Great Celestial Master Chapter 120

On a flight, one person died and nearly a dozen people were slightly and heavily injured. Four of them were suspected to be infected with some virus and went crazy. When the flight landed, the whole plane was taken over by the special department. Some people even take a plane for the first time and don’t know the situation. They think that the same plane will also be infected with the maddening virus and will be isolated. They are scared and cry. It was originally a happy trip, but I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.

Silver chain male, named Zuo mu, is the captain of Tang’an secret service department. In addition to the Secret Service Department of Zhongdu, there are three groups, which are also the first to be established. There is only one secret service department in other provinces, with regional offices. The name of Hu zhaman with him is Fang Yunwei. Rough and crazy men often have a very delicate name. They got on the plane this time when they received news that someone was going to fight their richest man in Tang’an, Ji Hao, on the plane, which involved the black witch.

Tang’an is located in the border area of China, and the next point is Myanmar, which is a famous three no matter area. Due to the geographical environment, witchcraft is rampant. This wizard is not a traditional Chinese wizard, but a bit like the head bower in Thailand. Their witches are divided into black witches and white witches. Black witches are evil and do not break the means to achieve their goals, but white witches are not good people. Black witches are aboveboard and white witches are good on the surface, but they cultivate batch after batch of terrible believers through various means, which is more creepy than black witches.

These wizards gather in the wild man mountain in Myanmar. At present, the wild man mountain is an undeveloped virgin forest for the outside world, which is inhabited by known and unknown ethnic groups. The people in the wild man mountain refuse modern civilization. They have their own beliefs, are unwilling to go out of the mountain, and even refuse the help of governments.

The hatred between the Wizards in the savage mountain and China has a long history. According to some historical records, more than 30000 elite soldiers in China were buried in the savage mountain. Although it is recorded that the burial was caused by infectious diseases such as malaria and typhoid fever, the real reason is that the Chinese army had to retreat to the savage mountain to avoid the attack of the enemy because of the war, As a result, the wizard in the savage mountain moved his hand and directly used witchcraft to destroy them in the mountain.

In those years, China was too weak. The country with vast territory and abundant resources attracted many covets. Even if it knew that there was something strange, it didn’t have the spare power to pursue the truth. Even if the foreign enemies were driven away later, the real cause of death of those soldiers in the battle of savage mountain was found, but Huaxia, who had just slowed down, did not have the ability to compete with the Wizards in savage mountain.

The reason why China began to pay attention to the power of the Heavenly Master is that the contribution of the Yeren mountain event in that year is not small. In addition to the fact that the Heavenly Master has the ability different from ordinary people, blocking is better than sparing, but also because many countries use these people with special abilities to suppress other countries. Other countries have Superman, various secret bases for studying capable people and scholars, and even man-made Superman. If China has nothing, it will be crushed again one day.

Even if countries have maintained some apparent friendship, it is hard to say in private. I don’t know why. The wizards who have been guarding the mountain and are unwilling to come out have been more and more frequent in recent years. Because they are in the border zone, they don’t need to enter China at all, and they can infiltrate their power into China a little bit. At this time, China found that those wizards had cultivated a lot of forces in China. Although they were scattered and not strong, they were all over the country.

This time, if they didn’t get the news in advance and there was a black witch to do it on the plane, they kept up with the plane. I’m afraid this flight will never land safely. Because the passenger table was investigated, the man who died was on the plane with a false identity. It is naturally impossible for ordinary people to escape alone in an air crash, but there are many ways for black witches.

As the richest man in Tang’an, Hou Hao may not be as rich as LAN Jinxiu, who was still in the LAN family, but it is enough to make people jealous in Tang’an. With more money, there will be more people who covet it. If one or two of them know some extraordinary people, don’t they have a crooked mind. As for the innocent people of that plane, what did they count in front of those moving money.

Jihao didn’t know that he was being watched or that everything on the plane was caused by him. When the secret service found him, he even couldn’t react. He came to Haiwei island on business. There was something wrong with his business here, and he was in Zhongdu. There were direct flights to Haiwei Island, so he simply went there first. The project leader of the company could arrive almost tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but he almost died on the plane.

Zuo Mu looked at Ji Hao thoughtfully and said: “Now you must stay with our people first, which can not only ensure your safety, but also help us catch the big fish behind us. Of course, you can also choose to refuse and hire someone you think you can trust to protect, but this matter involves cross-border gangs, and your every move must be under our surveillance, so please cooperate.”

Although Hou Hao is not a man with many iron teeth. He has such a big family business that he has never seen anything wrong. He just didn’t expect that he would be targeted in this way, but he has never been interested in this kind of thing. Because he doesn’t pay attention, he doesn’t involve it. Naturally, he doesn’t know how powerful people in this field. Now he can only obediently seek the protection of the secret service department. But he didn’t expect that there was such a special department. He always thought that the country had broken feudalism for so many years. This legendary department was really just a false legend.

Seeing that Wang Hao chose to cooperate with them, Zuo Mu was slightly satisfied. He didn’t like to deal with these rich people. Those with better cultivation were OK. Some later became rich and wanted to kill one.

Fang Yunwei asked someone for a list and handed it to Zuo Mu: “I probably know how this man died.”

Zuo Mu took over the list and saw the word Si Yang at a glance. Although he is not the Secret Service Department of Zhongdu, the secret service departments of each province and region also maintain the exchange of information to a certain extent. The name of Siyang is like thunder. Unfortunately, they are far away and have no chance to contact at all.

When Zuo Mu looked for him, he saw that the staff of their office in Haiwei Island were routinely taking notes for Si Yang and LAN Jinxiu. He came forward to show his work permit and politely asked the staff to leave first. When there were no outsiders in the small room, Zuo Mu said: “please forgive me, Mr. Si, who didn’t recognize me on the plane before. Thank you for your help today. If Mr. Si didn’t do it in time, I don’t know how it would end today.”

Si Yang smiled: “even without me, I think you can handle it very well, but I don’t want to make a forced landing halfway and delay the trip. I’m a bit nosy. I hope you don’t mind.”

Si Yang’s reputation is also very powerful in the current Xuanmen circle, especially after the Linggu Temple incident, it is almost to the extent that children stop crying. For those who have not contacted Si Yang, apart from those who worship the strong, no matter how demonized he is, they worship him, most of them are in awe. It is rumored that Si Yang is described as a devil like figure, The kind of person who can let you die quietly if you don’t agree with him. Therefore, Zuo mu, who came into contact with Si Yang for the first time, was quite surprised. He was surprisingly young, surprisingly modest and polite, and even surprisingly gentle.

Si Yang’s attitude made Zuo Mu a little stunned, and then hurriedly said: “master Si is too polite. If you really want to make such a big noise, it’s still the dereliction of duty of our secret service department. I don’t know whether master Si came to play or do something?”

Si Yang said, “play.”

After pondering for a moment, Zuo Mu looked at LAN Jingxiu and probably heard that Si Yang had a good relationship with LAN Jingxiu, and the LAN family itself was a person in the Xuanmen, so there was no need to hide it from ordinary people, So he said: “the cause of this is the black witch. In addition to this one on the plane, it is said that several black witches have come to Haiwei island. Recently, Burmese witches have been active on Haiwei island a little frequently, and they have always had enemies with my Chinese Heavenly Master, so please pay more attention to it.”

Zuo Mu then handed over his business card: “although this is Haiwei Island, the Chinese government still has some power here. I will stay here these days. If you need anything, just contact me.”

Si Yang smiled and took the card: “thank you for telling me. I’ll pay attention. Can we leave now?”

Zuo Mu quickly let himself open the door: “yes, I won’t disturb your trip. I wish you a happy trip.”

The weather in Haiwei island is quite hot now. They all come here wearing long sleeves. It’s OK to have air conditioning at the airport. As soon as they come out, a hot breath comes to their faces. The driver arranged by LAN Jingxiu had been waiting outside the airport for a long time. He knew LAN Jingxiu when he came to pick up the plane. His eyes were fixed on the gate. He had received the news that there was something wrong with the flight and all the personnel were temporarily detained. The people who picked up the plane were so anxious that they wanted to contact the people at the consulate to help them. When they saw that the boss came out safely, the people who picked up the plane were greatly relieved, Hurriedly greeted: “boss, Mr. Si.”

As soon as he got on the bus, Si Yang sighed, “there are people in the court who are easy to handle affairs. You say if we are ordinary tourists, where can we go for a while.”

LAN Jin said, “go to the hotel first?”

Si Yang nodded: “first go back to the hotel to change clothes. What’s delicious here? Since you’re here, let’s play first.”

LAN Jingxiu shouted, “Tamu.”

The person who picked up the plane quickly introduced all kinds of tourist attractions on Haiwei island and the delicious food known by local talents. He didn’t know his smooth appearance. He thought he was specialized in tourism.

Just as they enjoyed the beautiful scenery and delicious food of the island in Siyang, the party had already entered the devil forest one step ahead of them.


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