Great Celestial Master Chapter 122

Four black witches in white robes almost flashed in front of Siyang. The woman who took out the box just now stood by the blood pool and put the box into her storage Bracelet again. A pair of beautiful eyes looked over coldly. There was neither surprise from outsiders nor anger that the ceremony was interrupted, That gesture was like a fairy beyond the clouds, not moved by any action of mortals.

Four black wizards in white robes surrounded Siyang and LAN Jingxiu and whispered some languages they didn’t understand. This is the place where Si Yang dislikes the earth most. In the fairy world, although there are regional differences and some language accent problems, the language of the whole fairy world is universal. On the earth, he can’t count how many languages and words there are, let alone learn.

Looking at the group of people who said angrily that he didn’t understand the language, Si Yang said with a smile: “if I say we are tourists lost here, do you believe it?”

Si Yang thought they might not understand their own words, but he didn’t expect that the group of people took the initiative to change the language system. With a very authentic Chinese language, he stared at them with a gloomy face and said, “don’t believe it!”

Si Yang smiled even more: “that’s a coincidence. I don’t believe it.”

Inexplicably, the white robed black witch who felt a little fooled by himself and others directly showed their weapons. The Chinese people who can enter the devil forest can only be heavenly masters, and they dare not underestimate the heavenly masters who have not been confused by the blood pool.

The weapon of the black witch is not the traditional cold weapon of China, but a scorpion climbed up from behind them, lying on their shoulders and cocking its tail.

When Si Yang saw the scorpions, his eyes lit up and he repaired to LAN Jin: “these little things are still very good. They grew up taking miraculous medicine. If they are roasted and eaten, it will also help the growth of cultivation.”

Hearing that they wanted to eat the holy things of their own family, several black witches angrily said, “presumptuous!”

The man’s voice didn’t fall yet. He saw an extremely fierce palm wind coming. These black wizards must be strong enough to be sent to the blood pool. They thought they could take this palm easily, but unexpectedly they were forced back two steps. The Chinese heavenly masters are all weak chickens, which is their understanding of the Chinese people for thousands of years. Although there are so many powerful ones, there are only one or two, which can not be compared with them. This is also the reason why the Chinese population is large. Compared with the black witch family, the group of heavenly masters can be described as huge, but they dare not face to face with them. But today, such a young man pushed him back two steps.

Wager looked up at the cold and silent man and squinted slightly. LAN Jinxiu looked at him coldly, and the black gas in his hand gradually condensed. Although his cultivation was not as good as Siyang, it didn’t mean that he had nothing to do with these people.

Other people saw that they had already started, and they no longer tried too much. They directly put aside the formation: “those who can stay sane here should also be the best among the Chinese heavenly masters, but unfortunately, the devil forest is doomed to never come back.”

Si Yang nodded: “there is no return.” Then Chao LAN Jin said, “I’ll give it to you.”

Then he disappeared directly.

Several black wizards were shocked, and their whole body was highly tightened. Compared with the visible enemy, the invisible enemy was more terrible. And can directly disappear out of thin air in front of them. It can be seen that the man’s cultivation is higher than they are afraid.

At the next moment, Si Yang came directly to the side of the blood pool and appeared in front of the woman.

Seeing this, the black witch in the distance instinctively wanted to rush over. LAN Jingxiu stretched out his hand, and a barrier of black fog blocked the man’s way: “your opponent is here.”

Several black witches sneered when they saw that the man wanted to fight one against four. The result of one-on-one may be hard to say, but one-on-four was obviously looking for death.

LAN Jinxiu knows the power of these wizards in the savage mountain. He doesn’t think he can really beat four of them with his own ability, but his progress can only grow in constant squeezing and coercion. How can he know his limit without trying.

Si Yang didn’t care much when he saw that it was hit there. Instead, the woman at the end looked over there like a fairy. Her voice was also cold and asked, “are you so confident in your friend, or are you also opponents?”

Si Yang smiled: “it doesn’t matter to you whether it’s a friend or an opponent. Anyway, now our goal is you.”

The woman turned her head and looked at Siyang. Siyang also let her look. For a moment, the expressionless woman like a sculpture frowned slightly: “I can’t see you.”

Siyang chuckled: “can’t you see my past or future?”

The woman shook her head. “I can’t see anything.”

Si Yang walked into her for a few steps, stared at her eyes and said, “just a pair of spirit pupils want to see through everything in the world. Should you say you’re stupid or too naive?”

No one had ever dared to be so close to her, and no one dared to be so disrespectful to her. The woman frowned and took a step back, and the invisible sense of oppression weakened a little, which made her feel better.

Unable to see through each other, she was told her cards in a word. Only then did the woman pay attention to the person in front of her: “my name is Yueya.”

Si Yang glanced at her bracelet: “it doesn’t matter what your name is. I’m very interested in what’s in your bracelet. Do you want me to give you a way to live or let me do it myself? I think you should choose the latter. If you don’t fight, who is willing to give the baby out, right?”

The moon bud’s cold face burst into a smile. Her slender white fingers stroked the simple silver bracelet and said, “why don’t we wait? If your companion kills four of them, I’ll give you the things. If your companion is killed by them, fight again?”

Si Yang nodded: “that’s good. Let’s wait first.”

Yueya was probably the first time she met a strange man like Si Yang. Seeing that he really didn’t wait for the results there, she was a little interested in him: “what’s your name?”

Si Yang said, “no comment.”

The moon bud asked again, “you can see that I have a pair of spirit pupils. Do you want to know the end of your companion?”

Siyang looked at the moon bud and said, “he will win.”

The moon bud looked at LAN Jin for a long time and then said, “Tianmo man, so you can enter the devil forest again without losing your mind?”

Siyang stood with his hands down and didn’t say anything. The moon bud said, “the thing in my hand is really a treasure, but it’s useless for your Chinese heavenly masters. It’s not a force that ordinary humans can bear.”

Si Yang asked back, “so you are no longer human?”

The moon bud was not annoyed, but said faintly, “do you know that the witch clan was once separated from China?”

Si Yang shook his head: “I don’t know about your past history. Why do you want to give me popular science?”

Yueya turned to look at Siyang: “the Chinese Heavenly Master is a robber and a betrayer of monks. You can see through my spirit pupil at a glance, but I can’t see through you, so you are a monk.”

Si Yang said, “what do you want to say?”

“I just want to tell you that the decline of Chinese heavenly masters to this extent is entirely their own fault. As a monk, you should pay attention to your strength.”

Siyang chuckled: “do you want to dig the foot of the wall?”

Yueya looked at him seriously and said, “I just can give you a better choice.”

As soon as Siyang grasped the void, a transparent scorpion gradually became dominant in his hand. Looking at the slightly changed face of the moon bud, he smiled and said, “like this choice?”

Yueya looked at the restrained holy scorpion in Siyang’s hand and said to Siyang, “I didn’t lie to you that the Chinese Heavenly Master is the betrayer of friars, but I won’t give you this thing in my hand, no matter life or death.”

“What if I have to?”

Yueya looked at the five people on the other side, turned and jumped directly into the blood pool.

Si Yang didn’t chase after him, but continued to stand by the blood pool and wait for it to be finished.

But the power of the black witch is inherited from the blood. Compared with the cultivation after tomorrow, they have inherent advantages. People like LAN Jinxiu, who is a monk on the way and doesn’t learn properly, can’t get much benefit if they fight against each other.

As Yueya said just now, their witch clan is a force separated from China in those years. Maybe they are few and live away from the world, so they can better inherit the skills of some monks. Although there have been great changes in kung fu skills due to the overall environment of the earth, the power can only be divided into strong and weak. Therefore, the joint efforts of the four people are comparable to the attack of monks. Rao Shilan Jinxiu can also cope with it.

Compared with the last time when the demon man surnamed Feng was killed, he was able to play with cats and mice. This time, he really showed all his strength, but he still showed a trend of defeat.

The four black witches saw their Saint jump into the blood pool and looked at each other. After seeing that Lan Jingxiu was losing ground, the scorpion behind them took advantage of the victory and pursued after him. They directly hid their body shape and tried to climb up to LAN Jingxiu and take him as a Chinese meal.

Even if it was like this, LAN Jingxiu didn’t cry for help until one of the black witches found the right opportunity and slapped it at LAN Jingxiu’s heart pulse, a red light flashed, and the two scorpions landed in different places, and the man who sneaked in also stepped back to avoid this powerful sword.

Si Yang still stood on the periphery and said, “it’s not fair to play one out of four. You still have assists. LAN Jinxiu then, enough fighting with bare hands. Try the contest of weapons.”

Seeing a red light flying towards him, LAN Jingxiu instinctively stretched out his hand and suddenly had a sharp sword as red as blood in his hand.

Si Yang said, “this is a dragon blood sword, which is made by soaking and refining it with dragon blood. It should be no problem to deal with them. Hurry up. When we’re finished, we’ll go down and catch the girl.”

LAN Jinxiu held the sword tightly and stared at the four black witches with bloodthirsty eyes. He felt the power and war spirit transmitted from the Dragon Blood Sword. LAN Jinxiu felt the pleasure of fierce battle for the first time.


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