Great Celestial Master Chapter 112

With the printed photos, Zhou Di didn’t dare to enter the house. She was afraid that the truth of the matter was unbearable. Even if that home is only heavy and unfair to her, without the warmth of family affection, it is also her home in the end.

Looking back at Li Zezhi, Zhou Di asked, “if this matter is not solved, how long can I live?”

Li Zezhi looked at the dead spirit wrapped around her and was silent for a while: “about three days.”

Zhou Di took a deep breath, and then smiled slightly bitterly: “I… Go back first. Thank you for your help these days, and thank you for your willingness to help me, thank you.”

Without waiting for Li Zezhi to say anything more, Zhou Di grabbed the schoolbag belt and walked towards the shabby home.

Zhou Di lives in the old city. The whole area is this kind of low house. There are only three floors in a building, but there are three households on the first floor. The kitchen and bathroom are shared. Zhou Di lives on the first floor. There is no living room in the house, only two beds, separated by a curtain. The parents sleep outside and the four-year-old brother sleeps inside.

Zhou Di also has a 10-year-old sister, and the place she lives with her sister is the expanded balcony. Several boards are built into the bed. Usually, when she does her homework with her sister, she sits on the ground and writes like books on the bed. There is no private space.

When Zhou Di returned home, her father just came back from buying vegetables. He was surprised to see her eldest daughter at the door: “why is it so early today? It can’t be that she made a mistake at school and was rushed back.”

Zhou Di lowered her eyes: “No.”

Hearing the voice at the door, Zhou Di’s mother ran to open the door, Don’t even look at the eldest daughter: “When I came back, I hurried to cook. If I had to say, I shouldn’t go to high school. It was good to go directly to technical secondary school. Just next door, his son has already worked to make money. He’s as old as you. You don’t only don’t make money, but also burn money. Your school is also black. You always pay all kinds of fees. You ask for money for all kinds of reasons. In the end, it’s not all in your school In the teacher’s pocket, alas, did you hear me? Hurry to cook and stand here like a wood! ”

Zhou Di put down her schoolbag, took out the picture and handed it to her parents: “can you tell me who they are?”

The father, who had changed his clothes and was ready to lie in bed and watch TV for dinner, glanced at him, and the whole man was stunned. Zhou Di’s mother looked at her subconsciously, her eyes slightly flustered, and then said, “what, who, you take something back in a mess, and hurry to cook. Your brother is going to school. What time is it!”

Zhou Di’s eyes were slightly red, but she looked at her mother calmly: “don’t you really know? Dad? Mom? Don’t you really know?”

Zhou Di’s father was inexplicably flustered. He took away the photo in Zhou Di’s hand and tore it directly: “you have nothing to do today, don’t you? Inexplicably, can you bring someone else’s photos at home? Haven’t you itched for a long time?”

Zhou Di closed her eyes and said, “he’s pestering me.”

Zhou Di’s mother subconsciously said, “what?”

Zhou Di looked at her parents and couldn’t help crying: “he’s pestering me. The young man in the picture is pestering me. I’m dying. You sold me to a dead man. Now the dead man is going to take me away!”

Zhou Di’s father slapped Zhou Di and said, “what are you talking about?”

Zhou Di covered her beaten red, swollen and hot face, stared at them and asked, “I’m nonsense. What have you done? Don’t you count in your heart? For money? Marry me to a dead man for money? I’m only seventeen years old. I’m your daughter! How can you do this? How can you do it?”

Seeing that the matter had been known by her daughter, Zhou Di’s mother was too lazy to hide it, and didn’t care: “this matter has no loss to you, so you don’t know it. You’ll take the college entrance examination next year. The tuition fee of the university is so expensive. Do you still want to go to school!”

“College entrance examination? University? I don’t know if I have tomorrow! I said, the dead man is pestering me now. If he wants to take me away, I’ll die. Do you know?”

Zhou Di’s mother was too lazy to talk nonsense to her: “I think you’re crazy! If you don’t cook, don’t eat tonight!”

Zhou Di pulled her mother: “Mom, I beg you, will you return the money to others? Will this ghost marriage be cancelled? I really didn’t lie to you. The dead man was pestering me. He was really pestering me. He asked me to go down with him. I’m dying!”

Zhou Di’s mother tore Zhou Di apart, Even according to her: “refund? I think you’re really obsessed! Raising you so big and giving you food and drink, do you know how much money your family has! Now it’s just a form in your name. If you do this, I really have a white eyed wolf! It’s better to raise you than a dog. The dog will wag its tail at me!”

Zhou Di sat on the ground crying in despair, while her father was upset and directly smoked the cigarette in her hand. Zhou Di was beaten by her father since childhood. Seeing his actions, her instinctive reaction was to hide, and Zhou Di’s father pulled her hair, Drag her to the balcony: “I think you are really an Sheng. After a few days, you have more eyes. Your skin itches and cries. I’ll make you cry enough today!”

Then he directly picked up the clothes drying stick and hit Zhou di.

Although Li Zezhi could not see the situation in the house, the old house itself was not very soundproof. Coupled with his cultivation, he naturally heard the situation in the house clearly. Now when he heard that Zhou Di was being beaten, he couldn’t help but want to rush in and stop her.

Just as he was about to move, he heard the master’s voice: “what do you want to do?”

Li Zezhi subconsciously looked left and right, but he didn’t see the figure of master, but he had experienced a lot when he was practicing and was used to it, so he replied, “master, I…”

Si Yang said, “do you want to go in and stop it? What’s your identity? What happens after you stop it?”

Li Zezhi couldn’t help saying, “explain the situation to them. If they don’t believe it, I’ll let them see it with their own eyes!”

Siyang chuckled: “do you think they will believe it when they see a ghost, then withdraw their marriage, and the matter will be solved?”

Li Zezhi naturally thinks so. Zhou Di’s parents will agree to this kind of ghost marriage. In addition to making money, it must be because they don’t believe in this kind of thing. These days, how many people still believe in ghost marriage. He certainly didn’t believe it before. It should only be the bad meal left over from feudal society.

Si Yang: “do you know what you mean to Zhou Di now?”

Li Zezhi thought, “who can help her?”

Si Yang said, “you should be able to understand what the light in the dark and the falling straw mean to the people in despair. You give them hope and even stand up again and again. For the people you help and protect, what does your existence mean? Is it really just the people who can help her?”

Li Zezhi was speechless.

Si Yang said, “how much ability you have to do, how much you can give her, how much you can participate in her life. If you go too far, you know that people can be kind, but you must not be too kind. Do you understand?”

Li Zezhi looked at Zhou Di’s house, which was constantly scolding. He was silent for a while and nodded: “I understand, master.”

After standing outside Zhou Di’s house for a while, Li Zezhi turned and left.

The next day, Li Zezhi thought that Zhou Di should not be able to come, but unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the classroom, he saw Zhou Di staring out of the window in a daze. Li Zezhi went to his seat and sat down. He looked at Zhou di. Although the weather was getting warmer, he was still wearing long sleeved trousers. There were no scars on the exposed skin. No one knew what kind of beating the girl had suffered yesterday.

Zhou Di smiled bitterly at him: “as you guessed, they don’t believe that the ghost of that person haunts me and don’t want to refund. I, I don’t know what to do.”

Li knew: “if your parents are willing to break the contract and return the money, I can ask someone to mediate it for you, otherwise things will be in trouble.”

Zhou Di pursed her lips: “is that ghost still following me? Can you let my parents see him too?”

Li Zezhi looked around at Wen Yan and saw that those who had arrived in the classroom were either eating breakfast, sitting together, chatting or copying their homework. No one noticed them, so he took out a rune and opened the sky’s eyes with his body against the urging Rune paper. As soon as he saw, there was a hazy dark shadow in one corner of the classroom. He didn’t know whether he had been hurt last time, and his strength was obviously much weaker.

“Still, I can let your parents meet.”

Li Zezhi gave Zhou Di a small bottle of water and asked her to put it into the water for her parents to drink. Then she could see the ghost.

Li Zezhi thought that when Zhou Di’s parents saw the ghost, the rest would naturally cooperate. And her parents know that Zhou Di has expected the reaction of her parents. She just can’t help but have a glimmer of hope. After all, it’s her parents. Who can bear to give up without complete despair.

Unfortunately, things did not surprise her. Looking at the tightly closed door after driving her out, Zhou Di really didn’t even cry this time. For the money, knowing that she was haunted by ghosts and was about to die, her parents chose to drive her out rather than return the money to save her life.

The past picture of more than ten years came to her mind like a lantern at the moment when the door was closed. There was no warm family affection at all, only beating and scolding, endless things, endless dislike, never enough to eat, and countless unfairness.

Looking at the black sky without a star, for a moment, Zhou Di couldn’t think of the reason to live. So study hard to make money for yourself and make the family better in the future. Now, what do you want in the future.

The next moment, the door of the home was opened, and Zhou Di’s heart beat wildly for a moment, but it was not her parents who came out, but her sister who had been dependent on her since childhood.

Zhou Shuang rushed out, hugged her sister and cried, “sister, take me away. I’ll follow you wherever you go! Even if ghosts follow you, I’m not afraid!”

The house was still yelling and scolding about the misfortune of the dead star. Zhou Di touched her little sister’s dry hair and suddenly smiled. Then she took her only relative in the world and left the home where she had lived for 17 years.


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