Great Celestial Master Chapter 119

There are several versions of water monkeys in Chinese legends, but they are basically the same. They all refer to strange creatures in the water or people who become water ghosts lurking in the water waiting to catch doubles after death, but their common characteristic is that they can’t live without water.

The scientific point of view is that the water monkey is just an aquatic animal, but people in ancient times liked to exaggerate some things. The small struggle between the two tribes can be described as a war of destroying the sky and the earth. It is normal to encounter demonization of animals they have never seen before. The unscientific statement is that when too many people make up something because of something or a description and believe in the existence of this kind of thing, the nihilistic idea will directly materialize some existence.

At this time, the shadow seen by Si Yang is very similar to the description of the water monkey in the ancient books, but in addition to the Yin Qi, the shadow also has a lot of people’s complex breath, but these breath is gradually losing, so the shadow needs to constantly suck human vitality to maintain its power. However, although such a Yin object needs human vitality, But I am also afraid of the Yang Qi on human beings. It is reasonable that it will not appear in places where a large number of human beings gather, not to mention when it is away from water.

The lady who was bitten off her ear covered her wound. Her frightened expression was very ferocious. After being extremely stimulated, she couldn’t breathe at once. Her pale face suddenly became purplish red, and her breath panted like a broken bellows.

Although the situation in the cabin was chaotic, perhaps it was a professional instinct. Several stewardess quickly sucked the oxygen masks scattered on the ground to the lady and stroked her chest to help her breathe.

Some passengers who haven’t been able to get out of the first-class cabin saw that the girl who suddenly went crazy and fell to the ground didn’t move. They quickly brought the cloth towel, blanket and other things on the back of the chair to bind the girl, for fear that she would wake up and go crazy again.

The plane is originally a closed environment at high altitude. If something happens, there is really no way to help. When several passengers screaming from the first-class cabin came to the back cabin, the unknown crowd became flustered under the influence of the atmosphere, jumped up from their chairs and ran back with the crowd.

Looking at the mess and the man who beat the water monkey out of the girl’s body and ran to catch the water monkey, Si Yang leaned back in his chair and asked LAN Jingxiu, “do you think this plane will crash or lose contact?”

LAN Jin said, “it depends on the purpose of the person who put the shadow up, but the person who can master this kind of thing is generally not a kind-hearted person. It is more likely that the whole plane will not return for a lifetime.”

Si Yang smiled and asked, “do you think that man is on the plane?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “yes.”

LAN Jinxiu then turned to see Siyang: “do you want to do it?”

Si Yang looked at the young humanitarians who kept narrowing the scope of escape by forcing the water monkey with a silver chain: “there are capable people in front, why bother us, we are just innocent tourists.”

LAN Jingxiu slightly hooked his lips. After understanding the meaning of Siyang, he calmly watched the play.

In the first-class cabin, in addition to Siyang, who sat motionless, several brave and strong men stayed. This is a plane. There’s something wrong with it. There’s really no place to run. Instead of waiting for an accident, it’s better to stay and say that it may help. Otherwise, if a group of men run away, they will leave several stewardess. What if the girl goes crazy again and hurts more people.

But those who stayed soon found that things were not that simple. The man with the silver chain jumped around the cabin like a psycho at first. Later, they found that the man seemed to be chasing a dark shadow. The shadow fled so fast that he couldn’t see clearly with bad eyes. But they can guarantee that the shadow is definitely not an animal, but something as empty as a ghost.

This time, all the people who saw the shadow felt numb. Did they hit a ghost. But seeing that the man seemed to have a way to deal with the ghost, and the ghost was obviously defeated. After being gradually pushed back to a corner by the man, gossip defeated fear and looked strange one by one.

When the shadow seemed to have no escape, all the gaps that could be drilled by it were pasted with talismans. The man threw the silver chain at the shadow, and the silver chain wound around the shadow accurately. The whole shadow sent out a shrill scream, which was an animal’s cry, a bit like a monkey, sharp and harsh. The man didn’t delay for a moment. He took out a round bottle the size of a palm and took the silver chain. As soon as he received the silver chain, the dark shadow was put into the bottle. The man quickly pasted a rune on the mouth of the bottle, sealed the mouth of the bottle with a stopper, and then stood up tired and panting.

The onlookers clapped spontaneously. Someone quickly surrounded and asked, “what’s that? Is it a ghost? Or what has become a fine animal?”

“Is it all right if you catch that? Will the girl still bite madly?”

“Is that a cross in your hand? Are you a priest?”

There are several people who obviously want to surround, but probably they are not very good at warm communication with others, or they are embarrassed to surround so abruptly, and only stand nearby to express their gratitude. After all, if no one could subdue that thing, the plane might be destroyed today.

In the crowd, the two calm by the window were so abrupt that the man couldn’t help looking at them. Si Yang saw the man looking at him and smiled at him, while LAN Jingxiu was still expressionless.

Just then, the cabin in the back gave another shrill scream, and someone shouted to kill. The man frowned and gave a low scold. He stuffed the bottle into his bag and hurried to the back cabin.

Although I don’t know what it is, now I see someone who can subdue it. The onlookers are obviously not so afraid. They help several stewardess to help the people who fell to the ground up. It’s just that the cabin is covered with blood and many chairs are sprayed with blood. They can’t sit any more.

Soon the broadcast rang out. The captain personally sent a broadcast to inform the passengers of some abnormal conditions on the plane, but also said that the situation has been controlled. Please don’t change your seat belts and sit down in your seats.

The seats on Si Yang’s side were not affected, but were still clean. Several people left in the cabin were free to find chairs to sit in. Siyang gently pointed his finger on the armrest of the chair and said, “there are three more.”

LAN Jingxiu said, “that man has a companion to deal with later.”

Si Yang said, “there are water monkeys and people who can just restrain the capture of water monkeys. The game between the two parties has implicated many innocent people.”

LAN Jinxiu looked at Si Yang and said, “I thought you would do it.”

Si Yang smiled at the speech: “do I look like a meddler?”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “you look like a good man, a good man.”

Siyang smiled gently. Just then, a light was projected through the gap of the light shield. Siyang pushed the light shield up, and the brilliant sunshine poured down in an instant. Si Yang looked at the bright white light on the clouds and narrowed his eyes slightly. Not everyone has the blessing to be a good man.

Screams kept coming from behind, and even many people tried to escape in other cabins. It happened that at this time, the plane encountered airflow and began to sway slightly from left to right. In the broadcast, the captain kept changing his language and asked the passengers to sit down and fasten their seat belts, but the situation on the scene was beyond the captain’s control.

The people who came to catch the water monkey saw that the situation was getting worse and worse, because the flustered crowd repeatedly hindered their movements. After looking at their companions, they directly took out the talisman, pasted the doors everywhere in the cabin, pulled the stewardess nearest to him aside, took out a small brown pill and pinched it with their fingers. A fresh fragrance immediately filled the whole cabin, After a few breaths, everyone fell directly to the ground.

The stewardess who saw the whole cabin was put down, and the stewardess who was pulled aside stared in horror. The man who covered her mouth and nose let go of the stewardess and said, “don’t be afraid. There are evil things on the plane. If you don’t want to crash, do as we say. Don’t worry, we’re from the government.” Then he motioned the secret service department’s work permit.

Seeing that the stewardess gradually calmed down, the man motioned the stewardess to contact other cabins and the captain by phone to explain the situation here, so as not to cause panic in the whole plane.

The chaotic economy class was quiet. One of the men, who was not tall and had a beard on his face, scolded with sweat on his head: “Damn it, I’m tired to death. If I know who did this, I’ll lift his ancestral grave!”

At first, the man holding the silver chain quickly chased the water monkey forced out of the body: “there’s so much nonsense, hurry up!”

Before, the crowd gathered to run to other accident free cabins, so after being fainted by the medicine, it was stacked one after another. You pressed me and I fell to the ground with you. The two who struggled to catch the water monkey didn’t find that in the piled up crowd, a person’s fingers moved slightly, and even showed a successful sneer.

However, the mutation happened at this time. The man’s smile suddenly froze on his face, and his whole body could not move at all. A touch of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. There was an incredible and unwilling struggle in the man’s eyes, and he died in the end.

Because the doors before and after economy class were pasted with talisman, the medicine fragrance did not overflow, so the people in the other two cabin heard that there was no sound in the cabin where the door was closed. Under the repeated reassurance of the flight attendants, they thought that things were under control and gradually calmed down. Even if they were scared to cry, they were only sobbing in a low voice, at least there was no violent walk.

At present, the number of people is the least. The people in the first class cabin closest to the cab heard that there was no movement behind them and were relieved. They are relatively calm than others. At least they know what the situation is, so they won’t panic with the crowd.

LAN Jinxiu looked at Si Yang at the moment when the man was out of breath, and then showed a faint smile. But this smile was found by Si Yang, so he looked at him and raised his eyebrows.

LAN Jingxiu tacitly went too far, and he knew that Siyang would not help it.

Perhaps after seeing the meaning of LAN Jingxiu’s smile, Si Yang said, “I just don’t want to make too much noise and make a forced landing halfway.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “well, I understand.”

Si Yang shrugged helplessly. It seems that the label of good man has been pasted.

It was not easy to catch all the four water monkeys. The two people collapsed on the ground, looking at the people lying upside down and a trembling stewardess. The silver chain man said to her, “it’s all right. After ten minutes, these people will slowly wake up. You can contact your colleagues to deal with it now.”

After the plane lands, there will be special people to deal with the follow-up matters, so they don’t need to worry about the latter matters, but there must be an operator on the plane, who must be found out.

When the silver chain man was trying to find someone, he was pulled by Hu Zha man and motioned him to look at the crowd.

The silver chain man saw the dead man at a glance. He quickly took it away and saw the tattoo mark of the black witch from the man’s chest.

Hu zhaman also came to have a look and said, “it’s impossible. He just caught a few witch servants. How can he die? But it also saved us a lot of things.”

Silver chain man subconsciously thought of the two young people in first class.


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