Great Celestial Master Chapter 117

Several elders almost knelt down to Si Yang. If they don’t have such a bad temper, how can they get angry? Although the price was not agreed, LAN Jinxiu didn’t take it away. Is it difficult to come to Zhongdu in the future? First, you have to report to Si Yang and approve them before they can come?

The second elder hardened his head and said, “master si…”

Si Yang raised his eyebrows: “why, it’s reasonable to break into other people’s places without permission? Although it’s a farm, it’s not open yet. Then it’s private territory. What’s the problem?”

The second elder said, “well… We didn’t know this was your place.”

Si Yang looked at the frightened appearance of these people and suddenly felt that it was useful to make an example of others before, but that didn’t mean he could let them go at will. Shan Hexuan’s three people are easy to deal with, but if these old guys pass by, they will only be beaten, So he said irrationally: “You want to say that the unknown is innocent? How can this be? I said, he is working for me. Of course, this territory is mine. You intruded into my territory without knowing it. If I wasn’t here today, didn’t you take all my people away? According to my temper, it won’t come to an end. If one day If I accidentally destroyed your LAN family, didn’t my reputation stink in the Xuanmen circle? Now I’ve demonized my biography. I’m afraid I’ll really be invited to tea if I have another reputation of extermination. Do you think it’s OK to forget it? “

Several people in the LAN family understood that Si Yang was obviously protecting LAN Jingxiu and looking for trouble. Even if the money was given, it was estimated that there was no money for meat bags and dogs. Just when they were at a loss and couldn’t figure out what Si Yang wanted to do, they listened to Si Yang’s way: “it’s tired to stand here for a long time. Let’s talk slowly in another place.”

As soon as the voice fell, the people were dark in front of them, and the whole took off. Before they could resist in panic, they fell to the ground again. However, due to their strong inertia, they didn’t stand firm and bear the weight of their companions, and some fell to the ground without image.

Several people were busy checking the environment and didn’t notice that Lan Jinxiu was still standing behind Si Yang. However, even if they noticed, it was estimated that Si Yang would only protect him well.

Shen ran, who was squatting on the cat climbing frame and waiting for Shan Hexuan to come out of the border, just yawned. There was a group of people in the house. He lost his mind and flew towards Siyang. Fortunately, this time he had a long memory and didn’t speak excitedly. Unfortunately, Siyang didn’t care for his warm welcome. When he was still in mid air, he was grabbed by Siyang and threw it on the table.

He bared his teeth silently to Siyang for a while, but still climbed closer to him. Siyang came and immediately had a backbone.

Several elders stood up and didn’t realize where it was until Siyang’s fingertips. After a light mass in the house disappeared, four extremely embarrassed people lay on the ground, three of whom were sent to find LAN Yuzhuo.

Shen ran saw Shan Hexuan lying on the ground in rags and thought he was dead. He jumped on him to see if he was still breathing. Although a chinchilla didn’t weigh much, it was an ordinary chinchilla. When Shen ran jumped to his chest, he still pressed Shan Hexuan with a dull hum. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw two short claws trying to climb up his face.

Shan Hexuan grabbed the chinchilla in his hand and sat up. Si Yang said, “open your mouth.”

Shan Hexuan subconsciously opened his mouth, as if a pill had been shot into his mouth, but as soon as he entered his mouth, it turned into a cool gas. Then the feeling that he was so tight that he was about to explode was soothed. The wound on his body was healing with the naked eye, and even some disordered internal breathing was calmed down.

Shan Hexuan looked at Siyang in surprise: “this pill…”

Si Yang said: “this is the rejuvenation pill. The wound pill used by friars can be recovered by one pill for general internal and external injuries. The efficacy is relatively general. It is just suitable for heavenly masters.”

Hearing this, the LAN family were shocked. Combined with Si Yang’s words in Linggu Temple, it seems that it can be concluded whether Si Yang is a monk or not. If you are not a friar, why do you have such profound accomplishments? If you are not a friar, why do you know so much about friars? There are even pills used by friars. As for the authenticity of the pill, Shan Hexuan, who recovered all at once, knows where the pill they know can do.

Shan Hexuan stood up with chinchilla in his arms and said to Siyang, “thank you.”

Si Yang looked at his embarrassed appearance: “go and change your clothes and call Yuzhuo over.”

Shan Hexuan nodded. LAN Yuzhuo was still in her office at this time. The monk was worried about an accident, so he planned to guard her so that she wouldn’t rush out directly. Seeing the boss who had changed his clothes, he was surprised and said, “boss, have those people gone?”

Shan Hexuan looked at Yuzhuo and said, “Siyang is coming. Your brother is also here. Come with me.”

The monk’s eyes lit up and pointed to himself again and again. Si Yang, now the most powerful person in the Xuanmen circle, maybe he has excellent talent and is liked by him. Of course, he should perform well at such a good opportunity.

Shan Hexuan glanced at him: “go and do your own thing. Don’t make trouble.”

Before the monk protested, Shan Hexuan took LAN Yuzhuo directly to the reception hall.

With Siyang, even if the brothers and sisters were in front of them, the LAN family didn’t dare to act rashly. After LAN Yuzhuo called brother Siyang, he stood next to her brother and knew that it was not time to talk, so he didn’t ask anything. Instead, Si Yang spoke first: “everyone is here. Tell me what you want.”

The second elder said, “it’s natural to take their brothers and sisters back to the main house.”

Si Yang nodded: “I’m still that condition. LAN Jingxiu is making money for me. You give me corresponding compensation, and I won’t ask about you again. As for LAN Yuzhuo, she’s from captain Shan. Of course, you don’t want to take her away. Isn’t that the same as kidnapping? But the captain of the team is young. In order to prevent you from bullying the less with more, if captain Shan has any conditions, just say it within a reasonable range , I’ll decide for him. Is captain Shan okay? ”

Shan Hexuan said, “no, thank you, master Si.”

The LAN family looked at Shan Hexuan and said, “I don’t know what conditions captain Shan has?”

Shan Hexuan said: “my condition is very simple. LAN Yuzhuo is my team member. It is definitely impossible for me to hand over people regardless of her wishes. As long as she is voluntary, I won’t meddle. If she doesn’t want to, no one can take my team member away.”

Si Yang nodded: “this condition is reasonable. Now it’s a human rights society. How can we do things regardless of the wishes of others? The LAN family is not unreasonable, right?”

Several elders are twitching at the corners of their mouths. Now they really can’t tell whether their family is unreasonable or whether Si Yang is unreasonable by virtue of cultivation.

The second elder pondered for a moment and said: “The reason why they came back to the LAN family is that the LAN family has a white jade on LAN Jinxiu’s body. We have confirmed this. Our purpose is only to find the missing items of the LAN family. As long as LAN Jinxiu returns the white jade to the LAN family, the LAN family will not disturb their brother and sister’s life in the future. I wonder if Tianshi Si can make a decision for the LAN family, after all There’s a reason to rob people’s things, don’t you think? ”

Some elders nearby were surprised that the second elder directly told the story of Baiyu. Baiyu recorded some things of Tianmo people, which should have been left over by monks a long time ago, but more importantly, there was a incomplete skill in it. Unfortunately, no one in their LAN family had the ability to understand it at that time, but the monk’s skill, even if it was incomplete, was extremely precious, If this matter is known to other families, I’m afraid no one can resist it.

Si Yang didn’t ask LAN Jingxiu about the white jade. Instead, he leaned back on the chair and supported his jaw with a light smile: “what does your LAN family have to do with me? Why should I decide for you?”

The faces of all the people in the LAN family turned red. The second elder said, “master Si is determined to be unreasonable by virtue of cultivation?”

The red faced LAN family was shocked again. They couldn’t help but turn around to see the second elder. Can’t bear it anymore?

Si Yang was not angry, But smiled and said: “Yes, how’s it? It’s fresh. In the past, your LAN family used to do whatever they wanted outside by virtue of cultivation. Now do you know that it’s hard to be justified and there’s nowhere to redress grievances? Where can I go? How many people are ruined and killed by your LAN family’s unreasonable? Do you want me to find those people to reason with you?”

Shan Hexuan on one side said, “coincidentally, we happen to have one in the second group.”

Si Yang knew that there must be a few bedbugs in such a big family, which is inevitable, so he just said it casually, but he didn’t expect to have them around him, So he was interested and said: “look, you can meet it in this way. Depending on how many evils your LAN family has done, you will have such a great chance to meet everywhere. Do you want captain Shan to call someone and ask how unreasonable your LAN family is?”

The second elder stood up and said: “In the past, the LAN family did have all kinds of disadvantages. Naturally, there were one or two black sheep in such a large family. Now when the owner of the family leaves the customs, he will vigorously rectify the internal affairs of the LAN family. What their brothers and sisters are involved in must be solved. Although this is a little impolite, it is not impossible to shake a millennium family with the help of Tianshi Si alone Si Tianshi must also know how troublesome it will be. After thousands of years of inheritance in China, there are talented people in every era, but personal strength can never resist the national strength. The LAN family retreats again and again, but it doesn’t want to hurt the foundation of the country. After all, the Tianshi has been reduced from generation to generation. Under internal and external worries, the struggle between internal and external strife really has to rise to that level, Does Heavenly Master Si think the country will sit idly by? ”

Si Yang was not bluffed by the LAN family’s words, but said with a faint smile: “what the country wants is nothing more than talents. The conditions can always be discussed. For example, if I kill your LAN family, I will train a monk for the country. Do you think the country agrees or does not agree to this transaction?”

Shen ran, who was sitting on Shan Hexuan, almost laughed out loud, cruel, too cruel.

Si Yang was too lazy to break with them again. With a wave of his hand, he quickly moved them thousands of miles away: “since the talk collapsed, don’t talk. Next time, let your master come directly. I want to see who the LAN master is who can affect the foundation of the country.”


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