God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 99

Before she finished speaking, a black shadow came from the ceiling like the wind, sharp nails cut her side neck, and blood spurted out.

Guan Yue covered her neck in pain, and fled forward with her hands and feet frantically, while the zombies giggled strangely behind her, and her sharp fingernails scratched a few scars on her body from time to time. Listening to the girl’s terrified screams, it seemed extremely Enjoy the thrill of teasing your prey.

The wounds on Guan Yue’s neck and body were not fatal, but they caused her great pain.

The blood in her body was continuously draining, and her face became extremely pale. She reached out to grab the shelf in front of her, but fell weakly to the ground.

But even so, she did not dare to stop, and crawled forward laboriously with both hands clinging to the ground, leaving bloodstains on the ground.

Yu Kai and Qiao Lan, who were in charge of protecting Guan Yue, were not far from her. When they heard the news, they rushed over immediately. Qiao Lan put Guan Yue on his back.

Yu Kai gritted his teeth and threw out the fireballs in his hand, splashing fire, but he didn’t even touch the corner of the zombie’s clothes.

What level of zombie is this, the speed is simply too fast!

The zombies lied on the ceiling and ‘hoho’ laughed a few times, as if mocking the other party’s uselessness, and then waved and threw a few ice blades.


The ice blade like a sharp sword penetrated Yu Kai’s arms and calf instantly. The severe pain made him roar, and he fell to the ground in an embarrassment, and it was impossible to lift his limbs.

‘Ice powers! ’

Bai Jing’s expression was solemn. After eating so many abilities, this zombie really evolved abilities, and its level has reached level six!

Level 6 zombies!

This is absolutely invincible in the early days of the end of the world, and the highest level I have heard so far is only four.

I am afraid that the surviving power users did not know its level at all, otherwise the base would not send them here again, and any power users would have no chance of surviving against this sixth-level zombie.

“This is a level six zombie, go!”

Bai Jing protected everyone to retreat, shooting from time to time to block each other’s movements to buy more time for people.

In order to escape, everyone threw their backpacks full of food aside, just to buy a few more seconds, how ironic.

If he could have left sooner just now, this might not have happened.

Yang Wenshuo and Gu Yuanchao quickly came to Yu Kai’s side, one carried Yu Kai on his back, and the other pulled out an energy sword to compete with the level-6 zombies.

The dazzling white light lit up, the energy sword was activated, Gu Yuanchao shot like electricity, and the sound of breaking the sky sounded, and even the sixth-level zombies with copper ribs and iron bones were afraid of the sword light.

The white sword light was overwhelming, and Gu Yuanchao’s speed was no less than the opponent’s. One person and one zombie chased me for a while. With the sword of ‘Shu’, a finger of the sixth-level zombie was cut off, which completely angered it.

The sixth-level zombie screamed fiercely and turned into a black shadow and rushed forward.

At this time, it no longer wants to tease these prey, and wants to kill them all!

Qiao Lan was about to join the army with Guan Yue, who was already unconscious, when suddenly a lightning strike hit from the air, and she fell to the ground paralyzed.

And Guan Yue on his back was also thrown to one side, his neck was pierced by a zombie, and he completely lost his vitality.

This sixth-level zombie turned out to be a dual-type ability of thunder and ice!

A strong sense of crisis struck, lying on the ground Qiao Lan suddenly rolled on the ground, blocking the **** mouth of the sixth-level zombie with a dagger.

The protruding fangs were only an inch away from the neck, her arms burst out with blue veins, and the silver teeth were clenched tightly, and she could feel the stench coming from her face.

At the critical moment, the energy glowing with white light slashed violently, and the sixth-level zombie immediately released its prey and rushed towards the crowd at the door.

Yang Wenshuo carried the weak Yu Kai on his back and ran desperately forward. A gust of wind suddenly came from behind, mixed with the unique stench of zombies. He immediately swayed Yu Kai on his back into a hug, and then slammed into his arms. The ground rolled to escape the ice blade’s attack.

Gu Yuanchao followed closely, and the sixth-level zombies ran extremely fast, and they reached the entrance of the supermarket in a blink of an eye.

Many people were running in the direction of the underground passage. They were very fortunate that they had escaped the catastrophe. Unexpectedly, a large lightning strike came from the air, and they suddenly fell to the ground paralyzed by the hit.

Bai Jing rolled on the spot to avoid the lightning strike. Unexpectedly, several ice blades attacked the crowd, and he was shattered one by one with his energy gun.

Everyone was stunned, what kind of speed and marksmanship was this!

The ice blade turned into shattered ice crystals and fell from the air, and the sixth-level zombie roared and rushed straight towards Bai Jing.

There was no fear in the boy’s eyes, the energy gun in his hand was aimed at the figure that came in a flash, and he quickly pulled the trigger.

The two snipers also cooperated to shoot, and the six-level zombie had to change its shape in the air. It lay on the ceiling and looked at the white scene fiercely.

If it wasn’t for this person, it would have killed these prey long ago!

Bai Jing looked at Yang Wenshuo, quickly made a ‘you go first’ gesture, and surrounded the sixth-level zombies with Gu Yuanchao.

Yang Wenshuo gritted his teeth, now Guan Yue is dead, Yu Kai is seriously injured, Huang Tianhao’s ability has not recovered, it is even more impossible for the sergeants to fight against the sixth-level zombies, and staying here is also a hindrance.

It’s just that the sixth-level zombies are so powerful, in case the two of them are lost—

Yang Wenshuo clenched his fists with both hands and felt remorse in his heart.

As the captain, he should have ordered everyone to leave immediately when Bai Jing issued a warning, instead of hesitating and missing the best chance to escape!

It’s all his fault.

If something happened to the two of them, he would feel guilty for the rest of his life.

Gu Yuanchao kicked away the level-6 zombies that rushed over, and in the next instant avoided the rapidly attacking ice blades, and said indifferently to the people behind him: “Don’t leave, stay here to find death?!”

Yang Wenhao was shocked. Now is not the time to regret. As the captain, he must fulfill his responsibilities.

He handed the Yu Kai on his back to Huang Tianhao and whispered: “Retreat immediately! Qiao Lan and the sergeants go outside to clean up the zombies, and two snipers and I are in the rear.”

Everyone responded, and their hearts were also filled with remorse.

If they had listened to the boy’s orders earlier, they would have escaped long ago, and they would have been able to take away the materials in their backpacks.

It’s all because they are too greedy. Now that the Bamboo Basket is empty, they even put the two of Bai Jing in danger!

Especially that team of soldiers, can’t wait to slap themselves a few times.

Along the way, Bai Jing saved them several times, but they did not follow the advice of the savior at the critical moment.

Seeing that his prey was about to escape, the sixth-level zombie roared and wanted to pursue, but was blocked by Yang Wenshuo’s ice wall.

Gu Yuanchao’s sword light came suddenly, it could only watch the crowd retreat unwillingly, incompetent and furious.

Qiao Lan came to the ground along the underground passage, and several zombies wandering beside the vehicle rushed over immediately, and she cut off their heads with a wind blade.

Before the zombies gathered, everyone quickly got into the car, slammed on the accelerator and rushed out.

The zombies who smelled the smell of living people by the road quickly gathered, the gunshots rang out, and the sergeants with tears in their eyes shot them in the head like crazy.

“Fuck you, die for me—!”

The team leader Hu Kun had a ruthless look on his face, stood on the console, and aimed the barrel of the armored off-road vehicle at the zombie in front of him.

Just listening to a loud noise that was enough to smash the eardrums, a hole was blown out on the road, all the zombies around were blown into pieces, the heads were crushed, and the ground was covered with a layer, and the stench was particularly pungent. .


After confirming that they were far away, Gu Yuanchao led the zombies to the outside. There were too many shelves in the supermarket, and the space was small, making it difficult to display.

And this sixth-level zombie also wants to go out.

Before, a team of power users desperately sealed it in this supermarket, but it knew that it was the king of zombies outside, and could lead countless low-level zombies!

At that point, it will be able to take its revenge.

These two **** ability users, it must torment them, tearing their flesh to pieces bit by bit!

The six-level zombie Jie Jie laughed a few times, licked the blood from the corner of his mouth, and was excited for the two of them to find their own way.

Gu Yuanchao pulled Bai Jing to the ground through the underground passage, and the sixth-level zombie jumped out, jumped onto a building, and let out a low hoarse roar from his throat.

This is a voice that only zombies can understand.

Hearing this roar, the zombies on the road gathered here one after another, and made more roars, calling for their companions.

After a while, densely packed zombies poured in like a tide from both sides of the street, and it was impossible to see the edge at a glance.

Bai Jing even wondered if all the zombies in H City were summoned by this level 6 zombie, because the number of these zombies has reached an astonishing level, and the zombie tide is not so scary.

With just the two of them, even if they die from exhaustion, they can’t kill so many zombies!

But even so, Bai Jing didn’t feel nervous, it seemed that he had 100% trust in the man beside him.

He looked at Gu Yuanchao, who smiled reassuringly and pressed the space button on his chest.

In an instant, a silver-white mecha with a height of 20 meters appeared on the ground. Every inch of the mecha was smooth to the extreme. Under the sunlight, it showed a bright metallic color, which was called the most perfect artwork.

Gu Yuan stretched out his hand towards the boy, Bai Jing smiled and put his hand in the man’s big hand, and the two entered the cockpit.

The silver-white mecha soared into the sky, ejecting defensive shields toward both sides of the road, while the gun barrel on the rear shoulder stood upright, and twenty-four high-energy particle cannons were fired in different directions—

The huge explosion sounded, and the super-strong energy wave swept away all the zombies on the road in an instant, blasting all the minced meat into ashes, leaving only the hard zombie crystal cores sprinkled on the ground, as if left on the ground. Pearls in dust.

The mocking smile of the sixth-level zombie froze, turned into a black shadow and quickly fled to the back, attacking the opponent with lightning strikes and ice blades while escaping.

The silver-white mecha arrived like a stream of light, easily dodging its tricks, chopped off its shoulders with a wave of the long sword, and chopped off its head with another wave!

In front of the S-class mecha ‘Silver Light’, the sixth-level zombies have no power to fight back.


Bai Jing looked at Gu Yuanchao with bright eyes. He didn’t know why, but he liked this mecha very much when he saw it, and the feeling of sitting in the passenger seat was familiar.

Gu Yuanchao looked at the boy dotingly, “If you like it, this seat will always belong to you.”

The co-pilot of ‘Silver Light’ will always be Bai Jing alone, and there will never be a second person.

Put away the six-level zombie crystal core, the mecha flew into the air again, moved forward, and continuously fired high-energy particle cannons to the ground. Soon all the zombies on the entire road were cleaned up, leaving only a thick layer. ash.

The wings behind the mecha whipped up a gust of wind, blowing the dust away. Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao began to pick up zombie crystal cores with gloves on.

There were too many crystal cores. After picking them up for a while, the two simply gave up on the first-level crystal cores and chose the second- and third-level crystal cores. The rest will be collected by the base.

Bai Jing’s current ability has just reached the second level, and the first-level crystal core is no longer useful.

After picking up hundreds of second- and third-level zombie crystal cores, the two rested for a while and re-entered the underground supermarket.

There were a lot of biscuits, instant noodles, candy, chocolate and other items on the shelves in front, and Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao came to the beverage area.

I put a lot of mineral water and other drinks into the space, and then came to the grain and oil area.

After cleaning up all the unopened rice, millet, black rice, sorghum rice, beans, etc., they went to the freezing area.

It is also good to make quick-frozen dumplings, dumplings and other income space, as well as some fat beef rolls and mutton rolls as hot pot.

After the collection, the two found a cold storage at the back of the supermarket.

Frozen meat can be stored for 10-12 months below -18 degrees. Now is the first year of the end of the world. These meats are still edible, but the freshness is not very good.

But it doesn’t matter, the technology of interstellar food storage is much more advanced. These meats can be put into the storage room in the space button and can quickly restore their fresh taste.

The meat in the cold storage is even more abundant. Most of the beef Gu Yuanchao chose, and the pork only selected relatively good parts such as pork rib and pork tenderloin, and the bones are used for soup.

Later, they took some daily necessities, which are the parts they kept.

As for the ones handed over to the base, he casually swept a few rows of food shelves.

Anyway, the zombies on the road have almost been cleaned up, and the base can remove the rest by itself.

Before leaving, they picked up all the backpacks left by everyone, as well as the clothes and nameplates of the power users who died before.

As for Guan Yue, she has already started to become a zombie. Gu Yuanchao had no choice but to kill him and take off the nameplate on her chest.

The silver-white mecha turned into a streamer and flew into the air, flying towards the base at a speed that could not be seen by the naked eye.


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