Great Celestial Master Chapter 123

The long sword, which was full of blood and red, also trembled with the aftertaste of the war. Drops of warm blood slipped down the sword body, onto the damaged but still upward green grass, and then slipped into the soil. It was directly absorbed by this small secret place without leaving any blood.

LAN Jingxiu glanced coldly and saw that the four black wizards were still alive, but they were seriously injured and could not move any more. Coupled with the particularity of this place, when they could no longer maintain their strength, the secret place was like a living creature. He knew very well that taking advantage of your illness to kill you, he absorbed the blood of those people a little bit, and it wouldn’t take long, I’m afraid they will be ‘eaten’ here, just like those who have never gone out after entering the devil forest.

After making sure that they could not get up again, LAN Jinxiu softened a bit and stabbed the sword tip directly into the soil. Only then did he stand with his own weight and didn’t fall down like them.

Seeing that the war was settled, Si Yang walked over. At this time, LAN Jingxiu’s light and heavy injuries add up to almost no good meat on his body, and many places were directly pierced. However, because he avoided in time, he didn’t hit the key, but even if he was hit, it doesn’t matter. The devil’s important thing is the thing in his heart. As long as it doesn’t destroy, he won’t die.

Seeing that Lan Jingxiu could hold on like this, Si Yang asked, “how do you feel?”

Lanjing tried to calm the breath, mediating himself from the Pentium’s fighting intentions, looking at the front of the Si Yang, unable to help to raise a pleasant smile: “never felt before, I don’t know how to describe it, though I feel full of hurt, but I am very happy.”

Si Yang took out the dragon scale and pasted it on LAN Jingxiu. He directly picked him up, carried him to the blood pool and threw it down. Let him go by himself. It’s obvious that he can’t move with half a step.

At the moment of entering the pool, powerful forces surged towards LAN Jingxiu. The pain he experienced when he first entered the blood pool seemed to have increased several times this time, and he almost screamed without tensing. However, even if he held back, his condition was not very good. His whole flesh and blood turned and his veins soared. His appearance looked very terrible.

Si Yang standing by the pool didn’t care about LAN Jingxiu, who was suffering from the pain of broken reconstruction. That was his chance. He won if he could make it through. If he couldn’t make it through, he couldn’t blame anyone. Looking at the misty sky of the secret place and the dense smoke generated by the Dragon Qi, he said in a deep voice: “is he the person you choose?”

For a while, there was no movement around, and Siyang didn’t care: “forget it.”

At this time, the fog in the sky gradually changed, and a dull thunder, which was neither light nor heavy, made Si Yang pick his eyebrow and smile: “why should I help you? This broken secret place doesn’t appeal to me. I’m just curious to come here. Now that I know what the devil forest is, it doesn’t matter.”

This time, the dull thunder seemed to be louder, and it sounded twice in a row. The fog surged more fiercely, obviously in a hurry.

Si Yang chuckled: “you are just a remnant idea, not a dragon soul. If you really have that ability to help me return to my original world, why can’t you drive away those thieves who continue to absorb your strength and practice? Those witches have controlled here for one or two thousand years. You can’t just let them do whatever they want.”

The dialogue with Siyang out of thin air is the dragon that has not hidden its breath since they entered the devil forest, the dragon that has died for thousands of years.

The strength of the dragon is extraordinary. People can think that it is not what some storybooks and legends say. If the prototype is expanded, even a little dragon can cover the sky over the territory of China today. It is impossible for such a powerful creature to encounter an enemy on the earth where the friar has been faulted for tens of thousands of years. If it dies abnormally, then the legend about the Dragon now can not be illusory. Since there is a residual idea of a dragon here, it proves that the earth does have a Dragon. Hearing the request put forward by this residual idea, Si Yang confirmed some of his conjectures.

The Dragon did exist and indeed died, but it was not killed by man, but decomposed itself and turned into the guardian of this land with flesh and blood.

There is an invisible barrier between the plane and the plane. This barrier is both barrier and protection. Otherwise, it seems that the plane of an immortal goes through wantonly and takes the plane of only ordinary people as its own colonial planet. Isn’t this universe in disorder. The dragon’s handicapped mind made a deal with him by telling him the weak barrier in the astral plane that it came over in the past year to protect China before he can practice to leave the plane.

In this regard, Si Yang just wanted to look at the remnant. If he really wanted to cultivate to that level, he went to explore by himself. Where did he need it to tell him that he would guard this land for him for no reason and add burden, then he would be full and can’t support it.

In a brain racking trick, when he was unmoved, LAN Jingxiu came back from the spring full of blood. Oh, no, he came out of the blood pool. But at that time, the pile of rags and rags on his body could not be seen, and because there were few left during the painful struggle in the blood pool, he was still a little shy to ask him to appear so frankly in front of his sweetheart. But the expressionless face was tighter, so people couldn’t get his shyness at all.

Siyang has never seen men and women of any stature. The ordinary mortal body has not been enough to make him interested in seeing more. It is very natural to take out a set of clothes from his storage container and hand it to him.

Seeing the placid look of Siyang, LAN Jinxiu didn’t know whether to breathe a sigh of relief or feel sorry. After receiving the clothes and thanking them, he silently turned around and changed them, but the little figure was bleak for some reason.

When LAN Jinxiu changed it, Siyang gave him a pill. LAN Jinxiu didn’t ask and swallowed it directly.

Si Yang said, “this is a water avoiding pill. It’s OK to breathe freely when you go down to the deep sea. If you’re ready, we’ll go down.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded. Si Yang pulled his wrist and jumped directly into the pool. And those blood and water didn’t touch the body at all. If they weren’t constantly diving, they wouldn’t look like entering the water at all.

Except that a piece of blood red water obscured his sight, his breathing was like on the shore. LAN Jin was surprised that when he adapted to such an environment, the blood red he could see gradually faded, and the surrounding became an extremely clear water. The white bones piled up at the bottom of the pool were horribly lined by the pool water. Some of them were complete and some were broken, Some seemed to struggle to survive, which reminded LAN Jinxiu that he should have struggled here and touched the dragon scale to survive.

Siyang and LAN Jingxiu walked along the bottom of the pool covered with white bones until they were blocked by a huge cave. They stopped in front of the cave. There was a huge stone blocking the entrance, but looking at the traces of water and grass around, it was obvious that they had just been put here. This time, without waiting for Siyang’s action, LAN Jinxiu directly came forward and easily broke the stone.

When the huge hole retaining stone was broken, what they saw was not the dark underwater cave, but the streamer surging with the water waves. Suddenly, this dark water area was illuminated by the streamer of the hole.

Siyang first penetrated the streamer, and LAN Jinxiu immediately followed. The barrier of a streamer is two worlds, one water and one land. After passing through the streamer, what they saw was not a dark cave, but a stone temple filled with mackerel oil.

The witch woman named Yueya was kneeling on the altar at the top of the stone hall. Her naked graceful body was like a holy white jade, emitting soft fluorescent light. She hugged her hands and slightly covered her chest, but showed more attractive lines. I’m afraid a man will go crazy after watching this scene. Unfortunately, you can see two extraordinary men.

Even LAN Jingxiu frowned slightly and showed some disgust. He wanted to block Siyang’s sight so that he wouldn’t be hurt.

When Yueya saw them coming in, she seemed to have expected it and closed her eyes slightly: “you’re late.”

Si Yang said, “it’s not too late. You can’t turn a dragon anyway.”

The moon bud suddenly opened her eyes and didn’t want to believe his words, but the man was too mysterious. She couldn’t see through his accomplishments, his actions and everything about him, but he seemed to see through himself at a glance. Although unwilling to believe it, he asked subconsciously, “why?”

Siyang looked around the stone chamber. The murals on the stone wall had only vague shallow marks, just like the traces that had been touched by time, but he couldn’t really see what had been carved on it.

As soon as Si Yang waved his hand, the murals on the stone wall began to peel off and were covered in the broken stone wall. The real murals were exposed. The bright colors, fresh carvings and gold and silver threads intertwined into a vivid past.

It was a dragon that inadvertently broke into a new world and raised a child. The Dragon turned into an adult. It raised the child a little bit from a milk doll, taught him to read, learn words, and learn something that should not belong to the world.

The child became more and more outstanding and gradually became a leader. He had his own territory and his own people. He built a new world with his skills until a group of surviving monks appeared in the end of the law era, breaking all the prosperity and beauty.

Maybe the Dragon loved the children he brought up and the country they built, so the black past was not carved in this stone hall, because he didn’t want to destroy all the beauty. Only in the last picture, the child brought up by the Dragon lay quietly on the high platform, and all he could see were kneeling subjects, and the Dragon rose up in the air and turned everything into a force to protect the land.

They saw these murals and Yueya naturally saw them. The things recorded in these murals are completely contrary to the things handed down by their tribe for thousands of years. They are the real owners of this land and the people protected by the dragon, so they can get the guidance of the dragon to come to this place, They can cultivate powerful accomplishments with the help of the power of the divine dragon. It is the Chinese traitors who covet the power of the divine dragon, betray the divine dragon and kill it. They even bury the keel in the land of China and shamelessly boast of being the descendants of the dragon.

Si Yang looked at the unbelievable moon buds and said, “because it wants to protect its Chinese, it is the Chinese dragon, and it protects the Chinese people, but you are not Chinese.”


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