Great Celestial Master Chapter 108

Although Li Zezhi hasn’t been practicing for a long time, his different skills are naturally not comparable to those of ordinary heavenly masters. Even if he doesn’t know how to expel ghosts, he can eliminate ghosts with strong cultivation. Therefore, if it is an ordinary ghost, Li Zezhi will not be helpless.

Hearing that Li Zezhi said that it could not be solved, Si Yang was not in a hurry to ask, but waited for the following.

Li Zezhi saw that the master didn’t think he was useless because he said he couldn’t solve it. After a little relief, Continue: “My deskmate is a girl, very thin and small, but her grades are very good. The teacher doesn’t know my level, so she arranged to sit with her. However, the girl feels a little lonely and doesn’t like to talk. Although she is very good and will help if she needs anything, few people in the class are willing to talk to her and say she is very strange. At first, I didn’t think it was those students who isolated her, Later, when I passed her during a recess, I felt a breath of Yin on her, but she couldn’t feel anything when she sat next to me. Then one day we had a PE class. My deskmate ran around and was so tired that she couldn’t breathe. The teacher asked her to sit down and rest. I suddenly remembered that there was a sky eye sign on me, so I looked at it with the sky eye sign. As a result, I saw a male ghost lying on the back of my deskmate. ”

For a person who has just accepted that this is a fantasy world setting and has not adapted to the scene of seeing ghosts at all times, Li Zezhi said that he was almost scared to scream when he saw a ghost lying on the back of his deskmate.

Of course, Li Zezhi hid this from Siyang. He felt that his master could accept ghosts he couldn’t handle, and certainly couldn’t accept that he was scared and screamed by ghosts.

Li Ze knew: “after opening the sky eye, I found that as long as my deskmate was closer to me, the ghost would avoid. When we had class, the ghost stood in the corner of the classroom where there was no sunshine. His eyes kept staring at my deskmate. Sometimes he would stare at me for a while, as if I had broken his good deeds.”

Si Yang said, “so the ghost is afraid of your breath, but you can’t kill it?”

Li Zezhi was afraid that Siyang thought he was useless, Nod a little carefully: “Well, I secretly stuffed the talisman into the schoolbag at the same table, but the ghost was not afraid of the talisman. After I found that I could see him, I became more unscrupulous. I would avoid me before. Now I follow my deskmate closely and take a provocative look at me from time to time. I wonder if I can explain the situation directly to my deskmate and forcibly kill the ghost, but I have tasted it several times I tried to mention it, but my deskmate obviously didn’t believe it. Even because I talked to her in private several times, she seemed to misunderstand me. Now she basically hid from me. ”

“Since people don’t have that appeal at all, why bother your own business.”

Li Zezhi immediately didn’t know what to say. It was really his own meddling. He found out that he wanted to solve it for his deskmate. No one asked him for help from beginning to end, but he couldn’t watch ghosts harm people. If his deskmate had an accident, he would feel guilty.

LAN Jinxiu took a look at Li Zezhi from the rearview mirror. He thought the apprentice Si Yang received was inappropriate and too soft hearted. Maybe he himself is a cruel and cold hearted person, and he can’t stand such a soft hearted person who always wants to meddle in his own affairs.

Si Yang said again, “besides, how do you know she didn’t raise the ghost herself?”

Li Zezhi hurriedly said: “She didn’t raise it by herself. She just didn’t believe in these things. I tried to use Tianlei talisman to forcibly take away the ghost, but I didn’t know whether the talisman I drew was not powerful enough or there was something on the ghost. Tianlei talisman hit him, and the ghost was seriously injured, but I was run away by the ghost when I didn’t pay attention to it. It was only the second time God, the ghost followed my classmate grandly and recovered overnight. ”

Si Yang said, “it’s still early. Do you know where your classmates are? Go and have a look, but this little thing is very suitable for you to practice your hand, so I won’t do it if it’s not necessary.”

Li Zezhi nodded repeatedly. Even if his master did nothing and watched, he would have confidence himself. This is the first time he has encountered something since the fantasy of his world. It is such a ghost that can’t die. It’s inevitable that he has no bottom.

When Li Zezhi returned to school, it was almost noon, just the time for lunch break. His deskmate is Zhou di. The family environment is very bad. He brings his own meals almost every day. If the food is better, it is two steamed buns, several pieces of cold meat and a little pickled vegetables. The food is almost thin porridge and a little pickled vegetables, but sometimes he doesn’t even have lunch and is so hungry for a day.

Li Zezhi didn’t come to this school for long, but he stepped in halfway, but he ran into Zhou Di for lunch several times and went straight to the school library or the grass behind the gym for lunch. Probably because of this, Zhou Di was not close to people at all, or she had low self-esteem or was bullied when she was a child. Although she was very good, But it’s also very defensive.

The high school Si Yang found for Li Zezhi is not a very powerful focus, nor is it a noble private school, or a very ordinary school. It was noon after school, and all kinds of snack bars were full of students in school uniforms. Siyang and LAN Jingxiu were like a leisurely one-day tour of the campus. They bought a Kanto cooking and ate it.

“The things around the school are really something without much technical content. 99% of a meatball is starch, which makes money for these students,” Siyang said

LAN Jinxiu probably ate in such an environment for the first time. There was something he couldn’t name on the thin wooden stick. When he saw Si Yang dislike and eat, he also took a bite. To be honest, even before being raised by the Fat Chef, such things were hard to swallow, but with Si Yang, a paper cup was eaten unconsciously.

Seeing LAN Jinxiu looking at the empty big paper cup, he was stunned. He thought he wasn’t full, so he wiped his mouth and said, “this is the most popular family in line. There’s probably nothing delicious around here. Let’s go home and eat.”

Hearing the word “go home”, LAN Jingxiu’s mouth involuntarily stirred up and nodded at him, “HMM.”

The two men are definitely one of the best in appearance. When they came to the place where the students gathered together, they were surrounded by a group of little girls and took photos with excitement. Si Yang was very calm. He had experienced many such occasions. LAN Jinxiu has always been automatically shielded from the outside world. Just at the thought that he and Si Yang were photographed together, he couldn’t help but have a little heart beat faster, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but want to tilt up.

Si Yang didn’t pay attention to LAN Jinxiu’s rising little emotion. Seeing Li Zezhi who went to find someone first, he naturally stuffed the unfinished food into his hand: “eat something first, or you won’t have the strength to start later.”

After taking over Siyang’s “concern”, Li Zezhi hurriedly said, “I found her, behind the gym.”

Although it’s noon after school, there are many students coming in and out, but if they don’t wear school uniforms, they will also be questioned when entering the school. Si Yang didn’t bother to register. He directly pasted an invisible symbol to himself and LAN Jingxiu, and followed Li Zezhi to the grove behind the gymnasium.

I saw a girl with a ponytail and a school uniform. She was thin and pretty. She sat cross legged in the shade of the tree, holding an English newspaper and a few books next to her. She looked very hard-working.

However, seeing the girl, LAN Jinxiu subconsciously looked at Si Yang. Si Yang probably didn’t expect to go around. This matter still had something to do with him and slightly raised his eyebrows. This is the student from school he met on the way to eat stewed bamboo shoots with LAN Jinxiu after Bai Jing dealt with the ghost fox in the hotel.

At that time, he saw a male ghost behind the girl, but the male ghost had not been so close to the girl at that time, so he had to follow it far away. But I didn’t expect that I hadn’t seen him for a while. Most of the breath was mixed. As he saw now, before long, either the male ghost killed the girl or the girl was killed by the male ghost.

Although he could easily get rid of the ghost at that time, thousands of people in the world had their own lives. He was not so bored. He wanted to help when he saw an injustice. But unexpectedly, he was met by his stupid apprentice and was still involved.

The male ghost lying on the girl had already found Li Zezhi. As for the two people next to him, their breath was ordinary, so they didn’t pay attention. He is not afraid of even tianleifu. I’m afraid this young boy is not even a Heavenly Master. When he becomes stronger, he will swallow even this boy with cultivation.

Li Zezhi could hardly wait to draw a knife when he saw the provocative eyes of the ghost. Unfortunately, he hasn’t learned the array. Although there aren’t many people here, there isn’t no one at all. If he ran into it, he would be in trouble. If Zhou Di is willing to believe him, they can find a place where no one can solve it. Unfortunately, Zhou Di didn’t believe him and thought he had no intention.

“Master, that’s the ghost. Why isn’t he afraid of the sky thunder talisman? Is the quality of the talisman drawn by me too poor?”

Si Yang said, “yes, so I always say to let you work hard to make up for your clumsiness.”

Li Zezhi was a little frustrated. He learned the talisman very quickly. It took only one day to complete the talisman independently for the first time. According to master Shang, aunt LAN painted the talisman independently for more than half a month. Originally, I thought Master said that in the hope that he would not be proud. Unexpectedly, he was really weak.

“Master, what should I do now?”

Si Yang asked him, “what are you going to do?”

Li Ze knows: “Zhou Di doesn’t believe me. I want to open a heavenly eye for her to see with her own eyes, but she is very defensive and doesn’t believe me at all. I can’t find a place where there is no one.”

“I’ll make a boundary for you and deal with the rest by yourself.”

Li Zezhi nodded: “thank you, master.”

After Li Zezhi walked over to Zhou Di, LAN Jinxiu said to Si Yang, “the smell on that ghost is wrong.”

Si Yang nodded: “well, this is not the essence of the ghost, so I know that even if the ghost is destroyed, it is estimated that it will appear next to the girl tomorrow.”

After a long pause, LAN Jingxiu said, “in fact, I still don’t understand why you take Li Zezhi as an apprentice. If you want to take an apprentice, there are many people with better talents than him.”

Si Yang smiled at him: “because I don’t accept heavenly masters, but friars.”


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