Great Celestial Master Chapter 115

LAN Jinxiu always knew that someone was staring at their brother and sister in the dark, but those who watched secretly usually disappeared when he was with Si Yang. It seems that he was really afraid of Si Yang. Anyway, those people didn’t affect his life. Instead of solving them and finding out a new batch, he might as well keep these routines, so he let them go.

LAN Jinxiu knows, but LAN Yuzhuo doesn’t know. She knows that her brother has something the LAN family wants very much, but she doesn’t know what it is and how important it is to the LAN family. At first, after the LAN family left, she was really worried for a period of time. She was also afraid that she was accidentally caught by the LAN family to threaten her brother, but it had been calm for a long time, and she couldn’t hide all the time. Then she gradually released herself into the second group of work.

When a group of people from the LAN family came to the second group, LAN Yuzhuo suddenly felt that he had come as expected. There are not many people from the LAN family, three, two managers and one elder. Before such ostentation, LAN Yuzhuo must have been a little counselled. Not to mention the elders, even several leaders are people of high status in the LAN family. There are a total of 12 leaders in the LAN family. Under the head of the family is the elders, under the elders is the managers, and then down is the heads of various regions.

Every year, when offering sacrifices to ancestors, several leaders are in charge. The people of Ba Jie come in line. Their status is low and their gifts are light. They may not be able to see the leader’s face. Like her and her brother, they always stand on the outside and are not even qualified to give gifts. Therefore, in her memory, those who sit inside are great people.

However, after seeing that they were taught by brother Siyang and feared by brother Siyang, it seems that the peak they looked up to from childhood is not so high. So now, even if two chiefs and one elder came in person, she didn’t panic, but thought about how to run home. She couldn’t be caught by the LAN family, otherwise she and her brother would have no way to live.

Just when she was thinking of going out to see the situation first, the monk ran in and stuffed a talisman into her hand, He also said happily: “Fortunately, these days I let you know more about the internal affairs of the second group. I didn’t let you go out of the field. This talisman is a hidden talisman given by the boss. You take it and go through the back door. A car stops at the door, and the talisman is pasted on the car to ensure that those old guys can’t feel your existence. You go to master Si and hide there. You don’t believe that these old people dare to make trouble there.”

LAN Yuzhuo looked at the Fu in his hand and shook his head: “this is a matter for our family and the LAN family. We can’t affect the second group or affect brother Siyang. It will be difficult for them to do. Let me go out. My master expected that there might be these situations and gave me a lot of good things. Even if I can’t beat them, it shouldn’t be a problem to run away from them.”

The monk said, “what do you care about now? The boss asked me to tell you to go. Anyway, we’ll say that if you’re not in the group, they can’t do anything to us.”

At the same time, Shan Hexuan’s obstruction made several LAN family members angry. They are indeed under the face of the Secretary more than once, but it doesn’t mean that no one can ignore the LAN family. Looking at Shan Hexuan with a cold face, one of the managers didn’t have a good way: “the secret service department is different. A team leader is so hard, and he’s not afraid to be too hard and fold!”

Squatting on Shan Hexuan’s shoulder, Shen ran held an apple and chewed it. Listening to the man’s words, he directly spit a small piece from his mouth at him. What is it? The old guys broke it, and Shan Hexuan won’t break it!

When a fat mouse spits out the peel, the boss of the LAN family can’t stand the anger. What’s more, it’s still a mouse. Without thinking about it, he just wants to kill the little beast.

Shan Hexuan raised his hand to block, and weathered the man’s palm clean, not even a chinchilla hair was blown up. Shen ran proudly stuck out his tongue and shook his tail. Shan Hexuan just looked at him and didn’t stop him.

The manager saw that Shan Hexuan’s cultivation was not low, but he pouted his face for a mouse and wanted to do it angrily. But he was stopped by the elder who followed him. He was just an animal. Where is the important business: “Lan Yuzhuo is from my LAN family. Now my LAN family leader is out of the customs, and I can’t bear to have the two children helpless outside. Therefore, I want to ask her to go back. If there is any grievance, the owner will deal with it properly. This is the family business of the LAN family. I’m afraid it’s unreasonable for captain Shan to block it like this.”

Shan Hexuan said expressionless, “I’ll tell you what you mean, but whether you go or not is Lan Yuzhuo’s freedom.”

LAN’s parents said, “don’t bother captain Shan. Please call Yuzhuo out. The purpose of our trip is to take her back.”

Shan Hexuan coldly replied three words: “impossible.”

The faces of the three people in the LAN family changed again, and the elder didn’t say a word. One of the managers said, “Captain Shan means that your secret service department doesn’t hesitate to make enemies with my LAN family in order to protect that girl?”

Shan Hexuan said: “I can’t represent the whole secret service department, but I can represent the whole secret service group 2. The group 2 has nothing to do with your LAN family itself. I haven’t taken a rune from your LAN family or eaten a pill from your LAN family. Now you want me to hand over my team members. It’s impossible.”

The elder of the LAN family said, “in the future, the resources of the LAN family will be divided into two groups. What do you think of a single team?” It’s best to take people away here. If the girl ran away and came to Siyang, it would be even more difficult.

Shan Hexuan still did three crisp words: “no need.”

I don’t want to make it too ugly to talk to Shan Hexuan for such a long time, but the LAN family can’t stand such a toast.

At first, he said fiercely to the manager who started Shen ran: “Captain Shan is so powerful! The young man has a hard temper. I’ll see how hard you can be today!”

As soon as the man’s voice fell, Shan Hexuan also took out the long sword directly, stroked the cold sword body with his fingertips, and said, “if you want to fight, fight.” The long sword in his hand seemed to feel his war intention, and even sent out a slight sword sound response. The whole sword body was shrouded in spirit. It was not an ordinary product at a glance.

The elder of the LAN family probably didn’t expect Shan Hexuan to have such a hard temper. The second group is a little transparent in the secret service department. The existence of survival through cracks is not remarkable at all, so they don’t know Shan Hexuan at all. But even the captain of a group didn’t dare to fight with the LAN family. Did he drive LAN Yuzhuo out differently at the beginning.

Without giving them time to react, Shan Hexuan directly threw Shen ran onto the cat rack bought by his subordinates in the corner, and then threw out an array symbol. This array of talismans was also bought from Si Yang, and he specifically asked for it. The defense is to be surrounded by people with higher strength than him. Therefore, this array of talismans can not only cover a border, but also become a magic array to trap the enemy when it is in danger.

But now he wants to let go of the fight. Since he got the sword, he hasn’t had a chance to stimulate the power of the sword.

The three members of the LAN family didn’t expect that the group leader was so afraid of death. Relying on him, they directly besieged the three of them. At the thought that they might have been frustrated by the boy surnamed Si for a long time, which made outsiders really think that the LAN family is easy to bully, and their anger is even stronger. Since this guy is so ignorant, let’s make an example of others, It’s just a small captain of the secret service department. Killing him is not a big deal.

Imagination is beautiful. Only when they fight really do they know why Shan Hexuan is so tough. His own strength is not bad. Later, with the guidance of Si Yang, his sword moves are more sharp and decisive than before. It really should be said that the martial arts in the world can only be broken quickly. However, they have been used to living in a dignified way over the years. In terms of cultivation, they can suppress each other, but their moves are really not comparable to those who swim among all kinds of ghosts all day. Therefore, when they open the move, the three people have a hidden tendency to be suppressed.

The three realized that Shan really had several brushes, so they didn’t pay attention to it and went all out to attack together.

The LAN family is able to hold one of the four, and naturally has strength. From the beginning, Shan Hexuan didn’t plan to win over the three of them. How can it be a show off if he can be sent by the LAN family to catch their brother and sister. He just wants to practice moves. He doesn’t have many opportunities to meet three high-level heavenly masters of the LAN family at one time.

He knew that the sword that Siyang refined for him was not ordinary, but it was really amazing when it really exerted its power. At the beginning, the suppression of the cultivation of the three people could also bring pressure to Shan Hexuan, but slowly, Shan Hexuan inexplicably entered the realm of the unity of man and sword. There was no figure of the three people in his eyes for a long time, only the constant attack on him, and all his actions became instinct, Forget yourself.

What made the three people feel more pressure was that after Shan Hexuan entered that realm, the light of the sword became more and more, as if he had lived.

Shen ran, who was thrown by Shan Hexuan into the corner cat climbing rack, doesn’t know the situation in the barrier, but three to one, or three old guys. For fear that Shan Hexuan would be killed by them, he tries to enter the barrier. Although he is small, he can sneak attack, which is better than Shan Hexuan fighting alone.

Unfortunately, the array talisman given by Si Yang is really like an iron wall. He can only see a light ball enveloping the whole space. He can’t get in. He is so anxious that he can’t wait to scratch his ears and cheeks. Seeing that it was really impossible to break the border, he scolded a tendon and looked around to see no one. All of a sudden, he jumped back to Shan Hexuan’s office, took out his mobile phone from the drawer, opened Siyang’s wechat and shouted, “boss Siyang, help! A tendon is being besieged and is about to be killed! Help!”


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