God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 84

During the period of Master Gu Liubai’s recovery, Bai Jing put all the wool that Bai Jing brought back from the Sot Public Disk into the basement, ready to unravel all these rough stones.

The basement has a lot of space, and Gu Yuanchao has also equipped a complete set of calcining equipment, which is very convenient.

Looking at the fifty or sixty pieces of wool, large and small, placed on the marble table, Bai Jing smiled.

It’s not worth his hard work every day to check the wool and put out the bids in the open and dark marked areas. At this time, he can finally unlock the spoils!

These wools are still numbered on them, and Baijing walked around them, intending to unravel the A4100 wool first.

It’s the one he’s most looking forward to.

This is a piece of authentic Laokeng black Usha wool, the skin is black like lacquer, and the surface is covered with a layer of black wax shell.

There are gray-green pine flowers all over the skin, and there is a circle of strip-shaped pine flowers in the middle, which is not bad.

Black Usha wool is a real ‘ten bet nine lose’, there is a certain possibility of high green, but this possibility is very small.

The average black Usha is very small and round, the small one is only the size of two fists, and the large one is no more than the size of a children’s ball, and it will not exceed 7 or 8 kilograms at most.

However, this piece of wool is the size of a football and weighs 23.3 kilograms.

A three-finger-wide layer of black mist was wiped off the surface of the leather case, making it a little more uncertain.

Use a strong light to illuminate the black fog along the mouth of the black fog, and you can see the deep dark green from the inside, which is not as bright as the sun green, apple green and other colors, so there are not many bidders. .

It is precisely because of this that Bai Jing took this piece of wool at the price of 4.99 million star coins, and at the same time avoided the seller’s bid blocking.

But he clearly knew through the active reaction from the inside that the jade in this piece of wool was no less than other top-quality jade!

Bai Jing put the black usa wool on the lithotripter, and the mechanical arms on both sides fixed it firmly.

After wiping off the thin black mist layer on the outside with a grinding wheel, the exposed rubbing surface has a clear texture and strong light transmittance, which is obviously glass!

However, its color is not as bright, rich and emerald green as ordinary green.

But this does not mean that its color is dull, but a kind of green to the extreme!

This is one of the top jadeites – Mo Fei!

The extremely intense color represents the ultimate compressed energy, and the energy contained in each kilogram of ink jade is even two to three times higher than that of the top glass type imperial green jade of the same weight!

Heiwusha leather shell is relatively thick, Baijing used a laser knife to cut off the thick wax shell and outer shell with a few ‘swish’, then turned the grinding wheel to the maximum gear, and cleaned off the excess gravel along the wiped window.

The color of Mo Fei is not easy to distinguish, and it is easy to mix with the black color of Heiwusha. If it is replaced by other calcifying masters, I am afraid that it will take several hours to solve.

However, this is not difficult for Baijing, who has excellent eyesight and perception.

Ten minutes later, this piece of jadeite, which was a circle smaller than a football, was released. It weighed 16.7 kilograms. Except for the leather shell, it was all jadeite!

Its whole body is black, the color is as rich as ink, and the texture is as translucent as glass, as if it is sparkling, and there is no dim color at all.

What’s even more incredible is that under the illumination of the strong light, the jet-black emerald turned into a moist and delicate dark green, like an unpredictable aurora flickering in the sky, extremely mysterious and fascinating—

The best ink Fei really lived up to its reputation.

This piece of ink jade is worth at least over 400 million!

If the energy liquid is extracted, at least 50 bottles of energy liquid above level 7 can be extracted, and the value will be immeasurable!

After carefully putting this top-quality jadeite into the space button, Bai Jing began to unravel other wool materials.

Until about 5 o’clock in the evening, Bai Jing rubbed his sore and numb wrists, looking at half of the wool remaining, he could only wait until tomorrow to continue.

He put away a few pieces of glass jadeite, and put all the others on the marble countertop.

The ice yellow jade, the high ice violet, the ice spring color, the ice glutinous red jade, etc., are enough to maintain the auction house for a long time.

When Gu Yuanchao came back from the military, what he saw was that rare jadeites, which were rarely seen in ordinary times, were lined up in a row. He froze in place for a while.

“Ajing, you—”

Gu Yuanchao’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he didn’t know how to express his excitement.

With these jadeites, Gu’s Auction House will definitely be invincible, and no one can match it!

“These are all solutions from the wool that was shot at the Soter public auction. Well, didn’t you buy a stake?”

Bai Jing calculated the value of jade in his heart: “That piece of glass chicken oil yellow is also for you.”

Anyway, he has Mo Fei, as well as the ‘Jade King’, and several pieces of glass jade, which is enough.

Gu Yuanchao looked at Bai Jing amusingly and counted the jade while calculating the value, and took him into his arms.

The powerful arms tightly locked the opponent’s slender waist, the man buried his head in the young man’s white neck to feel his fresh breath, and his voice was hoarse: “Ajing, do you know the value of this superb piece of Huang Fei? Just give it to me so easily?”

Bai Jing felt that the side of his neck was hot and numb, and hummed softly: “It’s a gift for you, as long as you like it.”

Gu Yuanchao raised his head, looked at the young man’s beautiful brown eyes and fluttering eyelashes like butterfly wings, and kissed him abruptly.

The hot kiss gradually descended, catching Bai Jing’s beautifully shaped lips and holding it deeply.


In the evening, Bai Jing took out the top-grade ink jade and prepared to extract the energy liquid.

The energy contained in ink jade is higher than other top-quality jade, and it is hoped that a higher level of energy liquid can be extracted.

The thin white lines of spiritual power divided into strands and penetrated into Mo Fei’s interior. The liquid in the silver box accumulated quickly, and a whole box of energy liquid was extracted in a short while.

The liquid inside is a dark green so thick that it is almost black, and you can feel the vigorous energy as soon as you approach it.

Baijing was tested on the detector and showed that the purity was: 90.79%.

Level 9 Energy Liquid!

Rao Shibaijing also found it incredible, the eighth-level energy liquid was already of an unparalleled purity.

This actually has a lot to do with his mental strength.

In the current Baijing, the mental strength value has far exceeded the 3S level, and may even reach 4S!

However, because the current highest level of the empire is only 3S, it will not be possible to detect if it exceeds the 3S level, and you can only see that the value continues to rise.

In this case, the energy liquid extracted by Baijing will not have any loss and will be kept at the highest purity.

It’s like a precision machine that can maintain 100% conversion at the highest level.

Even a master energizer cannot prevent the escape of energy during extraction, which is unavoidable during transformation.

But White King can, and it’s easy to do.

After extracting ten boxes of the ninth-level energy liquid in a row, Bai Jing felt a little tired.

This is completely different from the previous state. It seems that the improvement of spiritual power has indeed brought him great benefits.

The energy liquid he extracted this night was equivalent to the amount extracted by other senior energy masters in two or three months.

It’s not that they don’t want to extract more, but the mental power is not enough to extract a larger amount of energy liquid.

When Bai Jing handed ten boxes of ninth-level energy liquid to Gu Yuanchao, the man exhaled heavily after being shocked.

“Ajing, this matter is no trivial matter…\”

The two boxes of level 8 energy liquid that the young man gave him last time were put into the mecha by Gu Yuanchao, and he didn’t reveal anything to outsiders.

But now, Bai Jing actually took out the ninth-level energy liquid! This is level nine!

It is two levels higher than the record created by Master Guhang a hundred years ago!

For the Empire, this is undoubtedly great news, and he can no longer hide it.

But at the same time, he could also expect the uproar caused by this incident, and Bai Jing’s identity would definitely be exposed.

Gu Yuanchao took a deep breath and looked directly at the young man’s beautiful brown eyes: “Ajing, you have to be prepared—”

Bai Jing had expected it long ago, and interrupted him with a smile: “Gu Yuanchao, I understand.

I just took this opportunity to abandon the name Gu Yun and become Bai Jing. ”

Gu Yuanchao was stunned for a moment, a little disbelieving: “Ajing, what do you mean…?”

Bai Jing nodded: “Gu Yuanchao, let’s make it public.”

“Okay.” The man’s eyes and brows were full of smiles. He half-kneeled and kissed the young man’s slender fingertips, with a very pious gesture: “Ajing, you know, I’ve been waiting for this day to come.”

Bai Jing is really outstanding, he is really worried that the boy will be taken away by others.

He must swear sovereignty in front of everyone, so that everyone knows that A Jing is his!

Only in this way can he be a little relieved.

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Gu Shao: Ah Jing gave me a gift><

A Jing said to make it public! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o

Excitedly, he hugged A Jing up high.


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