God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 89

After that, Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao went to inspect the slums of other planets, and everything was going on in an orderly manner.

The sergeants strengthened the ‘restricted area’ with strong cosmic radiation, and arranged protective nets and automatic scanning devices, and monitoring equipment was spread throughout the area.

Both the imperial family and the marshal attached great importance to this incident. The people below naturally did not dare to neglect it. Whether it was a restricted area or a slum, they were all surrounded by iron barrels.

Taking these people away as Gu Yuanchao and Bai Jing was a waste of time.

With this level of preparedness, people like the Yuan clan will never appear again.

Bai Jing took all the fourteen people rescued by Yuan Shi, including An Ge, from the slum.

When other noble families found out, they couldn’t help but sigh, but they didn’t dare to say anything, so they had to scold the people who went to work.

As for the Shen family, how dare they ask for Bai Jing’s liquidated damages?

It is only ten million star coins. If you can take this opportunity to make friends with the other party, wouldn’t it be a wonderful opportunity?

But how could Bai Jing give him such an opportunity, and soon the official account of the Shen family received 10 million liquidated damages.

The Shen family had no choice but to give up An Ge, a chess piece with great potential, with deep regrets in their hearts.

If you knew earlier, you would not be greedy for the secret of spiritual power improvement, you should cultivate the other party well.

That is close to the mental power of 3S, what if it is the next white scene?

Too bad they don’t have a chance anymore.

As a friend, An Ge moved into Bai Jing’s residence.

It was a very secretive white eggshell building. An Ge was placed on the seventh floor, just below the two of them.

Others were placed in another villa of Gu Shao.

When they stepped into the magnificent hall, looked at the bright floor, various modern facilities, and felt the high-quality service of intelligent robots, everyone thought that they had come to heaven.

The soft lights are automatically turned on, the soothing music relieves the tension, the robot puts the slippers at the door, and automatically puts away the dirty coat to wash.

There are so many rooms that you can choose at will, the hot water in the bathroom has already been prepared, the hazy hot air exudes bursts of fragrance, and there is a comfortable massage service.

Everything here shocked them.

“This, is this really something we can enjoy?”

“Probably, yes.”


Several people were discussing in a low voice.

They came from the lowest slums, when have they been treated so solemnly?

This kind of gorgeous villa is more than enough to receive nobles, and Gu Shao and Yunshen actually arranged for them to live—

The robot housekeeper B01 detected everyone’s questions and replied with a smart electronic voice: “Dear guests, you can enjoy everything here, and the robot B01 will serve you at any time~”

“so cute.”

The girl named Huang Yue was a little nervous at first, but she relaxed when she saw the chubby robot, she couldn’t help but reached out and touched the little robot’s head.

B01 obediently let her touch, and the electronic eyes narrowed into a straight line with enjoyment.

After receiving the answer, everyone’s mood relaxed a little, cautiously entered the bathroom, and soon let out a comfortable moan.

If they could, they would love to stay in it for the rest of their lives.

The next day, Joan brought them the latest optical brain, and brought two medical staff to check the body.

These people’s bodies do not have much problems, most of them are caused by malnutrition, and they can be cured quickly with the current level of interstellar medical treatment.

When the optical brain was turned on, a beam of white light emitted from it, scanning their whole bodies like X-rays. Soon, the optical brain automatically popped up a translucent interface above.

“Name Wang Qing, age 23 years old, gene level E level, physical level C level, mental strength level S…”

“It’s amazing, you can get the level of knowledge at a glance!”

“It turns out that this is the light brain, so amazing-”

“Qi Yu, 17 years old, genetic level E, physical level B, spiritual level S, hehe.”

The young man named Qi Yu sneered and turned off his brain abruptly. No wonder those aristocrats look down on those who look down on the slums, so it turns out.

“Huang Yue, 18 years old, genetic level F, physical level D, mental level 2S.”

Everyone read their data one by one.

Sure enough, their genetic levels are very low, and the only thing they can do is their mental power.


Bai Jing gave them two days of rest, which did not pass until the third day.

When everyone saw Bai Jing, the admiration and gratitude in their eyes were stronger than before.

The benefactor was so kind to them, even if the other party told them to die now, I am afraid these people would have no complaints.

Qi Yu lowered his eyes, and the black hair on his forehead covered those reckless eyes.

This is the third time he has seen Bai Jing.

The first time was in a dark laboratory.

Someone broke the glass cage that had been trapping him, and when he barely opened his eyes, he thought he saw an angel.

The second time was in the slums.

Like others, he kneeled on the ground reverently and touched the ground with his head, willing to dedicate all his loyalty and soul to the young man.

The third time is here.

The young man was slender, with a thin waist and long legs. His face was so delicate that he did not look like a real person. His skin was whiter than milk, and he seemed to glow under the light.

When those beautiful brown eyes looked over, he almost stopped breathing.

How can there be such a perfect person in this world?

He lowered his eyes, feeling his heart beat out of balance.

Bai Jing looked at them with a bit of satisfaction in his eyes.

The dirty clothes were washed away, the clothes were clean and tidy, the nails were neatly trimmed, and most importantly, their eyes had a look.

After the boy said hello briefly, he took out the mental power testing instrument: “I will measure the specific mental power value for you first.”

After testing with the instrument, he found that the mental powers of these thirteen people were all above S rank, and the lowest was around 15,000;

The highest is the girl named Huang Yue, her mental power has reached 32000, more than 2S!

Even in a family of energy masters like the Jian family, there are not so many energy masters with S-level spiritual power, no, the Jian family can’t even reach half of their number!

If these people are cultivated well, they will definitely have a bright future.

But the expressions of the people were not like that.

Since they knew their genetic rank, they seemed to understand what the nobles called ‘waste’ and ‘garbage’ in the slums, and even vaguely felt that it was true.

Under the long-term oppression, even many people’s perceptions have changed.

Bai Jing looked at the restless people, and suddenly said: “Everyone should know your mental power level, right?

Then do you know how many people in the entire empire have a mental power level of S or above? It doesn’t matter, you can take a guess. ”

Under the encouraging gaze of the young man, one after another began to answer.

“I guess… about 10,000 people?” Judging from those aristocratic families who came to sign contracts with him, there shouldn’t be too many people.

“At least 5,000 people.”

“Um… maybe tens of thousands? I don’t know very well.”

Qi Yu lowered his head and said briefly, “Less than 1,000 people.”

Bai Jing smiled: “The correct answer is that there are less than 300 people in the entire empire whose spiritual power is above S rank!”

Facing the shocked eyes of everyone, he continued: “Yes, you are one of the top three hundred people, there is absolutely no need to belittle yourself.”

After establishing his confidence, Bai Jing briefly introduced the difference and development of stone gambling masters and energy masters, leaving them time to choose.

There is no risk in energy masters, but low-level energy masters have very low profits, and require long-term training of mental power, which is only valuable until the intermediate level or above.

The stakes for stone gamblers are very high, one knife in heaven and one knife in hell, but if the bet goes up, the profit is extremely high.

These are two very different paths.

On the screen in the living room there are videos of energy practitioners extracting energy fluids and other gambling stones to help them understand.

When they saw a piece of wool worth 1 million stars cut into a white stone, most people’s faces changed.

1 million stars, how many boxes of nutrient solution can you buy, just, just like that? ?

The stone gambler in the video also had an ugly face, and then he took out a second piece of wool.

When the laser knife cut off, everyone could not help but hold their breath—

Broken again!

Not only the stone gamblers on the video, but everyone watching the video was out of breath, their hearts were beating non-stop, and their palms were full of cold sweat.

If it were them, no no no, absolutely not!

An hour later, Bai Jing asked about their options.

Only two of the thirteen people chose the stone gambler, Huang Yue and Qi Yu, and the others chose the energy master.

Bai Jing turned his eyes to the two of them: “Can I ask why you chose the stone gambler?”

This girl named Huang Yue has a very strong character at first glance. Her father died early, and she relied on her to protect her mother and younger brother.

Huang Yue’s eyes flashed unyieldingly: “I want everyone to know that people from slums can still become senior stone gamblers!”

She looked at Bai Jing, the admiration in her eyes was undisguised.

It was because of the other party that she had such an idea.

Yunshen is a living example, and she wants to be like Yunshen!

Bai Jing’s brown eyes were full of smiles: “Well, I believe you can.”

He then looked at Qi Yu who was wearing black and silent beside him.

Qi Yu lowered his eyes: “Because of the excitement.”

The others laughed immediately.

Seeing that Bai Jing was puzzled, he explained it to him at length.

“This kid used to fight black boxing underground before.”

“Don’t look at how small he looks, in fact, the fights are very ruthless, the kind that don’t kill him.”

“This kid’s appearance is very popular with noble ladies.”

“Well, it’s also because his mother was seriously ill, but unfortunately he went there a few years ago—”

Bai Jing listened to everyone’s discussion and glanced at him again.

The other party kept his head down, his black hair blocking his eyes, making it difficult to see his expression.

It seems that everything around him has nothing to do with him.

Bai Jing thought that when he was struggling in the last days, even if his relatives and friends left him, he still struggled desperately to survive.

Maybe the other party is like him.

Qi Yu felt Bai Jing’s warm eyes, his ears were reddish, and his heart beat violently again.

Certainly not because of stimulation, stimulation was never what he wanted.

Qi Yu hooked his lips lightly: The reason is very simple, Bai Jing needs a stone gambler, then he will work hard to become a stone gambler, that’s all.

Anyway, his life belongs to Bai Jing, his only belief, everything he has belongs to the other party.

There are enough energy masters, and there is no shortage of him.

Moreover, becoming a stone gambler can make the other party pay more attention.

He just wanted to keep that gaze on him for a long time.


Bai Jing: “Starting today, each of you will have a start-up capital of 2 million stars on your brain, and all material costs will be deducted from the capital.

If the extracted energy liquid or betting jade will increase accordingly, I hope you can grow up as soon as possible, and don’t let the star coins be cleared. ”

As soon as the words fell, a ‘di’ sounded in their light brains, indicating that the account balance was: 2,000,000.

Looking at the numbers on the account, everyone grew their mouths in shock.

They haven’t even seen 20,000 star coins, let alone 2 million star coins? !

Too, too much!

Those aristocratic families don’t even give one tenth of it.

The benefactors have done their best to them, so how can they ask for more stars?

“God Yun, we don’t need star coins.”

“Yes, yes, you should take it back.”

“It’s really too much-”

At this time, Qi Yu raised his head and glanced at the anxious people, his voice was cold: “Keep it. Otherwise, what do you use to extract energy liquid? Buy jade yourself?”

The crowd suddenly stunned.

At the same time, Bai Jing took out from the Space Button the lowest-grade jadeite, such as dried green seeds and cyanobacteria, which were basically 5-6 kilograms in weight. In addition, there were many silver boxes. .

Eleven people who chose to become energy masters stepped forward to take them, and as soon as they picked them up, with a ‘di’, Guangnao sent a message.

50,000 Star Coins were automatically deducted from the account, which became 1.95 million Star Coins.

! !

Everyone watched helplessly as the amount above decreased. Although they had not yet accepted the fact that they had 2 million star coins, they still felt a pain in the flesh and could not wait to earn it back immediately.

Baijing inserted the transparent chip into the holographic device in the living room, so the holographic projections in each room synchronized the content.

“The chip records a very detailed process of using spiritual power. After you are proficient in using it, you can try to extract energy liquid from first-grade jadeite.

Remember, everyone’s mental power, if you feel uncomfortable, stop, never use mental power forcibly. ”


Bai Jing handed his notebook and the chip Gu Yuanchao had given him to Huang Yue and Qi Yu respectively.

Qi Yu glanced at it and snatched the notebook at a very fast speed.

Huang Yue’s outstretched hand froze in midair: “…Remember to give it to me after reading it.”

Qi Yu turned a deaf ear.

He gently opened the notebook, and it turned out to be Bai Jing’s records, and the handwriting was as beautiful as his own.

Bai Jing’s brown eyes slightly curved: “It doesn’t matter, you can see the scanned copies of the notes in the chip. I’ll check your learning results in a week.”

Qi Yu’s slender fingers clenched the notebook: “Okay.”

Huang Yue nodded: “I will remember the content.”


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