Great Celestial Master Chapter 113

Sitting in the spacious, bright and luxurious living room, Zhou Di was too timid to move. She was desperate. Only Li Zezhi could ask for help. She didn’t intend to rely on Li Zezhi all the time. She just wanted to ask him to borrow some money and find a place to live with her sister first.

In fact, she has saved a little money over the years, but she can’t even afford a month’s rent near the school. In fact, she had been working before her sophomore year in senior high school, but all the money she made was wanted by her mother. However, because of her working experience, she felt that she could still support herself and her sister if she worked and studied part-time in the future.

If she was alone, she might be really desperate to live, but with more sisters to support, Zhou Di can only try to survive.

Li Zezhi can naturally help with borrowing money. When his master didn’t say those words to him, Li Zezhi would probably take in their sisters for a period of time, but after listening to the master’s words, he thought a lot and thought that the master was right. He was just a passer-by in Zhou Di’s life. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to help. If he helped too much, he would disturb other people’s lives. So when Zhou Di just asked to borrow money, Li Zezhi didn’t say he could take them in. But in addition to settling down in the future, the more important thing now is to dissolve the ghost marriage.

Breaking the ghost marriage contract is beyond Li Zezhi’s ability. If the male ghost is maliciously entangled, he can beat the male ghost to death. But now people have a contract, and the living people don’t keep it. It’s too unreasonable to break up the male ghost. Finally, Li Zezhi had to turn to his master for help.

With the permission of Siyang, Li Zezhi asked Zhou Di’s sister to stay at his home, and then took Zhou Di back to Siyang’s house.

Zhou Di didn’t expect that Li Zezhi had a master, and the master was still such a young and handsome man. Sitting in this luxurious place like a palace, she just felt that her inferiority complex could not lift her head.

Siyang looked at it quietly for a while before Zhou Di asked, “what kind of result do you want in this matter?”

Zhou Di grabbed her clothes at a loss, but her tone was very firm: “I want to live well.”

Si Yang said, “if your parents are willing to cooperate to return the money and tear up the engagement, then this matter can be solved.”

When it comes to parents, Zhou Di’s eyes are red, but her heart is cold: “they don’t want to.”

Looking at Zhou Di like this, Li Zezhi is also inexplicably uncomfortable. He is an orphan, but his health is not incomplete, so he doesn’t know whether his parents don’t want him or whether his parents are gone. But if he had such parents, he would rather be an orphan.

Si Yang naturally knows that Zhou Di’s parents don’t want to. He can see what happened at Zhou Di’s home clearly through the hidden mirror. When Zhou Di’s parents saw a ghost standing in the corner of their home, they were frightened. At the same time, their first reaction was to pick up their son sitting in bed and playing, rather than take care of the two daughters closest to the ghost. Later, I learned that the ghost was the object of their ghost marriage to the eldest daughter. After the eldest daughter begged hard, what they did was to sweep the eldest daughter out of the house.

I don’t know when the bad habit of son preference will be completely eliminated.

“You didn’t agree to this engagement yourself. Although the marriage certificate has been written in the underworld, there is no room for solution. You don’t know, and it’s not your fault to repent. But your parents won’t return the bride price of the other party. Unless they take out another daughter to replace you, the price of repentance will be paid to them. As for what price, I can only say no Death is injury. ”

Zhou Di hurriedly said, “I still have a sister. If I repent, will they replace my sister?”

Si Yang shook his head and said, “no, because your sister is not over 16 years old, and the underworld does not recognize marriage certificates under 16.”

Zhou Di was relieved, but when she heard the price of either death or injury, Zhou Di couldn’t help worrying. But thinking of the past, a little bit of Yu’s heart couldn’t bear to cool down. The kindness of her parents has been repaid in the past ten years. Yang En, she has been washing clothes and doing housework since she was five or six years old. She has been cooking for the family since she was less than ten years old. She has been washing dishes in the back kitchen of a restaurant near her home since she was in junior high school. All the money she made has been handed in. If she wants to owe, she really feels that she has nothing to owe.

“I want to live. Please help me!”

Si Yang was not surprised to hear her choice: “for the sake of your classmates, some expenses can be exempted, but some expenses are essential. You have to work for Yin difference to walk away for you, so it is necessary to burn the offerings for Yin difference.”

Zhou Di nodded and asked, “excuse me, how much is it?”

Si Yang smiled: “30000 yuan, but your situation is special. I can let you postpone the repayment. This fee can be paid off before you graduate from college.”

Hearing this, Zhou Di was relieved. 30000 yuan is an astronomical sum for her now, but as long as she is given time, she will be able to pay it back!

Siyang let congmeng prepare some gold, silver and paper money, as well as two special incense, and let Zhou Di go to the garden to light the burning paper by herself.

Zhou Di knelt obediently on the ground, lit incense on both sides of the big porcelain basin, and burned the gold, silver and paper money piled up into a hill bit by bit. The burned paper money had not been blown all over the sky by the wind like she used to burn paper. The paper money in the basin sank bit by bit and didn’t bring any soot, which made Zhou Di feel creepy, She knelt beside the porcelain basin and burned it, but there was no heat at all. The fire seemed cold.

When she was trembling and burning the paper money, the temperature in the originally windless little garden seemed to drop a lot for a moment. She shivered when it was cold, and then he seemed to hear the sound of an iron chain dragging on the ground.

Zhou Di subconsciously wanted to look up in the direction of the sound source, but she listened to Siyang: “bow your head and burn paper. Don’t look if you shouldn’t look.”

Zhou Di quickly and honestly lowered her head and burned a lot of paper money into the basin.

When the shadow of the fire gradually came out of the shadow of two human shapes, Si Yang said: “this daughter was deceived by her parents and signed a ghost marriage agreement with the ghost surnamed Hu. Now I summon you two to come and bother you two to lift the marriage letter.”

The invisible shadow moved, and the sound of the chain dragging on the ground became clearer and clearer, as if it sounded in people’s ears. Zhou Di lowered her head and burned the paper, but she didn’t see it. Li Zezhi, who watched with Si Yang, saw it clearly. Although you can’t see the appearance, the outline clothes are the same as the black-and-white impermanence written in the book, one with a soul summoning flag and the other with a soul lock chain. Unexpectedly, those legends are true. There are black and white Impermanence in this world.

After the wind in the small garden blew for a while, and the sound of the chain stopped again, Siyang said, “after everything is done, there will be no less three birds and five fruits.”

Siyang’s voice fell and the sound of the chain sounded again, but this time it was from big to small, as if the person dragging the chain was leaving. The wind in the small garden slowly stopped. Without Siyang’s words, Zhou Di didn’t dare to move. She continued to burn. Her legs were numb and didn’t dare to move.

I don’t know how long it took. The hill like paper money was almost burning, and there was only burning paper money in the basin, and there was no soot left. Until Zhou Di felt the temperature of the fire, it was not like burning another space before. After the ashes began to accumulate at the bottom of the basin, Si Yang said, “well, it’s all right.”

Zhou Di was relieved and sat on the ground.

At this time, the red line involved with the ghost on Zhou Di’s body has been cut off, and the black gas on her body is gradually dispersing. This reckless disaster is over.

The biggest dissatisfaction of Zhou Di’s parents with the departure of her big and small daughters is that no one does housework, is unhappy, and has no object to beat and scold. At the thought that the eldest daughter who has been raised and will be able to make money to support the family ran away, mother Zhou would curse all kinds of anger.

Sometimes when Zhou’s father was tired of listening, he would stop him: “all right, all right, you’re so unhappy, go and find someone back!”

Zhou’s mother shrieked, “find it back? There’s a ghost around her! I knew, I knew…”

Zhou’s father snorted: “what did you know? If you knew that ghost marriage was really something, you wouldn’t agree to the family?”

Zhou’s mother didn’t say anything. Even if she knew it was true, how could she refuse to accept the temptation of 300000. Since they were young, they just beat and scold their daughter. They had long left their heart. In the future, the dead girl’s wings became hard. Although it’s hard for them to say, it’s better to sell some money now.

At the thought of this, Zhou’s mother immediately became more angry: “forget it, just pretend that she hasn’t given birth to the dead girl. The little one is also a white eyed wolf like her sister. When her sister dies, see what to do with the cheap girl and go begging in the street!”

Hearing those curses every day, Zhou’s father was upset. He just wanted to smoke. When he saw that the cigarette box was empty, he put on his shoes and went out to buy cigarettes. Leaving the small and dark home, Zhou’s father suddenly felt refreshed. He came to the canteen and bought a pack of cigarettes. After lighting one, Zhou’s father didn’t go home directly, but took a walk along the community.

At a traffic light intersection, Zhou Fu stood by the roadside waiting for the green light. When a small car passed by at a high speed, a figure suddenly appeared behind Zhou’s father. With a gentle push, Zhou’s father rushed out of the sidewalk. With a bang, he was knocked to the ground by the car and rolled several times. At this time, another car came from another intersection. Suddenly, I saw a man on the ground and quickly turned the steering wheel, but the distance was too close. Finally, Sheng Sheng pressed over Zhou’s father’s leg in time.

Zhou’s father was disabled and both cars escaped. The camera that could just capture the intersection broke down a few days ago. The perpetrator could not be found. The treatment fee could only be paid by the Zhou family.

The operation cost in the early stage was a lot. In addition to brain trauma, Zhou’s father needed to amputate his whole legs. Although he saved his life, it was better to live than to die. After Zhou’s mother paid the operation fee to Zhou’s father, she begged the hospital to give her a few days to raise money, then quickly sold the house, took all the savings at home and took her son away directly.

As for the future, Zhou’s mother formed her son into an old-age waste. She beat and scolded her mother for money, and her old age was very miserable. That’s what happened later.

At this time, when Zhou Di received the notice and had to go to the hospital to take over the rebellious Zhou’s father, she looked at her father who once held a belt as if she could never cross the peak. At this time, she was so miserable lying in the hospital bed. She didn’t know whether she was more happy or more resentful. Looking at her father’s abuse against her, Zhou Di closed the door of the ward, He walked to the hospital bed and smiled coldly: “just continue to scold. You can only scold. Don’t worry, I won’t dislike you taking my sister away. I will take good care of you for the rest of your life, my good father!”


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