Great Celestial Master Chapter 11

LAN Yuzhuo wanted to pick on his brother. He felt his hands on his chest. The picture was really ugly. LAN Jingxiu probably couldn’t stand such an unpretentious sister. He tore her open impolitely: “you can’t touch it again. Sit back.”

LAN Yuzhuo tutted several times: “You’re so fast. I accidentally saw the photo of master Si Yang at the University of technology that day and showed it to you. Unexpectedly, as soon as you turned around, you directly connected with others and asked the master to draw a symbol for you. Don’t say, the whole evil spirit you put out converged. I’m so close to you. If I don’t feel it carefully, I think you’re just an ordinary person. ”

I’ve seen it before. LAN Jingxiu silently emerged these words in his heart. The picture of seeing Si Yang for the first time flashed in his mind. In the hot summer, that smile was like a cool suddenly falling, so his memory was particularly profound.

After listening to the elder brother’s description, he couldn’t see the array symbol painted on his chest with his own eyes. He couldn’t help touching it: “is it because my cultivation is not enough, or because it was painted by my predecessors, so only his touch can make the array take shape?”

LAN Jinxiu directly stuffed the small porcelain bottle given by Si Yang into the owe hand: “it was given by Si Yang. At that time, it was the rune painted on me with the things inside. Si Yang also said that when you painted the rune, you mixed this into cinnabar. This is for you. If you want it in the future, you have to spend money to buy it.”

LAN Yuzhuo held the small porcelain vase but didn’t open it in a hurry. He seemed to be thinking about what to say: “brother, do you think if we keep making friends with our predecessors and have deep feelings in the future, will our predecessors help you?”

LAN Jinxiu looked at her and said, “this has helped me.”

LAN Yuzhuo shook his head: “Although the elder said there was no solution to your situation that day, I don’t think the elder really has no solution, but the possible solution needs to pay a very, very high price. It’s obviously impossible to do that to a person who has no friendship, but if a deep friend says he will be willing at that time, you know, the little golden bell that elder took out at the top of the mountain that day is not It’s a magic instrument, but a spirit instrument. ”

LAN Jinxiu was stunned. The difference between magic and spirit tools was different from heaven and earth. The orchid family has a spiritual weapon, which is the treasure of the family. It has always been a sacrifice of incense. Even the ancestors of the orchid family kneel down and kowtow to the spiritual weapon every year. The existence like him and his sister doesn’t even have the qualification to worship.

LAN Yuzhuo leaned against my brother, Sighed: “You don’t know, the masters of Linggu Temple chanted scriptures to the golden bell day and night. When the golden bell rang in response to the Buddha’s voice, all the masters knelt down on the ground, and some of the younger generation even cried excitedly. If it weren’t for the cooperation of several people and the country directly sealed the mountain, I’m afraid the people in the Xuanmen would have received the news They all scrambled to worship. ”

LAN Jingxiu frowned and looked at his sister: “how many people have closed the mountain? What else do you do in addition to closing the mountain?”

Knowing elder brother Mo ruo’s younger sister, LAN Yuzhuo poked elder brother’s shoulder: “are you worried that they will take that spirit weapon as their own? I’ve only contacted it once, so I protect my predecessors?”

LAN Jingxiu glanced at her: “the kindness of dripping water should be reported by the spring.”

LAN Yuzhuo cut: “the grace of dripping water should be promised by example. Go and make one. Maybe the elder will accept your life for his own sake. I’ll be relaxed if I marry you out at that time.”

After that, I ignored her again, So he smiled and said: “Don’t worry. Even if everyone wants to do such shameless things, the masters of Linggu Temple won’t agree. Now it’s the masters who are guarding the golden bell. What’s more, before they find out the details of their predecessors, I think they will only try to make friends, otherwise they can be a spiritual weapon if they provoke a shot, and they don’t care about the strong enemy who casually threw it on the mountain. Isn’t that looking for death?”

LAN Yuzhuo saw his brother holding the computer and began to brush a pile of trend charts she couldn’t understand. He didn’t speak any more. He leaned on his shoulder, opened the small porcelain bottle, poured out some of the powder in the palm of his hand, twisted it with his fingertips, and then suddenly sat up.

LAN Jingxiu frowned at her movement: “what’s the matter?”

“Lingsha! This is Lingsha!” LAN Yuzhuo almost jumped up in surprise, grabbed LAN Jingxiu’s arm and said excitedly, “elder brother, did you say to buy it from him if you still want it?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded.

LAN Yuzhuo stretched out his hand: “give me the money! I don’t know how much the spirit sand sells. Brother, do you know that with the blessing of the spirit sand, even if you are just getting started, as long as you master the skills of drawing runes, the runes drawn are full of spirit power. With my master’s cultivation, the power of the whole Rune can’t be increased by many times!”

LAN Jin said, “are you sure it’s Lingsha? Si Yang said it’s the only thing, and I saw him knead a pile of white sand into this color with my own eyes.”

LAN Yuzhuo carefully poured the contents of his hand into the porcelain vase: “Give this to my Shifu first. I’ve only heard of Lingsha. I’ve never seen anyone. According to the records in the book, Lingsha has the most impurities in silver, and light red and gold. It’s the purest and most rich aura. Every extremely fine sand grain is the crystal of aura. You know the legendary Lingshi, which is the leftover material of Lingshi. Rune The talisman itself is to release energy by aura. If the material used to draw the talisman itself is something full of aura, its power can be imagined. ”

“What if you extract Reiki from this sand for cultivation?”

LAN Yuzhuo thought about this possibility, then shook his head and denied his brother’s conjecture: “it’s too extravagant. This Lingsha is not a cabbage on the side of the road. Although it’s possible in theory, even if you have this financial resources, you may not have so many Lingsha.”

LAN Yuzhuo can’t wait to show his master what he has in his hand. If it’s really useful, it’s of great significance.

Seeing LAN Yuzhuo walking away, LAN Jinxiu took out his mobile phone and stared at it silently for a while. After several tangled deletions, he sent the message.

At this time, Siyang was in the hotel. Two upright men stood at the door and looked at the automatically opened door. Suddenly, they felt that it was neither entering nor retreating. They are always exposed to some mysterious and supernatural things in this department, and some heavenly masters and magicians will raise some ghosts for their own use, so the one who just opened the door for them… Is it a ghost?

Si Yang leaned on the sofa, looked at the door and smiled: “don’t you come in?”

The head man coughed and bowed slightly: “excuse me.”

As soon as they stepped into the room, the door was opened and closed silently as before. Their subconscious back cooled, but they also contacted more such people, and soon calmed down: “Hello, Mr. Si, I’m the leader of the special service team of the special department of the Ninth District of the country. My name is Zhou Qin. This is vice captain Li Li Li. This is our work permit.”

Si Yang took their work cards and looked curiously. It said that the title of the national security secret service department looked really big. Return the certificate to them, and pour tea into the two empty cups put before Siyang Chao: “sit down, please.”

They sat opposite Siyang, picked up the tea cup that was obviously prepared and took a sip. At the entrance of the tea, a cool air poured directly into their heads. Because the dry heat brought by the weather dissipated in an instant, the whole person seemed to lighten a few Liang, and their heads were clear and clear.

Subconsciously drank two more mouthfuls, and Zhou qincai put down his tea cup, Go straight to the topic: “Now that Mr. Si has calculated that we will come today, I won’t beat around the bush. Thank you for your help in Tianfeng mountain. It is precisely because of the protection of your heavenly masters that China will be so peaceful. The state also gives you convenience as much as possible. The state also has special departments to facilitate the heavenly masters. I just don’t know whether Mr. Si has any help Interested in entering such a department. ”

Before Siyang refused, Li Li, who followed Zhou qinlai, quickly handed a document to Si Yang: “Mr. Si, our department is divided into internal staff and external staff, but both internal staff and external staff are very free. When nothing happens, it will never affect the private life of all heavenly masters. We will contact you only when the state needs your help. The biggest difference between the two is that internal staff will enjoy the worship of the state and worldly money every month, Dan medicine, talismans and other things for cultivation, but if you need the help of the Heavenly Master, you will first contact the internal staff. If the internal staff can’t handle the matter, the state will coordinate with the external staff. If the matter is handled, the state will also give corresponding remuneration. ”

Zhou Qin said, “the information given to you records some existing resources in the country. You heavenly masters can exchange some reward points for these things.”

Looking at the information, the so-called integral seems to be quite valuable. One integral can be exchanged for a Qi gathering pill. Although I don’t know what the Qi gathering pill refined by these so-called heavenly masters on earth is, it seems that they cultivate with the help of this Qi gathering pill.

Si Yang closed the information and smiled at them: “what if I don’t want to make it up inside or outside?”

Zhou Qin seems quite experienced in dealing with such things, Wen Yan said: “these things naturally depend on the personal wishes of all heavenly masters. If they are unwilling, the country will not be forced. I just hope that when heavenly masters have to go out and have to contact us before or after making a noise. You know, the country has broken the feudal superstition for many years. It’s better for us to deal with the aftermath for some reasons.”

Si Yang nodded: “it’s true that feudal superstition killed people. It’s really time to get rid of it. I know your purpose. If there’s anything wrong in the future, I’ll try to contact you without causing trouble to your work. It’s hard for you to come here today.”

The meaning of this is obviously to refuse. Although they have some regrets, they can’t force such a thing. Before they came, they had actually investigated Si Yang’s life experience, but it was obvious that the things investigated were completely different from what they felt after they really contacted. According to the data, Siyang came out of a remote mountain area. His only relative died this winter and is now alone.

But the noble spirit in front of us is pressing. Even though he smiles warmly from beginning to end, it is still difficult to hide the powerful aura around him. It is not the oppression brought by cultivation. That aura is the arrogance created by a long-standing environment. I’m afraid it’s still the aura that this person has deliberately restrained.

Zhou Qin saw that Li Li was still checking Siyang’s data. Looking at the declining numbers on the elevator display screen, he said in a deep voice: “don’t look, either there is a problem with the data or there is a problem with the people.”

Li Li paused while reading the materials and looked up at the boss: “he refused the invitation of the country, and his strength is so mysterious. Do you think he could become the second he Boyi?”

Zhou Qin didn’t speak until he left the hotel, got in the car, lit a cigarette and took a few breaths before spitting out a few words: “I hope not.”

After they left, Si Yang looked at the cup that had been drunk for a while until the vibration of the mobile phone shocked him back. Seeing that it was LAN Jingxiu’s wechat, Si Yang pressed a pillow on his side, and the whole person leaned on the sofa without sitting with the mobile phone.

LAN Jinxiu: I gave the small porcelain vase to Yuzhuo. Yuzhuo said it was a very good thing. I don’t know when you have time. We want to invite you to dinner and buy some more from you.

Siyang quickly replied to him: good things are not cheap, one gram and one million.

According to the talismans he has been in contact with and the prices of those talismans, this price is very reasonable. One gram of Lingsha can be mixed with more than ten or twenty grams of cinnabar. If it is not wasted, it is no problem to draw dozens of talismans. The value brought by those talismans is unknown how many million, so the price should be very cheap.

Sure enough, less than a minute after the information returned, LAN Jinxiu replied: OK, I want to buy ten grams first.

Siyang’s finger poked on his mobile phone: three days later, how about hot pot? I like spicy food.

LAN Jinxiu on the other side didn’t expect the appointment to be so smooth, and then hurriedly went back: OK, that’s settled. I’ll pick you up in three days.

After waiting for a long time, I didn’t wait for Si Yang’s reply. I couldn’t help turning over and over the previous short chat records to confirm that there was nothing wrong with what I said, but I couldn’t wait for an answer. It should be the end of the chat. Repeatedly staring at the mobile phone for a long time, finally unwilling to put down the mobile phone.


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