God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 90

A week later, Bai Jing came to check the results.

Eleven silver boxes were neatly placed on the table, filled with dark green energy liquid.

Some were nearly full, some were only a shallow third, but none were empty.

It shows that they are really practicing well.

It only took a week to extract the energy liquid. Such a speed is unimaginable for an energy master who is just getting started!

The spiritual power of the S-class has indeed brought them an excellent talent.

Facing everyone’s apprehensive gazes, Bai Jing smiled and said, “Very good, faster than someone from a family of energy masters.”

“Really, really?”

“But, I just extracted a little—”

“Suddenly I feel so worthwhile.”

Hearing Bai Jing’s praise, these people were very excited.

This means that they can create value, they are not waste! It can even be compared with people from a family of energy masters!

Bai Jing used the detector to test the purity one by one, all of which were first-class energy liquids, and some of them reached the middle grade, which was very good.

He put away the energy box and said to the bright-eyed crowd: “The standard price of the first-level energy liquid is 2,000 star coins, and now the star coins will be issued according to the first-level energy liquid you extracted.”

The light brain ‘di’ sounded, and they looked at the account in surprise and found that the balance on it had changed.

At the same time, there is also a message about the account change.

“Dear citizen Wang Qing, your account has received 2,000 stars, please pay attention to check it. God, I earned 2,000 stars!”

“I-I earned 1,000 stars!”

“1500 star coins, am I… dreaming??”

“So this is the energy master.” Someone muttered.

The hall was filled with incomparably excited atmosphere, and excitement and ecstasy surged in everyone’s chest.

2000 stars!

They do odd jobs day and night, and they have never received so much money at once!

What’s more, it is not difficult for them to extract energy fluid.

Except for the dizziness when the spiritual power is about to be exhausted, other treatments are like being in heaven.

Energy division!

If they didn’t know about this profession before, they just chose one or the other, then now they feel the charm of this profession, they have goals and dreams, that is—

Become a pivotal energy engineer!

With their slum status, there is no more perfect career than an energy engineer.

When they calmed down, Bai Jing looked at the black and thin man standing in the center: “Wang Qing, you have extracted the most energy liquid this time, and earned the most star coins.

Do you have any ideas to share with you? ”

He found that Wang Qing’s mental power was not the highest among the eleven people, but he extracted a whole box of energy liquid, and even he was surprised by the speed.

Because of Bai Jing’s own power problem, his experience in extracting energy liquid is not very useful, so it is more meaningful to share it with companions of the same level.

Seeing the idol’s encouraging eyes, Wang Qing’s slightly dark face showed a clear red, and after a while, he said nervously: “…After the first day of mental power exhaustion, I was very anxious, and I got up after sleeping for three hours and continued. Almost fainted.

Later, I extended the time to half a day and found that my mental power was completely restored, so I shortened it by another hour, until after shortening it by three hours, I found the best time, which is nine hours.

So I calculated the time and extracted it every nine hours, so that’s all, I extracted this much. ”

Bai Jing’s beautiful brown eyes showed a bit of a smile: “It’s amazing, you have found the mental recovery cycle without a teacher.”

Wang Qing’s face was already red, and everyone looked at him enviously. It was a great honor to be praised by Yunshen.

Qi Yu looked at Wang Qing, lightly pursed his pale lips, and he would also receive Bai Jing’s focused gaze and praise.

After answering some questions in succession, Bai Jing set up a new task: “In two months, I hope you can extract all the first-class jadeite in your hands. If you succeed, the material fee of 50,000 star coins can be waived.”


Everyone shouted like chicken blood.

For their own goals, for the dream of becoming an energy engineer, and for the expectations of their benefactors, they will definitely do it!

Bai Jing put a piece of white jade on the table.

This is the kind of jade that is extracted from black jade, which can store a lot of spiritual power. He named this stone ‘energy stone’.

Worried that these people will overdraw their mental power in order to achieve their goals, Bai Jing added: “Don’t force yourself. If you really can’t hold it, you can try to neutralize it with the mental power in this energy stone.”

After the crowd dispersed, the boy finally turned his attention to Huang Yue and Qi Yu.

Bai Jing: “Well, there is a lot of content in the chip, how much have you read?”

Huang Yue hesitated: “Probably… less than one-twentieth.”

Qi Yu lowered his eyes: “One tenth.”

Bai Jing looked at Qi Yu with a little surprise.

These contents were integrated in the chip that Gu Yuanchao gave him before, and he added a lot of information and insights into it. Even if it was his words, it would take about two months.

Especially if you are a newbie.

Huang Yue’s face was very ugly. She had worked very hard. Except for the necessary rest time, she spent almost all of her time on the content of the chip.

But how could this person be so much faster than her? !

This made her, who had always been strong, uncomfortable.

Bai Jing didn’t make more judgments. The speed of speed is not the most important thing. The most important thing is whether you can master the knowledge and understand it.

So he asked separately: “What is the performance of the wool at Pulte Planet No. 1?”

Huang Yue thought for a while, and quickly answered.


Bai Ding turned his head, glanced at the boy in black, and then said, “Qi Yu, what is the outstanding performance of the wool at the entrance of Pulte Planet No. 2?”

When he heard Bai Jing call his name, Qi Yu’s whole body shook, a kind of extreme satisfaction swayed in his chest, and at that moment, he felt that his life was complete.

“Pulte Planet No. 2 produces the most output is the black sand with black lacquer skin, slightly reddish surface and thick outer shell, often with ringworm on the skin, with clear dry color…”

The seventeen-year-old boy’s voice was a little cold, neither slow nor hasty, no one knew the almost crazy heart that concealed the cold appearance.

Bai Jing asked a few more questions one after another, and even if Huang Yue couldn’t answer, Qi Yu remembered it clearly, as if he had printed these contents in his mind.

After the question was over, Huang Yue finally couldn’t help it, and asked the boy with an indifferent face: “How did you do it?!”

Seeing that Bai Jing’s eyes were also focused on himself, Qi Yu said lightly, “Don’t eat or sleep if you can’t remember.”

Hearing this, Huang Yue opened her eyes wide, took a deep breath, and her eyes changed when she saw him.

People in the slums have an extraordinary obsession with being full. Long-term hunger makes them unable to bear the feeling of being without food, but the other party can suppress this instinct!

What a cruel man! You can be so cruel to yourself!

Bai Jing frowned lightly. People in the slums are already malnourished. If this goes on like this, the body will not be able to bear it.

He looked at Qi Yu: “Don’t do this again in the future, there is still plenty of time, so don’t be so anxious.”

Qi Yu snorted, and the wolf cub who could be cruel to himself instantly became a well-behaved pet: “Okay, never again.”


Soon it came to Gu’s bi-monthly wool section.

Batches of wool materials shipped from the entrances of each planetary stadium will be stored in the underground warehouse first, and after being cleaned by robots, they will be partitioned by several senior stone gamblers.

Bai Jing has only seen unzoned wool before, and this is the first time he has personally participated in it.

The black suspension car stopped at the side door of Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop. Bai Jing supported the seat and jumped lightly, moving neatly and neatly, and came to the warehouse on the second floor with Gu Yuanchao.

Master Gu Liubai and three other sixth-level stone gamblers have arrived.

Gu Yuanchao took the boy’s hand and walked forward, calling out ‘uncle’.

Bai Jing also called out, “Hello, uncle.”

Master Gu Liubai looked at the delicate-looking boy lovingly.

He was just recovering from a serious illness, and he didn’t come to thank the other party, but it was inconvenient for outsiders to show it, so he nodded: “Xiaojing, is this your first time here? Let me introduce you to the steps of partitioning.”

Bai Jing: “Thank you uncle.”

Gu Liubai smiled: “It’s all a family, don’t be so polite.”

Then he said to the three sixth-level stone gamblers: “You go first, don’t worry about us.”

“Okay, Master and Yunshen, let’s start with the first row.”

The three sixth-level stone gamblers were respectful and authentic, not daring to have the slightest objection.

Although they were more than twice as old as Bai Jing, they didn’t dare to be scornful in the face of the teenager, because the other party was already an eighth-level stone gambler at such a young age!

That’s right, since Bai Jing unraveled all the wool in the Soter public auction, his betting rate has exceeded 70%!

At present, there are only two eighth-level stone gamblers in the empire: one is Master Gu Liubai, and the other is Bai Jing!

If it wasn’t for the title of ‘God of Clouds’ long ago, Bai Jing would have been honored as a master.

Master Gu Liubai handed Bai Jing a scanner: “The wool for each partition ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 pieces, most of which are divided into five areas A-E, and a very small number of particularly good wool will be divided into S area.

You have participated in the stone betting battle, you should know the price of wool in each district, right? ”

Bai Ding nodded: “I know.”

Master Gu Liubai: “As a stone gambler, we need to determine the approximate range of the wool based on the performance of the wool, then scan it with a scanner, enter the level it belongs to, and enter 0 if it is uncertain.

Each piece of wool is judged by at least three stone gamblers. Those with a difference of more than two grades or uncertain will be discussed separately at the end, and those with serious differences will be calcined on the spot. ”

Bai Jing: “Well, this is indeed very rigorous. Even if someone misunderstands it, it will not affect the final result.”

Master Gu Liubai: “That’s right, it’s hard for immortals to break an inch of jade, and as a stone gambler, we can only reduce misjudgments as much as possible.

Okay, let’s get started, just ask me if you have any questions. ”

Bai Ding nodded: “Okay.”

The two started from the middle and the back respectively. Bai Jing looked at the wool material very quickly. If he was not sure, he used his ability to judge. He could read hundreds of pieces of wool material in an hour and determine the level.

And Master Gu Liubai’s speed was on par with him.

As expected of an experienced eighth-level stone gambler, he is very powerful. If there is no ability, Bai Jing will definitely lose to the opponent.

More than 10,000 pieces of wool must be graded and incorporated into the gambling stone area within ten days, and 1-2 days will be set aside for discussions on uncertain wools. The time is really tight.

Bai Jing felt that he seemed to be back when he was looking at the bids in the Sauter public auction, but in the public auction he did not look at every piece, but chose the best ones.

But here, it is still very troublesome to confirm and give a price for each piece.

One day passed, and his scanner marked more than 1,500 pieces of wool. Among them, the three pieces of wool whose water was above the ice species were individually recorded on the light brain. Such wools must not be classified in ordinary areas. .

A week later, all the wool materials were judged, and at least three stone gamblers were required to grade each piece.

The wool this time is close to 15,000 yuan, and Bai Jing has not finished reading the last one-fifth, but there are other stone gamblers, so he doesn’t have to check it.

After the data was imported, the intelligent analysis system quickly gave a large gap and uncertain wool material, about more than 100 pieces.

In fact, each stone gambler’s rating of wool will be somewhat different.

For example, for the same piece of wool, one stone gambler thinks the price is 5W for grade C, and the other thinks it is 6W for grade B, which are similar.

In this case, the system will directly determine the price based on the probability and the distribution of wool material, which is harmless to Gu and not worth discussing.

But some are different.

If the high-green glass species is found in the wool with a price of 5W, then this piece of wool will lose millions or even tens of millions of stars, and Gu will of course try to avoid it.

The more than 100 pieces of wool that have been picked out are the ones that are most likely to have such a situation. The five people began to carefully examine the more than 100 pieces of wool, and each of them took 12 points of seriousness, not letting go of any detail.

A heated discussion ensued.

During the discussion, Bai Jing learned a lot of partial knowledge, which was obtained by senior stone gamblers based on experience, which is very useful in judging wool.

The opinions of everyone in the first 20 blocks have reached a consensus, but in the 31st block, there is a big difference.

“? Someone actually rated the top S-class?”

“I’ve seen this piece of wool. It’s a very ordinary yellow sand skin, and it should be classified as C.”

“I also chose the C-level, who chose the S-level, is it wrong?”

This is their only idea.

The people present are all experienced senior stone gamblers, not people who are new to stone gambling. It is impossible to make such a common-sense mistake.

You must know that the transaction price of S-class wool materials is almost 10 million stars or more!

At this time, Bai Jing said: “No mistake, I chose it.”

! !

Several sixth-level stone gamblers looked at him in surprise.

Out of trust in Bai Jing, they re-checked the wool material with a magnifying glass several times, and their eyeballs were almost lying on it, and they could not see the special feature of this piece of wool material.

Master Gu Liubai also looked at the wool material over and over again, as if he noticed something, but shook his head again: “Xiao Jing, this piece of wool material is indeed an old wool material, and the shell feels very sandy.

This is not an ordinary yellow sand skin, it is most likely the yellow salt sand skin produced by Carl Star, and it may be multi-colored. But to be honest, this possibility is very small, it is not appropriate to put it in the S area, at most in the B area. ”

Bai Jing glanced at Master Gu Liubai in admiration. The judgment of the other party was almost the same as the result of his perception!

He could notice this piece of wool because of mental power fluctuations.

Now his spiritual power has broken through the limit of ordinary people. Basically, wool with strong reactive reactions like Gao Bing Seed and Glass Seed, as long as he gets close, the spiritual force will automatically take him there, and he will never miss any high-grade jadeite. .

It really works better than radar.

This piece of wool is about the size of a basketball with yellow salt sand skin. The skin is very thick, and the shell has a strong sense of sanding. It is a typical old pit type and belongs to the upper class of yellow sand skin.

There is a break in the middle of the python belt, and the pine flowers are not bright, so it is difficult to produce high green.

Like they said, it’s best if this wool is in zone C or zone B, but—

Bai Jing: “I have an intuition that Gao Cui is likely to be found in this piece of wool.”

The crowd fell into contemplation.

This kind of intuition has always been mysterious, just like luck, it is hard to say how.

Gu Yuanchao had unconditional trust in Bai Jing, and said directly: “Since this is the case, let’s untie it.”


The heirs of the Gu family have spoken, and everyone naturally has no objection.

Master Gu Liubai was very interested in this piece of wool.

After hearing the judgment of the young man, he also had a vague hunch, maybe as the other party said, a miracle could happen.

So he planned to dissolve the stone himself.

After observing the direction of the pine flowers and the python belt on the leather shell, Master Gu Liubai directly used a laser knife to cut a knife in the last quarter.

This knife cut was extremely precise. The part of the cut surface that fell was a white stone, and the other half of the cut surface showed two finger-widths of green.

Sprinkling some water on it, the lustrous and delicate, glass-like transparent texture has a bright green color, which is as fresh and tender as the newly sprouted seedlings, with a little yellowish, shallow and full, very gratifying.

The moment they saw the incision, several stone gamblers couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

“It turned out to be a glass species!!”

“Although the color of seedling green is not as bright as yang green and emerald, it is also very good!”

“I really didn’t expect it, but the Cloud God is still powerful.”

Several people gave Bai Jing a thumbs up.

Intuition is also a kind of strength. If they can have such a keen intuition, they will be crazy!

Master Gu Liubai’s handsome face was also full of smiles.

He had been lying in the medical cabin for more than two years. This was the first time he had calcified the stone after his return. Unexpectedly, he had solved the highest-level glass species, which was an excellent sign!

The laser knife was replaced with a grinding wheel. With the sound of the grinding wheel rotating, gravel continued to fall, and the thick leather shell was scraped off. It was quickly untied in half. The exposed glass jadeite was five or six kilograms, worth two. Do not stop!

“It’s soaring–”

“This piece of wool should really be placed in the S area.”

“Fortunately, it was solved on the spot, otherwise it would be a big loss.”

When the grinding wheel continued to rotate, Master Gu Liubai suddenly made a ‘huh’, and the light green on the exposed surface disappeared, turning into a clear honey color.

“Huang Fei…” He murmured, the grinding wheel in his hand also stopped.

As we all know, because the formation conditions of Huang Fei are extremely special, the seed water of Huang Fei is generally not very good, and the Huang Fei that can reach the ice species are very rare.

But now he is holding the glass species Huang Fei, plus the green seedlings just now——

This is a glass kind of yellow-green double-colored jadeite!

Glass species are rare, and they are even rarer two-color, not only two-color, one of them is the rarest Huang Fei!

This time, several stone gamblers opened their eyes.

Yunshen deserves to be Yunshen, this is another top-quality jadeite!

Rao is a well-informed master Gu Liubai, and it is the first time he has seen a glass-type jadeite with two colors of yellow and green. He took a few deep breaths and calmed down his excitement before continuing to dissolve the stone.

About 15 minutes later, the 9.6 kilograms of top-quality glass double-colored jadeite was completely unraveled.

The light seedling green and the beautiful honey color are distinct, shiny and translucent, and the waves are full of light.

The value of this jadeite is more than ten million! Almost ten times over!


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