Great Celestial Master Chapter 126

When Siyang and LAN Jinxiu boarded the plane back home with their suitcases and normal procedures like ordinary tourists, the group of heavenly masters on Haiwei Island knew that Siyang had also come.

Just as Zuo Mu thought of Si Yang’s instinctive reaction and thought that Si Yang was related to the disappearance of the devil forest, those heavenly masters subconsciously associated the two together. However, after the news revealed by Si Yang, Zuo Mu found that there was a problem in their witch family.

After the fight between the Black Witch and the Chinese Heavenly Master, according to the style of the black witch, they will certainly not give up, especially for the exploration of the devil forest, the group of Burmese witches never stopped. But now, their old Saint witches didn’t come out, but the patriarch of the black witch family came in person, but it was obviously rectifying the interior. He met them in butterfly valley several times. The black witches didn’t rush up as before, but avoided them from a distance. It was obvious that they were deliberately avoiding the direct conflict with the Chinese Heavenly Master.

Such a move is unreasonable, just as they have no doubt that the disappearance of the devil forest is related to the Heavenly Master of China. Maybe it’s really like what Si Yang said. It’s their internal reasons that caused the disappearance of the whole devil forest.

After receiving the intelligence from the secret service department, Zuo Mu told the public what he had investigated. It turned out that it was the saint of their witch family who stole the secret treasure of their family and wanted to get the power of the whole devil forest.

As the devil forest is related to the interests of the whole Chinese Heavenly Master and the focus of all sects and families, Qian Lianliang of Lushan sect led the team to personally verify the situation. Hearing the news from Zuo mu, Qian Lianliang asked, “has Heavenly Master Si really left?”

Zuo Mu nodded. He was only the captain of the local secret service department. Even if he came into contact with some sects and families, he could only reach the peripheral level. This was the first time he talked to a big man so closely, which was very uneasy and careful, Therefore, the answer was very serious: “yes, on the plane at 10 a.m. this morning, because the black witch moves frequently recently and has had a frontal confrontation with our Chinese heavenly master some time ago, in order to ensure the safety of our Heavenly Master, the people from our secret service department escorted the plane in person.”

Qian Lianliang didn’t speak any more, but the elder from Xining Xiang’s family couldn’t help saying, “you have investigated clearly and determined that the disappearance of the devil forest is caused by the internal reasons of the witch clan?”

The underlying meaning of this is to ask whether it really has nothing to do with Siyang, otherwise how could things happen so coincidentally. As soon as he asked this, Zuo Mu didn’t say anything. Sitting in the room, several high-ranking heavenly masters couldn’t help glancing at him. Even Qian Lianliang glanced at him.

The atmosphere in the room was slightly condensed. It was not that the elders of the Xiang family wanted to frame up maliciously, but their family didn’t have deep contacts with the whole Xuanmen circle. For Si Yang, they just heard that although they sent people to Linggu Temple last time, they only sent elders with ordinary family status to pass the stage, Therefore, although they attach great importance to the news they get back, they are not as profound as others present have ever felt. That’s why they don’t speak so scrupulously.

However, seeing that other people were tense because of his sentence, the elder of the Xiang family had a new evaluation of the young man who had never been masked, but didn’t say anything more.

But Qian Lianliang was afraid that someone would repeat their mistakes last time. He warned: “since Taoist priest Si said that the disappearance of the devil forest has nothing to do with him, it must have nothing to do with him. With Taoist priest Si’s cultivation, I think he disdained to tell such a lie. I’m afraid it’s really a problem within the witch family, and now the more important thing is not to investigate why the devil forest disappeared.”

Some people suddenly looked at Qian Lianliang incomprehensibly and didn’t investigate why the devil forest disappeared. What are they doing here. Now most people in the room only know that there is a secret treasure left by monks in the devil’s forest. They have been looking for ways to enter the devil’s forest all these years. What they do is not that secret treasure. Now the devil forest has disappeared. It is likely that someone took the baby. So only by finding out who caused the disappearance of the devil forest, the secret treasure may be on who.

Qian Lianliang said: “According to the investigation of the secret service department, it is their witch’s saint who steals. Does this mean that there is something in their witch family that can protect their people from entering and leaving the devil forest at will. If the devil forest used to be the back garden of the witch family, and any resources in it can be used by them, the baby must have been gone, or the baby has been there all the time, and it is to maintain the devil forest The power of the ghost forest, but is it possible that the witch family has long understood everything in the ghost forest and used that power to cultivate the mysterious skills and blood of the witch family? We all know that. Looking at their current behavior, they seem to have more fear and panic than we were shocked to learn that the ghost forest disappeared. ”

In this way, people remembered the dignity of the whole witch clan since the head of the witch clan came. It was really suspicious.

Qian Lianliang said: “If Si Daoyou were here, we would have a helping hand and be more confident against the black witch. Now that the disappearance of the devil forest has been determined, it’s no use for a group of us to stay here. On the contrary, it has attracted the attention of many countries and attracted more people. I think the next investigation should be handed over to the secret service department, and our families also arrange one or two disciples to meet here. Others, Go home. ”

Hearing Qian Lianliang’s arrangement, the public also had no objection. The previous confrontation with the black witch had caused them to lose one person. Soon, other countries should also receive news. It is inevitable that they will have some conflicts here. It is better to return home.

Another reason for Qian Lianliang’s arrangement is that Si Yang has returned to China. If there is any room for operation here and even a secret treasure can be found, he thinks Si Yang should not leave so early. Now that they have left, it must be of little value to stay. Naturally, they don’t need to waste time here. It’s better to go back and analyze this matter. He thinks that if those black witches have a safe way to get in and out of the devil forest, they may have been used these years.

Siyang, who had returned home, found that they had only walked for more than ten days, and the whole had become a mess.

Only the people of the Si family and LAN Yuzhuo shangqishui knew that they had gone to the devil forest. LAN Jinxiu was an excuse to deal with the personal property there. Just as Si Yang was going to go, we would take care of each other together. When he was in Haiwei Island, LAN Jingxiu arranged an assistant. If they didn’t come back, he would send a safe message to LAN Yuzhuo every few days. Therefore, they stayed in the devil forest for so long, and there was no trouble at home. Now that they have come back, they are naturally relieved one by one, especially the ghost servants of the Si family. It is not easy for them to follow such a good and powerful master. Naturally, they don’t want something to happen to Si Yang.

As soon as Si Yang came back, LAN Yuzhuo, who was locked up at home to draw amulets, quickly came and told them what had happened during their absence in China.

The owner of the LAN family went out of the pass and entertained wantonly. Even if the LAN family was humiliated by Siyang two or three times, they were still the leader in the Xuanmen. There was no one who could get the invitation. In addition, there was a reward for further study in the LAN family training ground, which attracted everyone.

Although the news was not confirmed by the LAN family, it is said that the LAN family also entertained Siyang. The owner of the LAN family seems to want to untie the holiday with Siyang, but Siyang went abroad to travel directly and hit the LAN family again.

Despite such rumors, no one foolishly asked the LAN family whether it was true. Anyway, in the whole banquet stage, the LAN family changed their arrogant style and treated the small family they didn’t look up to at all.

LAN Yuzhuo said: “But the rumors are getting louder and louder, and there are all kinds of discussions. Some people say that Lan Yiqing wants to untie the festival, but in fact he wants to make a show. They also say that brother Siyang, you really should send someone to send a post. If you really want to go, it will be your initiative to bow to the LAN family. At that time, the owner of the LAN family will apologize to you in front of the public. It will be generous Good name. ”

Si Yang said with a smile, “do you have any gossip? Is the owner angry with me?”

LAN Yuzhuo said with some regret, “how can you be the master without thick skin? I’m fine. After leaving the customs, I visited many old friends. Some people say that the LAN family has been silent for so many years. Now the master leaves the customs, the whole situation will change.”

Then he looked at Siyang with a little apology: “it’s all because of us, otherwise brother Siyang wouldn’t get into these bad things.”

Siyang chuckled: “this is a bad worry. Let’s see how he tosses. If he’s tired of tossing, then give the whole LAN family a big cleaning and change the owner by the way. I think your brother is very suitable.”

LAN Jinxiu looked at him and tilted his mouth slightly. LAN Yuzhuo didn’t take this seriously. He just took it as a joke. He turned around and talked about another thing: “another big event happened during your absence from China.”

Si Yang said, “there is indeed some miasma.”

LAN Yuzhuo hurriedly said: “Eleven people have died. This matter has not attracted the attention of the secret service department before. In order to love beauty these days, some girls have to do everything to lose weight, because many women have died from diet pills. Recently, one after another people have died because of diet pills. The government just thought that the drugs harmful to people had been banned. As a result, at the time of investigation, there was a male policeman who was very fat The more than 170 kilograms as like as two peas, who suddenly went to the doctor in just five or six days, but died before the examination results. The reason for death was the same as those who were losing weight. Later, after investigation, the police discovered that the police had only contacted those weight loss drugs. Now the weight-loss pills collected from the families of the dead have been sent to the secret service department. After testing, there is a poisonous insect in each pill. Someone is using these poisonous insects to harm people, but the source of these poisonous drugs has not been found yet. ”

When LAN Yuzhuo finished, the wechat on his mobile phone rang. He picked it up and looked up at Siyang: “the twelfth one, another girl died.”


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