Great Celestial Master Chapter 104

Siyang and LAN Jingxiu came back to Sijia’s house and brought tea from their dreams. Siyang said to her, “go down.”

Knowing from the dream that they had something to talk about, they left the living room and told xiaofuzi and Fat Chef in the backyard not to disturb them.

When there was no one in the living room, Si Yang took the chip in his hand and looked at it carefully.

LAN Jin said, “I think this should be the same principle as the inner alchemy in the body of friar Zhuji. They are all containers carrying strength. When this container is filled, the cultivation will be improved. But the devil is doomed to lose his mind and demonize. Maybe this is the price of gaining strong strength in a short time.”

Si Yang looked at him: “Feng Zhengming said he had a way to restrain demonization, but you still didn’t hesitate to lay hands on him. You didn’t have a heart at that time?”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “because I know that what he said is just to delay time. Even if there is a way to restrain demonization, I’m afraid it’s not a proper way. Anyway, I’ll earn an extra year. At least if I don’t advance rashly, it’s no problem to live another hundred years, so his method of restraint is not very useful to me.”

Si Yang smiled. The more powerful people are, the more they can’t accept death. Although they don’t know what LAN Jingxiu will do in the future, he was not moved at all under the circumstances just now. At least he now clearly knows what he wants and how to do. Usually, people who are firm enough will not have bad achievements.

Si Yang took a sip of tea and asked, “as far as you know, how many people in the Xuanmen know about the Tianmo people.”

Monk LAN Jin: “There should be many people who know about it. Besides some of the four families, the small families attached to them should also know about it. There are several sects, Taoism and the national government of that year. The blood pool should be a legacy of Chinese monks. There are many obscure records in many ancient books, but the outside world only thinks that there are mysterious treasures on Haiwei island. What exactly should it be No one knows, but since the discovery of the devil forest, treasure hunters have never stopped, but neither the power nor the yin-yang master will return. Later, the government was afraid that the devil forest would leak out and lead the young Chinese Heavenly Master to die. It was also afraid that the secret of the devil forest would be discovered by other countries, so it closed the door in the whole Xuanmen. However, those who first discovered the secret of the devil forest never stopped trying to enter the devil forest. On this point, the state also acquiesced and secretly provided a lot of support. ”

“What about you? How did you get in? Forced by the LAN family?”

LAN Jingxiu pondered for a moment: “Yes or no, on the face of it, those people have been studying the correct way to enter the devil forest. The state knows this. After all, they know the power of the blood pool. They certainly don’t want people from other countries to take the lead. But what the state doesn’t know is that some people combine to secretly take people to do experiments. As for the human experiment, all four people participate and depend on the four Some of your families are also involved. Maybe the Feng family is one of them.

At first, they used the heavenly masters who had already achieved cultivation, and later they were children who had no cultivation. Those people poured Yin Qi into their children’s bodies. They felt that Yin Qi was also a kind of power. Perhaps the cultivation of Yin Qi could better fit the breath of the blood pool. After all kinds of failures, they began to attack pregnant women.

Some pregnant women can’t bear the Yin evil spirit invading the body and killing two people. Some of the children who are very old will eventually die early. However, some children are used to such an environment in the mother. After birth, they can slowly bear the power of Yin Qi, and even cultivate through Yin Qi. Anyway, they become like people without people and ghosts in the end, But those people didn’t get out of the devil forest in the end. ”

LAN Jinxiu said and glanced at Si Yang: “My mother was the victim of that year, but she didn’t know it and wasn’t the target of the human experiment. It was a pure accident, because it caused the Yin evil spirit to enter the body. Later, she narrowly gave birth to me, but I didn’t expect that I didn’t die and survived under such a strong Yin evil spirit. The LAN family asked my parents to help me suppress the Yin evil spirit When I come back to the LAN family, I can observe me better. Unfortunately, I am weaker than those children born by their experiments. As long as I instill more yin and evil forces from the outside world, I will explode and die. I can’t practice at all. Gradually, the LAN family gave up and let me live and die. ”

Si Yang said, “so you took the initiative to go to the devil forest?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “When I was a child, I thought it was an accident for me to become like this. I didn’t know these secrets at all. I also regarded my parents’ death as an accident. I just wanted to arrange the jade carving when I was still alive. Later, I got a white jade from an old servant of the LAN family. Before I died, the old servant exhausted all his strength to let me see the information in the white jade. I knew about blood Since then, I have wondered whether my parents’ death was accidental or man-made. Unfortunately, at that time, I was too weak to do anything. It was not easy for Yuzhuo to worship the master. I also saved a sum of money for her through some ways. I thought I wouldn’t live long if I continued like this. I might as well find a way to live in the devil forest. ”

“What does it look like in the devil forest?”

LAN Jingxiu recalled: “It used to be a tourist attraction. It’s the famous Butterfly Valley on Haiwei island. Now a tourist route has been developed and opened up. There are many tourists every day. After I went there, I followed the crowd, but suddenly there was no one around. The mountains and forests with fine weather became cloudy and cold, quiet, and there was no sound of insects and birds, Then I felt a summoning force, just like instinctively knowing where to go and where to go. Then I followed this instinct to a lake. The lake was dark red, the fog was winding on the lake, and there was only half of the stone tablet next to it. ”

Si Yang described the picture in his mind, which was very good and in line with the scene of Xiuxian’s novel.

LAN Jingxiu continued: “Later, I walked into the blood pool. After entering the blood pool, I felt very uncomfortable. It was like something constantly wanted to jump into the body, and the whole body was about to burst. Then I felt that there was a force in the blood pool pulling something from my body. I didn’t know how long it would take. When I felt that I was about to melt into the whole blood pool, I grabbed it at the bottom of the pool When I arrived at an iron piece, I recovered my mind for a moment, and obviously felt that my body was constantly absorbing the power in the blood pool. Later, I came out with that iron piece, and through the iron piece, I could see a lot of things, even some complete pictures of the past or the future, but it consumed a lot. ”

Si Yang raised his eyebrows slightly. His life experience was full of ups and downs. After determining that the chip was a form of existence of the magic seed, Si Yang returned the chip to LAN Jinxiu: “did you see the cause of your parents’ death?”

“Well, I’ve confirmed that my parents didn’t die by accident, but they found that the people of the LAN family were doing experiments and were killed by the LAN family. But at that time, I didn’t grasp this power, so I had to hide myself carefully. Later, the LAN family owner closed down, and I just took advantage of this time to practice. Although the LAN family owner didn’t build the foundation period, he was only short of the threshold With no assurance, I dare not do it easily. And I kept it from Yuzhuo all the time. I didn’t even let her know the truth of my parents’ death, so I had to be more careful. ”

Si Yang smiled and said, “you’ve been practicing hard and haven’t competed with many people, so you don’t know how strong you are.”

LAN Jinxiu suddenly looked at Si Yang with bright eyes: “in the past, in order to hide my identity, I had to hide myself carefully. Can I practice with you in the future?”

“Yes, professional training room, charge by time, professional trainer, charge by time, rush members and discount.”

LAN Jingxiu smiled: “don’t you want this chip? I don’t know what use it is. Why don’t you keep it.”

Si Yang shook his head: “this thing is useless to me. Keep it as a booty.”

Seeing that Siyang didn’t want it, LAN Jinxiu thought that it was something in Feng Zhengming’s body, so he didn’t ask, and instead asked, “do you want to see that magical iron piece? It’s in my basement.”

Si Yang continued to shake his head: “no, it’s your own chance to get the baby. No matter what its real purpose is, since it’s brought out by you, it’s your thing. Just put it away, but give me the map.”

LAN Jingxiu frowned and said, “do you still want to go to the devil forest? Siyang, I don’t know how many examples Feng Zhengming and I can come out of the devil forest, but many heavenly masters with advanced cultivation were damaged at the beginning, and even the only two foundation builders dare not step on them easily.”

Si Yang is not unhappy because of LAN Jingxiu’s opposition. After all, he is not a person who knows no good or evil, but he will not influence his decision because of other people’s opinions: “what if I insist?”

LAN Jingxiu pursed his lips, and the outcome was obvious compromise: “then I’ll accompany you.” Also afraid that Siyang didn’t agree, he said solemnly: “I can come out of the devil forest once, and I can come out a second time. Moreover, I’m familiar with the route, and it’s safer to take the iron piece with me. If you refuse my company, I’ll go in and find you myself.”

Si Yang couldn’t help laughing: “OK, let’s go together.”

Just as LAN Jingxiu laughed subconsciously, he heard Si Yang say, “although it’s excusable for you to hide these things, you lied to me at the beginning and made me bother to draw a talisman on your chest to suppress the evil spirit for you. This matter can’t be taken lightly.”

Although LAN Jinxiu just wanted to find an excuse to ask Si Yang for a Fu ah Yu and other instruments that can suppress the evil spirit. It was really an unexpected accident for him to draw a symbol on his body. However, when he heard Si Yang say so, he still wanted to survive and said, “it’s my fault. I’m sorry. You can do anything you want me to make up for it.”

“All right?”

The tip of LAN Jingxiu’s ear turned a little red: “well, it’s OK.”

Si Yang said with a smile: “after that, fight more with my apprentice. The boy is very persuasive. He is cruel to the upper beast, but not to the upper man. He is timid. He still has less practical experience. Just as you have less practical experience, you can form a regiment.”

LAN Jinxiu was a little disappointed, but he still agreed. Si Yang’s apprentice is a family after rounding. In the future, even if he is a little cruel, Si Yang probably won’t blame him. Anyway, he has been unhappy with the boy for some time.

Li Zezhi, who was sleeping soundly, was suddenly awakened by a sneeze. Subconsciously, he looked at the outside sky, felt his mobile phone, looked at the time, and turned over to continue to sleep. If he hadn’t been good at cultivating his energy, he would get up at six o’clock and go to school at ten o’clock every day. It’s really not a day that ordinary people can survive. He felt that high school life was more hell than master’s practice room.


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