Great Celestial Master Chapter 102

Feng Zhengming asks himself that in today’s Xuanmen, few people can match his skill. Even those old guys may not be as powerful as him. But the cloaked man who came tonight made him feel no small oppression. And this man’s moves are all killing moves. He hasn’t said a word since he appeared. He can’t even find out who came.

“Who is your excellency? Even if I die, at least let me die to understand?”

LAN Jingxiu never talks nonsense with him. He kills people and never likes to waste time. He knew that Feng Zhengming approached Si Yang for a different purpose, but he didn’t intend to kill at all. Si Yang didn’t live by relying on others. He didn’t need others to shelter him from the wind and rain. But this guy should never, should not lure Siyang to the devil forest.

With a tear, Feng Zhengming’s shoulder clothes were scratched, and several blood stains seeped out through the clothes. When he saw the blood wound, there were bursts of black gas. Feng Zhengming’s eyes coagulated. He probably didn’t expect that there would be people like him in the world. He immediately stopped pretending. The whole popularity field changed greatly. A strong black gas came out of his body, and the wound on his body healed with the naked eye.

“So you came from the devil forest. Let me guess the reason why you came to kill me, because Si Yang? Why, you came to rob prey with me?”

LAN Jingxiu’s eyes suddenly changed. As expected, his moves suddenly became more cruel.

Feng Zhengming is not a good stubble. He probably touched the details of each other. With a wave of his hand, there were dense reptiles in the house. These were the treasures he carefully fed.

LAN Jingxiu glanced casually and didn’t care about these insects, which were driven by their master and surrounded by LAN Jingxiu. Unfortunately, the insects came fiercely, but they couldn’t get close to LAN Jingxiu’s body. When he was nearly a meter away from him, they directly turned into black ash and dissipated.

Feng Zhengming gradually looked dignified. He realized that the number of segments in front of him was significantly higher than himself. If he resisted hard, he might not be able to get well today. So he wanted to escape from the balcony at the moment when the man was temporarily blocked by the swarm of insects.

However, when Feng Zhengming just started to move, LAN Jinxiu raised his hand, and a strong black fog condensed in an instant, blocking Feng Zhengming’s way, and shook the insects that were in the way, and the thunderous attack fell towards Feng Zhengming.

Feng Zhengming missed the opportunity to escape, so he had to turn around and fight: “what’s your purpose and what’s the matter? I have no intention to provoke you. If there was disrespect before, it’s all a misunderstanding. Devil Lin and Si Yang, I’ll never provoke you in the future. Even if you don’t have to die with me like this.”

Unfortunately, no matter what Feng Zhengming said, LAN Jingxiu’s attack didn’t mean to stop at all. Seeing that the negotiation was hopeless, Feng Zhengming immediately stopped talking nonsense. Although he hasn’t touched much with people in recent years, he is by no means a soft persimmon that can be manipulated by others.

“In that case, don’t blame me for being cruel!”

As soon as Feng Zhengming’s voice fell, those poisonous insects that kept attacking LAN Jingxiu immediately scattered. LAN Jingxiu saw the situation and the momentum of the attack was a little. This man obviously wanted to pull ordinary people on his back. This is a hotel. There are many residents on each floor. If they are controlled by these poisonous insects, all of them will become Feng Zhengming’s shield.

Just as he was ready to stop attacking Feng Zhengming and intend to destroy the insects first, the scattered insects seemed to touch a layer of boundary and disappeared one by one like smoke.

The two men in the fight noticed the abnormality and stopped almost at the same time. Just then, a clear and elegant voice sounded: “why don’t you fight?”

They looked at the source of the sound at the same time, and a human shape gradually appeared on the empty balcony.

Seeing the visitor, Feng Zhengming was calm although he was surprised. LAN cautiously lowered his head instinctively, covered himself under his cloak, and turned around to go. Unfortunately, this boundary blocked his way, and his nervous heart pounded. How can he get away from the scene of this kind of bag grabbing.

Si Yang glanced at the black cloaked man, then looked at Feng Zhengming: “you were the one who made the ghost king with poisonous insects, and I hurt you twice? I didn’t expect you to have such a magical skill here, which can cover up your breath completely. It’s like two people. I didn’t even see it.”

Feng Zhengming admitted generously: “yes, it’s me. That’s why I know your strength is extraordinary. There is no eternal enemy in the world. I need a strong collaborator, but I don’t want to get into trouble. Therefore, if I seek to cooperate with you and get in the way of someone, I’m willing to give up.”

He is not sure to expose his identity now, so it is best to give in temporarily. After all, there is an unidentified person here who is obviously killing him. If the two work together, they will be dead.

Si Yang walked slowly into the room and looked at him with a smile: “collaborator? Isn’t it prey?”

Feng Zhengming’s calm appearance on his face was a little stiff for a moment. After his body subconsciously retreated to the distance he thought it was safe, he shrugged helplessly: “cooperation, naturally, each takes what he needs. We can’t talk about feelings. If I can get benefits alone, why should I find someone to cooperate? You say so.”

Si Yang nodded and then turned to the cloak man: “what about you? Do you want to tell me now where the devil forest is? Why can’t you wait to kill him when I hear that he invited me to the devil forest?”

LAN Jinxiu pursed his lips. He had a little luck. Now he can completely give up his heart. Even if he didn’t show his appearance, his identity has been exposed. However, Si Yang is so smart that he can hide it before because he hasn’t done anything that intersects with him. As long as he shows some clues, he will be turned upside down every minute.

LAN Jinxiu lifted his cloak and dispersed the black air. Although his face was expressionless, his eyes looked at Siyang vaguely.

Seeing that the cloaked man turned out to be LAN Jingxiu, Feng Zhengming was the most surprised. For LAN Jingxiu’s cognition, he has always stayed in the little brothers and sisters who were helpless and manipulated by the LAN family at will. Even if the social status obtained after growing up is not low, it is only in the field of ordinary people, and naturally he doesn’t like it. However, such a person, who just fought with him, has the upper hand and even killed many of his precious insects. If you’re not surprised, how can it be.

But Siyang raised his eyebrows and looked at LAN carefully, LAN Jin said: “because there is a blood pool in the devil forest. It is said that the dragon heart is suppressed at the bottom of the pool. No one knows the origin of the blood pool, but as long as you enter the devil forest, you will be attracted by the blood pool. There is a saying that anyone who enters the devil forest is no longer a person, but a devil driven by desire, and those people will eventually become the nourishment of the blood pool.”

Si Yang looked at them and said, “are you the exception? How many exceptions like you?”

LAN Jin said, “I don’t know, but people who can come out of the blood pool are called Tianmo people. Tianmo people are no longer human, just like this.”

LAN Jinxiu said, directly stretched out his hand and gently scratched it with his fingernails, which was a scarlet cut, and then the wound healed quickly with the naked eye.

“The fatal point of the Tianmo man is a crystal stone wrapped in his heart, so even if he pierces the heart of the Tianmo man, if he doesn’t destroy the crystal stone, the Tianmo man won’t die. I don’t know how the crystal stone came from. It will come out of the blood pool.”

Siyang vaguely felt that the kind of person LAN Jinxiu said was familiar with some kind of existence in his cognition, so he repaired to LAN Jin: “can I have a look?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded without hesitation, and then walked towards Siyang. This time he no longer pretended to be himself, and the dark smell was very strong.

Si Yang put his hand on LAN Jinxiu’s heart and instilled a spiritual force into his body. What he felt this time was completely different from what he felt last time when he practiced the amulet on LAN Jinxiu’s chest. The biggest difference is that Lan Jinxiu used to carry Yin Sha, but now it is evil Qi.

LAN Jingxiu looked at Siyang and said: “I have no choice but to go to the devil’s forest. I have come out alive, but there are countless people who have broken into the devil’s forest. The more advanced my cultivation is, the more I can’t get out. The owners of all families know that there is a blood pool in the devil’s forest, and the blood pool can create heavenly demons and people. Shang Qishui told you before that since the discovery of the devil’s forest, people have been looking for treasure. In fact, what they are looking for is not treasure, It’s the blood pool, but none of them came out alive. They all became the best of the blood pool. At the bottom of the blood pool, there are countless white bones. ”

Si Yang loosened his hand close to LAN Jingxiu’s heart. According to his own speculation, he almost found out what the so-called Tianmo man is about. The so-called heavenly demon man should only implant a magic seed into his body, and through the magic seed, he can have strong power in a short time. However, the disadvantage is that the magic seed will bite back. The stronger the power he has, the faster he will be demonized. Once demonized, he will completely lose his mind.

Magic seed is also widely used in the cultivation world. Some people who are naturally unable to cultivate will change themselves through magic seed. In order to inhibit demonization, they keep taking pills, but it is forced to change their behavior, which usually ends badly.

Si Yang looked at Feng Zhengming: “then deceive me into the devil forest and feed me to the blood pool. What benefits can you get?”

The development of things is no longer under Feng Zhengming’s control. He didn’t expect that there were people in the world who came out of the devil forest like him. At the moment, all his calculations are transparent, so he has nothing to say.

LAN Jingxiu gave Feng Zhengming a cold look: “you can get your accomplishments and strength, even because you are an orthodox Heavenly Master who practices with aura. Absorbing your strength can slow down the time of demonization.”

Siyang chuckled at the speech: “whimsical.”

LAN Jin said, “Si Yang, I didn’t mean to hide you. The things inside are very complicated. I’ll explain them to you slowly.”

Si Yang said dismissively, “everyone has their own secrets. What’s more, you just hide rather than maliciously cheat. I’m not so hypocritical. You must be honest when making friends. I have more secrets than you, so you don’t have to feel sorry. Moreover, if you know someone wants to calculate me, you’ll be blocked by your birth. I want to thank you.”

LAN Jinxiu’s eyes are dark. In fact, he hopes Si Yang can blame him for his concealment.

After Siyang finished, he looked at Feng Zhengming. LAN Jinxiu also restrained his emotions and said, “this man can’t stay.”

Si Yang nodded: “whatever you want.” He’s a man who doesn’t help himself. What’s more, he doesn’t have any good ideas for himself.


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