Great Celestial Master Chapter 116

Someone also came to Siyang’s house. When the LAN family came, LAN Jin corrected that they were checking the construction of the farm together with Siyang. The construction was carried out day and night. Several construction teams carried out the construction at the same time. In a few days, the prototype of the whole farm had been almost built. The other restaurant was digging an artificial fish pond. They were discussing what kind of fish to feed in the fish pond in the future, A few people from the LAN family came.

Because they were at the foot of the mountain, not on the Putian mountain of Siyang, they found LAN Jinxiu smoothly. But this is also what LAN Jingxiu intended to do. He knew from a distance that the LAN family had come.

He wants Si Yang to go back and stay out of their business. He doesn’t want Si Yang to wade in this muddy water. Si Yang smiled and asked, “what are you going to do? It must be impossible to follow them back, so you’re going to kill them?”

LAN Jinxiu also did not deny: “these people who came here are all aware of it.” Since he knows, it means that he also participated in that year. Although he doesn’t know whether it has anything to do with his parents’ death, he has long been a bad man and doesn’t pay attention to the theory that doesn’t hurt the innocent.

Si Yang smiled and said, “be steady first. You’ve been wearing your vest for so long. Why rush for a moment.”

As soon as their voice fell, they saw the figure of those people in the LAN family. Probably knowing that Lan Jinxiu always stays with Si Yang, LAN Yuzhuo is expected to solve it, so he only went to one elder and two chiefs. LAN Jinxiu directly came to four elders here, and some people were waiting outside and didn’t dare to come in directly. There are only six elders in the whole LAN family. Except the eldest elder didn’t come out, all the others went out. If this battle wasn’t for fear of Si Yang’s interference, how could it be necessary to work so hard to catch their brother and sister.

However, when they saw Si Yang next to LAN Jingxiu, several elders were still uneasy, and even complained to the family owner. Some of them participated in the things in Linggu Temple at the beginning. Although some did not participate, they could also hear some information from the people who came back. How dare they provoke such people? They didn’t see Qian Lianliang of Lianlu mountain sect injured internally, Did you come to the door and apologize afterwards. Mingming told the owner about the situation. The owner still insisted on letting them die. Now I feel like I don’t know how to die when I see Si Yang.

However, Si Yang obviously didn’t have Shan Hexuan. Looking at the people in the LAN family, Si Yang smiled and said, “I know your intention. It’s your LAN family’s business. Naturally, I won’t intervene casually.”

Several elders probably didn’t expect that Siyang would say so. They couldn’t return to God at once. Is it so simple and easy? Then why did they never dare to do it before? But why does Si Yang always think that the bigger the pit behind him?

Obviously they didn’t think much, Because then I heard Si Yang say, “but LAN Jinxiu has made an agreement with me before, and I just need someone like him to take care of my property. If you take him away, you know whether you can come back. Then you have to compensate for my losses. Otherwise, I have no reason to let you take my people away. Do you think that’s the reason?”

The four elders looked at each other and asked them how to compensate for the loss and how to compensate. In case the lion opened his mouth, would they give or not.

Finally, the second elder thought carefully and said, “I don’t know what the Heavenly Master means?”

Siyang Road: “I’ve set up a spirit array at the top and bottom of the mountain. Although it hasn’t been opened yet, you should also feel the aura here. All the flowers, fruits, vegetables, chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep in the mountain will be fed by aura in the future. I think you should be very clear about the value of such breeding. In the future, there may be some precious talismans, elixirs and even magic tools for sale, and then rely on LAN Jingxiu’s means of making money I won’t calculate the value I can create one by one. You should compensate me 10 billion. After all, such a commercial genius can’t be met or asked for, can you say? ”

Before waiting for several elders to speak, Siyang added: “dollars.”

Several elders’ faces turned blue in an instant, and they knew that things could not be so simple!

The second elder secretly took his luck and tried to calm himself down before opening his mouth: “I don’t know if there is room for other discussion on this matter? I’m a member of the LAN family. Now there are some things that need him to go back to the LAN family for investigation. This is the internal affairs of the LAN family. Please help me.”

Si Yang looked at them and smiled: “I gave you convenience. Who will give me convenience? As soon as LAN Jingxiu goes back with you, don’t tell me he still has life to come back and make money for me? Even ghosts don’t believe this. I said it’s Fair for you to give money and let me go. You deal with your family affairs yourself, but you can’t let me suffer losses?”

The three elders on one side couldn’t help asking, “I wonder if Heavenly Master Si can show us the contents of the contract. At least let us go home and inform the owner of the situation, and then decide on the way to deal with it.”

When the three elders finished, Siyang looked at them with a smile: “I forgot that families like your LAN family really don’t understand what a gentleman’s agreement is. Even if there is a contract, it can be destroyed. How dare you believe other people’s oral agreement.”

They said they could bear it, but this diss their family, which makes their face even worse. However, due to the strength of Siyang, they dare to be angry but dare not speak.

Seeing their expressions, Si Yang said, “isn’t what I said wrong? A real gentleman won’t question others’ words at will. I said LAN Jinxiu had an agreement with me. You not only don’t believe it, but also want me to show proof. Is Si Yang a person who doesn’t have any weight in your eyes and has to rely on black and white words to prove it?”

The second elder hurriedly said: “of course not, but the ten billion US dollars is indeed more than our LAN family can bear. We also know that the relationship between Heavenly Master Si and Jinxiu is good. We just need to take him back to inquire about some things. We take our lives as a guarantee. As long as LAN carefully cooperates, we will not hurt his life.”

Si Yang turned back and asked LAN Jinxiu, who had been standing quietly behind him, “will you cooperate?”

LAN Jin said, “No.”

Several elders took a swipe at the corners of their mouths. Do you want to be so direct.

Si Yang tutted lightly: “look, my life is gone, so you have to compensate me for the loss before I can let go, but there is no $10 billion. Aren’t you a big family that has been inherited for thousands of years? Isn’t it too poor? What’s the wealth of the richest man in the world?”

LAN Jin said: “on the surface, according to the tax statistics, there are almost 90 billion US dollars. This is only on the surface. In private, there are many ways to evade taxes, so there will only be more.”

After LAN Jinxiu finished, Si Yang looked at these people of the LAN family with a little disgust: “people can make so much money. At least you are still a family with a thousand years of inheritance. Are you really so poor or unwilling to compensate for the fool you want to fool me with white wolves empty handed?”

The second elder’s whole face turned red. The LAN family naturally had $10 billion and could take it out, but taking so much money would hurt their muscles and bones. Everyone’s forces compete for harmony on the surface, but they don’t know how fierce the fight is in private. If they are careless, they can be reduced from the top aristocratic family to the second and third class. It’s definitely not worth it for a LAN Jinxiu.

When they tried to persuade Siyang by other means, they saw him take out his mobile phone and seem to have listened to a voice message. Even if they stood close, Siyang should have isolated the voice, so they didn’t hear anything. Several elders looked at each other subconsciously. They didn’t see Si Yang’s action of isolating his voice at all. They immediately calmed down a lot when they just wanted to bargain. They remembered that the man in front of them was really not someone who could bargain.

After listening to Shen Ran’s voice, Si Yang waved directly, and a picture appeared out of thin air. In the picture, there was a fight in the border. He didn’t shield the LAN family this time, so they also saw very clearly that a young man was holding a long sword. Even though he was scarred, he didn’t have a fatal wound. He was also full of war intention, and obviously had the trend of becoming braver and braver. On the contrary, the three people who fought with him obviously fell behind and showed a losing trend. The three people were not others, but the three who went to find LAN Yuzhuo!

Si Yang picked up his mobile phone, took a picture of the fight and sent it to Shen ran. Shen ran, who was squatting in the drawer waiting for Siyang’s reply, came to a video. Click to open it. The whole chinchilla was silent. Then he scratched the mobile phone screen with his short hand: “what a battle maniac. I don’t care about you. Let you be killed!”

However, Shen ran was relieved to see that it was Shan Hexuan who pressed the three people. As for why Si Yang could still take pictures of Shan Hexuan’s fight so far away, Shen ran had no brain cells to think about now. When he was about to climb out of the drawer and run back to Shan Hexuan, he heard a voice from the door and quickly closed the drawer, Hide inside and dare not make a sound.

A team member of the second group passing Shan Hexuan’s office knocked on the door. No one answered and opened the door. He said slightly strangely, “I just heard someone talking. Did I hear it?” It was confirmed that there were no people and abnormalities in the boss’s office, so they closed the door and left.

Shen ran, who was lying in the drawer, was greatly relieved. The chinchilla had no human rights and had to hide as if it were a thief. It was too miserable.

On the other side, seeing the situation of those people who went to find LAN Yuzhuo, I was a little anxious: “master Si, we will tell the owner about today’s matter. We will come back after we have discussed a constitution. We won’t delay your time. Goodbye.”

The four of them turned and wanted to go. With a wave of his hand, Si Yang set a border and stopped the people. Their hearts sank suddenly. They didn’t even realize it. When they turned to Si Yang, there was a bit of fear in their expressions.

“What do you mean, master Si?”

Si Yang smiled: “maybe you don’t know that this farm is also mine. My territory. Do you think you can come and go if you want?”


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