Great Celestial Master Chapter 125

Sparks splashed, and the rich fragrance kept coming from the fire. Strings of white meat were being roasted on the fire. Siyang leaned against the soft sand bed and his fingertips moved slightly. The meat string turned over. The seasoning on one side flew up automatically and sprinkled on it, and the stronger flavor bloomed instantly.

What is being roasted on the shelf is phoenix meat, a specialty of Xiuxian world. It is named Phoenix bird because it looks like a phoenix and belongs to Firebird. The adult Phoenix bird has a huge body, but its cultivation is only in the foundation period, which is not in line with that huge body shape. Therefore, it is also called big silly bird, but the meat is extremely fresh and delicious. Unfortunately, the energy contained in the meat is limited by cultivation, which is helpful for the friars below the foundation period. For Siyang, it can only be delicious.

As soon as Siyang stretched out his hand, a bunch of roasted meat flew into his hand. Siyang cocked his legs and faced the blood pool, eating the Phoenix meat while waiting for LAN Jingxiu to come out. It’s only ten days since LAN Jinxiu began to turn into a dragon. Si Yang hasn’t been in the stone hall all the time. It’s hard to find the feeling of returning to the secret place of the immortal world. Naturally, he has to go around.

Although the whole secret territory has been used by the witch clan in recent years, they are probably very confident about their own ethnic group. They are confident that this devil forest will not fall into the hands of others. Many miraculous drugs are planted in the secret territory. Some seem to be planted in the whole area in the later stage, and some seem to be naturally raised here.

Si Yang has been wandering all the way these days, and he has basically lit up the slightly valuable ones. Even if he doesn’t like many of them, he can plant them on his Putian mountain in the future. Anyway, what he regards as grass is also a treasure in this end of the law era.

When the last string of barbecue remains on the grill, the clouds over the whole secret territory begin to surge up, and there seems to be a huge suction at the bottom of the blood pool, which madly absorbs and pulls away the power contained in the blood pool. A moment later, the blood red pool water slowly faded, and a powerful dragon Qi rose into the sky. Siyang had already prepared to launch a shield. The splashes didn’t splash him.

Looking at the man coming from the blood pool, Si Yang narrowed his eyes slightly. As expected, the man should have confidence and momentum. LAN Jinxiu may have just accepted this power and hasn’t been able to control it flexibly, so he can’t restrain his momentum. Although the appearance of walking towards him was the same as LAN Jingxiu before, Si Yang felt as if he was handsome.

He looked at the grill with his eyes and said, “what’s left for you can just help you consolidate your cultivation. After eating and sitting down, we should go out. Now you’ve absorbed the dragon heart, and this place won’t last long.”

LAN Jingxiu pursed his lips slightly and looked down at himself. He seemed to be in a dilemma: “this power is too strong. The dragon soul was afraid that I would explode and sealed half of me, but now I can’t restrain the whole breath. Go out first and I’ll find a place to hide for a while.”

Si Yang shook his head: “It’s too late. It can only last for half a day at most. Now a group of people are gathered outside, and some of them can’t bear to come in and die. As a result, they are used as the last nourishment here. Maybe the energy supporting here is absorbed too hard by you, and there are no bones left when you come in. You eat first, and I’ll teach you a set of breath collecting skills, which can’t be used with your qualifications You should be able to master it in half a day. ”

LAN Jinxiu sat down after listening to what Siyang said. He thought it was a little food that Siyang took with him. Although the storage utensils were rarer and more precious than magic utensils, they were not absent. He always knew that Siyang had storage, so he was not surprised to see meat in a place where living creatures could not survive.

But as soon as the meat was imported, LAN Jinxiu found that it was unusual. The meat contained a very pure and mild aura. It conditioned his meridians swollen and painful due to the powerful dragon Qi again and again, and the whole person’s breath became more and more stable.

Si Yang directly passed on a set of breath collection skills with his divine consciousness, and walked around with the aura of his internal power in the way of monk cultivation. According to the agreement, LAN Jinxiu will be his number one younger brother in the future. Naturally, he should be cultivated well. The stronger the ability, the easier it will be to use.

At this time, many people have gathered outside the devil forest, the most of which is the witch nationality from Myanmar. Their saints and four messengers died, and the blood essence of the Dragon lost its whereabouts. Even the traction between the tribe and the dragon heart in the blood pool was completely disconnected, and all the people they later sent into the blood pool died in it.

No one knows what’s going on in the devil forest now, but that’s the foundation of their family. If there is no blood pool, what do they want to practice? Their strong skill needs can’t be supported by their thin aura alone.

In addition to them, because there are so many black witches gathering in the past flight, and the gathering place is still such a sensitive place as devil forest, so Huaxia also sent some heavenly masters and the secret service department sent directly in the name of exchange meeting.

Unfortunately, Haiwei island is the territory of other countries. Because of the particularity of the country, the governments of other countries do not have the existence of such capable people, and are worried about some large-scale uncontrollable events, so they secretly reached an agreement with the Chinese government to allow them the right to act in Haiwei island. As for the Burmese black witches, they don’t have so many privileges. If they make excessive moves in Haiwei Island, the Chinese Heavenly Master has the right to suppress the black witches by force in order to maintain the safety of the islanders.

The chaos of the Burmese government is known all over the world, and the power of the black witch is not controlled by the Burmese government. Therefore, the Burmese government is not bothered to talk about Haiwei island. Anyway, those people in the savage mountain have never admitted that they are Burmese.

LAN Jinxiu has restrained his breath like an ordinary person. Now LAN Jinxiu has only half stepped into demon cultivation, but he has the power of dragon in his body. He hasn’t learned the skill of demon cultivation, so he can’t convert his power into his own. The rest is naturally a matter of slow cultivation.

Make sure you hide your breath and won’t be exposed. Looking at the gradual dissipation of the power maintaining the secret environment, LAN Jin said: “let’s go. Let’s go back to the hotel first. The saint of the witch clan died here. I think there must be a lot of black witches watching outside. It is estimated that it has also touched the Heavenly Master. We should be more careful.”

Siyang smiled and directly opened a transmission axis. The area of Xiuxian world is wide. Some national boundaries may not be able to go for decades, so there is a kind of transportation tool, the transmission array, which comes in an instant. In addition, there is a one-time means of transportation, the transmission shaft. Although Si Yang didn’t know what would happen here before he came, he was always a person who prepared for a rainy day and was ready to retreat. After setting the transfer point in the hotel and opening the transfer shaft, he pulled LAN Jingxiu through the past. The next second, they appeared in the hotel.

The black witch, who had been staring closely at the periphery of the devil forest, suddenly noticed the rupture of a blood force and realized something. The leader quickly ordered several people to enter the devil forest to investigate. Knowing that it was death to go in, but they couldn’t listen to the leader’s orders. Several unlucky ghosts who were called looked at each other and walked towards the devil forest.

The shocking situation happened. Those people didn’t disappear. They ran back and forth and even went farther, but they were still in the Butterfly Valley and couldn’t find the entrance of the devil forest anymore.

Zuo mu, the captain of Tang’an secret service who has been keeping an eye on these black wizards, received the news and couldn’t help but confirm again and again: “you’re right? They didn’t find the devil forest?”

The stalker nodded and said, “yes, those black wizards are crazy. They are almost carpet searching in the whole Butterfly Valley, but the devil forest seems to have disappeared. Captain, should we send someone to check it in person?”

People who don’t reach that level don’t know what’s going on in the devil forest. They just heard that there are treasures left by monks, which makes people flock to it. But similarly, the reputation of the devil forest is also very loud. Of course, Zuo mu can’t let his team members test it at the cost of their lives. After pondering for a moment, he arranged some people to guard outside, just in case, and then entered the Butterfly Valley himself.

Because the black witch moves frequently, it seems that something big has happened inside them. The government of Haiwei island has blocked all the places involved in the devil forest in Butterfly Valley, leaving only some for tourists to browse. Therefore, no matter how this group of people toss all over the mountains and fields, it will not affect ordinary people.

After Zuo Mu also came out of Butterfly Valley, he immediately sent a message to China. The disappearance of devil forest can be regarded as a major event in the whole metaphysical circle. The several heavenly masters who came to Haiwei island because of the frequent action of the black witch did not give up going to investigate in person, but there was only one result, and the devil forest disappeared.

As soon as the news came back to China, the whole Xuanmen was fried. No matter how shocked they were and ready to go, they planned to come and verify it in person. The black witches here were crazy. They collided with the Chinese Heavenly Master in the mountains and forests, and a large-scale battle took place.

Black witches are inherited by blood. Chinese heavenly masters have dealt with them more than once. They are also clear about the strength of black witches. They only know the special skills of black witches, so they can only inherit by blood. Therefore, their strength is very strong. Once they meet, they must avoid if they can avoid when there are not many people on their side. This time, without even saying a word, the heavenly masters were besieged by the red eyed black witch, who almost took them out of their anger.

There were a large number of people from the secret service outside the devil forest. After receiving the news, they immediately entered the forest for support. Finally, the first head-on conflict on Haiwei island was ended at the cost of one death and several serious injuries on both sides.

The beaten Heavenly Master is naturally indignant. Ordinary young Zuo mu can use the identity of the secret service department to suppress it, but the older generation of heavenly masters can’t be handled by a small captain in a place like him. Seeing things going beyond control, Zuo Mu suddenly remembered Si Yang. At the thought of Siyang, I can’t help thinking of the disappearance of the devil forest. It’s not like this. When Siyang comes, the devil forest disappears?

After thinking over and over again, I finally found the hotel where Siyang was located.

When Zuo Mu came, LAN Jinxiu and Siyang were having dinner in the restaurant. Seeing Zuo mu, Siyang warmly invited him to have dinner together. After saying hello politely, Zuo Mu went straight to the point and said what happened in devil forest during this period.

Si Yang smiled and said, “I know.”

Zuo Mu was slightly stunned. He originally wanted to make a side-by-side inquiry, but he finally opened his mouth and said, “what do you think of the disappearance of the devil forest, Heavenly Master Si?”

“What do I think? You want to ask, does this matter have anything to do with me?”

Zuo Mu didn’t speak, which was a default.

Si Yang shook his head: “it has nothing to do with me. It’s their internal problem.”

Seeing that Siyang seemed to know a lot of things, Zuo Mu hurriedly asked, “do you know what the internal problem is?”

Si Yang said: “I don’t know that. I only know that before the devil forest disappeared, five people of the witch clan went in. One of them was the saint of the witch clan. They also took a drop of dragon’s blood essence. The others are not clear. We’re just here for Tourism. Those irrelevant things naturally don’t bother to talk to each other.”

Although Zuo Mu thought things were too coincidental, he didn’t think Si Yang would lie. Since he said that the disappearance of the devil forest had nothing to do with him, it must have nothing to do with him, so he thanked Si Yang for telling them such important news.

After Zuo Mu left, Si Yang smiled at LAN Jinxiu, who acted as the background board: “how about this pot?”

LAN Jinxiu also smiled with his lips: “very good.”


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