God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 86

Yet it is.

Because soon, he also received notices to be removed from Gu’s gambling stone shop, Gu’s auction house and other places in his light brain!

Yu Jun was stunned on the spot, like falling into an ice cave.

How to do! ! How to do? ! !

Gu Shi really wants to block them just because of his words!

For a small family like them, what can they use to fight against a behemoth like the Gu family?

For the first time, Yu Jun felt the horror of Bai Jing. This young man from a slum didn’t have to do anything at all, and there were countless people escorting him.

Why would he provoke such a person? !

Yu Jun held his head tightly and grabbed his hair, the remorse in his heart surged like a tide, he raised his hand and slapped himself fiercely.

The extreme pain was exchanged for a moment of sobriety, and he issued an apology statement as quickly as possible.

[Stone gambler Yu Jun: I’m sorry, sorry, I shouldn’t insult Yunshen, origin doesn’t mean anything. I am trash, I am useless trash! 】

He shook his hands and sent three messages in a row, hoping that Young Master Gu would spare his life for the sake of his sincerity.

At this moment, he can’t wait to kneel down to Bai Jing!

Everyone in the comment area was stunned. Is this the same Yu Jun who puts on the air of an aristocratic family all day and has eyes above the top?

[What’s the situation, Yu Jun was hacked? ? 】

[If I go, Yu Jun will actually apologize? ! 】

[Insulting Yunshen, my fist is hardened. 】

[Tsk, this is the first time I see myself calling myself trash. 】

[As a fan of Yunshen, I feel so cool for some reason. 】

Not only him, but also many unrepentant racists before, lowered their “noble” heads and sincerely apologized, which shocked everyone.

These anonymous abusive young masters also received the same warning, no, not a warning, but a notice.

Notice of unilateral termination of cooperation and no room for change!

It was not only the Gu family who did this, but also the Du family and the Lei family, one of the four great families in the empire.

They all received the kindness of Bai Jing on the Sauter public offering.

Bai Jing rescued Du Xingyu from the mouth of the alien beast, freeing the Patriarch of the Lei family from Yan Ji’s control, which is no different from saving his life.

There is no place to repay such a big favor. Someone just bumped into the muzzle of the gun. Naturally, they couldn’t ask for it.

Everyone once again saw Bai Jing’s terrifying influence.

Of the five aristocratic families in the empire, the Yuan clan was removed, leaving only four aristocratic families, three of which supported Bai Jing!

As for the Tang family, they just didn’t participate.

No one can have such a strong popularity and support, Bai Jing is the only one.

Since then, those mocking remarks quickly disappeared, and no one dared to touch the bad luck of these bigwigs.

Everyone understands one thing, that is – don’t provoke Bai Jing!

As for the sons of the noble family who spoke falsely, at the request of the Gu family, they were forcibly sent to the slum by the family to experience it for a month.

There is no light brain, no star coins, no entertainment facilities, and it is completely impossible to communicate with the outside world.

The real thing is that Tiantian should not respond, and the earth is not working.

When they hid in leaky houses, wore sackcloth linen shirts, and competed with people in the slums for the nutrient solution that was about to expire, they finally realized that it was not easy to live.


Before this turmoil had passed, Gu’s Auction House issued an auction notice:

The Gu family will hold a large-scale auction at the Capital Star headquarters in three days.

At that time, there will be a one-of-a-kind glass breeder yellow jadeite, a variety of rare auction items and a six-level energy fluid.

The preview of the finale lot is: a higher level of energy fluid.

As soon as the news came out, everyone was in an uproar.

【Higher level? Is it higher than the sixth-grade best? ? 】

[Could it be… a seventh-level energy liquid? ! 】

[Fuck, level seven! ! 】

[Hey, the seventh-level energy liquid has not appeared for several years, I remember that the highest level of the entire empire is the seventh-level best! 】

[Could it be a gimmick? 】

【impossible! How could Mr. Gu smash his signboard? 】

[Oh my God, this mysterious energy master is too powerful! ! 】

【Who is it? There are only so many imperial master-level energy masters, and they can’t find it for a long time. 】

[Ah, ah, I want to know too, scratching my lungs—]

After the thousands of electronic invitations were released, it only took two hours for them to be robbed by major families.

Those who didn’t grab it sighed, using all kinds of connections to get an invitation.

Glass **** Chicken Oil Yellow Emerald plus Level 7 Energy Liquid is enough to drive everyone crazy!

Although Mr. Gu did not specify the level of the energy liquid, they all defaulted to the seventh-level energy liquid.

Level 7 is already the highest level, is there still level 8?

Think about it and know that it is impossible. Since the establishment of the empire, there has never been an eighth-level energy liquid, which is close to the limit of purity.

Therefore, they never imagined that the final finale would be the ninth-level energy liquid above the eighth level!

As soon as Gu Yuanchao made the arrangements, in less than a minute, he received a video communication from the Imperial Marshal on his brain.

He was not surprised by this situation and immediately connected.

The powerful old man had a bit of dissatisfaction on his face: “Major General, didn’t you agree to provide half of the advanced energy liquid to the military?

The military must take away such a precious seventh-level energy liquid! ”

This is the first time that the Marshal is so urgent, and his tone is unbearable.

Such a precious seventh-level energy liquid can only be of better value if it is placed in the military department!

This is something that can save lives in critical moments!

The honorable imperial marshal can’t wait to grab this mysterious energy master to the military headquarters, give him the best treatment, and meet all his requirements, as long as he can extract the seventh-level energy liquid.

Status, status, money, everything is not a problem.

The old man secretly gave his subordinate a wink, asking him to find out the identity of the energy master at all costs, even if he offended the Gu family.

This person is so important!

The imperial marshal looked at Gu Yuanchao and emphasized again: “I said that star coins are not a problem, even if it is 20% or 30% higher than the market price.”

Gu Yuanchao respectfully waited for the other party to finish speaking before saying: “Master Marshal, I am also a member of the military, so naturally I have not forgotten the agreement.

The energy fluid is ready and I will deliver it myself tomorrow. ”

The old man’s expression turned calm: “Don’t be so troublesome, I will ask my subordinates to get it immediately.”

Gu Yuanchao did not refuse: “Okay. But I want to explain to you in advance that the energy liquid this time is three boxes of ninth-level energy liquid.”

“What did you say?!”

The imperial marshal was horrified, and his breathing suddenly became a lot faster: “Ninth-level energy liquid?!”

Gu Yuanchao: “That’s right.”

The old man who had read thousands of sails calmed down his breathing as soon as possible, but even so, his voice was still a little trembling: “In this way, I… go get it myself.”

Gu Yuanchao was stunned: “Marshal, I’ll send it to the military—”

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by the old man: “That’s it.”

He is not at ease when such an important thing is handed over to anyone, and he has to get it in person.

The number of ten boxes of the ninth-level energy liquid is too exaggerated, not to mention more than ten boxes of the sixth-level energy liquid.

Gu Yuanchao and Bai Jing discussed and planned to use two boxes of Level 9 energy liquid as the finale of this auction, and three boxes to be provided to the military.

The other five boxes were collected separately by him, waiting for the next auction to continue.

When the Imperial Marshal arrived at Proxima Centauri with two henchmen, Gu Yuanchao stood up straight and said respectfully, “You are here.”

“Well.” Several people entered the room, and Bai Jing also said hello.

The Imperial Marshal nodded lightly.

He knew that this was Young Master Gu’s sweetheart and a senior stone gambler.

It’s just that on such an important occasion, there should be no outsiders present for the transaction of the ninth-level energy liquid.

The old man frowned, but when Gu Yuanchao took out the three silver boxes from the space button, he couldn’t care less.

He slowly opened the lid, and that kind of careful movement was like seeing a precious treasure, and he didn’t dare to damage it a little.

The liquid in the box is a dark green that is so thick that it is almost black, without the slightest impurities, and you can feel extremely vigorous energy as soon as you approach it.

This feeling……

Even if it is not a ninth-level energy liquid, it is at least an eighth-level!

The old man looked at the liquid in the box with bright eyes, and ordered, “Check it out.”


Under the instructions of the marshal, one of the middle-aged men took out more than ten sets of precision instruments from the space button and placed them in half of the room.

These are all instruments that measure purity, energy distribution, energy values, etc.

Under the pained eyes of the old man, the middle-aged man carefully took a drop of liquid with a straw and began to study it.

“Purity: 90.79%!”

“The energy value per milliliter is about: 3.5 million.”

“Uniformity: 99.89%!”

The more the middle-aged people are tested, the more shocked they are. Almost every indicator is the limit that can be achieved physically! !

This, how is this possible?

His eyes were completely dull.

A limit is called a limit because it means that it is the highest value that can be achieved in an ideal state.

However, reality and ideal are completely different, why can some people reach this limit in reality?

Why? ? This is impossible!

The imperial marshal coughed lightly and took the test report from the dazed subordinate. After confirming that it was the ninth-level energy liquid, his hands were shaking with excitement.

He placed the three boxes of energy liquid into the space button extremely carefully and quickly, and then said with a warm smile: “The military is willing to spend 500 million star coins to buy these three boxes of ninth-level energy liquid.”

Five hundred million star coins! ! On average, each box can reach 170 million stars!

Bai Jing was really surprised this time.

He never thought that the value of the ninth-level energy liquid would be so high. The cost of 4.99 million star coins was a drop in the bucket compared to this.

Gu Yuanchao was not too shocked.

The energy provided by a box of ninth-level energy liquid can be used by an advanced mecha or spaceship for more than ten years, and it can save lives at critical moments. It is worth such a high value.

He didn’t hesitate at all: “Deal.”

The old man said without a trace: “Why, don’t you ask the mysterious energy master’s opinion?”

Gu Yuanchao hooked his lips and looked at the young man beside him with a gentle voice: “Ajing, what do you think?”

Bai Jing’s brown eyes slightly curved: “Well, I’m very satisfied with the price.”

The old man’s eyebrows furrowed again.

Gu Yuanchao was dizzy? Let him ask the energy engineer, how did he…?

! ! !

He suddenly widened his eyes and looked at Bai Jing: “You, are you the mysterious energy master of the Gu family?”

“Marshal Hui, it’s me.” Bai Jing admitted generously.

Anyway, it’s about to be revealed soon, and it’s useless to hide it now.

Both henchmen looked at him in shock and suspicion.

Is he the mysterious energy master who is stronger than a master energy master?

So young, 20 years old? !

The old man looked at Bai Jing for a while, and said in the most loving voice, “Is that Xiao Jing, are you interested in coming to the military as a special-level energy engineer?

I’ll give you the rank of Colonel, and you can use all the top-quality jadeites at your disposal. By the way, there are also a few S-class mecha warehouses, you can choose as you like—”

Bai Jing politely declined: “Thank you Marshal, but I have already signed a contract with Gu.”

The old man smiled, without the majesty at the beginning: “It doesn’t matter, you already have military merit, and you still retain the title of major.

Now it’s just an extra title, and you won’t be forced to stay in the military. ”

Seeing that the young man was still a little hesitant, he added: “Well, the military will provide two pieces of top-quality jadeite of no less than two kilograms every month, you only need to provide 5 boxes of energy liquid of level seven or above, okay?

Of course, military merit will also accumulate, at least 10,000 per month.

You can exchange military merits for any items you need, such as mechas, shields, weapons, etc., or you can exchange them for star coins. ”

Bai Jing thought about it.

Two pieces of top-quality jadeite weighing no less than two kilograms, according to their own ability, can extract at least 10 boxes of eighth-level energy liquid.

The other party only needs 5 boxes, and the rest can be freely used, which is very cost-effective!

But that’s just for him.

With the addition of losses, other energy masters can only extract at most 5-6 boxes of Level 6 energy liquid, which cannot meet the requirements at all.

As for military merit, 10,000 military merit is 100 million star coins.

Except for the rich and oily military headquarters, there are absolutely no such good benefits in other places.

“Okay, I promise.”

Bai Jing quickly agreed that it would be a fool not to agree to such a good thing without harm.

The marshal smiled even more, patted the boy on the shoulder lovingly, and exchanged contact information with him before leaving.

“Come to me at any time if you have anything, don’t worry, the old man will support you!”

Leaving a meaningful word, the three quickly left Proxima Centauri.

In the afternoon of the same day, Bai Jing received a space button with top-quality jade.

Inside is a piece of 2.6kg glass species of imperial green and a 2.3kg piece of purple eye (the best glass species of violet).

Bai Jing, who got the jadeite, couldn’t help but admire, the military is simply too rich!


On the eve of the auction, when people on Xingwang were talking about this mysterious energy master, Gu’s auction house suddenly released a video.

The video is only ten seconds long, and people clicked in curiously.

They saw a slender, jade-like hand placing a silver box filled with rich liquid on a detector to check the purity.

The camera is farther away, revealing the delicate and beautiful facial features of the teenager and the number displayed on the detector: 90.79%.

【? ? ? ? ? ? 】

【! ! ! ! ! ! 】

【Fuck me! ! 】

【Ah ah ah ah ah–】

【? What do you… what do you mean? 】

【Ah, ah, Cloud God! ! Ah ah ah, the ninth-level energy liquid! ! 】

[My guess is that Yunshen is the mysterious energy master of the Gu family and he extracted the ninth-level energy liquid, sorry, I, I, I have been incoherent! 】

[Bewildered, I don’t know which one is more shocked, fuck. 】

The star network exploded directly. There has never been so much traffic pouring into the topic. This is not just a word that can explain it.

Level 9 Energy Liquid! Level nine! !

Damn, the eighth-level energy liquid has never appeared before, and it came directly to the ninth level! !

This means that there is still a huge room for improvement in energy utilization, and there is an infinite possibility of approaching the ideal limit. This discovery is a great turn of the century.

Before this, it was considered that the eighth-grade energy liquid was the limit of efficiency, because no energy division could extract more than 80% purity.

But now, someone has extracted more than 90% pure energy fluid.

This shows that the limit they think is not the limit, and there are more possibilities beyond the limit!

And this person of Genesis – is Bai Jing.


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