God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 92

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In the past half a year, Bai’s Energy Company founded by Bai Jing has been operating well. After continuous training, most of its energy engineers have been able to extract the second-level energy liquid, such as Wang Qing and a few others can even extract the third-level energy liquid!

And because of the ‘energy stone’, they absorbed the mental power stored by Bai Jing and continuously merged with their own mental power. Over time, they also gained a part of the ability to remove impurities.

The purity of the extracted energy liquid is one level higher than that extracted by ordinary energy engineers, so it is widely welcomed by the market.

Almost all of Xinghai Auction House’s energy liquid is provided by Bai’s Energy Company, and the sales are hot, and the supply is in short supply.

The Gu family also placed the first batch of orders, but Gu Yuanchao had no knowledge of this, indicating that they had won it with their own efforts!

These eleven energy masters were able to achieve such an effect not only because of their S-rank spiritual power, but also because of their diligence and Bai Jing’s careful teaching.

All kinds of jadeite raw materials such as bean seed jade, oil green jadeite, etc. are always kept in sufficient supply, and there are ‘energy stones’ as a supplement when their spiritual power is exhausted. They are extremely comfortable in clothing, food, housing, and transportation.

Under such conditions, what qualifications do those people from the slums have to not work hard? !

Therefore, besides eating and sleeping, these energy masters extract energy liquid every day, and discuss and solve problems together. They are both companions and competitors. The degree of hard work is beyond imagination!

The amount of energy liquid they can extract in half a year is comparable to the amount extracted by other energy masters in three years!

What’s more, they also have S-rank spiritual talent.

Talent coupled with unmatched efforts by anyone has created a group of unrivaled energy masters.

Although they are still low-level energy masters, everyone knows that these people will never stop there.

Intermediate energy engineer, senior energy engineer and even master energy engineer, everything is possible!

The aristocrats of noble families who looked down on them before licked their faces and poached people one by one. Their faces were no longer disdainful and arrogant, and they were given ten times more generous rewards than the first time, but no one was tempted.

Except that Bai Jing was their savior, the other party trained them so diligently, and Bai’s treatment was so good, these people are stupid to sacrifice their lives for these people who look down on them from the bottom of their hearts!

Now all the 2 million start-up funds of the eleven energy engineers have been earned back, and there are still tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of star coins in surplus. According to Yunshen, these are all at their disposal.

But no one will use the start-up capital.

As the level of extracting energy fluid gets higher and higher, the level of jade they use will also get higher and higher.

Grade 4 jade like hibiscus and egg whites cost millions of star coins at every turn, so they must use it sparingly.

Of course, the single price of the fourth-level energy box is 200,000 star coins. If you really reach this level, you will only earn more.

However, other than the start-up capital, they intend to freely use other stars.

Some people bought a bunch of natural foods and nutrient solutions of various flavors to take home, some people bought clothes and shoes of good quality for their relatives, and some people directly used their brains to transfer 100,000 star coins.

When Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao came to the slum again, the place had completely changed.

The streets without sewage, the stinking garbage dumps, and the low brick houses are replaced by clean streets, neat white buildings, and parks, full of laughter and laughter.

As these energy divisions gradually emerge, those in power will pay more and more attention to the construction and development of slums.

At the same time, the results of the stone gambling apprentice assessment this time were also announced on the official website of the Stone Gambling Association, which sparked a heated discussion.

The first place: Qi Yu, assessment score: 98 points, from the Proxima Branch.

Second place: Jian Yang, assessment score: 96 points, from Capital Star headquarters.

The third place: Huang Yue, assessment score: 95.5 points, from the Proxima Branch.

Two of the top three in this assessment were from the Proxima Star Guild, and both of them were from the slums!

The people from the slums ranked in front of the proud star of the capital, which really surprised everyone.

[I miss it so much, I think of the time of Yunshen’s assessment last year. 】

[Yeah, God of Clouds created a precedent. 】

[Before Yunshen, the top ten in every stone gambler assessment had always been from the capital star. 】

[The only god-level stone gambler in the empire was born in a slum, what else is impossible? 】

[It’s time to show those nobles, their faces are swollen! 】

[Hahaha, so cool. 】

[I am a civilian and I am proud! 】

[New news: Qi Yu is a close disciple of Master Gu Liubai, and Huang Yue is a member of Bai’s Energy Company. 】

【! ! Bai’s! Yunshen Company! 】

【I know! An Ge is also a member of the Bai family. He was promoted from a second-level stone gambler to a fourth-level stone gambler in half a year. He is a new generation of talented stone gamblers! 】

[Bai’s energy master is also very strong. 】

[All talents cultivated by Yunshen! 】

【Ah, ah, the God of Clouds is really too strong! ! ! 】

Bai’s Energy Company has made a name for itself in the empire. Hundreds of energy engineers and stone gamblers came to sign up, many of them intermediate and advanced.

In particular, people from commoner backgrounds were fed up with the indifference and the ‘overlord clause’ of noble families. When the contract expired, they all came to Bai’s house.

Bai Jing selected more than 20 people who are down-to-earth and diligent, and who love their careers very much. Only extreme purity and love can keep them passionate day after day, and he will also provide sufficient resources to help them.

Bai’s Energy Company developed rapidly for a while, and with Bai Jing’s fame and Gu’s support, it became famous.

One year later, Bai’s Energy Company has one master-level energy engineer (Bai Jing), three senior energy engineers, 24 intermediate energy engineers, and 12 low-level energy engineers;

There is one god-level stone gambler (Bai Jing), two senior stone gamblers, and five intermediate stone gamblers.

More than 70% of the stone gamblers and energy masters above the intermediate level!

This is something no energy company can do.

The most terrifying thing was that no matter how many stars or benefits the people of the Bai family gave, they would not be able to dig it away, which made the competitors of the major families jump with anger.

At the same price, Bai’s energy fluid has higher purity and fewer impurities, so people naturally choose Bai’s energy fluid!

And I don’t know why, the spiritual power of Bai’s energy master seems to be inexhaustible and inexhaustible, and the monthly output is simply amazing, one energy master is worth five energy masters!

Really grass.

Today, almost all of Gu’s energy comes from Bai’s, and the military has also established an in-depth cooperative relationship with Bai’s. Nine-level energy liquid, no, it should be said that all energy liquids above seven levels are monopolized by Bai’s Energy Company. Can’t get it!

These people thought about making a stumbling block for the Bai family, but the Gu family, the first family of the empire, supported him in the past, and the military escorted them later. Even the imperial family of the empire praised Bai Jing, and it was over before they started.

They could only watch the Bai clan grow bigger and stronger, until one day 10 years later, they successfully replaced the Yuan clan to become the fifth largest family in the empire!

Since then, the boundaries between commoners and noble families have become more blurred. The Bai family, the fifth largest family in the empire, is also known as the commoner family.


On the day that Bai Jing turned 20 years old, he was dragged to the marriage registration office by a man early in the morning.

In Interstellar, many things can be done on Xingwang, but only the marriage registration must be present in person.

The staff were obviously CP fans of the two. They looked at Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao with bright eyes, and snickered from time to time while covering their mouths.

Gu Shao, who had achieved his wish, shared his marriage certificate on Xingyu for the first time.

[Major General Gu Yuanchao: After 586 days of waiting, today is finally here! Love Ajing forever, and Ajing will always belong to me @石石师白景. 】

After the news was released, the star network exploded instantly, and countless CP fans said that their lives were complete.

[Woooo, ‘Chaoyun CP’ is married! 】

[After a year and a half of CP, I finally achieved a positive result today. 】

[Congratulations to Yunshen, congratulations to Young Master Gu! 】

【Ah ah ah, weeping with joy! ! 】

[I have to celebrate today, so happy! 】

Also some fans found something.

[If I remember correctly, Yunshen is just 20 years old today, lighting a cigarette. 】

[I went to register when I reached the age of marriage, ooh, so sweet, so sweet——]

[Oh, the old man is really in a hurry. 】

[Look at the last sentence: Ah Jing will also belong to me forever. Should the declaration of sovereignty be any more obvious? white eyes.jpg]

[Sisters, watch the time when Shao Gu sent the message, 9:20 in the morning. The marriage registration office does not open until 9 o’clock. You taste, you taste carefully. 】

【! ! ! How impatient this is! 】

Gu Yuanchao raised his lips unconsciously when he saw the news.

That’s right, he was so impatient, wishing everyone in the empire knew that Bai Jing belonged to him alone.

Bai Jing didn’t like the complicated wedding. The handsome and mature man approached the young man with delicate eyebrows and kissed his finger with the ring lightly. His eyes were dazzling: “A Jing, let’s go on vacation, it’s just the two of us.”

Bai Jing: “Okay.”

Gu Yuanchao arranged various affairs in advance and applied to the military for a two-month vacation. Bai Jing’s energy company was also on the right track, and there was a lot of time.

The two traveled to various planets on a private spaceship.

They go to the best location to watch the meteor shower, go to the poles to see the aurora, go through the wormhole to see the supernova explosion, go to the ice sheet, go to the island, and go to the deserted star.

This is a wider world, a beauty that Bai Jing has never seen before.

When passing through the wormhole, Bai Jing seemed to see the planet where the zombies were destroyed, his home planet, the Earth, from the spaceship.

He suddenly thought that since wormholes can connect two time and space, why can’t they go back to the past?

It seems that wormholes in the interstellar age can only connect space, but not time.

Before he could ask, a violent shaking hit, and cosmic rays surged in an instant. What Bai Jing saw before he fell unconscious was that Gu Yuanchao was holding him tightly in his arms.


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