Great Celestial Master Chapter 100

In a teahouse outside yufeixiangyuan community, Tiantian Baijing and the agent are sitting in a small compartment separated only by flowerpots and plants. Although the teahouse has private rooms, they can’t afford to use them as they are. Although the place where yufeixiang garden is located is not the military compound, it is definitely not rich or expensive to live in such a villa area where a flower pot can kill a senior official. Although Bai Jing has a small fortune, she can’t be compared with the real rich. Therefore, although she is a public figure, she can only sit in such a cubicle without making a reservation in advance.

Agent Xu Shuo poured Bai Jing a cup of tea and said to her, “this teahouse is opened by the youngest son of the Wang family.”

Bai Jing said, “is it the Wang’s house next to fei’er?”

Xu Shuo nodded. Fei’er is a small second-line in the circle and has a good reputation, but her acting skills are hard to say. She looks really good. The key is that she is original, has a variety of skills and can be opened. However, she has a boyfriend with a hard background. Various resources hold her. In order to avoid being criticized for her acting skills, from her debut to now, all film and television resources are tailored for her, and try to follow the pure and cold wind, so that she doesn’t need much expression.

This phenanthrene can also be regarded as a person. She probably knows what kind of girl her boyfriend likes. She can disguise herself very well, both on the table and in private. Originally, they had nothing to do with the film and television and music. But two years ago, when a play was about to start shooting, Phil’s boyfriend had a car accident. This TV series and her accident boyfriend who can bring more resources to her know which important fool, so Phil broke the contract temporarily, and the crew can’t do anything about her.

The director and Xu Shuo were good friends, and Bai Jing’s temperament was also in line with the female owner of the play. At that time, Bai Jing didn’t have a plan for a new album. Out of the help of her friends and the desire to transform Bai Jing, she agreed at that time.

Who knows that the TV play became popular. It won the Chinese Diva award a few years ago and established Bai Jing’s position in the music circle. Now it has won a reputation in the film and television circle. This time, it is even more red and purple. Therefore, backstage of an award party, two women who had never met before met met met met, although Feier smiled with her, But that smile is a smile with a knife in it.

Later, several endorsements were amputated, and the person who amputated the beard happened to be fei’er, which was a complete feud. Unfortunately, Feier has a boyfriend with a hard background, while Bai Jing has only one agent with rich contacts in the circle, so she can only avoid all kinds of obstacles. Fortunately, she does not rely entirely on the film and television industry. Fei Er in the music industry has not been able to intervene, which will not break all her roads.

Therefore, although Bai Jing doesn’t have a good impression on the Wang family, she has to lament the benefits of power and power.

Xu Shuo said: “but this is the Third Master of the Wang family who opens the teahouse, and the one fei’er is close to is just an uncle and nephew of the Wang family. If only there were channels to get to know each other.”

Bai Jing glanced at him, and Xu Shuo shrugged innocently: “make a friend. Know more friends and more ways.”

At this time, a young girl wearing a white short hair shawl and a long white skirt attracted their eyes. They sat right next to the window and could see the main road outside. When the young girl appeared, they had a sense of trance that they had crossed the millennium, as if they had seen a real lady in ancient times.

The next moment, seeing the little guy in the girl’s arms, they were even more uneasy. That was the template she passed to Siyang to make a puppet for the ghost fox.

Holding the ghost fox from the dream, I saw Bai Jing at a glance. After thanking the waiter for the service, I went directly to the cubicle.

Bai Jing and Xu Shuo quickly occupied it and nodded to them from their dream: “this is your ghost fox.”

I touched the little snow fox in my arms from my dream, He gave it to Bai Jing: “the master said that although there is a puppet, the ghost fox is a Yin thing. If Miss Bai wants to get along with it day and night, she should go to the Buddhist temple to worship and remove the Yin Qi regularly. The cultivation of the ghost fox has been exhausted, but it has become a fine thing, and the harm must be there. If the ghost fox kills people’s lives again, she will be directly terrified. I hope you two remember.”

Bai Jing quickly hugs Xiaobai and touches it with slightly red eyes. Almost, they will never see it again.

From the dream: “the ghost fox has been handed over to you. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go first.”

Xu Shuo quickly shouted, “wait!”

Looking back at him from the dream, Xu Shuo almost said, “I don’t know what you call?”

From the dream, he looked a little cold: “what’s the matter?”

Xu Shuo said: “well… Your appearance conditions are very good. I wonder if you are interested in entering the entertainment industry?”

From the dream smell speech hook lips shallow smile: “sorry, not interested.” Then he turned and left.

Xu Shuo said with some pity, “it’s so beautiful, or so discriminative. If you can make it well, it will definitely make a big fire.”

Bai Jing is addicted to Xiaobai’s return at this time. Especially after so many years, she finally touches Xiaobai with temperature. Where else can she manage.

In addition to Xu Shuo, from the dream, he also entered the eyes of another person in the teahouse. A young man in the elegant seat on the second floor called the manager downstairs: “do you know the girl who just came in with the dog?”

The manager hurriedly said, “although the lady just came to the teahouse for the first time, she should be a nearby resident. I’ve seen her around here twice, but I don’t know exactly who she is. I’ll ask you if you need it?”

Wang Zhengcheng nodded and said, “then go and inquire about it. Remember to keep quiet.”

The manager answered quickly.

Wang Zhengcheng leaned against the windowsill, looked at the door of the teahouse and sighed. Such a beautiful girl, he should have gone directly to ask for a phone just now. What a pity.

After coming back from the dream, Si Yang gave an explanation and went into the house to do other things. Si Yang looked at her more and shook his head helplessly. The untimely peach blossoms will only wither and bloom.

The heavy rain in Zhongdu has been falling for three days without stopping. As long as there are potential safety hazards in the places affected by the explosion, all buildings must be demolished and rebuilt, and dihan building with all damaged foundations is one of the reconstruction projects. Although the state will certainly give some help to the losses caused by this natural disaster, it is impossible to rebuild a building for you. Ordinary residents of the country will certainly properly deal with the aftermath, but this kind of commercial building, enterprises themselves have to bear most of it.

Therefore, in the past of this disaster, the losses of the LAN family can be said to be heavy. Coupled with the continuous sharp decline of stocks, this year is extremely unlucky. What’s more unfortunate is that two responsible persons were changed successively. Later, the elder of the LAN family came forward and directly bought back the shares with family funds. The whole LAN family was completely included in the family business and handed over to the special person of the family to take care of it in the future. Therefore, the current loss is no longer a personal loss, but the loss of the whole LAN family.

Before, LAN Jingxiu’s plate was spread out very large, and almost everything involved in making money, but he was born with that fortune. As long as he was involved in the project, he must only make money and not lose money. Now Lan’s family is in the hands of the LAN family and has suffered such losses. It intends to reduce the project and cut off all the projects that earn less and make less profits at present. So invisible, LAN’s also shrunk a lot.

However, this is not the only enterprise in the LAN family. Other enterprises are operating fairly well, so they have not been hurt by the disaster in Zhongdu, but it is enough to hurt them.

But all this has nothing to do with LAN Jingxiu. His timely withdrawal is a slap in the face for the LAN family, which has become a thorn in their eye. And the first one they cut was LAN Yuzhuo.

The secret service department is a government unit. Although it has a special nature, it essentially serves the people and is limited by the control of the state. It is also a button and interdependent relationship between Xuanmen and ordinary people. This dependence is also reflected in the provision of resources by major families to seek an experienced and reasonable identity for their children in the country.

It is precisely because of the resources jointly provided by the major families and some resources controlled by the state that the welfare of the secret service department is considerable. In recent years, it has also attracted many grass-roots heavenly masters, which is more convenient for the state to control this special force. This year, however, the LAN family put forward an excessive request, that is, the LAN family does not raise white eyed wolves, so the resources they provide will never include LAN Yuzhuo. They even put pressure on the secret service to drive her out of the secret service.

People in the circle basically know about the LAN family and the brother and sister. Although the outside world has different views on this matter, the secret service department will not refuse such a large family for one of them, and it is not such a gifted Heavenly Master. Therefore, Zhou Qin is the most stressed at this time.

LAN Yuzhuo used to be a member of three groups, so she didn’t follow him from the beginning, but she has been in the same group for nearly a year or two, and everyone gets along well. Now as a member of his group, he asked him to push LAN Yuzhuo out. He couldn’t do it by himself. However, if you want to preserve the lanyuzhuo, in addition to the pressure from the top, it will also affect the welfare of others, which is unfair to others, so this is really a dilemma.

Although LAN Yuzhuo’s master is Shang Qishui, the talisman master is not a talisman printer, so he can’t provide the talisman consumption of the whole secret service department. For the pressure given by the LAN family, Shang Qishui can only blow his beard and stare and want to call LAN Yuzhuo back. Anyway, he has accumulated a lot of things over the years, and it’s still no problem to support the cultivation of an apprentice.

But let Yuzhuo leave by himself. Isn’t he afraid of his LAN family? He can’t swallow it again! If he didn’t leave, he would only embarrass others. He was sorry again.

Finally, LAN Yuzhuo didn’t want to embarrass his former colleagues and left the secret service department by himself. In the past, she worked hard in the secret service department because she couldn’t get pills at LAN’s house. She could only exchange points from the Department. Now her brother doesn’t need the elixir anymore, so she will practice it slowly in the future, and brother Siyang gave his brother a spirit bead. When the farm is completed, she will move to the farm. There is Reiki cultivation, which is much better than elixir.

Although the idea is good, when the lifestyle forms a habit, if the sudden change cannot be adjusted and adapted, the whole person will become empty and ineffective.

Later, when Shan Hexuan came to Siyang’s house to have dinner with Shen ran, he knew a group of movements during this period. Seeing that Lan Yuzhuo was obviously very concerned but pretended to be indifferent, he said, “are you interested in coming to group two?”

LAN Yuzhuo was stunned and then shook his head: “no, the second group is also the secret service department. At that time, the LAN family will be under the same pressure.”

Shan Hexuan said, “I mean external employment, but I think you know what conditions the second group is, but we are really short of people. If you have this idea, come on. As for the LAN family, the resources of the second group never depend on the top.”

Both of them are a group of grassroots heavenly masters. Even if there are aristocratic families, they come from small families. The resources they get from those big families every year really need to be liquidated, and they really don’t have their share. The secret service department is not only the two groups of Zhongdu. There are branches all over the country, so it is inevitable to have some tendencies.

Si Yang didn’t know much about the internal situation of their secret service department. Hearing the speech, he said strangely: “it’s the same secret service department. Aren’t you a bowl of water?”

Shen ran, who was holding the tender corn, was most concerned about this. After all, Dan Hexuan was two times to his poor eye, so he had forgotten what he wanted to make complaints about.

Shan Hexuan quickly covered him, and said, “according to the personnel, the national resources are divided according to the number of people, while the resources of several major family sects are divided according to the family children in the group, which is very fair.”

LAN Yuzhuo smiled and said: “Brother Si Yang, you don’t know. In the past, there were three groups in the Secret Service Department of Zhongdu. One group was established first and is regarded as the oldest. Therefore, most of those who entered the secret service department prefer the first group, and the third group has the best treatment conditions, because the captain of the three groups is a tool refiner, and there are many talisman and Dan pharmacists in Xuanmen. After all, there are still those conditions for cultivation, but the tool refiner is too good Less, it’s rare for one to become a talent. Naturally, it becomes a treasure, and the second group is the grass-roots Heavenly Master. However, if the grass-roots Heavenly Master has the ability to point, it will also be absorbed by the first group and the third group, so it’s not easy for the second group to survive. ”

One side of Shangqi waterway: “Yuzhuo, if you go to group 2, I’ll provide you with high-level runes in the future.” It can’t provide the whole secret service department. It’s still no problem to provide a small second group. After all, they are really few, and there are only about thirty or forty people. Which is like a group, in addition to expatriates who are not in the group, there are nearly 200 people.

LAN Yuzhuo didn’t directly agree. He probably had some scruples about the LAN family. He just said, “I’ll think about it again. I’ll just take advantage of now to rest and adjust.”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t comment on this. The way of life is always his own choice. He doesn’t want to and doesn’t need to interfere with Yuzhuo’s life.

Si Yang only asked casually about the service policy of the secret service department, and did not intend to go deep into it. However, there was one thing he wanted to ask: “how much do you know about the devil forest on Haiwei island?”

LAN Yuzhuo was puzzled and looked at Siyang, while Shang Qishui and Shan Hexuan subconsciously stopped. LAN Jingxiu’s eyes flashed slightly, and then pretended to look at him casually: “why suddenly ask Haiwei Island, do you want to travel?”

Si Yang said: “Feng Zhengming invited me to the devil forest, so I want to know some secrets of the devil forest in advance. After all, many secret files cannot be found by the outside world.”

LAN Jinxiu tried his best to hide the killing intention at that moment by carrying a bowl of soup.


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