Great Celestial Master Chapter 101

Just a few days ago, when the continuous heavy rain had just stopped, at the repeated invitation of Feng Zhengming, Si Yang went out to meet him. He also wanted to see what the purpose of the man was.

After the meeting, Feng Zhengming didn’t try again. He directly said that the previous attempts were to evaluate his strength and to cooperate with him.

In the devil forest on Haiwei Island, there is a treasure left by a former monk. In recent years, the state has sent people to look for it, but the devil forest is full of dangers, and many heavenly masters have been damaged. However, he has a map in his hand, but Feng Zhengming dare not guarantee that he can retreat alone. At this time, he learned of his existence, so Feng Zhengming moved his mind.

Si Yang also looked at the map and drew it very succinctly, but the material of the map is not ordinary paper, but a material for refining tools, which proves that Feng Zhengming’s words should not be false, or not all of them should be false.

However, Si Yang did not rashly agree. He was never careless to people who were inferior to him by virtue of his accomplishments. It was not uncommon for him to capsize a ship in the gutter in the immortal world. There were also a group of base building friars who killed Yuanying friars, so just think about it. So now several Xuanmen old people are here, just ask and know more.

Hearing that Si Yang mentioned the devil forest on Haiwei Island, Shang Qishui and Shan Hexuan who knew about it didn’t know what to say for a moment, Finally, Shang Qishui said: “According to the rumor, there is a dragon vein separated from China on Haiwei island. In those days, Haiwei island also belonged to China. There was a Xuanmen aristocratic family guarding there, but later I don’t know why. Overnight, all the people in that aristocratic family disappeared, and the huge ancient house was empty. The file recording this matter also wrote that the kitchen in the ancient house was still in the morning As for the fresh dishes just received, the first group of people who entered the house to investigate also saw several steaming tea cups on the table in the front hall, and several gorgeous cloth in the room were still on the table, just like people were picking cloth and cutting clothes before they disappeared. There was still a smell of human existence in the whole house, but all the strange ones disappeared and none remained. ”

LAN Yuzhuo heard this for the first time, holding the fruit after dinner and listening to it with great concentration. Xiaofuzi, who acted exactly like her, was also like listening to the play, and his face was full of amazement without blinking. Shen ran leaned against Shan Hexuan’s arm with an apple in his arms and forgot to chew it. Seeing that Shang Qishui stopped talking, he couldn’t help but want to urge him. Then he was stuffed by Shan Hexuan and blocked the conversation. Then he remembered that he was just a chinchilla, biting an apple angrily and eating crunchy.

Shang Qishui took a sip of tea and continued: “In those days, this fact was strange. The people living in the house were not ordinary people, a whole Tianshi family. In those days, it was stressed that there were many children and grandchildren. There were at least five or six people in the ordinary people’s family. All four or five brothers were thin. Although there was no way to study them in detail, according to the strange speculation of some ancient books, there were almost more than 200 slaves, all of them overnight It can be imagined how much panic was caused in the local area at that time. Later, the whole area became wasteland, and no one dared to set foot at all. Then there was the war division hundreds of years later, and Haiwei island became the territory of other countries. After the reunification of China, the state gradually valued and recognized the existence of Xuanmen, began to unify this force, and then spliced and speculated such a period of the past from some ancient books. ”

Si Yang said, “the place where the ancient house is located is now the devil forest?”

Shang Qishui shook his head and said: “No, now the devil forest is just the back mountain of that family. At that time, it was not called Devil forest, but cannibal forest. Because the forest is full of miasma all year round, evil things are rampant in the mountain forest, plundering everywhere and causing great harm to people, so the Tianshi family chose to suppress it there. There are also rumors that there is a powerful ghost in the forest. Because the family can’t be destroyed, they can only suppress it. Later, the town They were overwhelmed and escaped by ghosts, so they destroyed all their families. ”

LAN Yuzhuo couldn’t help but say, “what about now? Haiwei island is a tourist attraction, but there is no legend about the devil forest.”

“Because it’s confidential, and another thing is that the devil forest doesn’t always exist.”

LAN Yuzhuo was stunned and said in some surprise, “is it like that kind of supernatural double tomb? Only when something is triggered will it activate a mountain forest that no longer exists to appear again?”

Shang Qishui nodded: “it almost means that. Now there is an ordinary dense forest, which has been penetrated by many explorers, but the Heavenly Master can’t go. The breath of the Heavenly Master is different from that of ordinary people. Once the heavenly master enters the mountain forest, it will be the devil forest of the hidden gods.”

LAN Yuzhuo turned to Siyang and asked, “brother Siyang, what did that man invite you to the devil forest for? Treasure hunting?”

Si Yang nodded and said with a smile, “yes, he said there was a treasure left by the monk, so he wanted to ask me to go with him.”

Shan Hexuan frowned slightly: “it’s very dangerous.”

Shang Qishui sighed: “Only the leaders of some countries know about that mysterious place, not even in the Xuanmen circle in our country. At least the younger generation like Yuzhuo has hardly heard of it, mainly because the rumors about the treasure have always existed. At first, they sent troops to explore it. As a result, the whole forest went through without anything. Later, they invited the Heavenly Master of China to communicate I went to a place where I had never been before in the carpet search. At that time, some electronic instruments had recorded and recorded some precious pictures, but none of the people who entered the devil forest came out. Later, ordinary people were sent to search and found several machines that recorded the pictures, Only then did we discover the secret of the devil forest. Since then, many heavenly masters are ready to move because of the treasure. Even some capable people and strange people from other countries have gone, but none of them have successfully entered the devil forest over the years. ”

The crowd gasped, and xiaofuzi couldn’t help asking, “isn’t there one? Everything is gone?”

Shang Qishui nodded: “there is no return.”

Shang Qishui suddenly thought: “it is said that the treasure is related to the dragon vein. According to speculation, the place where Haiwei island is located is just the place where the dragon heart is located. Some people say that the purpose of the Tianshi aristocratic family was not to suppress ghosts, but to get the dragon heart.”

Si Yang was a little confused and said, “what’s the use of dragon heart? If the dragon vein refers to the real dragon that once appeared in China, it has been dead for thousands and hundreds of years. Can it be eaten?”

He knows that dragons are good things all over the body, and there are dragons in the fairy world, but the dragon family is powerful and has a long life. All dragon scales, dragon meat, dragon bones and dragon blood are the most precious. However, for friars, even low-level friars can’t even get close to them. Even if they get such treasures, they will only be forced to death by dragon Qi. There is a dragon pill in his house, but the Dragon pill is refined and blocked layer by layer. If the power of the Dragon pill is released, the whole will probably turn into ruins.

Like the dragon heart, all the essences of a dragon are gathered together. Moreover, they can’t refine tools and materials. Even if they find the dragon heart, can they chew it?

Shangqi waterway: “no one has ever got such a thing as dragon heart. The specific purpose is unknown, but it is nothing more than getting strong power and pursuing longevity.”

After the people finished the devil forest for Siyang, LAN Jinxiu said, “are you going?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “think about it.”

Hearing this, LAN Jinxiu didn’t say anything more, but the others in the house had an in-depth discussion on the ancient house and the devil forest. Like this place where mysterious events have happened, the more curious it is about what happened that year, and the Heavenly Master also has a strong curiosity.

When Shen ran left, he politely asked Shan Hexuan to pack a lot of snacks made by Fat Chef, Shan Hexuan couldn’t help but say solemnly to Chao Siyang: “I’ve seen some things about the devil forest in the files of the secret service department. Over the past hundred years, as far as I know, more than 1000 heavenly masters have broken into it, so the things about the devil forest will be sealed. The younger generation of heavenly masters haven’t heard of it at all. I know you are powerful, but please think twice.”

Siyang smiled and nodded: “thank you for your advice. I’ll think twice.”

In the hotel, Feng Zhengming is standing in front of a wall with his hands around his chest. On the wall is a map with extremely simple lines. The devil forest is real, and the map is also true, but the rumor that no one has ever come out of it is false.

As long as this matter arouses Siyang’s curiosity, once he enters the devil forest, everything can’t be controlled by him.

When Feng Zhengming was looking at the map, a fatal sense of crisis hit him. Feng Zhengming instinctively turned sideways and escaped the slap that had been taken to his heart.

Looking at the black cloaked man who appeared in the room at an unknown time, Feng Zhengming said coldly, “who are you!”

The man didn’t say anything at all. Seeing that Feng Zhengming dodged a move, he attacked again without hesitation for a moment, and the moves were all fierce and murderous.

Xiaofuzi came back from LAN’s house and saw his master feeding Dabai in the yard. He ran over and said, “brother Jinxiu doesn’t seem to be at home. Sister Yuzhuo went upstairs and knocked on the door. There was no one in the room. He said he didn’t know when to go out. He called his mobile phone. As a result, he said that when brother Jinxiu came back, he would tell him you’re looking for him, but I gave the fruit to sister Yuzhuo.”

Si Yang said, “go and play. It’s all right.”

Xiaofuzi gave a cry and ran back to the house to guard the computer. As the reputation of food became better and better, his takeout orders became more and more, and he was also very busy.

Looking at Da Bai who was absorbing the aura in the spirit beast pill, Si Yang narrowed his eyes slightly and was not at home? Then how did he get out.


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