Great Celestial Master Chapter 110

The speed of those two people was very fast. Although they were separated by a little distance, they came quickly under their feet for fear that they might walk. The old man with crane hair and young face had a good attitude. He politely saluted and then said, “I’m Peng, from Thailand. This is my apprentice. This time, I originally came back to worship my ancestors. I happened to pass by and found Yin Qi changes. Later, I found it here according to magic tools, but I couldn’t determine the exact point for the moment.”

Si Yang looked at the wooden box in his hand and said, “so?”

Azanpeng just saw that Si Yang had received the bone nail. Even the more powerful Heavenly Master would never dare to touch the Yin on the bone nail directly. Therefore, even if the two people were very young and could not feel the cultivation, he did not dare to underestimate it, Therefore, he spoke in a very polite way: “since the bone nail was accepted by the Taoist friend first, it is naturally owned by the Taoist friend. However, I am in urgent need of a calming material. I don’t know whether the Taoist friend can give up his love and offer a condition with money or with the Taoist friend. I will do everything I can.”

Si Yang glanced at azampong and Zhuang Chen, and then said, “I’m not short of money or goods, so I don’t need to exchange with you.”

With that, he turned and was ready to leave. Where azampo was willing to give up like this, he quickly caught up with him: “Taoist friend!”

Si Yang looked at the man who caught up with him again and smiled: “it’s not impossible to change it. There are ten prefecture level elixirs.”

The smile on azampo’s face was suddenly stiff. Only herbs that absorb Reiki can be called Reiki, but even those who can absorb Reiki cultivation are rare, not to mention those herbs. These herbs can be divided into three levels of heaven, earth and man according to their medicinal properties, spirituality and rarity. This is a general term of a large category. Specifically, it can be more refined. But even the worst miraculous medicine at the prefecture level is also at the prefecture level. He doesn’t even have much miraculous medicine at the human level. Even if he does, it’s not cost-effective for that bone nail.

Although Zhuang Chen who followed azanpeng said that he was azanpeng’s disciple, he obviously didn’t care about the master. When azanpeng bothered about bone nails, he was observing the two people. LAN Jingxiu knew him. At the beginning, LAN’s business was so big that he heard that he started from scratch. He only had a small success in the development of Zhongdu business district. A big boss at this level should not be familiar with him, but at least recognize him. Otherwise, he would be wronged if he didn’t know him on some large occasions.

He didn’t know the young man around him who was feared by azanpeng, and when they came just now, LAN Jinxiu directly said the identity of azanpeng. The meaning of the words seemed that the young man still knew himself, which made him feel a little strange, so he looked at them for a moment, Zhuang Chen first said, “Mr. LAN, I didn’t expect to meet you on such an occasion. Hello, I’m Zhuang Chen of Tengfei network.”

LAN Jinxiu looked at him and said, “I’ve been away from LAN for a long time. Now there’s only one idle person who can’t be Mr. Zhuang’s general manager LAN.”

Zhuang Chen smiled: “President LAN is really admirable for being generous and daring to take and release. I just didn’t expect that President LAN is also a person in the circle. I just don’t know what President Lan said just now. Do I have a holiday with this master? I should meet this master for the first time.”

LAN Jin said, “there are no secrets in the Xuanmen circle. Everyone knows what you do and how to cultivate the Tao. For you who play with insects, naturally stay away.”

Zhuang Chen was not angry when he heard the speech. Since he could do that kind of thing ruthlessly, he was not afraid of being said. He just smiled and said, “although President LAN can rest assured that what I did may be despised by others, it doesn’t mean that I completely lose my humanity. At least I won’t involve innocent people.”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “you misunderstood. How you do things has nothing to do with me. I just hate insects.”

Zhuang Chen smiled, knowing that Lan Jinxiu deliberately bypassed the topic and no longer inquired into the bottom. In addition, it was obvious that there was no agreement, and even azanpeng couldn’t maintain the smile on his face.

LAN Jinxiu walked towards Siyang and looked at azanpeng expressionless: “can we go?”

Si Yang said, “let’s go. I don’t even have a prefecture level elixir. I dare to offer a condition casually. It’s a waste of time.” After saying that, he looked at the minister, and a black fog surged slightly in his eyes. Then he turned and took LAN Jingxiu’s hand, and returned home in three or two steps.

Zhuang Chen felt that the young man’s look at himself before he left had deep meaning. His inexplicable emotion was a little complicated and he was stunned for a long time.

When the two men disappeared directly in place, the kind look on azanpeng’s face suddenly became cold: “unfortunately, such a good thing was preempted.”

Zhuang Chen said coldly, “since you want it so much, grab it with your ability.”

Azampon squinted slightly: “Do you think anyone can grab it? If the bone nail was buried for some time, its power would be comparable to that of a magic weapon. As I said before, it was a magic weapon that led me here to find the bone nail. As long as he opened the conditions, I would do my best to meet it. The meaning in the words is to exchange a magic weapon for a bone nail. There are several ordinary heavenly masters who can have a magic weapon, and the bone nail is not very useful for heavenly masters, But he was unmoved. He didn’t even hear the word “magic weapon” fluctuate at all. When he opened his mouth, he was a prefecture level elixir. Nowadays, even human level elixir is the best. Who dares to open his mouth is prefecture level. Can such a person provoke you casually? I don’t know how to die. ”

Zhuang Chen sneered: “aren’t you very powerful? Why do I feel that you have repeatedly avoided everyone, and those who avoided are still young people. Now I doubt whether you are as powerful as you say.”

Azanpong glanced at him and snorted: “there are many talented and strange people in China. The key is whether anyone is willing to help you. The man was powerful just now. Go and ask him to help you revive your lover.”

Zhuang Chen turned away with a cold eye and walked towards the parking place. Azampong raised his hand, gently stroked a small white snake wrapped around his hand, and turned away from the mountain forest.

As soon as Siyang got home, Li Zezhi called. The obsessive ghost following Zhou Di had been solved by him. But just now Master said it wasn’t the body of the ghost, so he wanted to call to confirm whether master found the body of the ghost.

Si Yang said, “there must be a cause between the ghost and your classmates, otherwise you can’t have an obsession with her for no reason. If you don’t figure out the reason, you can’t finish it unless you beat the ghost out of your wits.”

Li Zezhi looked at Zhou Di, who was already scared silly and pale, and asked in a low voice, “master, what should I do now? The ghost hasn’t been solved. I also broke up a wisp of its obsession. Will it become angry and directly kill Zhou di? I think Zhou Di’s seal hall is black.”

Si Yang said irresponsibly, “it’s your own business. I’ll send you the ghost’s burial address, and you can solve the rest by yourself.”

Li Zezhi looked at the hung up phone and saw Zhou Di carefully looking into her eyes. She sighed, touched her sword, sighed and walked over: “since I’ve intervened in this matter, I’ll help you to the end, as long as you’re really innocent and haven’t hurt anyone.”

Zhou Di wiped her tears and stood up from the ground. Thinking of her misunderstanding of Li Zezhi before, she was a little embarrassed, but she said firmly: “I swear I didn’t hurt anyone. Thank you for helping me. Even if it can’t be solved in the end, I still want to thank you.”

Although Li Zezhi didn’t deal with this kind of thing independently, the master said that there must be a reason to be obsessed with Zhou di. Now Zhou Di doesn’t know what’s going on here, so she has to investigate the body. He thought it would be a cemetery. He could investigate the information of male ghosts through files. Unexpectedly, it was buried in a barren mountain.

Zhou Di, who lied for the first time and asked for leave, followed Li Zezhi to the barren mountain. She was stunned: “is the body here? Are we going to dig out the body?”

Li Zezhi thought for a moment, shook his head and said, “no, I’ll call someone. It may involve criminal cases. We can’t touch it.”

The object he called was the secret service captain who often brought a chinchilla to his house for dinner, but Shan Hexuan himself had a case to follow, so the person who came was LAN Yuzhuo, a new member of the second group.

Seeing the person coming, Li Zezhi ran over in surprise: “aunt LAN! How is it you!”

LAN Yuzhuo smiled and grabbed his face: “what are you involved in? Why didn’t you find your master.”

Li Zezhi said it again with a slightly bitter face and asked, “aunt LAN, what do you say about this matter? Now I don’t know how to start except investigating the identity of the male ghost. Moreover, I’m afraid that the male ghost will make a comeback. Look at my classmates. The situation is not very good.”

LAN Yuzhuo has noticed the girl around Li Zezhi for a long time. What’s wrong, It’s almost necessary to put one foot in the coffin: “use the talisman first. There should be some special reason why the talisman didn’t work before. Since this address is given to you by your master, it must be solved. As for the later things, your master can give you a solution because he believes in your ability and will solve them before the girl’s accident.”

When LAN Yuzhuo said this, Li Zezhi suddenly had more confidence. The picture of digging the corpse is not very good-looking. LAN Yuzhuo said that he would tell him when he had the identity of the dead. Li Zezhi and Zhou Di left the scene. Because the place where the body was buried was a little far from the school, when they returned to school, it would be long after school.

Li Zezhi gave Zhou Di several talismans, but she was still worried. After all, Zhou Di was really dying. He thought that he had split the ghost with Tianlei Fu before. As a result, the male ghost appeared intact the next day, so he simply went home with Zhou di. Zhou Di went back to her home. At the right time, her window was facing a private small hotel. Li Zezhi simply stayed in the small hotel all night.

Si Yang, who was at home, saw Li Zezhi’s actions through the mysterious hidden mirror. He had a headache. The apprentice was too different from what he expected.

After rubbing a meal and a pot of tea, LAN Jinxiu, an idle worker, couldn’t help sighing when he saw Li Zezhi guarding near the girl’s house: “it seems that you have collected an amorous seed.”

Siyang chuckled: “amorous people are often the most ruthless. After this, the little girl knows that she will be moved by it, and she knows that the boy is obviously not enlightened, so you should polish your eyes and find a future partner for Yuzhuo in the future. Don’t find gentle and amorous ones. If you know this, it’s absolutely impossible.”

LAN Jinxiu smiled: “what about you? Have you ever thought about your future life partner?”

Siyang shook his head: “there’s no need to think so far. First of all, no one can reach it.”

LAN Jingxiu suppressed his heart, which was about to jump uncontrollably. He tried to calm down and asked, “what?”

“Future partners, naturally, have to accompany me for a long time, so you can live with me for a long time first.”

Looking at the slightly rippling water lines in the tea cup, LAN Jingxiu whispered, “well, that’s the same.”

Looking at the headache on his face, looking at Li Zezhi’s various actions in the mirror and the helpless Si Yang, LAN Jingxiu hooked his lips and smiled and drank tea. He didn’t ask for day and night, but was willing to stay together and fight for life with heaven.


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