Great Celestial Master Chapter 121

Siyang and LAN Jinxiu spent two days on Haiwei Island, eating, drinking and buying all the way. Many international brands here are very cheap. As a person who has lived on the earth for 20 years, he learned the custom of going abroad to buy Hand gifts very well. LAN Jinxiu was probably the first time to accompany Siyang to visit the scenic spot. He was surprised to see that Siyang bought all kinds of things like an ordinary tourist at first.

Seeing his surprised eyes, Siyang raised his eyebrows and smiled: “I have been in the altar for a long time, and I have to come down and walk occasionally.”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head and laughed. He always felt that whenever he thought he knew more about Siyang, he showed a different side. He was always like a fan, making people constantly want to look at the other side of him.

The area where devil forest is located is the famous Butterfly Valley on Haiwei island. Because of the climate conditions, it was artificially maintained in the later stage. In the center of Butterfly Valley, there are butterflies flying all over the sky. There are so many butterflies that you can be a fragrant concubine in a circle. Therefore, this is also one of the most profitable scenic spots on Haiwei island and a living sign.

Siyang and LAN had enough to eat and play, so they came to the devil forest, the destination of their trip.

Perhaps the living conditions of Chinese people are getting better and better. I feel that Chinese people can be found everywhere in the world. Although Si Yang and LAN are too cautious and handsome, the dress of sunglasses and hats, a pair of ordinary tourists, is not too obvious in the tourist attractions with dense faces in the East, but their tall figure still attracts a lot of return.

When he came to the door of this famous tourist attraction, Siyang tutted lightly. LAN Jinxiu also frowned slightly and looked at Siyang.

Si Yang raised his eyebrow and said, “if someone doesn’t find a way to get in and out safely, someone is always afraid of death, but I think it should be the former. And if I guess right, the real purpose of the people from the secret service department coming to Haiwei island is to come for the things brought by those people, and that thing should be the protective cover for entering the blood pool.”

LAN Jingxiu felt it carefully. Only the residual strength of the practitioner, the black smell like tarsal maggots, but the others didn’t feel it: “what do you feel?”

Si Yang smiled: “want to know? Just go in and find those people and grab it. Anyway, it should be a good thing for you.”

They walked along the crowd like ordinary tourists. Although it has been developed into a tourist attraction, it still maintains a relatively primitive jungle appearance. Although they walked in one direction, they all walked in different ways. The two people who suddenly disappeared did not attract the attention of tourists.

As the legend goes, after entering the devil forest, as long as the person with cultivation will automatically enter another world. When the surrounding area suddenly calmed down for a moment, LAN Jingxiu knew that they had entered the real devil forest.

Si Yang smiled and said, “I said, what kind of power will create this mysterious place and make people have no return.”

LAN Jinxiu saw that Si Yang still kept his mind, and his heart couldn’t help falling. Hearing the meaning of Si Yang’s words, it seemed that he had seen through the mystery of the devil forest, he asked, “what do you see?”

As Si Yang walked forward, he said: “Correctly speaking, it should belong to a kind of secret place. The secret place is generated to protect some natural materials and earth treasures. Therefore, the secret place is erratic. Some secret places have regular opening hours. Once the secret place is closed, the people in the secret place will be sent out naturally, while the other is the devil forest. It will stay in one place all the time and attract countless people who come for treasure Those who enter the secret place will become the food nutrients of the whole secret place. In the era of scarce aura, without enough energy, how can a secret place exist for thousands of years? Those who continue to die will naturally become the force to maintain the existence of this place. It seems that the boy you killed knows more than you. You think he lied to me to die in order to absorb my cultivation through the blood pool. Unexpectedly, the whole secret place is his real purpose. ”

LAN Jinxiu’s eyes sank. He had entered the devil forest without telling everyone. Although he came with the determination to die, when he obtained extraordinary ability from here, he thought of going out for revenge and had no time to explore here.

“Do you know what he wants from here? What is the treasure guarding the secret place? Dragon heart?”

Si Yang shook his head: “It should be the whole secret place. Anything can be refined. As long as you have enough power, the whole earth can be refined into your private territory. What’s more, if you refine this place, you will have a portable space where you can plant spirit things wantonly. Do you think this attraction is big enough?”

Even if you are calm, calm and cautious, you will be shocked when you hear this. In such a place, don’t mention those practitioners. Anyone will be moved.

Si Yang suddenly said, “give me the iron piece you brought.”

LAN Jinxiu took the chain from his neck. It was this thing that made him regain his mind at the critical time and left the devil forest safely. This time, he also took the iron sheet with him. If Siyang was confused by the devil forest and lost his mind, he might be able to save his life. Although he didn’t tell Siyang that he had brought it, he was not surprised that Siyang knew he had brought it. It was natural for him to hand the iron piece to Siyang.

Looking at this thin piece of iron, Si Yang asked, “you have got this thing for more than ten years. Have you guessed what it is?”

LAN Jin said, “I think it may be a fragment of a spirit instrument.”

Si Yang smiled at the speech: “the fragments of spirit tools are not powerful. You should have heard of the dragon’s inverse scale.”

LAN Jingxiu looked at Si Yang in shock: “what do you mean?”

Si Yang nodded: “This is a dragon scale, or the only inverse scale, so you can get in and out of here safely with the protection of the dragon scale, and you can also draw strength from this dragon scale to practice. A dragon can be said to be full of treasure, dragon blood, dragon meat and keel. All of them are precious treasures, but compared with the Dragon pill and the inverse scale, they are the most precious on the dragon What you want. ”

After Siyang finished, his two fingers gently rubbed the iron sheet, and the whole iron sheet gradually disappeared at Siyang’s fingertips, and then gradually revealed a golden scale.

When the whole scale lost that layer of protection, the surrounding atmosphere surged wildly, and the strong dragon power on the scale could hardly breathe. LAN Jinxiu never knew that there was such a terrible power in this thing that had been with him for more than ten years. This small scale is so. He can’t imagine how powerful the dragon was when it was alive, and how such a powerful creature died.

When the whole scale appeared, Siyang pointed his finger and said, “I’ll take this for you first.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded directly without any comments.

Siyang smiled and asked him, “I’m not afraid I won’t give it back to you. This is a good baby and may be the only thing in the world.”

LAN Jingxiu smiled: “if you like it, I’ll give it to you. I haven’t found the right way to use it in my hands for so many years. As soon as I get to you, you’ll see what it is. Maybe this fate is waiting for you.”

Siyang chuckled: “forget it, you can use this thing more than I do.” Although he doesn’t say much about the Dragon inverse scale, even in the immortal world, there are not so many dragons that can kill friars, but there are still more than ten pieces, because he entered a dragon family’s Secret territory in those years. The Dragon Dan dragon scale he uses now and even many keels were obtained from that secret territory in those years.

After collecting the Dragon scales, Si Yang grabbed LAN Jingxiu’s shoulder and walked in the air. Although LAN Jinxiu’s accomplishments are good, he doesn’t fly in the sky by virtue of his accomplishments. The most important thing is to fly in the air with the help of talismans. Therefore, it’s a very novel experience to be directly carried by Si Yang in mid air.

When the fog could be seen in mid air and the blood pool felt borderless, there was already a group of people at the edge of the blood pool who didn’t know what to do. Si Yang stopped a little far away from them and pasted a hidden sign to LAN Jingxiu.

There are five people at the edge of the blood pool, three men and two women, all wearing black cloaks. Each person’s right index finger is wearing a large ring with strange shape and hollowed out mechanism. Another thing in common is that the breath of those people is very strange, like tai chi, which is a combination of Reiki and magic Qi.

This is also what Si Yang has always thought strange about the earth. It is not a very pure plane, but a new world composed of all kinds of broken fragments. Even the two kinds of breath of spirit and devil can be combined so mysteriously. It is really that human potential is infinite. You can think of any way when you are forced to hurry.

LAN Jinxiu glanced at Si Yang and said, “these people are all Burmese black witches. They are from the same family as the man on the plane and have always had enemies with the Chinese Heavenly Master. Their cultivation skills are very special and can only be passed on through blood. Therefore, they are a small group, but each of them is very powerful.”

Si Yang took an eyebrow and looked at him: “very powerful? It’s so easy to hang on the plane.”

LAN Jingxiu was quite helpless and said, “no matter how powerful it is, it’s just a wizard. It’s still a wizard in the end of the law era with scarce resources.” Of course, it can’t be compared with monks.

After seeing the group standing by the blood pool for a while, one of the women took out a silver box out of thin air. Several people put the box on a stone pier, took out some incense to light it, then took off their cloak, dressed in white robe style clothes, and sang and danced like some ancient ceremony.

Si Yang looked at their seemingly irregular singing and dancing, but every beat and every step can resonate with the things in the silver box. It’s quite like that. Si Yang asked LAN Jingxiu, “do you say we grab it now or wait and see what they want to do?”

Just as Siyang was transmitting the sound, there was a huge dragon singing in the box, which shocked the breath around the whole blood pool. LAN Jinxiu was also boiling with the blood of the Dragon sound, and accidentally exposed his breath.

The black wizards were very alert. Even if the breath was fleeting, they were still found. They immediately stopped their singing and dancing and suddenly looked in the direction of LAN Jingxiu.

Si Yang tutted lightly: “it seems that this is going to be robbed now.”

Because of his exposure, LAN Jingxiu felt a little guilty. It was his lack of Cultivation: “sorry.”

Si Yang patted LAN Jingxiu on the shoulder: “sorry, I’m the best at killing and seizing treasure.”

LAN Jingxiu: “…”


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