Great Celestial Master Chapter 107

Probably no one expected that Si Yang would kill people in public. In addition to the leaders, there were also the Deputy sect leader of Lushan sect, and Linggu Temple provided the venue. In such an environment, this killing is undoubtedly a provocation or warning.

As the man completely broke his breath, he couldn’t even feel a trace of soul power. Obviously, he was scared. The atmosphere in the room was so solemn that he couldn’t even hear the sound of breathing.

Siyang put the teacup in his hand on the table. It was neither light nor heavy. A thud seemed to hit everyone’s heart, and the whole heart was lifted.

Qian Lianliang’s face was slightly heavy: “I’m afraid it’s too much for Si Daoyou to do so?”

Si Yang smiled at him: “what have I done? I’m going to blame him for his death? Who saw me do it? You have to talk and do things with evidence. That’s right. You’re used to empty words. What evidence do you want? What you think is evidence, right?”

The LV family in Xuanmen has always been a loyal family. They have been guarding for many years and have done a lot of things to save the lives and heal the wounded. The atmosphere of the whole family is more decent. Compared with the tyranny of the LAN family, the weakness of the Yao family and the evil of the Xiang family, the LV family is a clear stream of Xuanmen. Therefore, although the LV family is not the strongest, other families of such a gentleman’s family are more convinced. Even the other three people respect the LV family more or less.

Therefore, in addition to Lushan sect and Linggu Temple, there is still some weight to speak about the LV family. At the beginning, Linggu Temple got rid of the relationship and agreed to only provide a venue for the two sides to meet and did not participate in the matter. Therefore, seeing the situation, with Siyang’s unreasonable card playing, they turned to a detour they had never thought of, The LV family had to come forward and say: “Si Daoyou is willing to come today and should also want to solve this matter. Although the Feng family’s action a few days ago was urgent, it did go a little too far. Si Daoyou taught a lesson that they should accept. Today’s appointment is mainly for the affairs of the devil. Si Daoyou is a magnanimous person. Since he said that Feng Zhengming was not killed by you, it must be true, but the devil People are very important to our Xuanmen. I wonder if Si Daoyou can provide us with a direction of investigation? ”

The LV family’s words typically give a step to both sides. The previous actions of the Feng family are not that they don’t understand. They are nothing more than a kind of temptation. Perhaps it is the original intention of the Feng family, or it is inspired by someone. Its purpose is naturally to test the bottom line of Siyang.

They can understand the actions of the Feng family, and Si Yang must also understand them. Today, I promised to come and I would kill them mercilessly. This is probably the best answer to their temptation. Therefore, some things can be stopped immediately now, and there is no need to continue. It has really become an impasse.

If you are an ordinary person, you will naturally accept it with such steps. Unfortunately, Siyang is not an ordinary person. When you hear the words of the LV family, Not going down the steps: “Who said that I came here today to solve the problem? Just because I had several contacts with Feng Zhengming, it’s reasonable for you to suspect that I was related to his death. But in the absence of any evidence, I kept making trouble at my door so impolitely that I didn’t see you kicking your nose and face. It’s not enough for one family to unite with several families. Why do you think I’m young It’s easy to bully? ”

Seeing that Si Yang was obviously not going to be kind, the LV family couldn’t help but say: “Si Daoyou…”

Si Yang glanced at him coldly: “you want to investigate the cause of Feng Zhengming’s death. I know him at least. It’s not a big problem to cooperate with you. It’s easy to hand in a prayer post and ask politely. Will you yell and question me like a murderer? Who gives you your face?”

When Si Yang spoke, a powerful pressure was released. This time, the representative of the LAN family was LAN Ziming, the elder who had been in contact with Si Yang. He felt the terrible strength of Si Yang. Therefore, even if he saw LAN Jingxiu following behind Si Yang, he was just like the other party’s air, so as not to conflict with Si Yang. Unexpectedly, he really angered people this time, If it hadn’t been for the four of us, we would have been united. He really didn’t want to come this time.

The power of a friar is unimaginable terror for ordinary heavenly masters. That kind of terror is not the fear of death, but a tremor from the depths of the soul. Just like being in the dark deep sea, sinking constantly, no one knows, there will be something deeper waiting for you.

In addition to LAN Jinxiu and Li Zezhi, only Shanji, who sat next to him and closed his eyes to worship the Buddha, was not affected, while others, whose cultivation was low, knelt on the ground and trembled unconsciously. Although people like Qian Lianliang were still sitting in their chairs, their faces were pale and sweating. The key was not that their cultivation forced them to sit, But those who are suppressed by this force can’t move, even if they want to fall. It seems that as long as Siyang has an idea, they will be scared.

Then they knew why the benevolent attitude of Linggu Temple was so firm that they did not participate in this matter, and why LAN Ziming of the LAN family wanted to get out at first, but now they know, but it was too late.

Si Yang glanced at the crowd: “since you are so careful, I will not hesitate to give you the answer you want. If you dare to provoke anything, you just want to test my bottom line. Now you are satisfied?”

No one answered. Under the suppression of the terrorist force, they couldn’t even speak. Among them, the things that don’t have eyes in the Feng family are worse than others. Blood is seeping from the corners of their mouths, which obviously hurts their viscera by this pressure.

Looking at the fear on many faces, Siyang leisurely drank a mouthful of tea: “I didn’t know much about the Xuanmen circle until I came out of the mountain, but you should be glad that some of the people I first met made a good impression on me and didn’t have a bad impression on your whole Xuanmen. Although there was some mouse shit, I wouldn’t hate all the Xuanmen. Your behavior today is normal. For those who don’t know about personnel and materials It’s human instinct to explore. Today, I gave it up in a good temper, but there’s no more than three things. Everyone sitting here is one of the top two figures in the Xuanmen. Remember to warn the younger generation at home when you go back. If something without eyes comes up again, that’s the end of the door! ”

As soon as Si Yang’s voice fell, several people who were pressed on the chair and couldn’t move suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood. This internal injury was a warning given to them by Si Yang.

But they dared not complain, and there was even a kind of happiness that they had escaped their lives. The pressure shrouded in them had not yet dissipated, and their hearts were still in a sudden. Just when they thought that this matter was over, Si Yang said again: “master of the Feng family, as the initiator of this matter, shouldn’t you say something?”

The master of the Feng family stood up from his chair with trembling legs, bowed deeply to Si Yang and said, “everything is my Feng family’s fault. I don’t know the reason. Acting indiscriminately has brought trouble to Si Tianshi. On behalf of the whole Feng family, I apologize to you and hope you will forgive me a lot.”

Si Yang looked at him without making a sound. His fingertips gently knocked on the handrail leisurely. The needle drop could be heard quietly in the whole room. Therefore, Si Yang’s knocking sound was like hitting everyone’s heart. Even if he was facing the Feng family and did not involve others, they were still worried.

The owner of the Feng family thought that Si Yang didn’t make a statement, nor did he let go of his intention. He nervously turned to others for help. At this time, he didn’t have the feeling of relying on the old and selling the old. Someone motioned to him and looked at the ground. The owner of the Feng family understood the meaning of the other party, and his face burned like a fire. But thinking of the Feng family behind him, he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes and knelt down towards Siyang: “today’s business is all my Feng family’s fault. Please forgive us for our rudeness.”

Si Yang chuckled: “since you realize your mistake, remember to correct it in the future.”

The owner of the Feng family almost half lay on the ground and replied in a low voice: “yes, master Si taught that Feng must bear it in mind and never dare to commit it again.”

Si Yang nodded with satisfaction. After getting up from the chair, he tidied up his clothes: “you must have nothing else to do?”

Qian Lianliang stood up with strong support: “please forgive me for delaying Taoist friends for a long time today. I will come to the door and apologize in person of Lushan sect another day.”

Other people also quickly got up and responded. No matter what they thought in their heart, their apparent attitude was respectful.

Siyang didn’t answer again, so he turned and left. The two background boards behind him hurriedly followed. When LAN Jinxiu left, he looked back at the people of LAN’s family.

There was also a group of people sitting outside the room. What they wanted to solve today was the internal affairs of their Xuanmen. If they were rejected, the secret service department could not forcibly participate, but they were afraid that things would make a big difference, so they took people outside. Seeing that Si Yang came out unharmed, Zhou Qin couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief: “master Si, has the misunderstanding been solved?”

Si Yang smiled at the speech: “naturally, it’s hard for you. A group of old guys have nothing to do. It’s a lot of time for you.”

Zhou Qin’s mouth twitched slightly. The old guy Si Yang said was not ordinary in Xuanmen. He couldn’t answer this. Si Yang obviously did not intend to continue to greet him. After a few words, he left Linggu Temple.

On the way back to the car, Si Yang couldn’t help sighing, and then looked at Li Ze and knew: “this is the end of being weak. Anyone can come up and bully, so you should practice well. You know, you can make a reputation in the future and see who dares to bully the door.”

Li Zezhi, who saw the murder scene for the first time, was still trying to digest. When he heard the master’s words, he really wanted to make complaints about it. But his mouth was clever and replied, “it’s master.”

LAN Jinxiu glanced at Si Yang: “sorry to involve you.”

Si Yang smiled: “even if it’s not Feng Zhengming, they’ll find someone to make trouble from the head sooner or later. This lesson is enough for them to be quiet for a while.”

Sitting in the back seat, Li Zezhi couldn’t help asking, “master, have we become enemies with the whole Xuanmen today?”

Si Yang sighed: “naive silly boy.”

Li Zezhi didn’t know. Therefore, LAN Jinxiu rarely explained: “in front of absolute strength, there is no word of enmity.”

Li Zezhi understood the literal meaning of this sentence. Later, when he saw the group of people who were beaten and vomited blood by his master come to the door to apologize one by one, he understood the meaning of this sentence more deeply.

But now, after solving the group of trouble seekers, his master returned to his daily life mode: “today is not a weekend. Did you come back from skipping class?”

Li Zezhi didn’t know his master’s attitude towards skipping classes. He quickly explained the purpose of coming back: “I asked for leave mainly because I can’t seem to solve something.”

Si Yang slightly raised his eyebrow: “why, did you fight with someone at school and invite your parents, or was puppy love found?”

Li Zezhi’s face turned red in an instant: “of course not! I didn’t fight or have puppy love. It was my deskmate. There was a ghost behind her every day. The ghost was lying on her back all the time.”


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