Great Celestial Master Chapter 12

It’s strange to match hotpot with experts. LAN Yuzhuo looks at Siyang who is skilled in feeding into the pot, and the elder brother who constantly delivers ingredients to Siyang and introduces the source of ingredients from time to time. The whole person is a little confused. Is this her brother? Can’t it be worn by the soul?

Seeing LAN Yuzhuo sitting silent, Si Yang handed her the prepared Lingsha: “this is what you want.”

LAN Yuzhuo quickly recovered and took it with both hands: “thank you, master!” Then she put it away carefully and didn’t open it on the spot. Although she really wanted to open it eagerly, she held it back.

That day she took the little bit of Lingsha given to her by Si Yang to the master. The excited master closed the door and drew the amulet directly. Although her master Shang Qishui is only a sacrifice of the LAN family, his status is comparable to that of the elders of the LAN family, because his talisman skills are few in the whole Xuanmen. If you want to maintain such a large Xuanmen aristocratic family, talisman pill is essential. Otherwise, she and her brother were expelled by the LAN family from the previous generation. How can they still live under the shelter of the LAN family now. If it hadn’t been for the master’s presence and her brother’s conditions, I wouldn’t have known how many times I had died. How could I live until now.

So before she is strong enough to be independent, only when the master is good, can she and her brother live. And she grew up with the master when she was a child. She has long regarded the master as her father. Naturally, she also hopes to give all good things to the master.

Thinking of the master’s joy as if he had won the most precious treasure, LAN Yuzhuo couldn’t help thanking him again: “these spiritual sands are enough to add a layer of power to my master’s talisman. Thanks to my predecessors, I’ll replace wine with tea and have a toast to my predecessors!”

With a smile, Si Yang picked up the cup filled with cool ice: “don’t be so polite. Don’t talk to a group of old antiques all day. Young people are still lively and lovely. Don’t always call me brother Si Yang one by one.”

Since he has been in contact with this circle, he will have to deal with others in the future. In particular, he is counting on his small shop to make money in this circle day by day. He has a good impression of LAN Yuzhuo. He appreciates this kind of straightforward work more than that kind of affectation.

LAN Yuzhuo immediately climbed up the pole: “brother Siyang!” Although it seems that she is four years older than Siyang in terms of age, she is absolutely willing to cry!

Siyang smiled and began to rinse fat cattle into the pot impolitely. LAN Jinxiu also put the hot food on the plate at Siyang’s hand to cool. LAN Yuzhuo bit his chopsticks and watched them eat and serve each other silently. His eyes were full of doubts. When did her brother get so familiar with Si Yang?

Seeing that Lan Yuzhuo didn’t eat, Si Yang looked at the bottom of the hot pepper churning pot: “don’t you eat spicy? If you don’t eat, you should order the mandarin duck pot just now. You’d better ask someone to come in and change another pot.”

LAN Yuzhuo hurriedly said, “no, no, I eat spicy, especially spicy!” After that, she directly took down the chopsticks and joked. Even if she can’t eat, she must be able to eat now. Otherwise, when others are happy, because she tossed and changed the bottom of the pot, isn’t it too much. What’s more, she was stunned by the inexplicable harmonious atmosphere of the two people. Spicy is really edible.

Seeing their brother and sister, it seems that they can really eat. Siyang is satisfied. The three in his bedroom can’t eat. The most exaggerated one can drink hot water when there is more pepper. It can’t have hot pot and barbecue happily together.

After thinking about it, they were mortal fetuses, so Siyang’s kind-hearted man gave them a small pill, which was still packed in an independent small package bag containing biscuits, It seems special three noes: “wait until you finish the hot pot. This is my secret. After eating spicy things and drinking more wine, this small pill can be done. There are also ingredients for beauty and beauty. Don’t worry about pox the next day.”

Which girl doesn’t love beauty, LAN Yuzhuo’s eyes brightened and took the small pill given by Siyang: “thank you, brother Siyang!”

LAN Jingxiu subconsciously glanced at the beautiful hand and said in a deep voice, “thank you.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “none of my roommates can eat spicy food, so I made this kind of balls on a whim. Unfortunately, they can’t eat spicy food. It’s not that their intestines and stomach can’t stand it, but that they can’t eat spicy food. Now it’s finally come in handy.”

LAN Jingxiu asked, “can I buy this kind of pill from you?”

“No.” Siyang refused very simply.

LAN Jinxiu didn’t ask any more. He felt that his question was a little abrupt. He almost said sorry, Then Si Yang said with a smile: “This kind of small thing is easier for me to squeeze out than drawing a few symbols. The price is low, and the raw materials are really precious. If I ask too much, I will lose a lot. If the price is high, I will be very black hearted. Although the raw materials are precious, if they are not squeezed into such balls, it is no different from waste, so forget it, but a businessman like you Some wine stores should be essential. If you want, I’ll give you a bottle next time, which will be regarded as a friend’s welfare that doesn’t sell. ”

LAN Jingxiu looked at Si Yang with a smile in his eyes and said very seriously, “it’s my honor to be your friend. Thank you.”

Siyang smiled at him and continued to put chopsticks into the pot. In his second life, Siyang lived more casually than in his previous life. If he liked it, he would make friends. If he didn’t like it, he would break up with him directly and only pay attention to the feeling of the moment. What’s more, LAN Jingxiu is actually quite interesting. No matter whether he wants something from him or not, he is at least quite straightforward. Most importantly, he looks very good and pleasing to the eye.

After a hearty hot pot, when the small ball was at the entrance, it was so hot that it was about to explode in situ, but the two people who died in order to maintain their image in front of Siyang lived in an instant. Si Yang looked at his brother and sister who didn’t change their face and said with a smile, “next time we’ll make an appointment. It’s really interesting to eat spicy food with like-minded people.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded and said, “OK, you can contact me whenever you want to eat.”

LAN Yuzhuo, who had completely given up his image and sat on the chair rubbing his stomach, looked at his brother and smiled at Siyang and said, “brother Siyang, don’t look at my brother like a paralyzed and boring man. In fact, he knows a lot of delicious places. Isn’t there a saying called delicious food in the people? Some delicious places are in some tricky alleys, which are not unknown to the gourmet.”

In addition to work, eating has never been the theme of life. LAN Jingxiu nodded calmly when he heard his sister’s words: “HMM.”

Si Yang was a little surprised. LAN Jinxiu didn’t seem to be looking for a delicious person to walk through the streets. Sure enough, people can’t be judged. Appearances still make sense.

Because they came early and went directly into the private room, they ate very quietly. As soon as they came out of the private room, the bustle swept in an instant. Although the store has a large space and the space between tables is actually quite open, the hall is very crowded at the moment because there are too many people.

Si Yang couldn’t help but tut: “this shop is really popular. There are so many people waiting in line outside. Fortunately, we came early.”

LAN Jinxiu protected Siyang from too many people. Hearing Siyang’s words, he explained: “the founder of this store is the descendant of the imperial chef in the palace. Even the hot pot in his hand is boiled with various medicinal materials. It tastes good and keeps healthy, and the price is close to the people, so it is such a lively scene almost every day.”

Si Yang nodded: “the taste is really good.”

LAN Yuzhuo, who was accidentally bumped several times after silently following behind for such a short distance, saw that her brother was no longer her brother.

When he came to the door, LAN Yuzhuo suddenly stopped. Seeing that his brother and Siyang kept walking, he couldn’t help shouting, “brother Siyang!”

Although LAN Jinxiu was full of yin and evil spirits, he didn’t enter the Tao. Naturally, he couldn’t feel anything. Siyang looked back at the long queue and smiled, “what’s the matter?”

LAN Yuzhuo stepped forward quickly: “brother Siyang, do you feel anything? I think the smell of the two people over there seems a little strange.”

LAN Jingxiu frowned slightly: “who?”

LAN Yuzhuo whispered to the elder brother, “the man in white and light blue shirt just felt a little strange for a moment. Now he seems to converge. I don’t know which of them has a problem. I have to check.” Then he couldn’t help asking Siyang, “brother Siyang, can you see anything?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “I’m full of hot pot smell. Naturally, I can’t see anything.”

LAN Yuzhuo almost couldn’t help but wonder if he felt wrong just now, but he still didn’t trust him and said, “go with brother Siyang first. I want to find out.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “be careful yourself.”

On the way to the parking lot, Si Yang smiled and sighed: “is your sister born with such a sense of justice, or has she become a professional habit because she has stayed in the national department for a long time?”

LAN carefully lowered her eyes, There seemed to be a moment of silence: “It’s because of me. Every time her department completes a task, she will be rewarded with points. The points can be exchanged for pills. The state has a pill called Quyin pill. The Heavenly Master sometimes goes to places with heavy evil Qi because he has contact with ghosts all year round. This Quyin pill can dispel some evil Qi, so it’s also very suitable for me. Even if it can’t dispel the evil spirit on me, but It can nourish the body more or less. ”

He still remembers that many years ago, after Yuzhuo was able to deal with some things independently for the first time, when she changed the points she got into pills for him, she smiled and said to him with satisfaction that she would earn a lot of points to change pills in the future, and would never let her brother suffer from Yin evil again. At that time, LAN Yuzhuo was a child under the age of 14.

So even if living is a painful drag, he doesn’t dare to die. After his health is better, he tries his best to make money. At least he can give his sister the best things he can exchange for money. Also because of his financial resources, his sister has been better at LAN’s house these years.

Si Yang nodded like this. He thought it was the people of the LAN family who maintained the vitality and recuperated the body for LAN Jingxiu. In a situation like LAN Jingxiu, if he had not been recuperated by pills since childhood and attacked by Yin evil all year round, he would definitely be a sick child even if he was alive. How could he look healthy like this.

But thinking of the man just now, Si Yang said with regret, “I’m afraid your sister will be busy for nothing this time.”

LAN Jingxiu didn’t care much: “it’s better to be busy than to encounter some stubble.”

Si Yang looked at him and said nothing. LAN Jinxiu paused and couldn’t help worrying: “is there a problem?”

Si Yang nodded: “Tao Xing is much higher than your sister. It’s hard stubble.”

LAN Jinxiu directly changed his face. When he returned, he was about to go back, but he saw Si Yang still standing in place and laughing: “Si Yang?”

Si Yang shook his head: “I said your sister will be busy in vain. What can be done in vain? People can be good or bad, ghosts or demons. Naturally, they can be good or bad. Let’s go and toss with your sister. It’s like accumulating experience.”


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