Great Celestial Master Chapter 118

LAN Yiqing, the owner of the LAN family, sat in the hall and listened to the report of several elders who came back. There was no emotion on his face. The elder on one side closed his eyes and rested. A little heavy breath still leaked his mood. On both sides of the hall sat several heads of the LAN family. Although the major events in the family in the past 20 years are known to the owners, some minor developments still need to be reported one by one.

Although the orchid family is an aristocratic family that has been inherited for thousands of years, except for the ancestral hall, which still maintains the oldest appearance in the main house without water and electricity, other places will be repaired every few years to keep pace with the times, and the whole style combines China and the West. Sitting in the magnificent hall, everyone was in a gloomy mood at this time. They are really worried that the owner of the house angrily clashed with Siyang.

Twenty years ago, before the closure of the owner of the house, the LAN family did not say that one family was dominant in the Xuanmen circle, but it also said that there was one and the same existence. When was it so shamed. Now I’m being bullied and bullied by a 20-year-old young man. I’m afraid this huge gap is unacceptable to individuals, not to mention the owner who maintained his temper 20 years ago.

However, LAN Yiqing was not as angry as people thought, but asked again for confirmation: “did he really mean the pill taken by the friar? What was the degree of the man’s injury? He really recovered between breathing?”

The second elder nodded: “The injured man’s name is Shan Hexuan. He is the captain of group 2 of the secret service department. He has a long sword comparable to or even more powerful than magic tools. It is said that the sword was refined by Siyang, so he can resist the attack of two chiefs and an elder on the same day. However, although the injury is not fatal, it is not light. If he is recuperated on the premise that there is no shortage of various pills, he must at least It will take nearly three months to recover completely. ”

LAN Yiqing turned to see the elder: “how many times have you contacted Si Yang? How likely do you think he is a monk?”

LAN Ziming opened his eyes, pondered for a moment, and said, “he is a bit more powerful than Wu Ting ten years ago, and this is just the strength he showed.”

Wu Ting is the leader of Lushan sect and one of the only two base building friars. In this way, the status of Si Yang’s friar can almost be determined.

LAN Yiqing seemed to think about it for a while, and then asked the people in the hall, “what do you think we should do to Siyang?”

There is humanity: “try to make friends, not evil.”

Someone echoed: “according to what happened during this period of time, Si Yang is young, but he has a good temper. He seems easy-going, but he is very murderous. He really can’t be evil.”

Someone said: “Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to make friends with each other now. At the beginning of the contact, the beam ended. The elder finally eased the situation back, and some people rushed up to die. However, in some cases, we had to have another boat and offended people completely. Now look at Si Yang’s attitude, we can either let go of the brother and sister or offend them to the end. ”

In addition to the master and several elders who know about Baiyu, some leaders know that this thing exists and that some things about heavenly demons and people are recorded in it, but they don’t know that there are incomplete monk skills, so they prefer the former when they hear this. But those who know can’t accept the former, but they don’t know whether they can bear the consequences of the latter.

Finally, LAN Yiqing said: “after 20 years of isolation, the LAN family has not been lively for a long time. Go and send invitations and invite everyone to get together. In addition, this year should be an exchange competition. It’s better to communicate before the competition. Those who rank in the top 10 can enter the LAN family’s training ground for half a month.”

Almost every Tianshi family in the cultivation ground has it, but the Reiki intensity varies. As an old power family, the Reiki intensity of the cultivation ground is naturally the best. Of course, this is best compared with other families with their own cultivation ground. If you have a good grasp of this half month’s cultivation, you can improve your strength to a certain extent, so this reward is still very attractive for the Xuanmen with scarce resources.

But it certainly doesn’t include Si Yang. The aura in his family’s small garden is stronger than that of the practice field they regard as a holy land, let alone Putian mountain, which is intended to be a base in the future. So for this invitation, Si Yang just looked at it and ignored it. There is no good banquet, so as to avoid anything uncontrollable. For example, it is better not to take part in the happy people who can’t help but shoot them.

What’s more, seeing the luck of the LAN family, it won’t last for a few years. It’s better to have less contact with the family that is coming to an end, so as not to be contaminated with bad luck.

So on the day after Lan’s family sent the invitation, Si Yang bought a ticket to Haiwei island. Of course, LAN Jingxiu is indispensable for going to devil forest. In order to prevent the LAN family from acting recklessly when Siyang is not in China, Shan Hexuan asked LAN Yuzhuo to stop working and practice the talisman at home first, which can also be regarded as generating income for the second group.

Compared with the transportation on land, Si Yang hates the transportation in the sky, especially for people like him who are used to walking with a sword, the plane is as slow as a turtle. However, as a good citizen who abides by the law, how can he fly in the sky when he goes abroad? Therefore, Siyang chose to enter and exit through formal channels.

Haiwei island is a tourist attraction and belongs to Kesuo. There are no so-called aborigines in Kesuo. The above citizens are people from various countries. At first, they were born due to asylum. Later, they made war money and formed a country. They even ate the fat meat of Huaxia Haiwei Island together with European countries during the war. It is precisely because of the special reasons for the formation of kostos that kostos have retained the original customs of their own countries, which has also shaped a very different country.

For example, if talented people from different countries enter countries with the same special abilities, they need to report to the special administration, but kosto doesn’t need it, because they don’t have that information at all.

Most of the flights to Haiwei island are Chinese, some with their families, some with a team of little lovers, and some are obviously a group of tourist groups. You can see at a glance that they all travel.

People like Si Yang who won’t aggrieve themselves have retreated to the second place by plane. Of course, the cabin can’t be worse. Compared with the chattering on the other side, the first-class cabin is still quiet. Everything is good except for a few beautiful little girls holding down their voices, laughing, talking and taking pictures with each other.

However, it didn’t last long, because a lady came up later. Although she didn’t wear so exaggerated, she could also see that the pair of earrings and an Imperial Green Emerald Ring on her hand were very valuable. However, as soon as I took my seat, I was probably dissatisfied with the noise of the girls not far away. I directly called the flight attendant to ask for a change of position.

Unfortunately, this is near may, which is the peak period of tourism. Even if the first class is full, there is no place for her to change. Although the lady doesn’t embarrass the flight attendants too much, But he still complained loudly: “Air China is not good at this. First class has to have first-class price and service. It’s cheap. Anyone can come up. It’s so noisy.” After that, he waved impatiently to the flight attendants and let them go down. He glanced at the noisy little girls with disdain in his eyes.

A little girl was probably dissatisfied, but she didn’t dare to argue directly with others, so she glared at her angrily behind the lady, and then was pulled down by her companion.

The lady just sat on the same line with Siyang. Siyang looked at the jewelled woman, plugged her headphones and closed her eyes to sleep. It takes about three hours to fly from Zhongdu to Haiwei island. The journey is not long, but it is not short. It’s better to sleep over.

LAN Jinxiu sat on the outside of Siyang. Seeing that Siyang didn’t disturb him when he slept, he took out a magazine and read it slowly. After the slight turbulence when the plane took off, the whole cabin gradually stabilized, the headlights in the cabin were turned off, and the whole environment was quiet. Most of them were sleeping, and a few of them were watching movies with headphones. At this time, a dark shadow slowly climbed over from the ground. The dark red carpet and the dim light in the cabin made it insignificant.

When the dark shadow was about to climb to LAN Jinxiu’s feet, LAN Jinxiu, who was reading a magazine, glanced down slightly. The shadow seemed to be shocked and attached to the carpet. He didn’t dare to move until LAN Jinxiu looked away. The shadow immediately retreated and looked for the target again.

The target chosen by the ghost is the little girls behind the lady.

A sleeping girl didn’t notice that a dark shadow was slowly climbing up her leg. LAN Jinxiu frowned slightly. He must have ignored it directly before, but after knowing Si Yang, he couldn’t help but want to meddle in his own business. While he was struggling with himself, the girl suddenly opened her eyes, grabbed her companion’s hand and opened her mouth to bite.

A shrill scream rang through the cabin, and everyone was startled by the cry. The girl who was bitten cried and wanted to escape. Unfortunately, her companion who didn’t have much strength seemed to have changed. She was so powerful that she wanted to bite off a piece of her meat.

The lady sitting in front of several girls was shocked by this situation and retreated repeatedly. She shouted that someone would drive the girl out and said it was a contagious rabies.

The lady’s cry was more harsh than the girl’s scream. The girl who had been holding on to her companion suddenly rushed towards the lady like ordinary people. Several stewardess instinctively stopped, but they were thrown out by a little girl.

The crazy girl rushed directly at the lady. Seeing this, the lady quickly turned around and wanted to run, but she was caught by the crazy girl and bit hard, and the whole ear was torn off.

At this moment, the whole crowd was completely flustered, and many people ran out of the first-class cabin one after another.

With such noise and strong Yin Qi, Siyang could not pretend that he didn’t know, so he had to take off his headphones and look over there: “what’s this? Ghost monkey? Isn’t that something in the water?”

LAN Jin said, “do you want to do it?”

Before Si Yang could speak, a young man with a silver chain wrapped around his hand directly reached out and grabbed it at the crazy girl.

As soon as the man touched the girl’s body, the girl screamed and fell down softly, and a dark shadow flew out of the girl’s body and disappeared into the carpet after falling on the ground. At this time, the cabin had become blood red.


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