God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 96

Extra 5

For the next half month, Gu Yuanchao did not let Bai Jing do anything, wishing to protect the boy like fragile porcelain.

Bai Jing eats and sleeps every day, and absorbs the energy in the zombie crystal core, and his spirit slowly recovers.

Coupled with the abundant food, the boy’s pointed chin finally gained a bit of flesh, and his face became much better-looking. Compared to when he first came to the base, he was completely different.

The food in Gu Yuanchao’s Space Button is all the freshest and best ingredients in Interstellar.

The fresh-keeping technology keeps the meat as fresh as it was when it was just slaughtered. The vegetables are watery, as if they were just picked from the ground, and the taste is extremely delicious, so delicious that you can bite your tongue off.

In order to prevent anyone from becoming suspicious, the two went to the cafeteria every few days and used yellow and blue cards to get back the accumulated rice noodles, vegetables and meat.

Rice noodle pancakes, rice and noodles, all three were replaced with rice, a total of 23 catties, and more than half of the bags.

The vegetables are all Chinese cabbage, one piece is three or four pounds, and only four or five pieces can be exchanged for half a month, and they are not very fresh. At least one third of the rotten leaves outside can be used.

Not to mention meat, only half a catty per day. The people at the canteen exchange office added and subtracted for a long time, weighing more than 7 catties of large bones.

The color is dark red. At first glance, it looks like frozen meat that has been placed for a long time. There is no meat on it. I am afraid it can only be boiled in bone broth.

Fortunately, the rice noodles were well sealed. Although it was old rice, there were no worms. It was justifiable except for the taste.

Even so, this is already extremely rare in the last days.

A few ordinary people with white cards behind them looked at the pig bones in the bag, their eyes almost straightened, and their saliva secreted unconsciously.

Stew it casually, and eat it with bone broth. It is delicious, and only these distinguished power users can enjoy it.

Gu Yuanchao took the food from the staff, his handsome eyebrows frowned slightly, and he really looked down on these things.

It’s just that the food in his space can only last for three or four months at most, and the nutrient solution is about half a year. It seems that there is time to go outside the base to search for some food.

The market was full of people, selling everything.

The general cargo credit here is a green ticket marked with the words 1, 10, and 100 credits, which is somewhat similar to the RMB, and is printed by the base separately.

After the end of the world, the renminbi has long since become waste paper, the kind that no one picks up when thrown on the ground.

Gu Yuanchao and Bai Jing went shopping, exchanged more than 7 pounds of bones for 3 tickets of 100 points, and bought some household items and condiments for only 20 points.

What is the most expensive thing in the last days? Nature is a type of food.

Among the food, fruits and meat are the rarest. This is the first time I have seen someone exchange meat for things.

These 300 points were redeemed in the market after several stores, and several big bones were also divided up by several stall owners one by one.

If it weren’t for the fact that there were children in the family who were too greedy, I’m afraid these people would be reluctant.

In order to prevent the cabbage from wilting, the cabbage that was brought back was removed that night, washed clean, and fried a plate of hot and sour cabbage with cabbage.

The spiciness of the millet pepper is full, the cabbage is very tender, salty and sour, and it is very delicious.

After dinner, Gu Yuanchao looked at Bai Jing and said with a smile, “Ajing, close your eyes, I’ll cut your hair for you.”

“Yeah.” The boy sat obediently on the chair and raised his head slightly.

In order to practice shooting, Gu Yuanchao picked up the scissors he had just found at the market, and cut the broken hair on the boy’s forehead a bit shorter, revealing those beautiful brown eyes, so beautiful that one could hardly take their eyes off them.

The man watched it for a while, and he felt a sense of satisfaction in his heart. His Ah Jing should be so good, and he didn’t need to cover up.

The training ground of the third base was transformed from a playground, separated by iron nets.

In the apocalypse, in addition to those with offensive abilities such as fire and ice, others are essential to practice fighting and shooting, which is a necessary condition for killing zombies.

The training ground has to deduct 5 points per hour per person, which is really not cheap.

However, power users with blue cards can enjoy it for free, and only need to pay for the white scene.

After Gu Yuanchao paid 20 points, the two came to the training ground.

On the shooting range, Bai Jing was wearing an aqua blue corset training suit, with a slender figure, a slender waist, fair skin, and delicate facial features, which attracted the attention of all the supernatural beings present.

As for Gu Yuanchao, who was dressed in a black military uniform, tall, with perfect proportions, handsome and mature face, and powerful momentum, he also amazed everyone.

“Fuck, who is this, this beautiful boy?”

The yellow-haired fire-type ability user was almost stunned, he let go of the handsome boy who was holding his arms, and greedily watched Bai Jing’s appearance on the iron net.

This person’s name is Liu Dong. He used to be a street gangster. He often steals mobile phones and wallets. He has been in a detention center several times, and later he worked as a network administrator in an Internet cafe, barely making a living.

Unexpectedly, the day after the end of the world, he awakened the extremely aggressive fire-type ability, and he became prosperous in the base.

Money, power, and beauty, things that could never be achieved before, are now within easy reach, and he is simply grateful for the arrival of the end times.

What does the life and death of others have to do with him?

Liu Dong likes men, and even the cheapest MB used to despise him.

Now, the handsome young boy is free to choose, and he will change it in a few days.

However, when he saw the delicate-looking teenagers on the shooting range, he suddenly felt that all the vulgar fans he had seen before were not as good as the people in front of him.

The boy who was released by him was 18 years old this year. Looking at the white scene on the training ground, who was practicing shooting, there was a deep jealousy in his eyes.

The man next to him must have treated him very well. Just by looking at the training suit and the boy’s face, he knew that he was doing well, and he even brought him to shoot.

The man is also very handsome, with full marks in appearance and figure, full of momentum, and it is estimated that he is also a powerful ability user.

Why wasn’t he so lucky?

Compared with this handsome guy, Liu Dong next to him looks like a leprosy. But now he has to please the other party, otherwise some people will take this seat from him.

The boy looked at Liu Dong’s obsessive eyes looking at each other, and a deep crisis occurred in his heart.

However, he looked at the mature and handsome man, and felt that this was a good opportunity. Maybe he could try to seduce him.

How about a man who doesn’t steal fishy?

No matter how good-looking the young man is, he will be tired of facing the same face for a long time…

“… feet about shoulder-width apart, aimed at the bullseye, arms straight.”

Gu Yuanchao hugged Bai Jing’s waist from behind, lowered his head, raised his right arm, and corrected his shooting posture.

The teenagers have some foundation, but they are all acquired through the experience of killing zombies. Most of them are wild, and their posture is not standard enough.

The energy gun in Bai Jing’s hand has an auto-focus function, which will automatically zoom in on the target and locate it, which is relatively easy to master.

His right hand gripped the handle of the gun, and his index finger gently pulled the trigger into a ready-to-fire state.

At the same time, the right eye is aimed at the bullseye through the aiming instrument, and the trigger is pulled quickly——

Just listening to the sound of ‘bang’, the bullet hit the red heart, and the powerful force actually shot directly through the target!

“very good.”

Gu Yuanchao looked at the young man with a smile, and Bai Jing was also very excited.

This gun is so powerful, whether it is speed or power, it is the ultimate! And there is no strong recoil, which can maintain stability to the greatest extent.

Liu Dong’s eyes were almost straight.

He felt that the bullet was not on the target, but into his heart.

This boy was completely different from the little boys he had come into contact with.

The young man is not a delicate dodder, not only his appearance is blameless, but he also has a free and easy handsome and irresistible charm, so fascinated that his soul is lost.

Liu Dong combed his yellow hair, patted the ashes on his clothes, and couldn’t wait to go to the shooting range.

The boy named Yi Fan thought about it and followed.

“My name is Liu Dong. I’m a second-level fire-type ability user. Let’s get to know each other?”

Liu Dong flipped his hair thinking he was handsome, and smiled at Bai Jing, showing his yellow teeth.

Second-level ability users, or fire elements, are indeed relatively rare in the first year of the apocalypse.

In the past, as long as he showed his identity, those people would automatically post it, presumably this little beauty was no exception.

Bai Jing frowned and glanced at the other party. He originally ignored it, but he was really afraid of his identity, so he said lightly, “Bai Jing.”

“Hey, so your name is Bai Jing, what a good name.”

The young Qingyue’s voice made him even more excited, and he felt that this must be the other party’s refusal and welcome.

Liu Dong’s eyes were full of the beautiful young man in front of him, completely ignoring Gu Yuanchao’s cold eyes, with a lewd face | with a smile, he stepped forward to hold Bai Jing’s hand, but he was caught by a tall man the moment he made his move. Grab your wrist and fold it back sharply—


A terrifying giant force came, and along with Liu Dong’s painful howl, his left wrist drooped weakly, and it broke!

“Damn, it hurts to death, I’m **** your mother!!”

Liu Dong’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, his eyes turned fierce, and a flaming fireball suddenly appeared from his right hand and hurled it towards the two of them.

Bai Jing immediately rolled on the spot sharply, dodging the attack, while Gu Yuanchao circled behind the opponent at a speed that the naked eye couldn’t see clearly, and kicked him to the ground.


The wrist that was just injured hit the ground again, aggravating the injury. Liu Dong lay on the ground and roared in pain. In the next instant, his black military boots stepped on his neck, and his face slowly turned purple.

“I… I was wrong, please… let me go, I don’t dare to… covet your people, please… spare my life.”

Liu Dong shouted intermittently while panting in embarrassment.

With just a few moves, he knew that he was definitely not the opponent of the person in front of him.

This handsome man is simply too terrifying. Facing him is like a mayfly shaking a tree. Could it be that the other party has awakened his powers before the end of the world?

Gu Yuanchao lifted his foot and let go of the other party, and suddenly thought that if he was not there, this person would definitely bully Bai Jing, and he had murderous intentions for a while.

The white energy sword in his hand had been activated and was stopped in time by Bai Jing.

Liu Dong took the opportunity to crawl away from the shooting range, clutching his wrists, while Yi Fan, who was standing beside him, was already stunned.

This man is really scary…

Gu Yuanchao squinted his eyes slightly, glanced at the boy coldly, and spit out cold words from thin lips: “Go away.”

“Ah, yes, yes!”

Yi Fan tried his best to move his trembling legs and ran out frantically. He fell on the road and scratched his skin, but he didn’t dare to stop and ran away quickly.


After two weeks of training, Bai Jing has become very proficient in the use of energy guns. This kind of gun is quick to use and easy to operate. Coupled with the excellent eyesight of the teenager, it is almost a hundred shots under normal conditions.

The time is about to approach the one-month temporary residence period, and the payment will be made in eight days. This kind of suite requires 20 points per day, and 600 points per month, which is not cheap.

The two chose the task in the task bounty hall transformed from the auditorium.

Except for some tasks of tracing people and escorting important people to the base, other tasks are basically killing zombies or collecting supplies. There are several levels, and the rewards are different.

Zombies have crystal nuclei in their heads, which are things that can improve their abilities and are very important for abilities users.

In addition to the rewards for killing zombies, you can also get additional rewards for turning in zombie crystal cores.

Killing a first-level zombie will earn 5 points as a basic reward, and a first-level zombie core will be rewarded with 5 points, for a total of 10 points.

Killing level 2 zombies will give you 20 points as a basic reward and 30 points for level 2 zombie cores, for a total of 50 points.

Killing level 3 zombies totals 300 points, level 4 zombies earn 2,000 points, and killing level 5 zombies earns 15,000 points!

These generous rewards are enough to attract power users to go out to do tasks.

Bai Jing’s line of sight came to a task of collecting supplies. The difficulty is three stars, which is currently the most difficult task.

The task is to go to the large underground supermarket next to the city center of H city.

According to reliable sources, this supermarket collapsed due to an earthquake at the beginning of the end of the world. At that time, many staff members and a large number of customers did not have time to escape and were buried together underground.

Now H City is the worst-hit area for zombies. This supermarket is underground. It has not been discovered yet. There should be a lot of supplies in it.

The reward for completing the task is 2,000 points, and you can get an additional 1,000-3,000 points by handing in a sufficient amount of materials. The reward is very generous.

But at the same time, high returns also come with high risks. City H is already a land of dragons and tigers. It is estimated that many people in the supermarket have also become zombies. Now I don’t know what level it is.

Gu Yuanchao also saw this reward task, the two smiled at each other, and told the staff that they planned to take up this task.

The staff gave them a surprised look.

This task is very difficult. Only three people from the two teams who went out before came back. One was killed on the spot by the zombie infection, and the other two were also seriously injured, and they are still receiving treatment.

The cards of these two people are still temporary, indicating that they have only been at the base for less than a month. Are they really qualified for this task?

The staff verified the abilities of the two, and they straightened their faces when they saw the space ability. The space of 50 cubic meters was indeed urgently needed for the mission.

“The mission application is approved, and another team will set off with you at 9 am two days later, please be prepared.”

“Okay, thank you.”


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