Great Celestial Master Chapter 109

When Zhou Di saw the man coming towards her, she frowned slightly and carefully put away the newspaper in her hand. She picked up the book on the ground and wanted to leave.

Li Zezhi hurriedly said, “wait a minute.”

Zhou Di turned and looked at him seriously: “I don’t know what you really want to do, but I really don’t have the time to play with you. Can I beg you? It doesn’t matter whether you read or not like you. If you can’t go abroad after the college entrance examination, do you know what the college entrance examination means to me? That’s the only way I can live, so please, no matter what you want to do, can you find someone else?”

Zhou Di was annoyed and even scared by Li Zezhi during this period. It’s not that Li Zezhi had any excessive behavior towards her, but she was full of precautions against everyone because of the environment and her childhood experience. She could accept the general communication, but as long as someone came too close, she would step back in fear.

At the beginning, Zhou Di actually rejected the teacher’s arrangement to transfer her students to the same table. She felt at a loss in the face of new people and new situations that might happen. However, Li Zezhi is not the kind of noisy student she thinks. She listens very carefully in class and won’t disturb her if she has nothing to do. I just didn’t expect that before long, Li Zezhi showed his true colors.

Always say something inexplicable to her, always stop her on all kinds of roads. No matter how she hides, it doesn’t seem to work. She doesn’t know what Li Zezhi really wants to do. Is it fun to see her like this and treat her as a toy? A heavy family is enough for her to carry. She really doesn’t have the energy and strength to deal with others.

Li Zezhi doesn’t know about Zhou Di’s family, but he doesn’t know very well from some of Zhou Di’s behaviors. He himself was born in such a poor family. He could understand where Zhou Di’s vigilance came from. It was because he knew the hardship and the desperate to grasp the only straw that he wanted to meddle.

Seeing the pleading and defensive posture in Zhou Di’s eyes, Li Ze knew: “OK, I won’t pester you, but you give me one minute, just one minute, you close your eyes.”

Zhou Di frowned and stepped back: “what do you want to do?”

Li Ze knows: “I asked you before, do you feel anything strange recently, such as the sudden cooling of the surrounding environment, or the feeling of being stared at? You always think I’m deliberately making excuses. Since you don’t believe what you say, let you see it with your own eyes. Close your eyes for a few seconds. After you see it, if you let me mind my own business, I won’t pester you any more You. ”

Zhou Di has no childhood and adolescence. Her whole life is a heavy family, brothers and sisters. Sometimes she can’t even eat a full meal. In this case, she has no private time and space except in school. The only books she can contact are school journals and textbooks, so she is superstitious about science. Even if I sometimes listen to my classmates say some supernatural things, I will only feel that they are full and have nothing to do.

Seeing what Li Zezhi said, she still didn’t believe it, but in order to stop pestering him in the future, Zhou Di did what Li Zezhi said.

The male ghost who had been following Zhou Di smiled coldly and turned around to leave first. As long as Zhou Di couldn’t see him, he wouldn’t be meddled by this boy in the future.

However, when the male ghost was ready to leave, he found that his surroundings were blocked, and an invisible border blocked all his way. The male ghost looked at the two people standing in the distance in an instant, and his eyes were very cruel. If the boy had the ability to seal and lock him before, he wouldn’t let Zhou Di see him until today. It must have something to do with those two people who look like ordinary people.

Just as the male ghost was thinking about countermeasures, a sharp scream sounded from behind. The male ghost turns around coldly. Anyway, she has seen it. It’s better for her to see it clearly.

Zhou Di really didn’t expect to be able to go to hell in broad daylight one day. When Li Zezhi’s fingers moved away from the center of her eyebrows and said good, as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a ghostly thing standing not far away. Although he looked like a man, he was definitely not a living man. What Li Zezhi said is actually true. There are ghosts following her!

Zhou Di suddenly fell to the ground in shock and retreated in panic, trying to stay away from the ghost. But I didn’t expect that the ghost turned around and stared at her.

Li Zezhi stretched out his hand to pull her up from the ground, but blocked her in front of the ghost. Zhou Di was scared and almost collapsed and cried: “there is a ghost, really a ghost! Who is he and why should he talk to me? I haven’t hurt anyone!”

Seeing Zhou Di’s fear of him, the male ghost seemed a little excited. The expression on the whole ghost’s face became more and more distorted. He no longer tried to break through the border, but floated towards Zhou di.

Li Zezhi pulled Zhou Di behind him and stretched out his hand. A long sword emitting light appeared in his hand: “what do you want in the end? If you have a grievance, we will help you, but if you pester the living people like this and even want to harm others, don’t blame me for being unfriendly!”

LAN Jinxiu, who was watching from a distance, couldn’t help looking sideways at Siyang when he heard Li Zezhi’s words. Seeing his actions, Siyang said, “look what I do. I didn’t teach such righteous words.”

Thinking of what Siyang did in Linggu Temple today, LAN Jinxiu smiled: “I think so. With your style, you will probably do it directly. Talk after lying down first.”

Si Yang smiled and asked, “what if it was you?”

LAN Jinxiu looked at the ghost: “I won’t mind my own business, but if I have to do something, just kill it. There’s nothing to talk about.”

Si Yang looked at him and smiled for a while. “Your philanthropist is very kind. Where is everyone? No?”

LAN Jinxiu also smiled with his lips: “don’t die if you die.”

Si Yang suddenly thought of it and said, “the talisman I drew for you before, have you shielded it with magic gas? Otherwise, you will kill people and kill evils. The array talisman should respond.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “well, isolated, the power in the blood pool is very strange. As long as you master the method, you can change freely. As an ordinary person, you don’t do bad things, and that array won’t be triggered.”

Si Yang said: “anyway, it’s useless to keep that array. I’ll melt it for you.”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head and said, “keep it. It doesn’t matter anyway. Moreover, if there is an unusual smell, the radar of the array is faster than I can sense.”

Si Yang was silent for a while and said, “before, you hid the evil spirit. All I saw was the Yin evil spirit, which was brought by you and Sheng, so I said it was very troublesome to deal with it, but now I probably understand your situation. Do you want to return to the life of ordinary people?”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “it’s too late. If I don’t know anything, I probably want to, but now, I can’t help it. The LAN family won’t let me go, and my parents can’t die in vain.”

Seeing LAN Jinxiu say so, Si Yang didn’t say more. Just as they were talking, Li Zezhi had fought with the male ghost. In fact, it can’t be said that the male ghost is of average stature and looks average, and his skill is not very good. He wears very modern clothes and only knows to hurt people with Yin Qi. Even if he is a ghost, he is not a ghost that becomes very powerful at once. It seems that this man is not very powerful when he is alive. He just doesn’t know what he has, so he becomes so unusual, Even in the daytime, the sun can still appear in the school.

Li Zezhi didn’t practice his sword skills in vain during this period. It was only the first time to deal with this kind of ghost without entity, which was completely formed by the condensation of Yin Qi. He couldn’t hit the entity with a sword. However, he soon learned to cover the body of the sword with aura. Not to mention how deadly it could cause to the ghost, at least he gradually found the feel of attack.

Si Yang raised his hand and drew freely in the air. A wisp of black gas was drawn into his hand, and then he preached to Li Zezhi: “this ghost is just a wisp of obsession attached to Yin Qi, not his real soul, but there must be a reason for him to obsession with this girl. I’ll go to the burial place of this ghost now.”

After saying this, Si Yang looked at LAN Jinxiu and said, “will you stay here or go with me?”

LAN Jingxiu hurriedly said, “together.” What are you doing here? Look at that unpleasant kid.

Si Yang naturally grabbed LAN Jingxiu’s wrist and disappeared with him.

Following the breath, they came to a mountain forest, which is neither a cemetery, nor a Linggu Temple, nor a barren forest that looks very suitable for killing and burying corpses.

LAN Jingxiu glanced regretfully at the wrist just held by Si Yang. Unfortunately, Si Yang’s speed was too fast. He shrunk to an inch and walked a few steps to his destination.

Si Yang found the corpse burial place of the male ghost and slightly raised his eyebrow: “it seems that the corpse is buried here. It seems that someone has planned to kill it.”

LAN Jingxiu said, “but there’s nothing special here. Is it something worn on the front of death?”

Si Yang said, “feel it again.”

LAN Jingxiu obediently closed his eyes and carefully felt the atmosphere around him. Then he suddenly opened his eyes and frowned: “the deep Yin evil spirit came from the ground.”

Siyang went to a place with deep soil color and stamped his foot gently. In an instant, the whole mountain forest was in a violent wind. Like the last time on Putian mountain, the sky was covered with dark clouds and the sky changed in the blink of an eye. At the same time, a bone nail flew out of the soil, and the strong Yin evil even forced LAN Jinxiu back half a step.

As soon as Si Yang raised his hand, he put the bone nail in his hand, and then immediately put it into the wooden box. After isolating the overwhelming spirit of yin and evil, the evil wind stopped, and the sky gradually returned to normal.

Before Si Yang spoke, he saw the two people coming from a distance and shouting, “please stay!”

There was someone nearby. When Siyang and LAN Jinxiu came over, they found it at the first time. When they saw the person, LAN Jinxiu said, “Thailand head lowering teacher azanpeng, you should know the other one.”

Si Yang smiled and naturally knew him. He was the one who made a deal with the devil.


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