God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 88

The results of this parliament are extremely exciting, and the people are cheering. Even if the nobles are jumping in a hurry, they cannot change the thoughts of those in power.

No matter in which era, civilians and ordinary people accounted for the majority. This decision made the prestige of the imperial family unprecedentedly high and everyone praised.

Seeing such a broad and huge influence, the imperial family became more determined to support the slums.

Since ancient times, those who win the hearts and minds of the people have won the world. Even in order to consolidate the political power, they must be implemented!

After the meeting, Mr. Gu took the lead in donating 2 billion star coins and 5 million boxes of nutrient solution, which attracted countless praises and earned a good reputation.

[As expected of the Gu family, the first chaebol of the empire is worthy of it! 】

[A good person must be rewarded, and the Gu family will last forever! 】

[Support the Gu family. 】

[Thank you for the people who are still struggling in the slums, thank you. 】

[From now on, I will be a big fan of the Gu family! 】

[On this point, we will give priority to the products of your home. 】

In the next week, without marketing, the turnover of Gu’s products doubled, and even Gu Yuanchao was stunned.

He never thought about this situation.

The power of the masses is great.

With Gu’s taking the lead in donating and achieving such good results, other families have followed suit.

Many families are not short of money. What they lack is reputation and the loyalty of the masses to their products. This is the “fan effect” of the brand.

For example, why do modern McDonald’s and KFC continue to give gifts with logos when the newborn is born?

In essence, it is to cultivate their awareness of this brand from a young age, guide consumption habits, and then become loyal fans of this brand.

How many fans did Mr. Gu gain by virtue of this slum incident?

The reputation and benefits obtained far exceeded the number of donations, and other aristocratic families were very envious.

Not everyone is a philanthropist.

But even for the sake of fame, they would still donate hundreds of millions of star coins.

For a time, donations were popular, large and small families, wealthy businessmen, and tens of millions of civilians donated tens of billions of star coins in total, which relieved a lot of pressure on those in power.

Of course, the most eye-catching Bai Jing donated a full 1 billion stars in his own name!

[Fuck, 1 billion! 】

[Hey, Yunshen alone has donated more than top aristocratic families! 】

[Tears, Yunshen really paid a lot for the slums. 】

[God Yun, leave some assets for yourself (whispering)]

[I was deeply moved, Yunshen has never let me down. 】

[Idols are really great, always love Yunshen! 】

[After becoming stronger, I changed the status quo by myself, fuck, handsome. 】

When the star network was hot, Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao came to the slum of Proxima Centauri.

With the support of money and policy, everything becomes a lot easier.

Hundreds of cleaning robots and transport machines have cleaned up the dirty roads a lot, and the foul-smelling garbage heaps have also been disposed of. I believe this place will soon become clean and tidy.

Boxes of nutrient solution are also delivered to each household with the help of the handling robot, which can at least solve their problem of food and clothing for a month.

Dilapidated houses are also being rebuilt, and these people are temporarily living in simple tents with soft quilts and clothing, as well as hot water supply, making many people feel like they are in paradise.

They have never enjoyed such good treatment since they were born.

All in all, everything is going in the right direction.

Bai Jing got off the suspended car and looked at the excited and smiling people, a smile appeared on his face unconsciously.

Thinking that when I first arrived here from the end of the world, I was just as worried about food as they were, and even nearly fainted from hunger.

If it wasn’t for chance that he came into contact with Gambling Stone, he didn’t know if he could survive in such an environment.

It should be difficult.

After all, his genetic level is very low.

Gu Yuanchao held the boy’s hand and stared at him with deep eyes: “Ajing, everything is over, they can have a better future.”

“Well.” Bai Jing returned to his senses, yes, their fate has changed from this moment.

And he himself had already been reborn.

“Mom, this quilt is so soft.”

“The clothes are also very comfortable.”

“Wow, can you really drink so much nutrient solution?”

“It feels like a dream…”

When Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao walked to the tent and heard their conversation, they couldn’t help but smile at each other.

The people in the slum looked at them curiously.

These two handsome and imposing men looked like the kind of nobles from extraordinary backgrounds, how could such people actually set foot in the slums?

Even if it is cleaned up, it is still a bit messy. Those noble men never set foot there. It seems that just mentioning the word ‘slum’ feels that they have tarnished their identity.

Several sergeants who were maintaining order around saw the two and immediately came over and gave them a straight military salute: “Major General, Colonel.”

Bai Jing was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect his military rank to be so powerful.

This is normal. His military merit is real, not airborne. As for the identity of the energy division, it is even more pro-appointed by the imperial marshal. Naturally, it counts.

Gu Yuanchao waved them off.

In addition to checking the current situation of the slums this time, the two of them also came to see the situation of the dozen or so people rescued by Yuan Shi, including Bai Jing’s good friend An Ge.

I wonder if their current mental strength has completely stabilized?

Bai Jing felt that there should be no problem, but he still had to see it with his own eyes to be relieved.

When a black and thin young man passed by them, when he heard the sergeant’s name, he suddenly stopped and stood there and looked at the two secretly.

Although people in the slums cannot log in to the star network without a brain, it does not mean that the information is blocked.

In order to survive, many of them will try their best to find some low-level jobs that they are good at. Coupled with the uproar of this affirmative action movement, it has brought earth-shaking changes to the people in the slums. After all kinds of inquiries, everyone knows that who their benefactors were.

It is a genius named Bai Jing, who also came from a slum!

This news undoubtedly brought great shock and hope to these people.

The fact that such amazing geniuses can also appear in the slums shows that they are not waste, and they also have the possibility of rising!

Of course, they are also very grateful to the imperial family and the aristocratic families donated by the Gu family.

The young man peeked at Bai Jing again, his bronzed skin slightly reddened.

Delicate, beautiful, young, and a pair with the imperial major general, and just now he seemed to have heard the sergeant call the tall man “major general”.

This should be their benefactor, right?

The young man patted the dust on his body to make himself appear as clean as possible, plucked up the courage to chase after him, his face flushed red when he stood in front of the young man, he was so nervous that he didn’t know where to put his hands: “Well, may I ask…you, you Is that Master Bai Jing?”

Bai Jing stopped: “It’s me, do you need any help?”

Oh my god, it really is!

“No, no.”

Stared at by those beautiful brown eyes, the young man’s ears were red, his palms were sweaty, and his heart was so excited that he was about to go crazy: “Thank you, thank you! Thank you, Young Master Gu!”

He bowed deeply to the two of them and ran away quickly.

“The benefactor is here! The benefactor and Young Master Gu are here—”

The young man shouted as he ran.



“Quick! Quickly!”

Countless people ran out of the tent and gathered in the direction of Baijing like black flowing water.

The sergeants immediately became alert, lest these people do anything unfavorable.

“Thank you benefactor and Master Gu!”


“Thank you for saving the ghetto.”

Everyone began to sincerely thank them, their eyes filled with tears, and they knelt down in the direction of the two of them.

This scene was extremely shocking. Tens of thousands of people knelt on the ground in unison, their foreheads slammed on the ground, their postures were pious, and they could hardly see the edge at a glance.

! !

Facing the dark crowd, Bai Jing didn’t know what to say for the first time.

He seemed to feel the surging gratitude in these people’s hearts, the longing and longing for life, just like… him before.

Bai Jing saw hope in their eyes.

Indeed, everything is getting better.

When the crowd dispersed, he saw An Ge standing behind at a glance.

The other party’s eyes were red, and he was also very excited. Seeing Bai Jing, he couldn’t help hugging him: “Thank you very much, thank you so much—”

Gu Yuanchao stood aside with a cold face, and it took all his strength not to step forward to stop him.

Feeling that look that seemed to be real, An Ge couldn’t help shivering, and immediately let go of the other party.

The two of Bai Jing came to his tent, looked around, and found that it was indeed able to keep out the wind and rain, so they asked, “How are you feeling recently? Is there any discomfort in your body?”

An Ge shook his head: “No.”

Bai Jing measured his mental strength, and it didn’t change much from before, it was very stable.

Bai Jing: “That’s good. By the way, are you still receiving funding from the Shen family?”

An Ge’s spiritual power is already close to 3S, which is rare in the entire empire. The Shen family should focus on cultivating it, right?

But if this is the case, how could An Ge be in the slum? He should have been picked up long ago.

An Ge’s face turned pale, and he bit his lip: “The Shen family has been asking me about the mutation of my mental power recently. Compared to me, they want to know the secret of how to improve my mental power.

Fortunately, the recent incidents in the slums have attracted a lot of attention, and there are sergeants guarding them. They dare not do anything for the time being. ”

Bai Jing’s eyes instantly turned cold. Could it be that the Shen family also wanted to become the second Yuan clan? !

Gu Yuanchao pondered: “It’s not just him, it is estimated that many aristocratic families have such thoughts. I was negligent.”

Who doesn’t want the mental power of S-rank or above, or even close to 3S, now they won’t do it with Yuanshi’s foreshadowing, but as time goes by, five or ten years later, it is difficult to guarantee that no one will be ready to move.

He glanced at An Ge with a pale face: “Don’t worry, I won’t let this happen.”

When the slum remediation is completed, he will send more sergeants to guard, strengthen patrols, and deploy protective equipment, and will never let anyone succeed.

Bai Jing thought for a while: “An Ge, are you interested in joining my team?”

He intends to form a team of stone gamblers and energy masters.

After that, he was responsible for the extraction of super energy liquid and the division of rough stones.

In this way, this group of people can be gathered together. Otherwise, it would be a waste to have such a high level of mental power, and maybe a few geniuses could be cultivated.

An Ge’s eyes suddenly lit up: “Of course I would! It’s just…”

He lowered his eyes slightly and his voice weakened: “The Shen family’s contract has a very high liquidated damages, about 10 million star coins. Bai Jing, I’m really sorry, let’s forget it.”

The boy’s voice was calm: “It doesn’t matter, I will pay you the liquidated damages.”

An Ge looked at him in disbelief: “But—”

Bai Jing’s brown eyes are full of trust: “I don’t pay you this money for anything else, but because I believe you can create greater value.”

After the two left, An Ge stood there for a long time, unable to return to his senses.

He doesn’t believe in himself, but he believes in Bai Jing.

He will do it.

The two went to the other people who were rescued from Yuanshi one after another.

Before Bai Jing arrived, they were frowning, hesitating whether or not to accept the financial support from the aristocratic family.

The treatment in the contract is indeed not low, but those who came to negotiate obviously did not regard them as human beings. The contempt that came out of the bones was not concealed in the slightest, and the condescending gaze seemed to be looking at the stench of garbage on the side of the road. .

At the same time, these people have deep jealousy in their eyes.

Jealous of their slum waste can also obtain S-level spiritual power, why not yourself?

Those eyes were like a sinister poisonous snake spitting out letters, wishing to transfer the other party’s mental power to himself, making several people shudder.

So, when Bai Jing arrived, before he could finish speaking, several people agreed in surprise.

“It’s my pleasure.”

“Thank you Cloud God.”

“You saved me from the Yuan family, this life is yours!”

“As long as you don’t dislike it, I can do anything.”

The author has something to say:

Small Theater 1:

Bai Jing: Today I am the overbearing president (throw 10 million).

Gu Shao: ?

Gu Shao: You can, too, the overbearing president, come and smack me in the wall><

White King:…

Small Theater 2:

Bai Jing: Successfully harvested a bunch of little brothers, please call me a gangster and light a cigarette.jpg

Gu Shao: You can, then I’m the little wife of an underworld boss><

White King:…


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