Great Celestial Master Chapter 105

Zhouhao hotel was surprised to find the strange man’s body, which was found by the hotel staff who broke in the afternoon of the next day. Although the hotel immediately blocked the news, it still leaked some news because there were too many witnesses.

In addition to being a Heavenly Master, Feng Zhengming is also an investor in the film. Today, he made an appointment to talk about the film publicity expenses. At the appointed time, the people on the film side suddenly couldn’t find anyone. Knowing that Feng Zhengming lived in this hotel, I was not sure whether Feng Zhengming broke his appointment to go out or what happened in the room, so the hotel staff and the hotel security guard opened the door together with the personnel of the film side. As a result, they saw a scene that they would never forget.

The whole room was almost washed with blood, while Feng Zhengming lay in a thick blood, with a huge hole in his chest, staring at the ceiling in peace. At the moment, two female hotel staff members screamed and fainted.

Feng Zhengming died miserably. Before the Feng family received the news, the police naturally had to intervene in the investigation, and Pang Zheng, the criminal police captain in charge of the case, was in charge of the original campus body shredding case. Seeing such a strange and very human way of death, Pang Zheng’s first reaction was to suspect that it would not be another supernatural case. After investigating the identity of the deceased and contacting the family members of the deceased, Soon the case was handed over again.

Pang Zheng is very helpless about this. He has encountered something once in ten years, but now he has encountered it twice a year. He doesn’t know whether he is too lucky or too unfortunate.

Li Hao, who was filming the MV with Bai Jing, nearly choked to death by the water in his mouth when he heard the news reported by Bai Jing’s agent Xu Shuo.

Because of the ghost fox thing before, although Bai Jing gave Siyang the fee she should give, she really appreciated Siyang’s help. It’s a pity that such an expert doesn’t know where to repay when she wants to repay, so she tried to help Siyang’s classmate Li Hao if she can. This time, it’s not just the theme song of the film that let Li Hao play the male host of the MV. It’s determined that Li Hao’s voice line is good and can be adjusted. It’s even ready to sing a love song with him.

Xu Shuo also supports this matter. Li Hao has such a powerful classmate, which is the network resources, so he takes great care of it on weekdays. If Li Hao is not very satisfied with his current agent, he even wants to sign Li Hao. Now he received the news about Feng Zhengming and naturally told them at the first time.

Li Hao was quite speechless and took over the paper towel handed by Bai Jing. He was quite helpless and said, “so what evil did our crew hit? This thing is endless. Even the investors are dead. That man is still a Heavenly Master!”

Feng Zhengming had come to help her suppress the evil spirit of ghost fox before, so Bai Jing had no comment on Feng Zhengming’s death: “maybe he died of revenge? Like the Heavenly Master, he is always dealing with some yin-yang things on weekdays. Maybe he offended people or ghosts.”

Thinking of the man who took advantage of him and gave people a sense of unspeakable disobedience, Li Hao took out his mobile phone and sent a wechat to Siyang: Feng Zhengming hung up, you know? Sister Bai’s agent just told me.

Si Yang is probably also very relaxed. He may hold his mobile phone to read comics and reply quickly: you are very well informed.

Li Hao: he is a film investor and Bai Jie is a singer of the theme song of the film. I’m making an MV now. I take all the money given by the investor. The information is naturally well-informed, so you already know?

Si Yang: just shoot your play and watch the excitement. Don’t gossip.

Li Hao tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut

Xu Shuo said: “It won’t stop shooting. As far as I know, all the shooting funds have been in place, so the accidental death of the investor will not affect the shooting problem. It depends on who will take over the person’s assets. However, the shooting funds are in place and the publicity cost is still poor, but it has nothing to do with the actors. But your play is so popular that it hasn’t started publicity yet. The whole of China is about Everyone knows. ”

Isn’t it well known that the scandal of the previous male owners hasn’t been suppressed yet. It’s still the hottest conversation in the entertainment industry. Even more, many female stars who don’t know how many lines began to pay attention to it, buy the manuscript, say they were almost hidden rules, would rather die than be refrigerated from the result, and there’s no place to show their talents. Several of them have been pushed into the hot search.

Now the investors of this film have died strangely, and some well-informed paparazzi have bought some leftover news, so all kinds of fabrications, how strange and how to come, have aroused the interest of a lot of people. Unfortunately, the theme of their film is military. If it is a supernatural film, the box office will be absolutely stable.

As the current male host of the film, Li Hao has been pushed to the hot search again and again, with all kinds of strange titles. The title that has stayed on the hot search list for the longest time is, Li Hao, are you still alive today? Fans who have powdered Li Haoyan are more funny. They leave messages on Li Hao’s microblog one after another, saying that other fans are worried about the special black material of their idols, but they are worried about Li Hao’s life and death. Suddenly, there is a feeling that the whole level has been raised.

The outside world is happy to discuss the causes of death of film investors through the limited information obtained from gossip news. However, it was the Xuanmen high-level circle that really caused the great earthquake due to Feng Zhengming’s death, because the Feng family released the news that Feng Zhengming was a Tianmo man, perhaps the only successful Tianmo man now. Unexpectedly, he was slaughtered and directly beaten to death.

Only Feng Zhengming’s parents know that Feng Zhengming is a demon. They know that once their son’s identity is exposed, their son’s future will only be worse than death. They have lost a son. No matter what, they can’t send the only one out by themselves, so they originally planned to bury it in the coffin.

But I didn’t expect that my son died so miserably only a month after he returned home. Feng Zhengming’s parents know that if his son is just an ordinary identity, the Feng family will not spend energy investigating the murderer to avenge their son. Now that his son is dead, it doesn’t matter to expose the devil. In order to find the murderer and avenge his son, Feng Zhengming’s parents told him his hidden identity, and told all the things about the blood pool they learned from Feng Zhengming.

At this moment, the people who knew the existence of the blood pool in the Feng family were all fried, and the people who knew the blood pool in the whole Xuanmen circle were shocked. When the families and sects were still investigating together, the LAN family first targeted LAN Jingxiu.

At the beginning, the children raised by the LAN family either died prematurely or were sent to the blood pool when they grew up, but the human soul cards that entered the blood pool were all broken. Except for LAN Jingxiu, who is still alive, everyone else is under the control of the LAN family. It’s a miracle that Lan Jingxiu can live without the help of many external forces. In the past, they were when the child’s life was hard enough, and LAN Yuzhuo used everything to renew her brother’s life, so desperately, so they didn’t think much. Now knowing that Bai Yu may be in LAN Jinxiu’s hand, everything becomes suspicious.

When the LAN family planned to send someone to test LAN Jinxiu, the Feng family suspected the murderer to Siyang, because Siyang was the first and only Heavenly Master Feng Zhengming had contacted after returning home.

For the Feng family who came to the door, Si Yang naturally didn’t have the leisure to break with them, not to mention the door of their house. Those people couldn’t even enter the community, and the whole ghost hit the wall and couldn’t even find the entrance. A group of heavenly masters can’t break the wall. This is probably the funniest joke.

The more Si Yang disappeared from them, the louder the clamour of those people, as if it had been decided that he was the murderer. The Feng family and several small families who knew the blood pool Tianmo people united, and even doubted whether Siyang was also a Tianmo person, otherwise why he was so young and had such superior strength.

They concealed the human experiment. They only said that Feng Zhengming accidentally learned the existence of the devil forest from his elders. The newborn calf was not afraid of the tiger and ran to explore, but unexpectedly became a demon man. He was afraid of hiding his identity because of his particularity. But now he died strangely. After several contacts with Si Yang, their doubts were justified. Listening to the news that Lan Yuzhuo and Shen ran heard from the secret service department, if he was not himself or the party, he would almost doubt whether he was really a demon.

This matter became more and more serious, and because it involved the devil forest, even the above paid attention to it. However, Si Yang helped them several times, especially in the previous disaster. If it wasn’t for Si Yang’s reminder, it didn’t know how many people would die. Even if the government had ideas, it could only ask respectfully and politely, and didn’t dare to do anything at all.

Therefore, Zhou Qin, who had more contact with Si Yang, became the middle driver of this matter. No matter what the truth is, the two sides should at least talk face to face.

It was probably because Zhou Qin came to the door several times. He was really annoyed by the group of people who were more and more indifferent and energetic. Si Yang agreed to meet him.

At first, when they suspected Si Yang, LAN Jinxiu planned to do something to divert their attention, but he was subdued by Si Yang. Now, seeing that Si Yang decided to meet them, LAN Jinxiu naturally wanted to keep up.

“Those of them must have another plan. Feng Zhengming’s death is just an opportunity. If they want to impose Feng Zhengming’s death on you at that time, I will recognize it. After that, there should be movement in the LAN family. At that time, can Yuzhuo settle on your mountain for a period of time? It won’t be too long.”

Si Yang smiled: “if there is another purpose, it’s useless for you to admit it. What’s more, those charges can’t be imposed if they want to. Let’s go and see what ideas those people make and how stupid they can be.”

As soon as they came out of the house, they saw Li Zezhi carrying a schoolbag like a high school student. When they saw someone at home, Li Zezhi hurriedly ran two steps: “master! Uncle LAN.”

Si Yang said, “I came back just in time. Put down your schoolbag. Master will take you to fight a group fight.”

Li Zezhi: “


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