Great Celestial Master Chapter 106

This time, people from the secret service department came forward to mediate. The venue was arranged in Linggu Temple. Because blood pool and Tianmo people were involved, several leaders of the four families were also present. Shanji was present in Linggu Temple. Because Feng Zhengming gathered all the more distinguished people in the Xuanmen circle at once.

Seeing Siyang, Shanji first welcomed him: “Amitabha, although I always wanted to invite you to our temple as a guest, I didn’t think it was this reason why you came to our temple for the first time. I’m just a venue provider and don’t participate in this matter.”

Si Yang smiled. There are really no six clean monks these days. They are very refined: “master, don’t worry, I’ve always been clear about kindness and resentment, and I won’t open a map gun.”

Shanji was stunned by Siyang’s statement. After reflecting what the map gun meant, he couldn’t help laughing. The young man’s words were fresh. Seeing LAN Jingxiu following Si Yang, Shanji slightly disagreed: “Lan Shi Lord.”

LAN Jin said, “I’m just coming with my friends today. As for the gratitude and resentment with the LAN family, don’t worry, I don’t think the LAN family is a person who doesn’t fit in.”

Shanji saluted with a Buddha’s horn and turned back to indicate: “please.”

Although Li Zezhi didn’t understand anything, after the training of Si Yang and the etiquette adjustment of his dream, he still did a good job in facade Kung Fu. At least from the perspective of good economy, Li Zezhi was calm. Worried that the scene might not look good for a while, Shanji said, “do you know if you are interested in Linggu Temple? Shall I call a senior brother to take you around?”

Li Zezhi said with a smile: “thank you for your kindness. I have made an appointment with my classmates to visit Linggu Temple. In order to keep it fresh, I won’t turn today.”

The meaning of this is to follow Siyang. Shanji will no longer say more and take them to the reception building.

Almost all the people who should have come came. Some Siyang had seen him before because of he Boyi, but at that time he was too lazy to greet people and left without even saying a word. Those people had a good attitude and basically showed him a salute. Instead, a group of people who had never seen him glared at him one after another.

Siyang chuckled: “is it you who make trouble at my door all day?”

Feng Zhengming’s mother suddenly stood up from the chair. A woman who looked pretty and had a good temperament couldn’t help looking at Si Yang with tears: “did you kill my son? Why did you kill my son? My son has lived abroad for a long time and has no hatred with you, why did you kill him!”

Si Yang went directly to one side and sat down with a sneer: “yes, then tell me why I killed him? It seems that you have determined that I am the murderer? What’s the evidence?”

Sitting at the top of the table is Qian Lianliang, the Deputy sect leader of Lushan sect. Now there are only two foundation building friars in Xuanmen, one is the sect leader of Lushan sect and the other is the host of Linggu Temple. Therefore, Feng Zhengming, the Deputy sect leader of Lushan sect, came forward to deal with this matter and chose Linggu Temple as the location. They thought that despite his strong strength, Siyang was still a young man. Anyway, he would respect the two sects with friar Zhuji in charge.

Qian Lianliang of Lushan sect is a very decent person. He doesn’t know about the human test, but he knows about the devil forest and blood pool, and what it means for the Xuanmen of the whole China if there is a way to successfully enter the blood pool. Therefore, although the Feng family could not produce evidence and could only rely on speculation, he also promised to deal with the matter.

Qian Lianliang motioned the Feng family to appease Feng Zhengming’s mother, Then he said to Siyang: “Si Daoyou’s contribution to the Xuanmen of China these days, I, Qian, only solemnly express my gratitude on behalf of the Lushan sect. I know that the people of the Feng family harass Tao you repeatedly these days in order to find out the murderer of Feng Zhengming, but Feng Zhengming’s identity is too important. I don’t know how much Si Daoyou knows about the demon man.”

After Si Yang saw his voice, all the families in the house stopped and obviously looked like him. He probably found out the status chain in the house at this time, so he looked directly at Qian Lianliang and said, “you need to know more than you can imagine.”

As soon as he said this, everyone in the house was shocked, especially the owner of the Feng family, who suddenly got up and said, “so you really killed my Feng family’s children? Are you also a demon?”

Si Yang chuckled: “I’ll only say this once. I didn’t kill people, and I’m not a demon. I’ll come here today to save face for the secret service department and Linggu Temple. If you don’t want face, don’t blame me for killing.”

Qian Lianliang frowned and said, “since you are not a demon, why do you say you know more about the demon than we can imagine?”

Si Yang asked, “you know more about the existence of friars than ordinary people, but are you friars? No, you’re just heavenly masters, so you must know. What kind of fallacy is this?”

At this time, a young disciple of Lushan sect standing behind Qian Lianliang whispered to the person next to a grade priest: “isn’t the heavenly master a monk?”

Si Yang smiled at the young man who asked, “can you ask you who can be in charge of the family? Is the heavenly master a monk?”

Several older family elders present slightly hung their heads and kept silent. Some younger and confused elders followed around them. They probably didn’t understand why the Heavenly Master was not a monk.

Qian Lianliang looked at the crowd, Opening channel: “The Heavenly Master is not a monk indeed. The name of Heavenly Master comes from the ancestor of Taoism. He respects the nature of heaven and earth and can resist ghosts and gods. The monk cultivates himself and fights against heaven for life. Although it can be traced back to its roots, there are similarities and differences in essence. Now the confusion between Heavenly Master and monk is due to the incompleteness of Taoism, whether it is a sect or a family, the Tao we cultivate The laws are incomplete, which are developed by later generations according to the previous records and self exploration. Although we have different abilities from ordinary people, we are still ordinary people. We can only be called heavenly masters, not friars. The most obvious one is that monks can survive robbery and break through the life limit of ordinary people after robbery, while heavenly masters cannot. ”

The older generation is not vague about the distinction between the two, but with the development of the times, the progress of information and the random fabrication of various novels and TV dramas, even some people in the Xuanmen can’t distinguish the difference between heavenly masters and friars, and think that those who can fly to heaven and escape are friars.

Qian Lianliang said that some people couldn’t help but say, “isn’t it that no matter how we practice, we can’t build a foundation?” We should know that many of them regard the current two foundation builders as their goals. As a result, now they know that no matter how hard they practice, they will never reach that level.

Si Yang glanced at the crowd: “so that’s why you try to study the devil man. If the friar can’t go together, then find another way.”

Someone in the Feng family immediately said, “now it’s to track down the murderer who killed my Feng family’s children, not to discuss the Heavenly Master with you here!”

Siyang took a sip from the teacup in front of him. Now all who can sit on the table are distinguished. The tea offered by Linggu Temple is naturally not bad. While Siyang was drinking tea, the man who had just made a noise suddenly seemed to be pinched by someone’s neck. Suddenly, he fell to the ground and struggled desperately to call for help, but he couldn’t make a sound. The whole face was swollen with blood red and blue tendons because he couldn’t breathe.

The crowd was startled by the accident and quickly got up to get out of the way. Someone wanted to rescue, but there was nothing on the man’s neck. After checking his body, there was no foreign matter in his body except that he couldn’t breathe. There was no energy fluctuation around, but the defense array was still useless. They didn’t even know how Si Yang shot.

The man who was strangled by his neck twisted and struggled in pain. He didn’t know whether he had bitten his tongue or damaged his internal organs. A mouthful of blood gushed out of the man’s mouth. While sipping tea leisurely, Si Yang also taught his apprentice: “then you know.”

Li Zezhi stepped forward and said, “master.”

Si Yang said, “remember, speaking depends on the occasion, that is, speaking does not depend on the outcome of the occasion. I probably think I am something. If someone comes to support me, I will speak so impolitely. No matter who I am to, I need to know what humility is. If others are unkind to you, I don’t need to be polite. If you kill someone, master will take it for you.”

Li Zezhi was taught: “I know, master, I remember.”

LAN Jinxiu lowered his head and smiled, but some people couldn’t laugh. Seeing that the man was about to suffocate and die, Qian Lianliang quickly said, “Si Daoyou is merciful. Today is to remove the misunderstanding, not to deepen the hatred.”

Si Yang gave him a cool look: “Dispel the misunderstanding? Sorry, I didn’t see your sincerity to dispel the misunderstanding. I only saw your impolite clamor of a large number of people. I asked you, what kind of identity are you going to solve the problem today? The Xuanmen Heavenly Master kills people with strength and doesn’t need evidence, while the rule of law society speaks with evidence. Now you have neither strength nor evidence, and you have nothing to say He shouted that I was a murderer and harassed me again and again. Now he is provoking me. Why should I be merciful? ”

Some people are used to seeing people and doing things. Even if they are treated impolitely, people with status and status like Qian Lianliang will lick their faces and curry favor. However, as a young, powerless and powerless man like Si Yang, the head of the Feng family feels beaten in the face in public. In addition, most of their Feng family’s forces are overseas, and they only know the top ranked ones in the Xuanmen circle. Although they have heard a lot about Siyang in China, older people always rely on the old and sell the old for those who are too young.

However, he knew the occasion better than the young people. Seeing that Qian Lianliang spoke to Si Yang Haosheng, he wouldn’t be foolish enough to meet him on the spot. But people’s instinct was uncontrollable. Seeing that his family was about to suffocate, he subconsciously glared at Siyang.

These people obviously underestimated Siyang’s temper, and probably under the constraints of the society ruled by law, even if Xuanmen respected strength, they would still have some scruples and would not kill in public.

So when Siyang saw the attitude of the Feng family, he snorted, and the man on the ground stopped struggling and completely died.

People didn’t expect that Si Yang dared to kill in public. This thing can’t be done well.


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