Great Celestial Master Chapter 103

Seeing that the two men were going to fight themselves, and he was blocked by the border, Feng Zhengming immediately said: “I have a way to restrain demonization. I know I’m not your opponent. Even if I struggle, it’s futile. As long as I have something, I’ll give you whatever you want, even if you erase my memory today. I don’t want to die. And since you’re also an evil man, you should know that you’re a Heavenly Master. If you don’t know the secret of the evil man, you can’t kill the evil man, and the Feng family has some People know I’m a demon. If I die, it’s hard to ensure that the existence of a demon besides me will not be exposed. I’m afraid there are other reasons for you to hide your identity so far, besides guarding against the LAN family, such as revenge for your relatives? If something about the existence of Tianmo people is exposed, I’m afraid the LAN family will think of you first. It doesn’t matter. Don’t forget, you still have a sister! ”

Although LAN Jinxiu didn’t say it, Feng Zhengming was also part of the insider. He just didn’t know that Lan Jinxiu was among them. When it comes to this, they are all victims. The story of the blood pool was known by some people in those years through some ancient books. In order to obtain strong power, but because they didn’t know the foundation of the blood pool, they arranged some people to go in and explore the way first for the reason of treasure hunting. As a result, no one came out alive.

At that time, those people only thought that everyone underestimated the power of the blood pool, so they prepared for many years and continued to let people in to explore the situation, but the outcome of those people was the same, and even found out the law through the deaths of thousands of people, that is, the higher the cultivation, the faster the death.

But those without cultivation can’t enter the devil forest, even if they are firmly tied with the Heavenly Master. After entering that land, ordinary people still can’t enter that space. And those who have accomplishments go in and never come out again, so this is completely caught in a dead cycle.

However, those who first discovered the function of the blood pool did not give up. In addition to exploring the way to enter the blood pool, they tried to use other methods to create the Tianmo man. If the man-made success, let alone how powerful the Tianmo man can bring to themselves, there will be more and more people with special abilities in the future, When the number of ordinary people decreases or even disappears, the world doesn’t have to think about how terrible it will become. Today, the law is binding the peace of mankind. On that day, there will be no law.

Therefore, without the knowledge of the state, those people in those years never stopped human testing, and he and LAN Jingxiu should also be the victims of human testing. He didn’t know what LAN Jinxiu was like. Anyway, he was instilled into the Yin Sha by the people of the Feng family, hoping to change his constitution and adapt to the blood pool. Among those people, only he came out alive, but he escaped from the blood pool after a few years. Then, through the strength obtained from the blood pool, he hid his abnormalities and accomplishments, killed his twin brother and continued to live instead of his identity.

Although the two brothers looked the same, none of them as parents could recognize their children and soon found out about it. However, based on the irreparable situation and the guilt of sending him away, they helped him hide it. This was the reason why he didn’t suffer much disturbance even if he came out of the devil forest alive.

Those people in those years, even the heads of several families now, and even some sects also participated in it. Therefore, once the matter of Tianmo man is exposed, it would rather kill by mistake than let go of the people who have been tested and are still alive.

Feng Zhengming thought that the conditions he offered and the reasons for persuading them were very sufficient, but naihelan Jinxiu didn’t follow what he thought. When Feng Zhengming still wanted to strive for vitality, LAN Jinxiu directly used magic Qi to turn into sharp claws and attacked him fiercely: “you don’t have to worry about things in the future. If they don’t come to me, I’ll go to them!”

Si Yang saw that Feng Zhengming’s eyes became blood red, and that pair of Danfeng eyes became more and more strange. They looked like a complete villain. He shook his head and took a few steps back towards the balcony. Although the boundary he set would not spread the power of their fight, it was better to stand away and look at the overall situation.

Seeing Siyang’s action, Feng Zhengming immediately withdrew his distracted alert and focused on Shanglan. Since Si Yang made a gesture of withdrawing from the war, he believed that Si Yang would not make a sneak attack. So he likes to deal with such a gentleman.

Narrowly dodging LAN Jingxiu’s attack, Feng Zhengming sneered: “since today is the end of immortality, I have to take out the baby at the bottom of the box. Even if I die here today, I’ll pull a cushion at least!”

As soon as Feng Zhengming’s voice fell, seven ghosts of little Lori appeared in the room. As soon as little Lori appeared, LAN Jinxiu giggled. With that gloomy and strange appearance, the laughing people were frightened at the bottom of their hearts.

The situation at the scene was reversed because there were seven more ghosts, because it was not an ordinary ghost, but a kid with absolute ghost king strength.

Feng Zhengming looked at LAN Jingxiu’s changed face with satisfaction and said with a proud smile, “my baby still satisfies you. These little guys are carefully fed by me. Are they very beautiful?”

The onlookers of Si Yang slightly disliked that a big man was not good at raising a ghost king and seven little girls. This hobby is really in line with the design of abnormal people.

Just as a kid flew towards LAN Jinxiu, LAN Jinxiu raised his hand and slapped the kid’s forehead, breaking the kid’s head in half. But although the kid was hurt by LAN Jingxiu’s power, he also recovered very quickly, and still kept giggling. The lights in the whole room began to flash.

This is the normal reaction caused by the ghost gas magnetic field, but the flickering light is really uncomfortable, so Siyang waved his hand, the whole circuit in the room was blocked, and an incomparably bright shining pearl was put on the roof.

Several imps were dissatisfied with Siyang’s actions. Their gloomy eyes looked at him coldly, but the next moment, the imps were driven by Feng Zhengming and attacked LAN Jingxiu at the same time.

LAN Jinxiu’s strength is not bad. His evil spirit is obviously more solid than Feng Zhengming. However, Feng Zhengming has many patterns, including ghost king and Gu insect. However, he can also achieve these patterns and lose them. He focused more on studying these things. Although he never relaxed about his own strength, he didn’t pay attention to LAN Jingxiu. So even if the ghost King attacked, LAN Jinxiu couldn’t suppress it for a while, but he didn’t fall into the disadvantage.

The battle between the two fell into a state of adhesion for a time. Although LAN Jinxiu was entangled by seven imps, Feng Zhengming was also not relaxed. The imp was raised by him and naturally driven by him, so he had to constantly provide imp power. Therefore, when the battle lasted for a period of time, although the scars on LAN Jinxiu’s body continued to increase, his will to fight became stronger and stronger. In order to drive the kid, Feng Zhengming consumes too much magic Qi. He is obviously much weaker than LAN Jingxiu.

Si Yang can see that Lan Jinxiu is not invincible, and even he is afraid that his killer mace has not been shown. However, such a life and death battle is not often. Being able to fight with people simply and easily is also very helpful for the improvement of his own strength.

Just when Siyang thought it was almost over, LAN Jinxiu said coldly to Feng Zhengming, “the game is over.”

At the moment when his voice fell, a strong will shrouded the whole. Feng Zhengming opened his eyes incredulously. At the moment when his body was suppressed and out of control, a hand penetrated his chest.

LAN Jinxiu took back his bloody hand and Feng Zhengming fell down. The imps who had just been driven by him turned around and rushed at him. They nibbled on him and ate with relish.

Soon, the carpet of the room was dyed red by the blood flowing out of Feng Zhengming’s body. Several little ghosts rushed on him and tore at him, while LAN Jinxiu standing aside was still dripping blood on his hands. How strange this scene looks.

Si Yang pressed down his surprise. He really didn’t expect that Lan Jinxiu understood the will. He had no weapons, so the will came from himself, which was much more difficult than he understood the meaning of the sword. Although this force is still very weak, this understanding is really amazing.

Seeing LAN Jingxiu looking at himself, Siyang smiled at him: “it’s very powerful. Look at it with new eyes.”

LAN Jinxiu saw that Siyang didn’t look strange to his cruelty. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Then he lifted his step and walked towards him. The blood on his hand was dispelled by the magic gas. He handed the diamond chip the size of his thumb cover to Siyang: “this is the power derived from the blood pool.”

Siyang took the chip, but did not immediately check it. Instead, he raised his hand and grabbed it in the void. The boundary shrouded in the room narrowed rapidly. The imps who were absorbing the residual strength in Feng Zhengming’s body instinctively felt dangerous and wanted to run. Unfortunately, their strength could not penetrate the barrier at all. They were squeezed into a ball, and then the whole went up in smoke.

Seeing this, LAN Jinxiu’s eyes were slightly dark. The seven ghost kings, despite the lack of drivers, were still capable, but could not resist Siyang’s move. He really wanted to know how strong Siyang was.

After dealing with several imps, Si Yang looked at LAN Jingxiu: “do you need to deal with the aftermath? If you don’t need to go back.”

LAN Jinxiu stretched out his hand, and the map hung on the wall by Feng Zhengming flew into his hand: “don’t deal with the aftermath.”

Siyang nodded and disappeared out of thin air as soon as he turned around.

LAN Jinxiu looked back at Feng Zhengming lying on the ground and the hollowed out hole in his chest. He also turned and left the scene. Some debts should also be liquidated.


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