do me a favor?”

Bai Jing smiled: “Of course.”

Putting aside the relationship between the two, Gu Yuanchao helped him so much, and he should reciprocate.

Gu Yuanchao: “It’s like this, my uncle Gu Liubai was unfortunately attacked by a high-level alien beast two years ago, and he is still lying in the medical cabin until now…”

He held the young man’s slender fingers: “I want to ask you to use your mental power to diagnose your uncle.

But… Ah Jing, don’t have any psychological burden.

My father hired senior doctors from all over the empire, but he couldn’t cure him, even if he failed, it didn’t matter. ”

Bai Ding nodded: “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

After getting into the hover car, Bai Jing realized that he was about to meet his boyfriend’s parents soon? !

The young man’s calm face was rarely a little nervous: “Gu Yuanchao, um, I don’t seem to have time to prepare for the meeting ceremony.”

The man let out a low laugh, set the hover car to automatic driving mode, and gently stroked the boy’s soft hair: “It doesn’t matter, they don’t lack anything.

Besides, you have won such a high reputation for the Gu family in the Sote Public Market, and my parents are very grateful to you. ”

Bai Jing lowered his eyes: “Well.”

Just still a little nervous.

After all, the Gu family, who is the head of the five aristocratic families in the empire, would really allow his only heir to be with him from a non-aristocratic family?

Thinking of the rumors about the marriage between Gu and Du, Bai Jing pursed his lips and suddenly became concerned.

Gu Yuanchao kissed his fingertips and said in a gentle voice, “Ajing, don’t worry, my parents have already agreed with us to date.”

Looking at the surprised eyes of the young man, the man smiled helplessly: “Ajing, do you have any misunderstanding of yourself?

You are a new star in the stone gambling world, the youngest senior stone gambler, or an excellent mecha warrior, a master-level energy engineer, why do they disagree? ”

Gu Yuanchao said with a half-truth, “Accurately speaking, it’s me who climbed high, I hope Young Master Bai doesn’t dislike it.”

Bai Jing’s mood was completely relaxed, he stood up and pinched the chin of the Imperial Major General, and raised his eyebrows: “Young Master Bai will not dislike you, after all, your figure… um, very good.”

“Then Bai Shao can touch his face a few more times.”

Gu Yuanchao smiled and held the boy’s hand, pulling the hem of his shirt.

The firm muscle texture is well-defined and tactile, making Bai Jing a little addicted.

Gu Yuanchao’s breathing gradually became heavy, and finally he couldn’t bear to kiss the other party.

The black hover car stopped in Gu’s hovering area for a long time before the two got off.

Bai Jing secretly squeezed his slightly numb hands behind him.

It’s really self-inflicted. The durability of a man is completely beyond his imagination. This feeling is more tiring than rubbing the stone with a grinding wheel.

The housekeeper waited outside with a smile on his face, and when he saw Bai Jing, he respectfully called out, “Young Master Gu, Master Jing.”

Gu Yuanchao nodded and dragged Bai Jing inside.

Located in the center of the capital star, the Gu family is a manor-style building with a huge area. Walking in it, Bai Jing can feel the strong heritage of the Gu family and the momentum of the aristocratic family.

The Gu family head and Mrs. Gu were really friendly to him. Mrs. Gu also held his hand very cordially and chatted for a long time, and gave him a small golden seal.

Bai Jing didn’t know until later that the seal contained a mining area transfer agreement.

Madam Gu actually gave him a rough jadeite mine!

Gu Yuanchao was obviously not surprised at all, because it was given to him by his mother.

This is a mining area that the Gu family has not yet mined. It is rated B+ and worth billions of star coins. This is what the heir of the Gu family thinks is most worthy of his heart.

Bai Jing still didn’t know the value of it. He carefully put the gold seal on with a string and hung it around his neck.

Then he followed Gu Yuanchao to Master Gu Liubai’s room.

Master Gu Liubai’s room is very elegant. There are many landscape paintings of the ancient earth hanging on the wall. There are also many precious porcelains on the Bogu shelf. He seems to be a collector.

In the middle of the room is a white medical cabin about two meters long. Professional medical staff opened the medical cabin, and Bai Jing saw Master Gu Liubai lying inside.

He knew that the other party was at least fifty years old, but now he only looked like he was in his thirties, and because of Gu’s genes, his face was very handsome.

The other party was lying neatly in the translucent liquid, as if asleep.

However, Bai Jing could see a trace of black energy on the master’s face and bare wrists, and it was true that the other party was indeed contaminated by spiritual power.

Gu Yuanchao signaled all the medical staff to leave, looked solemnly at the people in the medical cabin, and said in a low voice, “At that time, I was killing alien beasts in the outer star field. —”

Bai Jing felt the regret in the man’s words, and held his hand gently: “I will try my best to restore the master.”

Gu Yuanchao held the slender and slender fingers of the young man: “Ajing, do your best, don’t be too reluctant.”


The thin line of Yingbai’s spiritual power stretched out from Bai Jing’s body, circled around Master Gu Liubai, and then entered his body.

Bai Jing “saw” pieces of black gas, and some even began to corrode the internal organs. If it is not treated in time, I am afraid it will take less than a year…

The thin white threads were wrapped around the black qi and began to absorb it. After absorbing one place, it was convenient to go to another place. Soon, most of the black qi was absorbed, leaving only a part of the body surface.

Then, the mental force shrank back in aggrieved, and kept ‘bah bah bah’.

Vomit, it’s really unpalatable, woo woo woo, it doesn’t want to eat!

Bai Jing looked at the mental power that was entangled in his wrist, and helplessly took out a box of eighth-level energy liquid from the space button.

The tip of Yingbai immediately went in, and ‘gudonggudong’ took several sips, and then continued to clean up with reluctance.

An hour later, the black qi remaining in Master Gu Liubai’s body was finally cleaned up. Bai Jing wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said to the nervous man beside him, “Okay.”

Gu Yuanchao immediately called the medical staff and looked at the boy with concerned eyes.

“I’m fine.”

Bai Jing looked at the medical staff who came and went, Master should be out of danger now, right?

It didn’t take long for a middle-aged doctor to say with surprise: “The vital signs have basically returned to normal, but they are a little weak, so use more nutritional medicine!”


“My God, this is nothing short of a miracle!”

“Yes, there has been no progress for two years. I didn’t expect the injury to recover so quickly!”

“If it goes on like this, within two days, the master will be able to wake up-”

Looking at the excited crowd, Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao silently backed out.

“Ajing, thank you very much.”

Gu Yuanchao hugged the young man into his arms, his expression excited: “Ajing, you are amazing, you are the benefactor of the entire Gu family—”

Bai Jing also hugged the other party’s strong waist, feeling the man’s violent heartbeat: “Then, how will Young Master Gu repay me?”

Gu Yuanchao kissed his hair and smiled softly: “I’m okay with my appearance?”

Bai Jing smiled and said, “Okay, it’s a deal.”


Three days later, the news of the eighth-level stone gambler Master Gu Liubai’s awakening spread throughout the entire Star Network, and countless fans burst into tears.

It has been two years, they have waited for two years, and finally the day when the master wakes up!

The president of the Stone Gambling Association is also very relieved. The three sixth-level stone gambling masters that the Stone Gambling Association lost because of the Yuanshi have finally been compensated!

The energy of the only eighth-level stone gambler in the empire is no trivial matter. All major families came to congratulate him, and even the imperial family of the empire expressed their deep condolences.

With Gu Yun, a high-level stone gambler who has created many miracles, and Master Gu Liubai who has awakened, everyone knows that Gu’s status will be as unshakable as the sky!

But what made them very curious was, who actually cured Master Gu Liubai?

In the past two years, Mr. Gu has hired countless doctors, and in the end, he could only use the medical cabin to delay his condition. Now he has recovered miraculously. Who is the medical saint who can create such a miracle?

Does this mean that in the future, humans will no longer be afraid of the spiritual attacks of alien beasts? !

However, no one from the Gu family came forward to answer this question, leaving people to speculate.

The head of the Gu family was extremely excited to watch his cousin move freely as before, his body gradually recovered to health, and even his mental strength was not damaged in the slightest, and he still remained at the 3S level!

At this moment, he was extremely satisfied with Bai Jing, his son’s vision was really great!

Before, he was clumsy, didn’t see the potential in this young man, and almost missed a piece of rough jade.

The head of the Gu family sighed, perhaps he should have given up the position of head of the family to Gu Yuanchao earlier.

At the same time, the capital Xingdu family.

Du Feng, the head of the Du family, is holding a family video conference. In addition to Du Jingya and Du Xingyu, there are also the heads of the planets.

They are all part of the Du family, and they have a lot of right to speak.

An old man said: “Jingya is not too young, and the marriage with Young Master Gu is on the agenda.”

Another middle-aged man also echoed: “That’s right. The Gu family is now stronger than ever, so you must seize the opportunity.”

Du Xingyu couldn’t help but said, “But elder sister doesn’t like Young Master Gu—”

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by the old man: “Everything should be based on the interests of the family! Otherwise, how could the Du family become one of the four great families in the empire?!”

Du Jingya sneered: “You guys think it’s pretty, but why does the Gu family want to cooperate with us?

The Gu family now has Gu Yun, and Master Gu Liubai is also awake. Unlike in the past, who had to get what they needed, they don’t need us now.

Besides, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Young Master Gu likes Yunshen, are you all blind? ”

The middle-aged man’s expression changed: “Jingya, how did you talk?!

You can sit here because you are the client. You are not here to speak! ”

Du Jingya rolled her eyes: “I don’t have the right to speak?

I am the daughter of the owner, a fifth-level stone gambler, how old are you? ”

The old man said coldly: “Presumptuous!

Patriarch, Du Xingyu’s heir is Du Xingyu, not Jingya, she shouldn’t make a big deal here! ”

Du Jingya glanced at her silent father and angrily quit the video.

It was like this every time. It was the father who was so patient that allowed those uncles and uncles to have such a high right to speak.

Besides, Xingyu doesn’t want to be an heir at all, he prefers mecha.

Especially now, he has become Gu Yun’s little fanboy, watching 800 videos a day, clamoring all day to enter the army and kill alien beasts.

No, she can’t go on like this anymore, she has to clean up everything in the Du family!

Otherwise, while the Gu family is thriving, the Du family will really go downhill.

That’s right, she’s going to be the head of the house!

After expressing his wishes to his father again, Du Feng said solemnly: “There is no precedent for a woman in the Du family to be the head of the family. If you want to be the head of the family, you must at least catch up with me.”

Du Jingya nodded: “Is it a level 7 stone gambler? I will.”

Du Feng looked at the back of his daughter leaving, and sighed. The head of the house is not so easy to be, and being a woman will be even more difficult.

I hope Jingya can retreat.

Du Jingya returned to the room, turned on the sound shielding device, and dialed Gu Yuanchao’s communication.

Gu Yuanchao was wearing an apron for dinner, and frowned when he saw the name displayed on his brain.

He quickly put the green pepper fried meat he just learned on a plate, let Alpha 01 take it away, and then clicked on the video communication.

“What’s the matter? Say something quickly.” Gu Yuanchao’s voice was very cold.

“Young Master Gu, I want to ask you to do me a favor…cough…”

Du Jingya was stunned when she saw the apron on the man, and almost died of laughter, she quickly covered her mouth and coughed a few times.

Bai Jing sat down at the dining table, and before he could say anything, Gu Yuanchao explained, “Ajing, it’s a communication from Du Jingya. It seems that he has something to call me.”

In order to prove his innocence, he deliberately enlarged the light screen so that the white scene could be seen directly.

Du Jingya was once again shocked by Gu Shao’s behavior.

Tsk, I didn’t expect that, she thought that Young Master Gu would have the upper hand in the relationship between the two; now it seems that Yunshen is still very powerful and can train.

Du Jingya sighed: “That’s right, the old antiques of the Du family still want me to marry you, I’m about to run away, and I want to borrow Gu’s high-tech—”

Gu Yuanchao’s expression changed, he immediately hung up the communication, and said eagerly to the young man, “Ajing, I really never meant it! Those are all rumors.”

Bai Jing smiled: “I know.”

Gu Yunchao replied to Du Jingya with a cold face: “Yes.”

Then delete the contact information of the other party.

After Du Jingya was assured, she breathed a sigh of relief.

The gap between the intermediate stone gambler and the senior stone gambler is like a natural moat, and the gambling rate is not so easy to increase.

She must use the marriage event to go deep into the mines of the major planets, feel the original ecology of wool up close, and play stone gambling without distraction, and stay away from the various disputes of the capital star.

Du Jingya has been planning all this since a year ago.

She exchanged a lot of paper star coins in one year, about 5 million, enough to be used on remote planets.

In addition, she also prepared energy guns and protective shields, and learned to drive mechas. Although she was not skilled, it was enough to save her life.

Originally, she planned to slip away at the end of Sauter’s public auction, but she did not expect to encounter a large number of alien beasts and had to postpone the plan.

In the middle of the night, Du Jingya put her light brain in the room and left Capital Star quietly, but she didn’t know that her father and younger brother kept watching her go away.

The next day, Du Feng changed his previous silence and loudly rejected the decision to request marriage with the Gu family.

Three years later, Du Jingya officially returned to Capital Star.

In half a year, she jumped two levels from the fifth-level stone gambler to the seventh-level stone gambler, which shocked everyone!

She became the youngest seventh-level stone gambler except for the god-level stone gambler, only 24 years old.

Stronger than her father Du Feng!

Two years later, the head of the Du family changed, and Du Jingya became the new head of the family.

In the next few years, she rectified Du Shi with iron and blood, and promoted Du Shi to the position of the second largest family in the empire!

The noble daughters of the noble family who mocked her for running away from home were still married under the arrangement of the family, but now Du Jingya is in power, and no one can influence her decision, her life!

She lived the life that every woman aspires to be.

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Mental strength: blah blah blah, so unpalatable T.T

Bai Jing: Take out level 8 energy liquid.

Spiritual Power: Woohoo, drink well (☆.☆)

Small Theater 2:

Gu Shao: Wearing an apron while cooking.

Gu Shao: I’m not, I don’t, Ajing, you have to believe me!

Gu Shao: Delete the contact information.

Bai Jing: Well, I believe you.

Gu Shao: ><


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