Great Celestial Master Chapter 124

Siyang’s words, Yueya naturally doesn’t believe it. Even if there is the mural of the whole stone chamber as evidence, who knows whether the mural was tampered with by this person. You should know that the person in front of her is not an ordinary Chinese Heavenly Master, but a monk. How can ordinary people expect the means of a monk.

But the burning in the body is becoming more and more intense. It doesn’t feel like the change of the body being transformed, but like a kind of phagocytosis from inside to outside.

There is an ancient book in the witch family, which records many unknown things, which is the basis of their inheritance. Among them are the description of Haiwei island and the secret of the devil forest. Devil forest is an independent boundary formed by dragon Qi, because a dragon heart is buried here. According to the records in ancient books, the identity of the giant dragon transformed into an adult was exposed. As such a powerful deity, it was rumored that eating dragon meat can fly into an immortal. Whether this statement is true or not, on the one hand, it is not our race that has a different heart. On the other hand, human beings are also eager to get power from the dragon.

At that time, due to the fault of inheritance, only a small number of monks remained in their region, and the others were heavenly masters evolved from advocating strong power. However, the ability of the monks and the heavenly masters stood high and low. In order to get more powerful power, the cunning heavenly masters of China obstructed it, provoked the dispute between the dragon and the monks, and finally sat down to collect the fisherman.

The result was the death of the dragon, but those heavenly masters could not get the power they wanted from the dragon’s flesh, so they decomposed the dragon and buried it in the whole land of China, trying to change the environment that had been exhausted at that time. As a result, the monks were almost extinct, and only a small number hid in the mountains and forests to avoid the world.

Their witch clan is the part of the monks who escaped in those years.

Through the things recorded by their ancestors, they passed on from generation to generation and never stopped practicing. Later, they explored the devil forest and found the place where the dragon heart was buried. Because a drop of dragon essence blood they took away when they escaped that year was not affected by the Dragon Qi, they gradually mastered the way to obtain the power of the blood pool.

However, with their cultivation, the Dragon Qi here has become weaker and weaker. In order to make the local energy source continue to provide strength to them, they released the secret of some blood pools to attract those who want to become strong to die and feed the secret environment with their own flesh and blood.

Every year, they will bring that drop of dragon’s blood essence to the blood pool and use the power of the blood pool to nourish that drop of blood essence, so that it can always maintain its strength and freshness, and what their whole witch cultivation depends on is the power emitted from the blood essence.

However, there is another secret that only every generation of saints and wizards can know, that is Longhua. But what Longhua needs is blood essence and dragon heart. Of course, if there are dragon scales, it is the best. We should sacrifice the dragon with our body and let the powerful dragon power change itself. If you succeed, you don’t have to say. If you fail, you will become a ghost without people and demons, or die.

However, the dragon heart and blood essence are the foundation of their witch family. The existence of holy witches is to protect them. The holy Witches of all dynasties are willing to devote their lives to the existence of their people. No one has ever thought of this. It’s a pity that the future generations of saints and witches are not willing. Yueya doesn’t want to be buried in that ancient and wild tribe all her life. She wants to have her own complete life, and she doesn’t want to be manipulated and controlled by others.

People who have not experienced it will never know that they know it is not what they want, but they are constantly brainwashed and instilled with some ideas. How painful it is to become the puppet of those people, torture day by day, guard the small mountain forest, and keep the purity of mind and body like a real saint.

No one will know that when a child with independent consciousness is forcibly transformed into a saint and quasi saint, she will break her faith and strangle the despair of her whole world.

The power inside her body is getting stronger and stronger. The moon bud has been lying on the altar in great pain. It doesn’t matter to her what the truth was in those years. It doesn’t matter whether life or death is the outcome today. Anyway, she has no way back. The Wu clan is over. Without the dragon heart and blood, the children of the Wu clan can finally get out of the mountain, No one will be a puppet for a lifetime because of the selfish desires of those witches.

Si Yang looked at some scales looming on the moon bud. Unfortunately, those scales were black and yellow, and some even white. They didn’t look like dragon scales at all, but like snake scales.

LAN Jingxiu looked at the woman on the altar and frowned slightly: “is she a dragon?”

Si Yang said, “if the dragon grows such scales, the dragon will probably be killed by a head of shame and anger.”

So that’s what failure means? LAN Jinxiu didn’t ask any more.

Instead, Siyang said to the moon bud, “that power is not something you can bear. Spitting it out now may save your life.”

Even though it was very painful, the moon bud remained awake. Hearing Si Yang’s words, she moaned, “living is also a death. Then, why live?”

Siyang shook his head and didn’t persuade him any more. Instead, he looked at LAN Jingxiu. LAN Jinxiu saw that Siyang looked at himself and didn’t speak. He was puzzled and said, “what’s the matter? I’m going to rob it?”

Si Yang said, “now there is an opportunity in front of you. The dragon heart that can maintain this place has been taken out by this woman. When we leave here, this place will disappear without the maintenance of dragon spirit, so the opportunity is only now. It depends on whether you want it or not.”

Seeing that Siyang said so solemnly, LAN Jinxiu knew that this might not be an easy choice, and said in a deep voice, “what opportunity?”

Si Yang said: “turn into a dragon. You have a dragon scale or a reverse scale. Now you have a dragon heart and blood essence. I can also provide you with a dragon pill to help you. If you do, you will no longer have the risk of demonization, but you will change from human cultivation to demon cultivation. But you can’t turn into a real dragon. If you fail, you will be completely buried here.”

If LAN Jingxiu is carefree, what’s wrong with having such a chance to gamble? But he still has a sister and his parents’ revenge. Because of all kinds of worries, he hesitated when this choice was put in front of him.

Si Yang didn’t urge him either, because the moon bud was still struggling on the altar. Originally, it changed from the faint scales to more than half of his body covered with scales, but unfortunately, it was a sign of going crazy and doomed to failure.

Si Yang said, “if you succeed, as a reward for providing you with dragon pills, you have to work hard for me for a hundred years. If you fail and have a friend, I’ll take care of your sister for you. If you refuse, now we’ll take dragon heart and dragon blood and leave. I’ll use those two things to refine a pill. I’ll give you two at that time to ensure good things.”

At this time, the whole space suddenly buzzed, and Si Yang remembered that there was still the entangled soul, Then he said: “At the beginning, you could get the dragon scale from here because there was a residual thought of the dragon soul in this space. It probably liked you, so you got the inverse scale. Unfortunately, you didn’t understand its meaning. You took the scale and left without emotion. But now you’re back. It’s deeply attached to you. Let me tell you that it will do its best to give you You, but you must promise him that one day on this earth, you will protect the whole of China for it. ”

It seems to be in response to Siyang’s words. This time, there was a dragon chant. Although it was weak, it was also a response.

After a long time, LAN Jin said, “I want to try.”

Si Yang is not surprised by his choice. Although there is only half the possibility of success, who is willing to be ordinary if he has tried power.

When Si Yang tried to take out the dragon heart and blood from the body of the moon bud, the dying moon bud jumped up suddenly. Although it was still human, it was covered with scales and those eyes that were no longer human stared at them.

It has become not a human moon bud, because the dragon scale on LAN Jin’s body and the residual dragon Qi instinctively dare not approach him, and naturally put the target on Si Yang. At the moment, she just wants to drink blood and eat meat, and wants an endless stream of power to fill herself.

LAN Jinxiu came forward to resist the attack of the moon bud, but he was waved by Siyang’s hand and the whole person was pushed to the altar. The altar was shrouded by a powerful force. As soon as he sat on it, it seemed as if a mountain was pressing on him. LAN Jinxiu had to resist the heavy pressure with all his strength, otherwise he couldn’t sit up at all.

As for the moon bud that has lost her mind, if she was given more time to be completely demonized, Si Yang would have to spend some effort to deal with it, but now it takes no effort.

Seeing the power that Lan carefully cultivated on the resistance altar, Si Yang used his spiritual power to condense a rope to bind the moon buds, and said, “don’t resist, give up everything you have to accept this power.”

LAN Jingxiu hurriedly followed suit and restrained his instinctive behavior to accept the heavy pressure. Si Yang then went to see the struggling moon buds. Those scales had covered her half. He probably noticed his strength and no longer wanted to attack him. Instead, he wanted to struggle to escape. But tied tightly by Siyang, he could only struggle powerlessly and roar like a beast.

Si Yang chose one from his own dragon pill again and again. It’s not weak, but it’s not too strong. Maybe LAN Jinxiu can control it. He threw it into the sky of LAN’s careful cultivation.

At the same time, Si Yang directly forced out the dragon heart and dragon blood in the moon bud with cultivation.

The power that has entered the body will be forced out by life. This taste is no less than digging meat out of the heart. The sad cry resounds through the whole stone hall.

Dragon blood is only a bright red blood mass the size of the palm. This is the drop of blood on the tip of the dragon heart, and the dragon heart is only a small red light. Its appearance is probably similar to that of the Dragon pill, and its volume is even smaller than that of the dragon blood. After taking these two things out of Yueya’s body, Si Yang threw them directly onto the altar. The next thing has nothing to do with him. It all depends on LAN’s careful cultivation.

When the three things of dragon heart, dragon blood and dragon pill gathered on LAN Jinxiu’s head, the dragon scale on his body was also induced, flew out of him and gradually merged with him.

When the four things were fused into a red light, the ghost in the secret place appeared, galloped and rolled in the thick fog, and plunged into the blood pool.

LAN Jingxiu looked back, and the mass of things directly entered his body. Si Yang looked at the broken moon bud, and the scales faded away, and the naked body turned into a mass of gray smoke.

At this time, there was a sudden downpour in China. Without warning, there were simultaneous rainstorms all over the country, which was a strange situation never seen in history. Some heavenly masters calculated one after another. Unfortunately, everything seemed to be covered with a layer of cloth. They couldn’t calculate anything.

In the Burmese savage mountain, a wrinkled, old Saint witch who seemed to be hundreds of years old suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood. Outside, a man covered with paint and covered with only a few leaves muttered something with great excitement and fear.

After hearing this, the saint witch opened his muddy eyes incredulously, and then the whole man fell down.

The saint died, the dragon blood disappeared, and even the slightest connection with the blood pool was cut off, and the whole witch family fell into great panic.


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