Great Celestial Master Chapter 111

The corpse buried in the barren mountain was dug out. After inspection, the people of the secret service department judged that the corpse had been dead for about three years, but I don’t know what special reason was here before. The corpse looked like it had just died, and even the skin remained a little soft, but the whole corpse was extremely Yin. When the corpse was dug out, the Yin almost rose to the sky, It took them a long time to get close.

The secret service department also has a Heavenly Master who is engaged in forensic medicine. After most of the Yin Qi of the body was removed, a simple examination was made. It was preliminarily judged that the deceased died of suffocation and there were traces of being hit by heavy objects on the back of his head. It should be that the deceased was knocked unconscious, but was thought to have been killed and buried. If there is no secret, it should be a criminal case. I just don’t know why the ghost of the dead haunted the little girl.

Because the body is completely preserved, there is no need to summon souls. Direct face recognition can find out the identity of the dead. In general, this kind of situation is also related to the obsession of ghosts and living people. The Heavenly Master handling the case will certainly call the souls to ask the reason, and then investigate and verify the truth according to the information provided by the ghosts. However, since brother Siyang wants to train the apprentice’s handling ability, LAN Yuzhuo makes the decision and gives some of the information from the investigation to Li Zezhi to investigate the truth.

Before LAN Yuzhuo came to the second group, the members of the second group didn’t know that their boss was as familiar with master Si, and they went to the Si family for dinner several times. Although all the people present were forbidden from speaking about what happened in Linggu Temple that day, a series of subsequent actions inevitably made people guess more. He made a fierce noise. As a result, he beat everyone at home, and the Feng family closed the door and pretended to be his grandson.

Knowing that the Feng family made such a fierce fight some time ago, it was just because there was a Tianmo man at home. Now the Tianmo man was killed, which is related to the future of the whole Xuanmen. Therefore, the whole Xuanmen had to work together to investigate the murderer, which made them feel a sense of existence. Unknowingly, it should be that a younger generation of the Feng family was killed. Just taking this opportunity, the whole Xuanmen united to test the bottom line of the mysterious Siyang.

But the result was unexpected. Si Yang went and returned well, while others reportedly closed their doors to recover. As a result of the interview that day, the blind people saw that Si Yang was more annoying than they thought. Look at the people who went there that day. All four of them went out. The two giants of Buddhism and Taoism, as well as some strong adherents, all lost and returned. Now it’s almost demonized what Si Yang preached outside. You must take a detour when you encounter it. If you have to deal with it, you must be good to supply. It’s conceivable that Si Yang’s strength makes people afraid.

Such a powerful Heavenly Master must have a unique vision, and his disciples will never be bad. There is a certain truth in this saying that a famous teacher makes a good apprentice.

Now the captain of the second group is familiar with master Si, and there is a neighbor who has a good relationship with master Si. If they can hook up master Si’s apprentices into the second group, they will be very angry.

LAN Yuzhuo, who collated the materials, heard the monk sigh aside, so he gave a voice and reminded: “when Zezhi hasn’t started practicing, one group has an eye on him. Deng Yang in one group knows that he has a good relationship with brother Siyang and Zezhi. As long as you see Zezhi, you will brainwash him and enter a group. You start to move your mind now. You don’t know how late you are.”

The monk tut tut said twice: “although it’s late, the environment of my second group is so good. Everyone is like a family. Anyone has something to do. Look at the people in the first group. They fight openly and secretly to grab resources. In terms of environment, which group do you think is better? Although resources are not as good as people, it’s rumored that there are many good things of master Si. Even our captain now buys symbols from master Si.”

LAN Yuzhuo nodded: “there must be two groups of good people in the environment. With fewer people, it will be much easier to get along with each other, so work hard and the burden of the two groups of brilliant future will be on your shoulders.” LAN Yuzhuo then went out with the sorted materials, leaving the monk to subconsciously ponder the meaning of this sentence twice. How can it sound a little boring.

The deceased’s name was Hu Yong. He was 32 years old when he died. His family lived in Zhongdu Nanjian District, which is a place integrating urban and rural areas. However, before Hu Yong died, it had not been built in the area where he lived, but the demolition and demolition of the surrounding areas were simply envious. According to the planned construction, it must be demolished to his house. It’s only happened in recent years, so Hu Yong has been dreaming of making money from demolition.

Hu Yong saw that people he knew before had got money for demolition and several houses. He was envious and inevitably inflated. He felt that was his future life, so he had no work to produce. But the real environment of his family is not very good. There is nothing except an old bungalow.

Before Nanjian, it was a rural area. At that time, the land was not worth money. You can make a house by enclosing a piece of land. Hu Yong’s father and grandfather were farmers. They faced the Loess and turned their backs to the sky all their life. They didn’t read any books and didn’t go out of the loess. Hu Yong is the most educated in his family and graduated from technical secondary school. After graduating from technical secondary school, Hu Yong has high eyes and low hands. He wants to make money and feels bitter. He has become a jobless vagrant at home. Later, I knew that it would be demolished sooner or later. I was more and more dreaming of making a fortune and didn’t go to work. As soon as I got old, I directly gnawed into my thirties.

Hu Yong’s family is typical of the idea of an only son’s life root. He feels that his son doesn’t want to do it. If he wants to do it, he will be able to do a great career. Therefore, his son gnaws at the old age at home. The old couple worked hard outside, but gave the best to their son. They didn’t say what they wanted or bought, but they really gave everything they could.

Such a family has developed Hu Yong’s habit of enjoying and unwilling to pay. Few girls can see such men. It’s another story if it’s demolished in the future, but now there’s only an empty house in this poor house. Which girl is willing to follow him. So until his thirties, Hu Yong had countless blind dates, and none of them succeeded. Later, Hu Yong simply didn’t look at each other. He thought that when he got rich, those women wouldn’t automatically post it.

As a result, there is no future after this.

Li Zezhi received the message from LAN Yuzhuo and showed Zhou Di Hu Yong’s photo, asking her to carefully recall whether she had contacted this person. But three years ago, Zhou Di was a junior high school student. How could she have had contact with Hu Yong in Nanjian district.

After no solution, Li Zezhi had to ask Zhou Di for leave again and came to Hu Yong’s house, but the dilapidated house had been locked and seemed to be uninhabited for some time. After asking the neighbors around, he learned that after Hu Yong disappeared, his parents had been looking for his son for several years and didn’t give up, but they sold the old house not long ago. You should know how valuable this piece should be before the demolition order comes down. Now that there is news, how stupid it should be to sell a house at this time. As a result, Hu Yong’s parents sold the house. Now they don’t know where they have gone.

The aunt was still muttering: “His parents are not stupid. They know that the price of demolition is high, but it must be very small compared with demolition. If it wasn’t for the high price, my family would buy it. The people who bought the house are estimated to live in the city. Anyway, the house was directly locked up after buying it. They probably came here for demolition. Ouch, they will make a profit in the future! I don’t know what the situation of their family is. That’s all I’ve sold all my wealth for the rest of my life. Hey… ”

Seeing that the aunt has a tendency to talk about it all the time, Li Zezhi and Zhou Di quickly thanked the aunt and then returned to the door of Hu Yong’s house again. After walking around the house, they found that there was a backyard. The courtyard wall naturally existed in vain for Li Zezhi, so they broke in directly with Zhou di.

No one has lived in the house for a long time, and a layer of ash has been accumulated, but the vacant time should not be too long. The furnishings in the house still have the smell of previous residents’ life.

Because the water and electricity have been cut off, there are no doors and windows in the house. It’s another kind of old house. It’s dark and just like a haunted house. Zhou Di clung to the corner of Li Zezhi’s clothes and carefully followed him inside. After entering the living room, she suddenly screamed.

Li Zezhi hurriedly turned back and covered her mouth: “don’t shout, don’t shout, we came in quietly and were found to be breaking into the house!”

Zhou Di pointed to the picture hanging on the wall in horror. In the picture, there was a family of three. The young people in the picture could vaguely see that it was the ghost she saw at school that day, but what frightened her was not Hu Yong, but Hu Yong’s parents!

Li Zezhi loosened his hand covering her mouth and took out his mobile phone flashlight to take a picture: “what’s the matter with this picture?”

Zhou Di could no longer find a sense of security from grasping the corners of her clothes. Instead, she grabbed Li Zezhi’s arm tightly, said tremblingly, “I’ve seen his parents, and his parents have been to my house!”

Li Zezhi looked back at Zhou Di, thought about it, and took a picture directly against the picture on the wall: “I’ll take a picture. It seems that the reason why he followed you is likely to be with your parents. In fact, I have a bad guess, you…”

Zhou Di looked at Li Zezhi without knowing why: “what’s the matter with me?”

Li Zezhi paused and said, “do you know about ghost marriage?”

Although Zhou Di has never been interested in or believed in this kind of thing, she has also seen it in the old customs books of feudal society. She naturally knows something about ghost marriage, but before she didn’t even believe that people have souls. How can she believe that dead people can marry living people. But after seeing ghosts with her own eyes, she couldn’t help believing it. Since there is such a thing as ghost marriage, I’m afraid it’s not what she thought. But how is this possible? She’s only a sophomore in senior high school and hasn’t even reached the age of 18.

For a moment, Zhou Di’s face was as white as paper.


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