God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 87

After the shock, some people couldn’t help but wonder. After all, Bai Jing was too young. According to the data, he was only under 20 years old.

Moreover, he is already a top-notch senior stone gambler, his talent is unparalleled, and he is also an excellent mecha warrior, and his military exploits can reach the level of a major!

Now coupled with the identity of the only energy master in the empire who can extract the ninth-level energy liquid——

Damn, is this, this TMD still human? ?

Anyone who can achieve any of these three fields is already a genius among geniuses, but Bai Jing directly covers all three.

Whether it is the stone gambling world, the mecha world or the energy world, Bai Jing is the one standing at the top of the pyramid!

This is simply too fantastic, really too fantastic…

They knew in their hearts that Mr. Gu couldn’t lie, and the video couldn’t be faked, but how could anyone achieve this level?

The prosperous beauty is him, the genius stone gambler is him, the super mecha warrior is him, the mysterious energy master is also TMD!

Take it, really take it.

After this video was sent, Bai Jing also admitted without shyness.

[Stone gambler Bai Jing: Gu’s mysterious energy master is indeed me, I’m really sorry, it’s only now public. 】

【Ah ah ah, I know it! 】

[Ninth-level energy liquid! ! Offer my knees to the cloud god——]

[God Yun gave me a little bit of talent, woohoo, just a little bit (trying to gesture)]

[Yunshen alone can stand up to thousands of troops, lighting a cigarette.jpg]

[Hmph, Gu Shaozhen is lucky (yin and yang weirdness)]

[I’m sour, Young Master Gu returned the God of Clouds to us, God of Clouds belongs to everyone! 】

[Looking at Yunshen’s journey, he has always attracted my attention since the first stone betting battle.

A game of stone gambling has never been defeated, and as a second-level stone gambler, he defeated Ying Wenfeng, a sixth-level stone gambler. Soter’s public game broke the record of gambling growth rate, broke the Yuanshi conspiracy, and killed hundreds of thousands of them. The alien beast has even extracted the ninth-level energy liquid!

I want to say that being born doesn’t mean anything, what about being born in a slum, no one can compare to you! Come on, Yunshen, Yunshen is the strongest! 】

[Confess the God of Clouds! 】

【Always support Yunshen! 】

On this day, countless people witnessed the birth of a miracle, and countless people went crazy for Bai Jing!

Such a genius, such a treasure, such a person who has created countless miracles, there is only one in the entire empire! unique!

Being from a slum did not become a stain on him, but made them appreciate the boy more, support him more, love him, and worship him, unable to extricate themselves.

Bai Jing’s popularity is unprecedentedly high, and the number of fans continues to exceed the 100 million mark, which is comparable to that of Gu Yuanchao!

No one felt that this young genius was not worthy of the Imperial Major General.

A joke, if Yunshen is not worthy of Young Master Gu, who else can?

Oh, they still feel that their cloud gods are at a disadvantage.

After all, Young Master Gu is so much bigger than God Yun.

‘Hmph, the old man really knows how to choose, he must have seen Yunshen early, he moved fast enough. ’

Some fans thought sadly that their Yunshen was abducted not long after he became an adult, which is really hateful.

They haven’t protected enough yet, woohoo.

After Bai Jing’s news was sent out, the high-ranking old man immediately forwarded the news.

[Marshal of the Empire: Thanks to Xiaojing for providing the ninth-level energy solution for the military, the military has hired Bai Jing as a super energy division, and enjoys the highest level of treatment. @Gambler Baijing. 】

Bai Jing was stunned, but he didn’t expect the marshal to move so quickly.

Jin Zhou, the minister of the Imperial Energy Center, was about to invite Bai Jing, when he saw the news, he couldn’t help frowning.

Even let the military personnel get in first?

The military’s energy center is an independent branch that provides mecha energy for sergeants alone, while the imperial energy center includes various components such as spaceships, planetary energy systems, and electrical energy systems.


Jin Zhou snorted coldly. Top talents like Bai Jing should belong to the Imperial Energy Center. What space can they have in the military?

[Imperial Energy Center Jin Zhou: Xiaojing, are you interested in coming to the Energy Center? I promise definitely better treatment than the military. @Gambler Baijing]

The imperial marshal’s face turned cold, this Jin Zhou’s face was really thick enough to dare to rob people openly.

Higher treatment than the military? What a joke.

As a result, everyone stared at the two big men who usually saw no tail, and they quarreled on the star network, and the godhead was shattered to the ground.

[Cough, the two bosses are… quite childish. 】

[God Yun is also too popular. 】

[Of course, Yunshen is the only one who can extract the ninth-level energy liquid! 】

[All agree, I feel like they don’t mind (dog head)]

In the end, Bai Jing really had no choice but to make a name on both sides.

Anyway, the top-grade jadeite does not need him to provide it, and it does not take much time to extract it. There are also extremely generous benefits. There is no difference between promising one and two.

As long as the other party doesn’t mind, he has nothing to mind.

The two bosses were quite satisfied with the result. In any case, they got what they wanted.

On the day of the auction, two boxes of Level 9 energy liquid were taken away by the Tang Corporation at a price of 300 million Star Coins, which just matched the latest S-level mecha, making this already top-level mecha more perfect and worth twice as much. .

Before leaving, Mr. Tang smiled and asked the staff to tell Bai Jing that he hoped that he could reach a cooperation with Tang.

Tang’s auctions 3-4 S-class mechas every year. If each of them can be equipped with two level-9 energy boxes, it is simply the most perfect work!

Mr. Tang promised: If Bai Jing can provide enough level 9 energy boxes every year, he will not only buy it at the market price, but also give the other party a chance to customize the mecha for free.

The mecha designed by Mr. Tang himself is an extremely rare honor!

You must know that Mr. Tang has been cultivating young people all these years, at most just a few words, he has not personally taken action for more than ten years.

Even the imperial family may not be able to please him.

But now, he is actually able to come out again for Bai Jing, in addition to the charm of the ninth-level energy liquid, Tang Shi also wants to befriend this talented young man.

Bai Jing agreed without any hesitation.

Only eight boxes of Level 9 energy liquid are provided every year, which can be done in less than half a day for him.

Anyway, the military department and the energy center are all self-provided materials. With the probability of his almost zero loss, half of them are left over, and it is more than enough to supply a Tang family.

So far, the four great families of the empire have all established contacts with Bai Jing, either in relationship or in cooperation.

In short, they will not allow anyone to harm the juvenile.

In addition, Bai Jing has the support of a huge fan base, and has the support of the imperial marshal and the big boss of the energy center. His status is extraordinary, and no one can shake it.

Now, those who want to take the rhythm have to weigh it, whether they want to be sprayed to death by spittle, or they want to be killed by the boss.

Hiss, forget it, money is not as important as life.


At the same time, the imperial family urgently convened a parliament.

The parliament this time was obviously moved forward by several months, and the theme of this parliament was only one: whether to treat people in the slums as equal imperial citizens and enjoy various benefits.

The participants were all high-ranking people, representatives of the royal family, the military, the energy center, representatives of noble families, representatives of nobles, etc. These people almost controlled the economic and political lifeline of the entire empire.

When many of them were summoned urgently, they were still wondering, what major event could make the annual parliament be held earlier.

However, when they saw the theme of this time, they understood that it was because of Bai Jing——

Then it was horrified that the imperial family valued this young man so much that they even held a council for him alone!

What a powerful influence this is, it’s terrifying.

As the representative of the aristocratic family, Gu Yuanchao sat in the top position, and people who came and went greeted him with more enthusiasm than before.

With Bai Jing’s help, the Gu family is in full swing. It has monopolized nearly one-third of the gambling stone market, and now it has monopolized the top energy liquid in the energy world. No other family can compete with the Gu family.

Gu Yuanchao looked at the envious gazes of the people around him, and sighed to himself that his A Jing was simply too powerful.

Without him, Gu Shi would not be where he is today.

After the people gathered, the representative of the royal family threw the topic straight to the point: Should the slums enjoy the treatment of ordinary imperial citizens?

Several noble representatives took the lead to object: “Of course not, how do those wastes match?”

Gu Yuanchao’s face turned cold: “Trash?

They grew up in a dirty environment, never had a good education, were not clothed, had no food to eat, were oppressed, and were insulted—

If you live in such an environment, you too will be a waste. ”

The faces of several nobles turned dark, but they did not dare to get angry easily: “Young Master Gu, don’t change the subject. People from slums have never created any value!”

“Never created a bit of value, did it?”

Gu Yuanchao chuckled: “Isn’t Bai Jing from a slum? The value he created… I don’t need to say it.”

The representatives of the nobles knew that it was not good when they first exported it, and now they are even more regretful. How could they forget this exception.


Before he could speak, he was cut off by the imperial marshal, and the old man’s tone was sonorous and powerful: “As a representative of the military, I express my support.

The management of the slums must be strengthened to prevent vicious incidents similar to Yuan’s, otherwise it will always be a hidden danger. ”

Jin Zhou, the representative of the Energy Center, also expressed his position: “The hero does not ask the source, what if there is another white scene in the slum? How will you know if you don’t try, I support it.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked at Jin Zhou unexpectedly.

Aren’t these two rivals? It’s really strange that they have unified their attitudes in this incident when they have never had the same opinion.

After half an hour, seeing that no more people spoke, the imperial family announced that the final vote would be held ten minutes later.

Several noble representatives looked relaxed and were confident about the voting results.

The people here are all powerful people, how could they harm the interests of nobles and noble families and support the slums?

It is not that the previous parliaments have not discussed this topic, and they have ended with negative votes every time, and this time will be no exception.

It must be the members of the royal family who were afraid of chilling Bai Jing’s heart to use such a method, not only to express their attitude, but also to give an explanation to the other party and the public.

But even so, Bai Jing’s energy is big enough, no one can make the imperial family achieve this level, he is the first and only one.

They thought so, smiling as they waited for the final result.

Ten minutes later, the royal representative began to read the results of the vote: “18 people voted in favor and 5 people voted against.”

This meant that only a few people, including representatives of the aristocracy, voted against it.

The representative of the royal family: “This parliamentary resolution: officially classify the people of the slums as legal citizens and enjoy the due welfare benefits, which will be implemented today!”



Several noble representatives stood up from their seats, looking at everyone present with shock, their faces began to twist unconsciously.

“You, are you crazy?! Actually harming your own interests?”

Shit, ridiculous, just ridiculous!

How can such a conclusion be reached? Are these people crazy? !

Gu Yuanchao looked at the few people who had lost their manners and smiled playfully.

harm your own interests? not necessarily.

Anyone with a business sense knows that the emergence of Level 9 energy liquid means that the limit has been broken, the energy industry will be reshuffled, and energy will affect all walks of life.

This is new business opportunity.

Whoever can grasp the new business opportunity when it arrives will be the winner in the next ten years or even hundreds of years.

Gu Yuanchao was calm from beginning to end, and he had no suspense about the outcome of this meeting.

How can the situation of slum dwellers be improved?

Either more talent can emerge in the slums, or the one and only talent has enough weight.

When Bai Jing did not reveal the identity of the mysterious energy master, the value he created was not enough to shake those in power.

But after he showed his unique and irreplaceable ability to move those in power, the outcome of this council was already doomed.

The final victory must belong to Bai Jing.

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CP fans: Chaoyun CP is real!

Bai Jingwei Fan: Oh, old man, he is very discerning (yin and yang weird).


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