Great Celestial Master Chapter 114

Zhou Di’s ghost marriage was solved. Although it led to the change of her whole life, at present, the change is good. Although I live in a small single room with my sister, it’s much better than before. As for the father, his nightmare has just begun. As long as he lives one day, they will return what was added to their sisters bit by bit.

The dead Hu Yong had no support for the bone nail, and the whole ghost spirit was greatly reduced. If there were not the contract of ghost marriage, he would be scared when Siyang pulled out the bone nail. When he shot Zhou Di’s parents and lost all the money he made from his family, he could no longer maintain the soul. Just as he was about to dissipate, LAN Yuzhuo appeared, pasted a soul charm on him and took it back to the secret service department.

Hu Yong has been a coward all his life. Before he dared to shout at the Heavenly Master, he relied on the strength of the bone nail. Now that he had nothing, he became a worm again. For fear that these heavenly masters would beat him to death, he said all he knew before asking anything.

Although Hu Yong had pestered the living people before and even wanted to take the girl away, it was not his fault because of the contract of ghost marriage, so the secret service department was just a routine transcendence, but the nail Hu Yong said attracted their attention.

Hu Yong didn’t know how he died. He just wanted to take a shortcut home that day, so he didn’t take the main road, but walked through the woods. As a result, he was beaten by someone without knowing anything. Finally, the suffocation made him wake up from syncope. He found himself buried in the soil and desperately wanted to dig up the soil. Unfortunately, he was suffocated.

Later, Zhou Yong only felt that he was surrounded by a cold breath. When he recovered his mind, he became a ghost and floated in the woods.

LAN Yuzhuo sneered at the speech: “when your energy becomes stronger and stronger, the first thing you do is not to ask your parents to collect your body, but to buy you a ghost marriage?”

Hu Yong shrunk his head and didn’t dare to say a word. He also wanted to find the murderer for revenge, but others were dead. Wouldn’t it be better to have more powerful power through the thing buried in the soil now? If the body was found and left there, he didn’t know whether those powers would go with him.

LAN Yuzhuo threw a stack of photos in front of Hu Yong. In the photos are Hu Yong’s parents. What’s the as like as two peas in the dream? The old two were sure that their son was not there, but they hoped their son would get better in the next place, so they would rather sell their house to buy a daughter-in-law for their son.

The money for selling the house was given to the family and received a satisfactory dream from their son. Even if the old couple lost their shelter in their old age and lived in the warehouse for a living by picking up waste products, they still enjoyed it.

Looking at the parents in the photo, dressed in ragged clothes, bent back and picked up the trash can, Hu Yong was completely silent. When he was a child, all sorts of things appeared in his mind. At that moment, he felt suffocated again.

In addition to LAN Yuzhuo, there was another member of group two in the interrogation room. He followed up the whole process with LAN Yuzhuo. Seeing this, he just sighed: “if the Zhou family had such a son, if the old husband and wife had the little sisters, maybe there would be no such tragedies.”

LAN Yuzhuo chuckled: “the debt of previous life is only paid in this life.”

After confirming that Hu Yong had no other valuable information here, LAN Yuzhuo filed the sorted information. Hu Yong’s body had been handed over to the police. Because it was a man-made murder, it was not their turn to investigate the murderer, but the confessions related to the ghost needed to be filed.

LAN Yuzhuo took the file and came to the filing room of group 2. There was a aged master in charge. He flipped through the records and prepared to file the computer. When he saw the mountain in the picture of Hu Yong’s body buried at the scene, the old master was slightly stunned.

LAN Yuzhuo wondered, “what’s the matter?”

The Heavenly Master said, “do you have a map? Look where the man buried his body is on the map.”

LAN Yuzhuo took out his mobile phone, found the map and handed it to the old Heavenly Master. The old Heavenly Master recognized it for a while, frowned and asked, “the ghost said that there was a nail full of Yin in the place where he was buried?”

LAN Yuzhuo nodded and asked, “is there a problem?”

The Heavenly Master said, “did you find the nail?”

If there was no accident, the nail should have been taken away by brother Siyang, but LAN Yuzhuo would not say so until he found out what happened. He just said, “no, what’s the problem here?”

The old Heavenly Master put the map on the Avenue: “this is the dragon claw, the Dragon front claw on the whole dragon vein. You said someone buried a nail with strong Yin Qi here. Do you think it was an accident or deliberately?”

The old Heavenly Master’s words can be regarded as providing them with a direction of investigation, but before that, they have to know what the nail is.

LAN Yuzhuo hesitated and told Siyang about Hu Yong and the speculation of the old Heavenly Master in the filing room. Siyang took out a bone nail sealed in a palm sized crystal and handed it to LAN Yuzhuo.

LAN Yuzhuo quickly took over and looked carefully, but because it was sealed, he couldn’t feel the smell of the bone nail at all. He could only see that it was a coffin nail.

Si Yang said, “I checked some data. If I guessed right, it should be a thousand corpse nails.”

LAN Yuzhuo never heard of this thing: “what is a thousand corpse nail? Nailed a thousand coffins?”

Si Yang said, “the coffin nail has been soaked in the body oil refined by a thousand boys and girls for a hundred years, but I don’t know what the specific purpose of the bone nail is. It can’t be a good thing anyway.”

LAN Yuzhuo stared at the bone nail and observed for a while before saying, “brother Siyang, can I take some photos?”

Si Yang smiled: “take this. It’s useless to me anyway.”

It’s better to have a piece of evidence in hand to help them investigate than to be blind. Seeing what Si Yang said, LAN Yuzhuo said, “then I’ll take this back and let the people in the group study it and return it after recording all the data.”

Si Yang nodded. Now even the Heavenly Master relies on scientific means to catch ghosts. LAN Yuzhuo said again, “I heard some news in the group. It seems that it is going to give you the ownership of Putian mountain. Brother Siyang, have you received the news?”

Si Yang said, “Zhou Qin has told me that some procedures are being handled. In the future, Putian mountain will be my private territory.” Although he didn’t intend to ask for any benefits from the subsidence explosion before, since the Chinese government gave it to him, he would take it away.

The biggest difference between the contracted mountain and private territory is that he can plan the mountain according to his preferences, even if it is razed to the ground, no one can intervene. This also facilitates him a lot of things. Some construction can be completely let go.

LAN Yuzhuo asked curiously, “does brother Siyang still live here or go to the mountain?”

Si Yang held his jaw in one hand and smiled at LAN Yuzhuo: “when I graduate, I’ll go to the mountain. You and your brother are welcome to be guests at that time.”

LAN Yuzhuo was reluctant to say, “then you can’t come to rub rice at any time. The master said to stay in another restaurant in the future, and the family will be deserted in the future.” Her brother has made no progress at all. When brother Siyang lives in the mountains, he will be separated from each other, let alone count on it.

LAN Yuzhuo was wondering whether to find a reason to pack her brother and give it to brother Siyang. For her brother, she broke her heart.

At this time, in the LAN family, several elders stood in front of a courtyard in the old house and waited quietly. The owner of the house left the customs earlier than they had scheduled. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. If the master’s cultivation can’t go any further, I’m afraid the LAN family, which has stopped, will really begin to decline.

Although the elders waited quietly, there was a worry in their eyes.

It was not until sunset that the gate of the courtyard was opened by a young girl. The girl who opened the door looked as beautiful and exquisite as green lotus. She was very elegant in a white skirt. Although she was young, her cultivation was not low. She was only 20, and her actual strength was even vaguely in line with several elders.

Before the appearance of Siyang, this girl was the pride of their LAN family and the focus of their secret cultivation. But with Siyang, the pride of these years is like a joke. Even if there is such a gifted child in the family, it is not suppressed.

The young girl has been staying in seclusion with her master. She doesn’t know anything about the outside world. If it’s someone else, the young girl must be arrogant, but there should be some respect for several elders.

“Hello, martial uncles. Master has left the customs and is waiting in the house.”

The elder smiled: “Xiaoya has grown so big. It seems that Xiaoya has gained a lot this time.”

Although the owner is in seclusion, if there is anything important, you can still report it to him. Therefore, a girl with high talent was born in the family. In that year, the owner was also informed. When the girl was six or seven years old, she was directly sent to the owner’s seclusion yard. Although the owner of the LAN family was in seclusion these years, he was also trying his best to cultivate the girl. But these two years are an important period for the owner to shut down, so no one will disturb him unless the sky collapses. So at the moment, the owner of the LAN family doesn’t know the existence of Siyang.

Several elders went into the yard and looked at the owner who was only in his 40s. They wanted to show some joy, but they couldn’t laugh.

LAN Yiqing, the owner of the LAN family, frowned slightly when he saw the expression of the people: “what’s going on at home?”

Several elders looked at each other. Finally, the elder general informed the LAN family of all kinds of things that had happened during this period. In addition, it is very possible that Bai Yu was in the hands of LAN Jingxiu about Si Yang.

LAN Yiqing heard about Si Yang for the first time, but several elders were so serious that he wouldn’t underestimate the man. However, LAN Jingxiu and LAN Yiqing glanced coldly: “the LAN family needs to clean up the door. Outsiders can’t intervene in this matter. Go and bring their brothers and sisters back. This is the LAN family’s housework. No matter how strong they are, they can’t intervene in other people’s family affairs.”

Several elders looked at each other and nodded.


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