Great Celestial Master Chapter 10

LAN carefully exercised restraint and asked his hand to untie the buttons not to shake, to be calm and elegant, but the slight shaking revealed his restlessness. When he untied his clothes to the fourth button, he heard Siyang say stop. Although subconsciously relieved, but inexplicably feel some pity.

Siyang, who was playing with the quicksand in his hand, didn’t notice LAN Jingxiu’s look. After the delicate white sand powder in his hand gradually turned into a silver with a trace of gold under the constant rubbing of his fingertips, Si Yang looked up at LAN Jingxiu and said, “I’ll use this to draw an array on your body and draw it on your heart. In the future, every breath and every circulation of your blood will pass through this array. When your breath gradually integrates with it, this array will independently balance the Yin and evil spirit in your body.”

Si Yang said and smiled at him: “Although this array can balance the Yin and evil spirits in your body, it can restrain the Yin and evil spirits for you when it is completely integrated with your breath. In the future, if you contact people and live in a place for a long time, you will no longer be affected by the Yin and evil spirits, but the premise is that you can’t stop the vitality in your body, and you can’t be a little evil in the future. Once you double the bite of the Yin and evil spirits because of your evil deeds, this array will Direct collapse. At that time, those who suppress you will burst up directly. At that time, it’s useless for the person who continues your life to instill more vitality into you. ”

Siyang kept rubbing the quicksand in his hand until it was a faint red. “You think clearly. Everything has two sides. You can regret it now.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded, “I don’t regret it.” From birth to now, in order to let him live, the people around him have sacrificed too much. He didn’t dare to say anything else, but one thing he had a clear conscience was that he had never done anything bad.

Sister gave him everything she could, instilled vitality into him every month, and removed the Yin evil for him. She didn’t let the Yin evil become stronger and stronger with age completely cover the vitality in his body, and did everything she could do and ask for. If just not doing evil can keep him in a balanced state and make his sister easier, how can he regret this kind of thing.

Hearing what LAN Jinxiu said, Si Yang nodded: “although there is a saying that a good man’s life is short, if you do more good things, you will always be rewarded. So do more good deeds. The sins you suffer in this life are all the sins of your previous life. Maybe you will be a person with long life and good fortune in your next life.”

LAN Jinxiu stood very close to Siyang, so close that he could smell the slight fragrance from him, see the delicate white skin as porcelain, and his eyes softened when he heard his enlightened words: “can you see my next life?”

“No.” Then Siyang added: “the Yin Sha is black. You are covered with Yin Sha. In fact, what I see is a black man. I can’t see your facial features clearly. How can I see your next life?”

LAN Jingxiu suddenly froze. No, no, it’s dark? So his image in Siyang’s eyes is so black that he can’t see his facial features clearly?! It’s not good for LAN Jin to repair the picture unconsciously constructed in his brain!

Si Yang obviously felt LAN Jingxiu’s sudden stiffness, and then couldn’t help laughing: “tease you, you really believe it.”

LAN Jinxiu’s ears, which were hard to cool down, began to heat up again.

With the red quicksand in his hand, Si Yang opened LAN Jingxiu’s clothes on his chest: “I’m going to start painting. It’ll hurt a little. Bear it.”


Tingling? Maybe so, but LAN Jinxiu can’t feel it anymore. His whole body’s perception is constantly touching the slender finger on his chest skin, which is a hundred times more exciting than just undoing the button. Under the influence of this stimulation, he can’t even brush out the slightest sense of existence.

Si Yang didn’t stop until his chest suddenly became hot: “well, these two days are the integration of arrays. You will feel cold and hot. After the integration of arrays, it will be a part of your body. As long as you don’t die, this array can also be your amulet. If you encounter fatal danger or go to some extremely Yin places, the array will remind you.”

This array is the simplest combination of yin and Yang. However, Siyang has made some improvements on the basis of the original array. Without talking about the root cause, it is the most suitable thing for LAN Jinxiu.

LAN Jinxiu couldn’t help looking down, but there was nothing on his chest. Si Yang asked with a smile, “do you want to see what the array looks like?”

“Is that ok?”

Si Yang directly touched LAN Jingxiu’s chest with his fingertips: “look.”

A brilliant color of red with gold appeared in his heart. At first glance, it looked a bit like a Tai Chi diagram, but what was painted in the circle was not the separation of yin and Yang, but a very strange rune. It looked like a complete body, but at a glance, it could see the clear boundary between the left and right.

As soon as Siyang’s fingertips loosened, the rune disappeared. LAN Jingxiu reached out and touched it, but no pattern appeared. Sure enough, he gave him something he couldn’t see or touch. However, LAN Jinxiu sincerely said to Siyang, “thank you. You helped my sister twice. Now you have given me such a precious thing. Our brother and sister really owe you more and more.”

Si Yang put the remaining quicksand into a small porcelain vase. He looked up at LAN Jinxiu and said with a smile: “the first time I didn’t help your sister. The family was my classmate’s family. I just helped my classmate. The second time and now, we all talked about the price, so we never owe each other.” Then he handed him the small porcelain vase in his hand: “your sister should be able to draw the amulet by herself. Give this to her and let her mix it with cinnabar when drawing the amulet. It’s the only thing in the world. If you still want it, you can come to me and buy it.”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t refuse, and reached out to take over: “thank you. Although you’ve been saying that money and goods are clear, the things involved behind are really not that money can be settled. Although my sister and I are LAN’s family, we are actually despised.”

“Because of the evil spirit on you?”

Monk LAN Jin: “Yes or no, although our father is the LAN family, he is only a branch close to the LAN family. Later, in order to stay with the mother of ordinary people, he went out of the house directly. Later, he was secretly murdered because of the previous generation. This is the case with me. If my sister had not been accepted as an apprentice by the LAN family because of her great talent, I would have been a long time ago Just because Yin Sha is dead, I don’t know what will happen to my sister now. Although my sister has talent, she has been very hard because of my drag these years. Fortunately, she has a good master and benefits me. Therefore, if master Shang has any accident, the LAN family will have no place for my sister. ”

LAN Jinxiu looked at Si Yang very seriously: “although there may be nothing we can do to help you in Xuanmen, I still have some ability in the secular world, so if you have any trivial and troublesome things in the future, just ask me to run errands for you.”

Siyang chuckled: “my errand boy is not so easy to be.”

LAN Jinxiu also raised his mouth slightly: “I work hard.”

Since LAN Jinxiu now has an array in his body to balance yin and evil, Feng Shui here naturally needs to be changed. However, Si Yang is really not good at this kind of thing. He just thought Feng Shui was very interesting at the beginning, so he read several books but didn’t study it in depth, so he reminded LAN Jinxiu, but didn’t intervene.

Then LAN Jinxiu took Siyang to the building next door and went around. He decided to take it on the spot. He bought a house. Because of an extra sum of LAN Jingxiu’s extra money, Siyang had nearly 10 million left. At the time of house decoration, he still had the balance to stay in the hotel.

Although Si Yang himself is not a pleasure seeking person, he also grew up with rich clothes and food. Since he can remember, he has been raised by his master, practiced the most advanced skills, used the best spiritual tools, wore the most expensive clothes, and ate the most rich and pure food. In addition, Wushan mountain is rich in resources. It is one of the richest places in the whole immortal cultivation world. It is used to living in dignity and being used to it. When conditions permit, it will not wrong itself.

In the past 20 years of rebirth, although the soul mansion could not be opened due to the limitation of cultivation in the first 10 years, I lived a simple life with my grandfather for ten years, but I didn’t wear warm clothes and starve. Later, even if the soul mansion could be opened, there were countless natural materials and earth treasures in the soul mansion. Just one or two could let him live a luxurious life in the world, but Si Yang thought it was boring.

Maybe the ten years of plain let him also experience some mortal fun. Although he has regained his cultivation, he can’t go back to some places, and it’s not necessary to keep up with the past. Those external things are better sometimes. It’s not uncommon to follow grandpa up the mountain to dig wild vegetables when they don’t.

But unfortunately, his grandfather’s life is average and can’t afford too many blessings, so even if he has the ability to make his grandfather’s old age better, he still hasn’t done anything. He can also prolong grandpa’s life, but this life exceeds his original life, which is consuming the good fortune of the next life. Therefore, Si Yang accompanied his grandpa through the whole life in a small village.

After grandpa left, Siyang spent more than seven days for the old man. With the blessings of several generations, his grandpa will be a very rich and noble life in the next life, which can be regarded as a love between grandparents and grandchildren in this life.

When there was no grandpa in that small village, there was no place for Siyang to miss, so he was homeless in the first summer vacation without grandpa and had to live in a hotel.

After replying to several condolences from his roommates, Si Yang went to take a shower. He decided that there must be a special room in the new house. He paved a bath with jade. He hasn’t had a comfortable bath for many years. In a few days, he will clean up some usable jade from the soul house. With his own house, the quality of life will be improved slowly.

Take out a few cups, and Siyang makes a pot of tea. The light aura rises slowly with the opening of the tea. Siyang gently blew the floating leaves and took a sip. It wasn’t the tea made by Wushan Lingquan. Even the taste was a little weak. He was regretting that he heard the door knocked.


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